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  • Schneewittchensarg

    The record player doesn't have a needle! 😬

  • Jean-Paul Teitu II
    Jean-Paul Teitu II

    4:43 Doc sounds like he's having a flu infection for the longest time, all these years

  • Gresie si Faianta
    Gresie si Faianta

    Jesus, so many russian bots here

  • Annuai

    I find this very funny

  • Michaël Materne
    Michaël Materne

    1:13 🤫🤔🤭

  • 1960ARC

    So mainstream media lied and yet everyone still trusts the mainstream. Its history, some African Americans claim to be native Americans. What if?

  • Georg i ti år
    Georg i ti år

    but are we nott gonna talk about that Amunsen planed to use ice bears instead of dogs?

  • lawchick me
    lawchick me

    CNN doing fact checking? 😂😂😂 they are the biggest bunch of liars who have literally been caught red handed, but you ask why people don't believe fact check? You DID get a high school diploma, right?

  • _ Xana _
    _ Xana _

    Good lies 👍


    Presson food looks good. Idk why they say it's bad. I had nun to eat last night.

  • mfhava

    Thanks for the video and the songs are especially great!

  • Святослав Соколов
    Святослав Соколов

    People tend to forget that it were the DEMOCRATS who were slaveholders and segregationists and it were the REPUBLICANS who freed the slaves

  • David Gardiner
    David Gardiner

    And now Brontosaurus is back. Not with that initial incorrect skull, but it is classified as a species again.

  • jackie owens
    jackie owens

    Bill the anti christ - had this Corona flu virus planned way in advance huh

  • Khadijahh.

    May God show mercy on Kashmir

  • Ambrosia

    Why is it cheap? STOLEN LAND.

  • Tenshi! ;D
    Tenshi! ;D

    all the ridiculous effort all goes to show that great white sharks aren’t meant to be kept in aquariums. Zoos save animals and entertain people too. That’s great and all but you’re taking this shark for what? They aren’t being saved. They are used for entertainment purposes which is not an acceptable reason for contains a great white shark. 💀😪🙄

  • marigxld

    Take notes, Ssoyoung.....

  • Nicholas Marinich
    Nicholas Marinich

    Good job vox, said no one ever

  • vasilisvele

    perfect for vanlife tho

  • Sam Porter
    Sam Porter

    “Re-education” is just brainwashing

  • Ambrosia

    Israeli Settlers are saying it is their land, yet displaced thousands of Palestinians from Land that their Ancestors had nourished for centuries.

  • Sebas Tiaan
    Sebas Tiaan

    Wow an actual nuanced video. Very informational. Thanks

  • Hahaha Lee
    Hahaha Lee

    The origin of the coronavirus has not been verified by scientists yet! China government has banned illegal wildlife trade after the virus, China is changing and is trying to be better!

  • Sanjaya Timilsina
    Sanjaya Timilsina

    Was is what?? A hypnosis?? Who would even listen to Fox News

  • Mark Evan Delos Reyes
    Mark Evan Delos Reyes

    9:33 every phone in 2019

  • Calamiro Asjcobeti
    Calamiro Asjcobeti

    Notifications make me anxious. So I turn them off to begin with. Also, first homepage is empty.

  • chamboyette853

    What if find so ironic when people say that Bernie followers are like a cult, actually it is the opposite. Trump Biden and Clinton flowers are like a cult. The evidence is obvious. When people do experiments where they are talking to Clinton supporters about Trumps policies but saying that they are Clinton's, the Clinton people say that these are good ideas. The same thing with Trump supporters. But you never hear these kinds of things done on Bernie supporters, because they don't just listen to the name but what he stands for. And if he did half the disgusting things Clinton Trump or Biden have done, he would lose a lot of his support.

  • dvpe

    I love Open Mike Eagle

  • Jude Jude
    Jude Jude

    The membership costs 7000$ per month

  • Ummer Farooq
    Ummer Farooq

    The virus they brought back was a gamma ray spectrum disease of madness.

