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  • Corey Thomas
    Corey Thomas

    Back up QB is the second best position on the team a football team.

  • Jake Gutierrez
    Jake Gutierrez

    Tebow failed because he was a Christian and kneeled for christ and stood for the flag

  • Perkaholic

    If Jameis isn’t willing to sign a 1 year deal worth $20 million or less his NFL career is over

  • ipsurvivor

    30 for 30

  • upside93

    I'm calling my shot: Jameis Winston is going to be the 2020 MVP.

  • BabyConan41

    that 76 bucs team should absolutely not be given a free pass. They are the worst team of all time. For perfectly understandable reasons mind you, but the fact remains that they are still objectively the worst team. The stats don't lie, it doesn't matter if they have an excuse for them while other teams (lions) don't. 08 lions were still better then them.

  • Hineyman

    I used to say Thank god the titans didn’t take him but now he’s prolly the better pick lol maybe him n mariota will b teammates next year in Miami 😂

  • Christian Wilson
    Christian Wilson

    Any else rewatching this video after 1 million views?

  • Kai Kai
    Kai Kai

    TLDR: Most naturally talented RB ever had about 10 bad games straight for the first time in his pro or amateur career and people overreacted because Football x America.

  • GodGivenInsanity

    I’ve been waiting for this video after the last Jameis video for so long. Love your content. This is the clearest hardest decision in finding what is right to do. Only Bruce will know. Siege the day Edge

  • Pikmii

    Buccs fan. 5 seasons in to Winston's career and I've had enough. Cut him and start again.

  • Sam M.
    Sam M.

    the music for the pick comp was awesome

  • Lemmy Head
    Lemmy Head

    Timmy Touchdown should have become a Tight End or a Utility Fullback. I'm certain he would still be in the league today had he switched potions.

  • Mariusz Bak
    Mariusz Bak

    Bucs fan here and most of us that are NOT FSU fans want this bust mode gone..

  • Alex L
    Alex L

    is philp rivers the next case?

  • Akkbar

    You are complicating a bad read. He is just making bad reads. Sucks.. I wish it wasn’t.

  • Garrett

    R u secretly Brett Kollman?

  • Chase Gilmond
    Chase Gilmond

    Only reason he does bad is because you bucs need to switch back to the classic logo

  • Stikbots Video Games Etc.
    Stikbots Video Games Etc.

    Jameis Winston can make you happy, then he makes you cry tears of sadness. Then he makes you happy, and you know.

  • Lucixir

    Tony Gonzalez - Hold my beer Gronk.... This video is such a fanboy review of "Once in a lifetime talent" yet is never mentioned in a top 5 or top 10 greatest of all time video by the experts. Gronk was a great player, no question about it but so many TE's were much better.

  • Akkbar

    As a Broncos fan.. I’ve been eyeing Winston as I did Jake Plummer back in the day. I’m not sure.. I was sure about Plummer. Interesting video I love Winston’s leadership

  • JanstonCordell

    Were I in the position to make such a call, I'd seriously consider offering Cincinnati Jameis Winston, Mike Evans and our 1st round pick (initially offered as a 2nd) for their 1st round pick.

  • Tyler Phillips
    Tyler Phillips

    should offer a 1/yr take it or leave it. if he can build on it and like arians, there’s when you should offer the big bucks imo

  • BludAardvark

    Who the in the blue fuck thinks he's overrated? Dude was a late prospect that nobody cared to scout, played QB in college (holds school records btw) and blossomed into a smart 1st/2nd option WR that stayed durable and healthy throughout most of his career. Guy was never in any media radar to even get scrutinized outside of appearing in many postseasons because he played with Brady and the Pats and having a few bad drops (as well with some AMAZING ass postseason catches that saved possessions).

  • oofgud 69
    oofgud 69

    My mans reads sometimes worse than a toddler playing on all-madden

  • Gary Scoggins
    Gary Scoggins

    At 5:55 you assert that he was the first "underclassman" to ever win the Heisman... I don't know what your definition of underclassman is, but I'm pretty sure that Roger Staubach of Navy and Archie Griffith (sp?) of Ohio State (2-time winner) won the Heisman before their senior years.


    im a Bucs fan too bro

  • ahoneyman

    Doug Williams: 3 playoff appearances and 1 NFC Championship appearance in 5 years. Jameis Winston: 0 playoff appearances in 5 years. Why no love for Doug?

