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Les Do Makeup
Les Do Makeup

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  • Viqui Lopez
    Viqui Lopez

    Que lindo he looks so relax getting a bath 😍 he looks like both of you, he has your mouth baby girl, but he looks like Alex from the eyes up, muy hermoso, Diosito los bendiga siempre. Love you three! 😙😙😙

  • Anastassia

    Omg she’s revealing all of my mom hacks and products!! If you guys have never listened to anybody ! Listen to her! Everything thing is 1000% the best products!! 😍

  • Karina DeCasas
    Karina DeCasas

    Watching this even though I don't have any kids yet. 😂 For future reference!

  • Karen Herrera
    Karen Herrera


  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui

    I want a bf like Alex he goals buying her chucherias 😭

  • Dunja Panic
    Dunja Panic

    He looks so much like one guy from pornhub i was like its him😂😂😂😂 no i dont watch i just know for this guy

  • Maria Bonilla
    Maria Bonilla

    Im not even pregnant & I’m watching planning all the things I have to get my future baby

  • Theresa Hernandez
    Theresa Hernandez

    “What am I saying wrong” lol so cute

  • Katherine Canales
    Katherine Canales

    Make a video on what you recommend pregnant women should eat!! lol

  • La Delcid Vita
    La Delcid Vita

    Wait why do y’all care how much she carries the baby!! Who cares it’s her baby! Lol love the reaction from Alex and when he realized it was a prank he spit it out ASAP like he didn’t already eat a bunch!! Lol When he said it’s SAAAAAALTY not nasty 🤢 haha.

  • Dalila Gonzalez
    Dalila Gonzalez

    Who’s watching this In 2020

  • Alexa AB
    Alexa AB

    I’ve been going crazy trying to find out where she got the blanket with his name on it, and I literally just remembered she had previously said that it was given to her lol does anyone know where you can get one?😫

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      Les needs a code !

  • Miriam Ortiz
    Miriam Ortiz

    happy b day les

  • ally

    No tengo bebe pero Im still gonna watch

  • Jocelin Silva
    Jocelin Silva

    Love the baby bathtub i wish they were around when i had my son

  • Nicole Cipriani
    Nicole Cipriani

    They also have magnetic onesies!

  • Angie Torres
    Angie Torres

    They sell onsies where the zipper zips from the top to bottom.. that makes it easy to change diapers also.. all you do is unzip his little legs/ bottom half

  • Sheyla Shefkiu
    Sheyla Shefkiu

    Les, I admire your soul. You are driven at all times. Respectful fan, from Florida

  • Crystals V-logs
    Crystals V-logs

    Baby g looks like alexs mom🥰

  • april barrioz
    april barrioz

    If you can’t or don’t like to order from online Walmart has most of this stuff in store

  • yadira Ruiz
    yadira Ruiz

    Me watching this video and my "baby" is 4yrs Lol but I wish I would've seen these kind of videos before.. @Les you're doing great and your glow up is real💜iEnjoy watching your videos. God bless you!

  • yayaakayanira

    18:24 Alex’s sounds!!! 😂

  • Yaira Jaime
    Yaira Jaime

    Are you being sponsored by Amazon already?? Cause if you're not WTFFF is Amazon thinking 🙄🙄🤣 we neeed a code lol

  • Natalie Gomez
    Natalie Gomez

    Definitely preferred the pjs with zipper over the ones that button all way up but they also have the pjs you slide over their head and just butting the bottom part which is helpful on cold nights so baby doesn’t have to be all the way uncovered

  • Marlene Zarco
    Marlene Zarco

    Loved your recommendations! I’m not pregnant and dont have any kids but still watched it for future 😂 thanks!!

  • Rosa Arellano
    Rosa Arellano

    Girl you should create a Amazon list😊 Amazon lets influencer create them. That would be even belter.... thank you for going in detail with everything you were showing.

  • Soinas Doyi
    Soinas Doyi

    Les: “I want to make a short video” Video is 20 mins long 😂 LOVE IT! ❤️

  • Rosalina Chavez
    Rosalina Chavez

    Your baby is adorable but we NEVER see him smile!!! Does he ever smile? All 4 of my babies where ALWAYS smiling 😁😁since they wer born lol

  • Kassandra Ornelas
    Kassandra Ornelas

    What lashes are you wearing 😍🥰

  • Katie Hampton
    Katie Hampton

    Y'all are absolutely #Goals ✔ LOVE you guys 🖤 You created an amazing party! What awesome friends to go ALLLLL OUTTTT!!! 🥳🥳🥳

  • Miriam Estela
    Miriam Estela

    Ok but Leslie saying “peer bong” instead of beer pong is MEEEE hahaha

  • Ana Duarte
    Ana Duarte

    Has anyone used that slimming gel

  • Madai Maldonado
    Madai Maldonado

    I made migas this week too! Love them 🤗

  • Alan Eduardo Diaz Montes
    Alan Eduardo Diaz Montes

    ❤️ I love your videos.

