10 Best Places to Visit in Poland
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10 Best Places to Visit in Poland.
Life has not been easy for Poland, an eastern European country that has been invaded and destroyed many times over the centuries. The country suffered mightily in World War II when many of its citizens, including its large Jewish population, were hustled off to Nazi concentration camps. The Polish spirit, however, refused to die and today the country combines medieval architecture with lively cultural activities to meet the needs of modern tourists. An overview of the best places to visit in Poland:
10. Malbork
9. Lublin
8. Bialowieza Forest
7. Torun
6. Tatra National Park
5. Poznan
4. Wroclaw
3. Gdansk
2. Warsaw
1. Krakow
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    Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool

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    Kto chce żeby Lwów wrócił do Polski . to 👍👍👍

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    Słaby film. Właściwie to prawie nic o Polsce nie pokazuje. Automatyczny lektor jeszcze pogarsza sprawę!

  • Latin Dance
    Latin Dance

    Ur historical "facts" are wrong, who uses computer voice, all names of the towns sound totally incorrect? Heloooo! u shoot more sky than actual towns, u include maybe 10% of what u should show in those towns... and ur choices were really weak... all together, sorry 👎👎👎

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  • Krystian

    Materiał nie uwzględnia miast metropolii Śląska co świadczy o słabej wiedzy osób przygotowujących materiał, jeżeli Wrocław czy Warszawa to więcej to śmiech na sali

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    So is it safe to come in Warshava in a car with Serbian (Belgrade) Licence plates, i had issues in Croatia (broken windows) and Czech republic (outflated and destoroyed tiers)?

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    F Sm

    Is Muslim dress acceptable in Poland and cover the face

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    ʚ •* creamiikittii *• ɞ

    I love Poland and I'm polish😀 and i can speak English but I'm polish and I'm visiting Poland on my school holidays!😀 Poland is a beautiful and clean place, fully respected . The people care about the nature, and every thing . The streets are so clean , and there's hardly any rubbish left on the floor !💛💛💛💛

  • 岡田茂吉 Mokichi Okada
    岡田茂吉 Mokichi Okada

    Japan helped the Polish orphans who were in Siberia in 1920 and 1922. Polish orphans lost their family in Siberia and were hungry without food. Poland asked different countries to save Polish orphans. But every country refused to save the orphans.Finally, Poland asked Japan to rescue the orphans.Japan soon decided to save the Polish orphans. Japan found and rescued the orphans who were crawling in Siberia. Japan sent a total of 765 Polish orphans to Japan.The orphans were weak. And the orphans were ill.Japan gave orphans a warm meal. And Japan treated the disease of orphans. The disease of all orphans has been cured. The orphans have recovered.Many donations were collected for orphans from all over Japan. Toys were also donated.The orphans treat Japanese who take care of them like a mother.Japanese also loved the orphans as their own children. The Empress of that time also loved the orphans as their own children. Polish orphans had a good time every day.The diet of the orphans was nutritious and gave a delicious meal.On the day of parting, the orphans cried crying that they did not want to leave Japan.The Japanese also shed tears at the farewell with the orphans. Polish orphans sang the Japanese national anthem "kimigayo" and the Polish national anthem on the ship. All 765 Polish orphans returned safely to Poland. Japan loves Poland.

  • Marcellus R Giovanni
    Marcellus R Giovanni

    I’m thinking of doing Poland in a week starting at Gdansk then Warsaw -Łódź-krakow-Poznań & Wroclaw then back to Gdansk. I think I have got it right as I’ll be driving a Supercar as driving trip with rallying friends 😁

    • Czterdziestysiódmy

      add some mountains Zakopane for example, Poland have nice seaside and mountains and many people go only to some cities in central

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    Hello peole im from 🇵🇱

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    Poland is the best country in the world. It is the heart of Europe.

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    Why you using thumbnail(picture) of Zamość when you dont say even 1 word about this city ?????