  • Josh Applebaum
    Josh Applebaum

    Tampa should trade for Carr very accurate and pass happy which Arians loves, with Evans, Godwin, and Perriman that would be scary

  • That one Guy
    That one Guy

    Really they have a better receiver tandem than the Vikings

  • Qyn Bayley-Hay
    Qyn Bayley-Hay

    The 30 for 30 on 30 and 30.

  • Mike Patton
    Mike Patton

    I told everyone Henry would be a big mistake to not be selected as the top RB. Wish he was a Steeler. If Tennessee runs him 30 times vs KC, they'll win. Do it 2 more times, they'll win the Super Bowl period. That's a man. 6-4 250 plus lbs.

  • CrashLanden

    The real reason Tebow isn't in the NFL anymore is because of the Pro-Life ad that he was in with his mother that aired during the Super Bowl the year where he beat Pittsburgh and lost to the Patriots. I used to post photos of Tebow's passes hitting D. Thomas right between the numbers and him dropping them and the other idiot receiver complained he couldn't catch Tebow's passes because the spin was different from a left hander. He only threw 8 passes for the Jets. The first one was a perfectly thrown 55 yard bomb that was dropped, The only other incompletion was 'thrown away' after he ran around for 10 seconds and 'no one could get open'. Just an opinion from a 'Nole fan who was never more glad than when Tebow finally left UF.

  • Pylon Sports
    Pylon Sports

    bruh how long did this take to make

  • Top Shelf Innovations
    Top Shelf Innovations

    Here is the man the bucs should trade for:

  • Flex5445

    I believe he will get it together. The most important thing is he has to believe in himself.

  • blacked mirror
    blacked mirror

    he is going to grow into a monster from a predator under arians.

  • Huey Devin
    Huey Devin

    Jamies winston is fucking assssssss

  • King_daniel 234
    King_daniel 234

    and then the dolphins beat the pats 🔥🔥🔥

  • MrSuperFly87

    Famous Jameis needs to close his Turnover Bakery. Of Course it’s not about making mistakes it’s about how you handle them. It’s good hat whenever Jameis throws a pick it doesn’t break his confidence, but you want to fix it and not throw any more picks🤷‍♀️

  • Byron

    Dude I love you’re videos and the themes you tie it with nfl topics

  • Top Shelf Innovations
    Top Shelf Innovations

    Well someone has to say it...... Steve Young is technically the best QB the bucs have ever had...... they did the right thing and set him free!

  • Daniel Kreuzer
    Daniel Kreuzer

    Jeez you really stepped up the production value man😶😶😶

  • Androcles Gooch
    Androcles Gooch

    You really want to give a twice as dense offensive playbook to Eat a W? Alright lol. Good luck.

  • Jacob Byrd
    Jacob Byrd

    If I'm Tampa Bay, I would sign him for 1 more season and see if he adjusts to the offense. It's unlikely they'll find a franchise QB in this years draft with the Bengals and Fins picking so high anyways so I don't see the harm in letting him get 1 more year in before moving on to someone new if he still falls short.

  • ThaSouth Garcon
    ThaSouth Garcon

    Omg, he absolutely never sees the underneath coverage..... wow

  • killerboy 1155
    killerboy 1155

    honestly bucs need to cut ties with Winston and look for a qb in the draft maybe trade Winston away for some draft picks

  • Kevin Sargent
    Kevin Sargent

    The Law and Order SVU theme was very fitting.

  • Michael Coleman
    Michael Coleman

    I see the Brett Kollman influence in your videos, but you got a little twist, it’s dope

  • Ryan Hiller
    Ryan Hiller

    I find a problem with all the interceptions you chalked up to "miscommunication" while surely some of these would be the receivers fault, doesnt it seem fair to give jameis credit for some of these interceptions? He could be throwing the wrong route vs what the play call was, after all this is far more "miscommunications" than league average. Itd be more fair to at least assign half of these picks to Jameis.

    • Ryan Hiller
      Ryan Hiller

      also the poker references are appreciated

  • MMA MeatHead
    MMA MeatHead

    I love ur videos

  • 3 name changes allowed every 90 days
    3 name changes allowed every 90 days

    Future crackhead

  • Katie Bunde
    Katie Bunde

    The turnover bakery is going strong 🔥

  • Kelly Tetreault
    Kelly Tetreault

    Jamie's sucks, the bucs are always mediocre. Just trade him, tank and draft a qb with talent... Simple They wouldn't even have to tank get him out and the team will do so much better, the writing in the wall is clear

  • Taylor R
    Taylor R

    Eat a W

  • Archle

    Bet this man is an awful driver

  • GroudonFanatic

    I don’t know what to say about him he’s been a starter for 3 years this season right? But he just keeps throwing picks but he also throws a bunch of touchdowns. But then there’s also the fact that he has 2 of the best receivers in the game too so.