  • Briseyda Reyes
    Briseyda Reyes

    Les needs a code !

    • Soinas Doyi
      Soinas Doyi

      I’m not pregnant but I’m here to support ♥️ love you guys. I might have a baby in a year so I would like to know what are the necessities now a days. Last time i had a baby was

  • Briseyda Reyes
    Briseyda Reyes

    Les is me with the chips 😫😂

  • Castillo Arreola Eli Fer Dany
    Castillo Arreola Eli Fer Dany

    Love the video

  • Stepan Dmitriyev
    Stepan Dmitriyev

    Ahh man were too late for this because we already had 6 kids and barely used any of these

  • Clarivel Fernandez
    Clarivel Fernandez

    Hey baby girl .. can you share your amazon account so we could follow you. So we could see your favorite stuff from amazon 🥰

  • Letty Salgado
    Letty Salgado

    I love how relaxed Baby G looks when he is in the tub.

  • Chanelle Vasquez
    Chanelle Vasquez

    Gorgeous backyard and especially the way it was decorated💯

  • Cixlali Ramirez
    Cixlali Ramirez

    Not even expecting or planning on having a baby anytime soon but here I am 😂

  • ashley aguilar
    ashley aguilar

    I come back every so often just to rewatch Alex’s reaction 🥺💙💙

  • Larsa Seymour
    Larsa Seymour

    I knew les was thiq but I didn’t know she was THAT thiqqq, tan celosa 😩

  • Susie Chavez
    Susie Chavez

    baby G is so handsome

  • Selena Ramirez
    Selena Ramirez

    I love how babyg is just cooperating for the video, letting himself be bathed all chill 🤣 so adorable 💕

  • naomi garcia
    naomi garcia

    My kids are almost teenagers and here I am watching this whole ass video as if I’m ever having anymore kids 🤣

  • Thot Iana
    Thot Iana

    Les seems like the buzzkill at parties

  • Viola Castaneda
    Viola Castaneda

    Tons of everything

  • Viola Castaneda
    Viola Castaneda

    You guys

  • Viola Castaneda
    Viola Castaneda


  • The life of Des
    The life of Des

    I’ve been on a Les and Alex binge watching 😂

    • The life of Des
      The life of Des

      My husband is the same with hair cuts lol

  • Desiree Devoil
    Desiree Devoil

    I needed that 360 bassinet after having my csection!

  • Desiree Devoil
    Desiree Devoil

    My kids are older then yours and I don’t need any baby stuff but ima still watch lol

  • Angelita Archunde
    Angelita Archunde

    I was going to say OMGEEE that was my comment about getting zipper onesies but than I remember you have like millions of followers so I probably wasn’t the comment I read 😢 lmao

  • Jacky Ruiz
    Jacky Ruiz

    Look at youuu repping your hubby’s merch!! We love a supportive gf💕

  • Sra Ortega
    Sra Ortega

    I highly recommend the graco machine for pulling the bugers out the nose it has music so baby can calm down. Lo venden en Walmart por 20 dólares

  • Ana Gomez
    Ana Gomez

    Les is such a mom now 🤣🤍

  • G Beautyyy
    G Beautyyy

    I’m not pregnant but I’m here to support ♥️ love you guys. I might have a baby in a year so I would like to know what are the necessities now a days. Last time i had a baby was 2016 lol

  • Toby Gonzalez
    Toby Gonzalez

    Les: I want to make this video really short! Me: Sees the video is almost 20 minutes 😅 Gotta love her for trying lol!💖

  • Susan G. Haua
    Susan G. Haua

    Baby G always looks mad 🤔

  • francis villalobos
    francis villalobos

    The booger sucker tf ? 🤣 I have 5 kids and never thought of sucking their buggers out genius lmao sounds a little terrifying I’ve heard about a frijol for boogers never tried it either lol

  • Jessica Ruiz
    Jessica Ruiz

    Im obsessed with the 2 lipsticks you're wearing in this video! 💄does anyone know what colors she's wearing? 😍💄💖

  • Yaya

    Can you do a video for someone who wants to get into baking 😩❤️ example baking tools needed for beginners