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    Love from israrl to poland and polish people

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      @stranger Things There is no country called Israel, there is only palastine.

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    Isn't it CENTRAL Europe?? Please at least make a correct intro 😭 Loved the video despite it. Such a beautiful and unique country

  • Gamer X
    Gamer X

    Jews massively murdered Poles. The Jews collaborated with the Germans and the Soviets against the Poles. They murdered thousands of Poles. They killed in Katyń and killed in the forests of Polish soldiers after the war. Auschwitz was built for Poles. From 1939 to 1942, the Germans did not kill Jews. Poles were dying. Poland suffered the most during the Second World War. 3,5 million Poles were killed, and 3.5 million Jews (90% of Polish Jews). Jews were robbing Poland for several hundred years. They even appropriated Auschwitz and the Holocaust. Now they want to rob Poles of billions of dollars. Then they will want to take over Poland, as they did with Israel. Every year, the Jewish government in Poland issues 4000 passports to the citizens of Israel. There is a quiet resettlement of the Israeli invaders to Poland. The Jews bought most state-owned companies in Poland for very little money. They did it as a result of committing crimes and corruption. Today, even the US is an Israeli colony and is ruled by Jews. Most Americans do not know that.

  • sxmply stxlla
    sxmply stxlla

    I never realised how many of these I've been to xD AND MY GOODNESS, THE PEOPLE IN THE COMMENTS ARE SO ANNOYING. Europe IS geographically an Eastern European country. OKAY? It's not the creator of this video's fault none of you learn geography. SO SHUT UP.

  • Rosa Lehmann
    Rosa Lehmann

    Polska to piękny Kraj pochodzę z Poznania żyję w Niemczech już 30 Lat na dolnej Bawari tutaj też jest bardzo Ladnie jeżdzę co roku Do Polski Poznañ to moje Kochane Miasto

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    Daryl Brown

    Do Poland allow (African American) tourist? USA

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    Krakow jest miejscem rodzinnego domu , Polska jest slicznym krajem

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    Most important thing for starters. You don't present Poland talking about Jews, who were a minority in the nation and after Poles saved them from death in II WW they rob Poland now as a THANK YOU move. YES, sneaky, treacherous people who are hated all over the world but not because of discrimination but because they deserve it. If Poles are antisemitic then Jews are ANTIPOLANTIC x 100!

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    Wow, I wish I come there soon it's very beautiful place ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    There is nice place (mostly for men) called New Orleans Gentlemen's Club. It's not typical strip club. They made striptease into art. And I think I ate there the best steak in my life!

  • Nicole Plachecka
    Nicole Plachecka

    I am from Poland and I have been in Malbork,torun,poznan,wroclaw Gdańsk and Warsaw and this year I might go to krakow It is in Central Europe

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    Beautiful 💕💕

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      @I LOVE POLAND I from Thailand ☺.People Poland very good kindness and Peace, peace 💕

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      @I LOVE POLAND 😍💕💕

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    There was Zamość on the cover of the video. So where is it on the list?

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    Basharat Mahmood

    Nice and colourful country👍


    You forgot Oswiecim and Pustynia Bledowska

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    What about Łódź? You missed Lodz.. make video again please;)

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      The Nazis were mainly Germans and Jews.

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    Thumbs down for the robot voice.

  • Maciej Szymanski
    Maciej Szymanski

    Why olny 10 places? We have thousands of them, each worth to see. Besides Poland is very affordable, clean, safe, hospitable, has admirable cuisine both for meat eaters and vegans.

    • ʚ •* creamiikittii *• ɞ
      ʚ •* creamiikittii *• ɞ

      True. There aren't even many crimes, I can say there aren't ANY crimes to be honest! The streets are so clean and hardly any rubbish is there😁

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    Omg Central Europe not eastern dumbass

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    Poland is right in centre of Europe, Eastern Europe is Russia and their former satellites. 🤨

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