  • MICOLE WHYTE#Oneplus6T, A20, LG G6,
    MICOLE WHYTE#Oneplus6T, A20, LG G6,

    The black Brett favre

  • VSauce 4
    VSauce 4

    Tired of the excuses he’s been this dude since his sophomore season in college he’s trash and your aren’t winning 10 games with him

  • Simon says:
    Simon says:


    • BludAardvark

      Mahomes don't got a run game but he's got some great weapons to throw to and still throws for a buncha TDs and few INTs. Its not like Winston's targets of Mike Evans, Godwin, Perriman and Howard are ass. Yet Winston finds ways to make decisions that don't have to be turnovers as multiple pick sixes in a game. Its all in the details and Winston always sucked at it, regardless of how much talent/great coaching you surround him with. He was never a reliable accuratek/smart passer even before Arian's system and now the negatives are further exaggerated playing in a complicated system. Congrats LMAO.

  • Damani Miles
    Damani Miles

    Anybody know what song he used during the Int montage? Found it! It's Wily Fortress 1 from Mega Man 2.

  • Coldwinter

    Or what about potential interceptions his receivers swatted down playing defense? I imagine that happened a little this season. This plus dropped interceptions probably adds to your final count of 19. I think some of the one's you marked as no blame should have been 1/2 his fault. In my tally, he still probably ends somewhere north of 27 interceptions. Did he have some fumbles to this season? Imo, he just has too many turnovers. I wouldn't sign him to a long term deal, not unless I was getting one hell of a home town discount. Im talking 20m a year. Or at least somewhere close to this.

  • Kubush

    JW is the worst thing to happen to Tampa for a long time. You are far to generous to JW on those misreads... all of them were bad reads on Winston and the correct reads on the receiver if you look at where the defenders are.

  • Eric Moore
    Eric Moore

    I want him back. Some call it Stockholm Syndrome

  • Just a guy
    Just a guy

    The last of the gunslingers: Philip Rivers & Jamies Winston. Both simultaneously electrifying and dead on arrival at the same time.

  • R B
    R B

    dude this is amazing. so informative and interesting. wow. great job man you are awesome

  • theknifesong

    Joker (2019)

  • Avvura

    Half the battle of a pick is trying to tackle them. 8:38, he just gives up.

  • Pugiron

    He studied his bible instead of a playbook and watched Fox News instead of game film.

  • taylort123

    Oh my god I had to watch int #15 like 20 times. That was absolutely remarkable.

  • Jett Rink
    Jett Rink

    It is only still an open discussion because he is on an awful team. If was on a team with a contending roster, he would already be a faint memory

  • Steven Weldon
    Steven Weldon

    Sign Winston, Sign Mariota, give Jameis competition IE the player the bucs should have drafted lmao. Then see what happens. Terrible idea, but I'm just like Jameis on Madden.

  • muddfoot69


  • KingDubs95

    The theme from LA Noire was a nice touch lol

  • Will

    How can you hate Tebow?

  • Robaroo

    bill romanowski still strikes fear in me, and i didn't even play against him, and he isn't even in the nfl anymore.

  • English University
    English University

    Who's here after henry got mvp and first sb ring

  • LanceUppercut4

    I'm usually vocally against using INTs when evaluating individual QBs (because they are incredibly random - not all bad throws are caught by defenders, not all INTs were the result of bad throws, etc Year-to-year INT% is not sticky at all) - that positive measures (yards/TD/1stD) are most important & reflective of a QB's ability....but Winston really stretches that notion. His INT-WPA per pass attempt was by far the worst in the league (ie: it wasn't just the large total)...BUT his WPA/dropback on all non-INT dropbacks was 4th best. He's generally among the top QBs in 1st-down% every season. I'd rather take the chance with him than an impotent QB who may not throw many INT, but also doesn't move the ball down the field. He got a lot of good word of mouth this season - but Josh Allen was just 29th in 1D% (Winston was 7th), and 28th in WPA/DB (Winston was 11th). (And he was actually 24th in WPA-adjusted INT%, despite being 15th in normal INT%). Although at least Allen tries to push it down field (he's just not accurate - though he did improve from 2018..just not good yet). Someone like Flacco would be a better example of someone who had above average INT% & comp%, but below average Y/A (& TD% & sack%); Alex Smith is kind of the king of this prototype, just...impotent.