  • Harin Mathers
    Harin Mathers

    Who tf is science to say if they exist or not.. go beyond the science to know that.. why tesla used to do weird things.. he knew when the science will look beyond this.. it will develop more than it did it in a decade

  • Michiel Rolly
    Michiel Rolly

    Didnt he also manage to implement the death penalty law?

  • Yunru Tsai
    Yunru Tsai

    Well, China started to use this technique 2000 years ago lol. It was even put into a term ''指鹿為馬'' (Literally “point to a dear and call it a horse"). A Chinese prime minister did this and asked everyone to agree with him just to assure his power over them.

  • MultiTomatojuice

    Why wouldnt they find all the bones though can someone explain? Its not like someone ate the rest

  • BrickBoy Studios
    BrickBoy Studios

    How about making a tank for people to come and see the sharks

  • Tiomaza

    This review is overly one-sided. It's telling only anti-russian position, which already makes it incomplete. Some of the statements are taken for granted, without really explaining a wider context, but it's understandable - each of the mentioned above topics has enough of material for weeks of discussion. Of course, having in mind we discuss them objectively, considering both sides' opinions and leaving our patriotism, fears, emotions and bad memories aside. Btw, if what I said isn't enough - 3:13 translation is completely wrong and the original video is taken out of context and doesn't really make sense. Nice.

  • Muhlis

    Isn’t this exactly what China is doing with Xinjiang and Tibet.

  • downunderdog

    watching people illegally crossing borders over a beat is hard

  • Onur Boyar
    Onur Boyar

    Talking like US is a good boy and invasions are just normal. Talking like the only killer is the Iran, Isreal and US are innocent kids. Come on

  • Agnibha Sen
    Agnibha Sen

    That's exactly what Zomato is doing with Zomato Gold.

  • Jitoham Nath
    Jitoham Nath

    @PETA 🤣🤣

  • Illegally-Blind

    Conspiracy theorists, conspiracy theorists everywhere...

  • arindam nandy
    arindam nandy

    That vehicle you are talking about,is not jeep. It is mahindra product

  • Ahmad Faris
    Ahmad Faris

    When you loose to China's bio weapon in a trade war

  • Adriano Ribeiro
    Adriano Ribeiro

    Vox! 💛

  • aa898246

    Notice how Iran has a pattern of helping the weak while Saudi Arabia has a pattern of helping dictators and tyrants

  • Dylan Wang
    Dylan Wang

    No wonder when a few years back I watched part of the good Earth I was like what is this. I thought it was an asian movie but nope.

  • the mexis
    the mexis

    13:56 back row, fourth from left got redacted

  • bluebee29

    Wow just seeing this just made me think 2019 was an ominous year cos 2018 was hopeful. Niw in April 2020 it's miserable but not the end yet!! Here's to hope!!

  • Jhon Montano
    Jhon Montano

    The Hong Kong's govt. Should provide lands and houses, relocate those people who are living on cage homes!!! What a shame!

  • 트위터 barbiehjkDaum 마음길 카페
    트위터 barbiehjkDaum 마음길 카페


  • Jhon Montano
    Jhon Montano

    The Hong Kong's govt. Should provide lands and houses, relocate those people who are living on cage houses!!!

  • Dank Dr. Pepper
    Dank Dr. Pepper

    Typical liberalism, uncritically praising new ways for disciplinary power to coerce individuals without questioning underlying principles of state power. Read Foucault.

  • angxlw1ngs

    This Pandemic: *happens* KGsofts: Hey! Would you like to see the first men on the moon get quarantined like everyone else?

  • Mr. Starch
    Mr. Starch

    I like this scientist's alien skull and astrology kit

  • Abhinav Agnihotri
    Abhinav Agnihotri

    Whats the background track called?

  • Armen Kostandyan
    Armen Kostandyan

    Anyywayss, UK resident taxes will not come close USA residents taxes

  • lincolnlobster

    Entire landfills are filled with AOL CDs.

  • Anunaya Tandon
    Anunaya Tandon

    Oh she was even in if I stay wasn't she?