  • Nessa G
    Nessa G

    you decorate so good cant wait to see more

  • Jackie O.
    Jackie O.

    me being to young to have a kid & still watching this

  • Heidy Meza
    Heidy Meza

    We call them huevos en sopitas en sinaloa

  • Gabriela Padilla Esperanza
    Gabriela Padilla Esperanza


  • Nancy Ochoa
    Nancy Ochoa

    Get so happy every time you upload ❤ God bless your little family ❤

  • Always Aaliyah
    Always Aaliyah

    We always had tortilla con huevo bomb

  • Isavel Munoz
    Isavel Munoz

    Goes on Amazon & searches all these things 🤦🏽‍♀️😂

  • F Solis
    F Solis

    Idk but I love less the baby is cute bc of less! Alex is famous bc of les, I don’t think Alex is cute at all sorry 🙄

  • Nathalie Castañon
    Nathalie Castañon

    Life is good in the background ✨🙊😉♥️ That party was cuteeee


    poor thing, you didn't have to do the whole song lmao

  • Crystal Linda
    Crystal Linda

    "Booger sucker thingy" lmao. I have a 2 year old son and I'm pregnant again and now I feel bad cuz alot of this I didn't have for him. But this time, I will be ready. We live and learn. Thank you so much, verry helpful.

  • Allie B
    Allie B

    And mommy’s bliss daily probiotic drops are good for digestion

  • Allie B
    Allie B

    Get a baby brezza for formula !!!

  • Elizabeth Barrios
    Elizabeth Barrios

    Don’t have kids nor am I expecting .. but here I am .. lol 😂😂😂

  • Bambi Sierra
    Bambi Sierra


  • Alexandra Moreno
    Alexandra Moreno

    Baby G is so adorable 😍

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu

    You’re so funny modeling the product 😂😂💀

  • Hanan Abdalla
    Hanan Abdalla

    Why do you talk so fasttttt?

  • Michelle Rapalo
    Michelle Rapalo

    I have a 4 year old and now i want another baby to buy all of this cool stuff 😂😂

  • THE_Painted_Lady Psyche
    THE_Painted_Lady Psyche

    I love it when “new moms” become experts on everything baby....no people...save your money (trust me your going to need it later) most of that stuff you don’t need and won’t have for long anyway.

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu

      Here we go idiot ass roasties in comments

  • Clarissa Olvera
    Clarissa Olvera

    Baby G is a MOOD in the tub

  • Destiny Blanco
    Destiny Blanco

    HOME GIRL YOU TALK FAST!!! Please slow down

  • Elluz Renteria
    Elluz Renteria

    My baby is 2 but I’m still watching the video..you know baby shower gifts lol

  • Jocelien Orellana
    Jocelien Orellana

    At Walmart I found a zipper pj’s that zip from the top to the bottom. They look super convenient!!! I haven’t used them. I am having my baby in April.

  • Cassandra Tapia
    Cassandra Tapia

    Naspira neil med aspirator works amazing! It has the bulb so you can do one or both (squeeze and/or suck)!

  • isabell sauceda
    isabell sauceda

    Buttons are better!!! Just unbutton the bottom part and leave the top all buttoned up t

  • Ashley  Salazar
    Ashley Salazar

    Me not having any kids

  • Janet Salgado
    Janet Salgado

    OK i LOVE Leslie but when she sneezed and just sprayed the entire kitchen made me Gringe

  • Lee

    Could you s l o w the heck down !! How annoying!!

  • Maura Peralta
    Maura Peralta

    I’m seriously watching this when my kids are already 10 and 4 😂😂🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Emely Flores
    Emely Flores

    You should use nose frida! Its to suck out the baby boogers. Lol sounds gross but i promise you will never use a bulb for his nose again! It's also so much easier to clean and sanitize! I swear by that product ❤

  • Ashley Arevalo
    Ashley Arevalo

    Watching this made me want to have another baby 🥺. Baby stuff is so interesting and so it’s easy to buy stuff you don’t even need 😂

  • Abigail Espinoza
    Abigail Espinoza

    you need codes for amazon!! 🥺😭

  • Samantha Gonzalez
    Samantha Gonzalez

    Loved seeing your videos 🥰 your baby is so cute babyG

  • Zann Swan
    Zann Swan

    It's nice to see a youtuber from el paso

  • Nicole &" Shaquille
    Nicole &" Shaquille

    You should try the PopYum bottles on amazon! Omg they are so good ! It carry’s the formula on top so when you travel all you have to do is press the button and the formula drops into the water and shake it up and there u go !