  • idoj654123

    Just stopped in to say, it was pretty cool to witness the NFL version of the 30-30 club. Obviously, his future is as a backup. Maybe a year or two on the sidelines, if he pays attention, he could learn to be a better QB and maybe get a shot to start somewhere.

  • 5dd

    There is no conundrum. It's very simple. If you want a good NFL QB, then don't draft an idiot. Winston has proven again and again, in all aspects of his life, that he is incapable of rational behavior.

  • Johnny Boy
    Johnny Boy

    Send him to detroit, we'll take him. He'll get wiser over time.

  • Central Intelligence Agency
    Central Intelligence Agency

    I completely lost it at 7:55

  • Flexxx Strong
    Flexxx Strong

    Brett Farve threw 20 TDs and 29 ints in 05 but 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Connor H
    Connor H

    Winston threw a pick to put his team away when he could’ve led a game winning drive in three games this season. The 49ers game, Texans, and Atlanta. He has tons of weapons and after 5 years quarterbacks don’t get better normally can’t keep giving him a pass. If he was clutch and could have a 2 minute drill drive and score a touchdown on those three games final drives instead of throwing a pick on them the Bucs would probably make the playoffs

  • rj doggman
    rj doggman

    You cant blame all those picks on him tho. Looked like his recievers were not on the same page on many of them and a few he was getting hit as he threw ball. He'll be alright with another year in the new system

  • Radman The Lucario
    Radman The Lucario

    Welcome to the Famous Jameis Bakery! Come in for some tasty turnovers!

  • Sized Flame
    Sized Flame

    Having more yards doesn’t necessarily make you a good QB. Heck, if you me in as the starting QB of an NFL squad, I could throw for 5000 yards, you just have to run short/screen routes every play with good protection

  • Nic Olcott
    Nic Olcott

    Key thing to remember is he seems to light it up against sub .500 teams, and that’s exactly what he did this year. His insane games came during a stretch against the Cardinals, Lions, Colts, Falcons, etc. The moment he got a nationally televised game against the playoff bound Texans, he shit himself. He did that for most of his 5 seasons. If this team wants to be successful with Winston, he better start learning to perform against teams with winning records...

  • Tresvonni Elliott
    Tresvonni Elliott

    As a Pat's fan, I'm sorry the Bucs had to deal with this dumpster fire of a QB for the past five years.

  • Dylan Anderson
    Dylan Anderson


  • Pugiron

    Thumbs down for shilling those annoying idiots at Dr. Squatch. Burn in hell, James..

  • WyomingPTT

    I don't think the question is whether or not they want him, it's whether or not the want to pay him 25+ million dollars lol.

  • The Loobis
    The Loobis

    1:52 I looked up that bible verse. "Ugh!"

  • rj doggman
    rj doggman

    Is Jameis any different then Matt Stafford or Phillip Rivers? Most QBs are all the same except a few elite guys like Brady or Brees etc

  • Jim Parker
    Jim Parker

    I contend that something similar happened to Hershel Walker. His running style also called for major adjustments in an offense. Walker specialized in running with great speed and force, but mainly just straight ahead. The Cowboys did fairly well adjusting, but the Vikings completely blew it, trying to use Walker as an all-purpose back for far too long.

  • Xmetal

    Buc fan here who even after watching all of this ... is still conflicted ... there needs to be competition behind him and I think it's crazy to pay him 30 Mill ... but ... the ceiling can look SO HIGH at times ... if we as a team can just keep the floor from giving out .... he plays like a pro-bowler at times ... then at times it seems a HS QB that is so bad, they nearly get kicked off the team, other times

  • John S
    John S

    I'm no coach or player but it looks like he doesn't go through his reads and locks on to a receiver at the snap he has open guys on some plays and never looks to that side of the field and it looked like a lot of zone coverage on those picks too the defense just sits back and reads his eyes knowing most of the time he's looks down the receiver idk if his line is any good or not shouldn't have to many sacks on him cuz he careless with the ball but it looks like he does have the arm the man can make any throw just need to see the whole field learn to look off dbs cuz they play his eyes idk if that's fixable or the problem but I'm pulling for him maybe Ryan Fitzpatrick wasn't a good qb to have on his team but I think he'll put the work in and get it right just like off field Life too his upside is to good to let him walk

  • The Loobis
    The Loobis

    2:30 Oh, com'on! Where's the thumbs down button?

  • Will

    Why was he so dominant in college?

  • J. Shuttlesworth
    J. Shuttlesworth

    So... you wanna eat a w or something