12-Year-Old Football SUPERSTAR | Bunchie Young AKA 'The Super Bowl Kid'
12-year-old Bunchie Young is one of the BEST youth football players in the nation!
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    • Jeffrey Egbeji
      Jeffrey Egbeji

      I wish to challenge you please

    • Jeffrey Egbeji
      Jeffrey Egbeji

      Where can I see him I can run more fast then him nobody have ever win me in race

  • michael ye
    michael ye

    And this kid gets training... FROM ADOREE JACKSON

  • G.O.A.T At cod
    G.O.A.T At cod

    How I’m trying be in a couple years

  • Toby LaFeir
    Toby LaFeir

    When he makes that face, it reminds me of being constipated on the toilet

  • The Gully Farm
    The Gully Farm

    Where is that 12 year old Jewish kid who owns a big time jewelry store?

  • BZRK Jerk
    BZRK Jerk

    This kid is cocky on Snapchat. These young "prodigies" never materialize.

  • Skateboybot 3008
    Skateboybot 3008

    He has got tattoos

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow

    this kid gonna be crushed when he doesnt even play D1

  • Isarel Cornejo
    Isarel Cornejo

    If he’s been there idk why they have to explain every work out to him

  • Raymond

    Won't believe this "hype" until I see him excel in the nfl

  • Daniel Proctor
    Daniel Proctor

    Y he got tats

  • tom zafool
    tom zafool

    way to stop a kid's growth. This one will be injured and brain damaged way before he can get drafted

  • Kaishi Hayakawa
    Kaishi Hayakawa

    Buchie works out everyday just so he can be the mayor of California like bruh

  • Ble

    Thia man bunchie is lifting nothing I'm 11 and probably the same size lifting 30 ti 40 pounds more weight

  • pureski

    When I was 8 running 17 mph now 11 running 22 this is nothing

  • Pineaple

    Super Bowl!!

  • Mr. Rainbow
    Mr. Rainbow

    Try’s to catch ball* ahh oh oh ohh

  • Mrad Mrad
    Mrad Mrad

    This guy is crazy!

  • Brandon Harper
    Brandon Harper

    Y’all hating on a kid

  • Micah Lehman
    Micah Lehman

    He’s 12 with tattoos already, what the frick frack

  • Jack Millington
    Jack Millington

    He’s 13 now and hasn’t grown at all

  • Mr. Squid Mister
    Mr. Squid Mister

    He flexing

  • Mr. Squid Mister
    Mr. Squid Mister

    He lil Tay with his medals

  • Raul Muniz
    Raul Muniz


  • Tiffany Hersak
    Tiffany Hersak

    Not too many shorties make it big in the NFL. Kid better hope he goes through a major growth spurt within the next few years.

  • The Galaxy
    The Galaxy

    Bruh if he doesn’t go to LSU imma die I’m a LSU fan

  • Henry Raible
    Henry Raible

    You good but I better.😎

  • Football Madrid
    Football Madrid

    He looks like 9

  • Hudson Burgoyne
    Hudson Burgoyne

    He's good and all but there gonna be some people that are better

  • Dr. Lipschitz
    Dr. Lipschitz

    Lifting weights at that age stunts his growth ...

  • D-Hop Toxcityyy
    D-Hop Toxcityyy

    see you in college bunchie.........

  • Joe Mordue
    Joe Mordue

    Does he have tattoos??!!

  • Swag Cat
    Swag Cat

    My boy got tattoos when he's 12

  • Diane M Hale
    Diane M Hale

    He’s in a super bowl commercial were he runs to the super bowl stadium and comes out of the locker with little football players

  • Cameron Young
    Cameron Young

    Sup bunchie my address is 7929 Mandan road,can you come to my house so we can race ,thinking about it 🤔🤔

  • Top Sleaze
    Top Sleaze

    Well I’ll see you in the future better have your game up lmao

  • Willian carias
    Willian carias


  • Saucy Ers
    Saucy Ers

    Upcoming KGsoftsr would be nice if you cab subscribe and watch my intro thanks


    I like how the kid isn’t cocky and annoying he is humble and isn’t full of himself

  • Karolina Bogacz
    Karolina Bogacz

    How do you get on no days off

  • LiL T
    LiL T

    Dayumm! @4:06 Is that Eminem? Sure looks like him in that hoodie! He's got a beard now too!

  • Steven Sorenson
    Steven Sorenson

    there is nothing with at this age getting light exersise like jogging i wouldn't recomend heavy wheigh lifting till at least his high school year cause his bones arn't really fully devoloped and it can lead to joint damage when he gets older

  • Dj Walk
    Dj Walk

    His body isn’t even developed, he could be 5’7” wait till he’s older going against other fully developed guys on the field. WAY TOO SOON TO FOR THE HYPE.

  • thejerkismine

    that kid aint gonna get taller if he works out like that!! trust me i tried!!

  • Jochem Versteeg
    Jochem Versteeg

    what are those braces without a iron thread?

  • Elaine Naea
    Elaine Naea

    I Wanna be like him but as a girl

  • James Joe
    James Joe

    I see this going badly.

  • SauCiiX

    Anyone here after Super Bowl 54?

  • Soul Snatcher
    Soul Snatcher

    Buutchek yong

  • Mysteriou_ z
    Mysteriou_ z

    Tyreek Hill’s son

  • Ssfhj S
    Ssfhj S

    Why this kid face built like dat shii ugly asf

  • AsPeCtツ

    Does he have tattoos

  • eV01ve

    He’s got a shot at the nfl as long as he doesn’t do drugs or gets mixed up in the wrong crowd

  • Aiden Irvin
    Aiden Irvin

    He shouldn’t be lifting that young

  • issa's skatebording
    issa's skatebording


  • issa's skatebording
    issa's skatebording

    I am girl

  • issa's skatebording
    issa's skatebording

    Hey ask bunchie if he will help me with football 😃

  • Nicholas Agrawal
    Nicholas Agrawal

    Video of kid doing workouts: Workout experts enter the chat

  • Mike Mushipe
    Mike Mushipe

    Why are some black folks overly reliant on sports and give education little or no priority.

  • Daithi Halleran
    Daithi Halleran

    No KGsofts don't give him a channel he already on Snapchat