  • Lifeof Sk3ng___
    Lifeof Sk3ng___

    0:02 actually no

  • celine nadia
    celine nadia

    Me: No way, i wouldn't play at that kind of place Flashback: Standing on a pole or fences near the postguard gates. Running around the field and shops.Go inside out a very isolated place with no adult around .Only worker. Almost got hit by motorcycle. Remembering how happy i was when finally be able to walk like a trapeze master on a slippery pole by adjusting balance

  • BoyBalastog

    NOAA: "Regions with increased likelihood of tornadoes" Includes the Philippines Me: I've literally never seen or heard of a tornado happening here ever

  • Brianna Gordy
    Brianna Gordy

    (Commenting at 0:50). I always assumed he would dilute his stomach acid to a considering degree with water, anti acids, etc. then just employ the old regurgitation trick that magicians/drunk guys at bars would do where you train yourself to selectively regurgitate.

  • Louis chiraq
    Louis chiraq

    But Indian govt is more concerned about Pakistan and cow

  • Lun Hsieh
    Lun Hsieh

    That's one awkward remote handshake @0:57

  • indian minecraft
    indian minecraft

    British did what british do. But jinnah was more responsible. I wish jinnah was assassinated instead of gandhi

  • Preetham Bittu
    Preetham Bittu

    You know when there is a conflict between nations over land you know there is British involvement in that.

  • Chineselistic Jerry
    Chineselistic Jerry

    USA: harden the wall so they can't escape Norway: make prison looks and feels so good so they don't want to escape

  • no name
    no name

    So basically in America you are free to do whatever you want, but whatever you want costs $$$ which contradicts the entire idea, well played Uncle Sam.

  • Nisarg Joshi
    Nisarg Joshi

    “The Cow is a Mother, so let's protect it.” * Beats up innocent man's elderly mother over a rumour *

  • Henk


  • Brathering

    2:43 she essentially says "if there weren't any more progressive candidates, Biden would be the most progressive candidate"

  • Poppingpeach

    I want nigersaurus refrence

  • hari pn
    hari pn

    The opposition is not only from Muslims. I am a Hindu and I oppose this bill and have carried out protest against it. Muslims have the same rights as Hindus we are all humans after all. The State Government of Kerala officially opposes the bill. In South India especially in Kerala Hindu Muslim communal violence is not a thing.

  • I Dunno
    I Dunno

    T Rex : Your Weak! Chicken : *_im you_*

  • Dūm Dūm Brown
    Dūm Dūm Brown

    1) you forgot to hit ‘play’ on the tape player, and 2) Phil Collins’s drum kit is left handed - ALWAYS!! Beautiful video, otherwise 👌🏾

  • emanuelgoldstein1984

    So the truth is this could have been a sea creature or maybe even a serpent?

  • Nightcore // Tunez
    Nightcore // Tunez

    People: were should we go Europe:may all of them lots of countries to visit in Europe Nice Jeff:I love Italy Jack:I love Germany Bill:I love Poland the bills are cheap Europe hey you want to visit a country in the European Union that isn’t a part of it People:sure Switzerland:noice its guna bee maee Jeff:hey your right let’s visit brexit or Britain Switzerland:excuse me

  • Brandon Foley
    Brandon Foley

    This video is kinda annoying ngl Says "scientist are done reconstructing skeletons"

  • michał michal
    michał michal

    Lazdy muslim niech pamieta wpierdol w polsce to rzecz swita

  • Asim Shah
    Asim Shah

    Why u r worried about muslims

  • syeda !
    syeda !

    the thing is, guns are legal so someone who has a supposed clean record could be buying them to illegally sell them to people who couldn't get it bc they were denied access. we never talk about this and it's just scary bc when someone wants to hurt someone they don't think about how they buy it, as long as they just get the gun.

  • garganrose

    Except they actually put brontosaurus back in the fossil record in 2015

  • Cenia Candra
    Cenia Candra

    Stop watch fox , watch vox.

  • Akhmad K Qohar
    Akhmad K Qohar

    he's a messiah

  • Kelvin James Cayabyab
    Kelvin James Cayabyab

    Hi. I'm a time traveller. I came from 2080. I didn't know the United Korean Peninsula (UKP) as what we call it, was divided into two parts.

  • Dora Explorer
    Dora Explorer

    That's what you call extremist