13 Year Old Prodigy Bunchie Young Does IMPOSSIBLE WORKOUTS! Gets NFL Training & A BIG SURPRISE!?
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It's the last episode of Bunchie! in 2019 - you don't wanna miss this!
At the end of Episode 3, Bunchie and his pops were arguing over whether to stay on the Razorbacks. Bunchie was pushing back, but with only two years left till high school, he's gotta find better development. He quits and is a FREE AGENT again!
No team means no practice, so Bunchie's dad gotta get him right. Bunchie goes in to work with Darelle Noel a LEGIT NFL trainer. He worked with Todd Gurley! Our guy gets to see how the pros work.
The next day Bunchie thinks he's getting a day off, but before he can even snag some grub in the morning his dad takes him to this crazy sand hill and makes Bunchie go all the way to the top and back! Is dad trippin' a little bit?
After a crazy two days, Bunchie's dad has a big surprise and some good news!?
Appreciate y'all for watching ❤️More Bunchie! comes back Thursday, January 30th!
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    • DaWonderBoy 85
      DaWonderBoy 85

      Bungie send me your 2K thing

    • Dorian Lewis
      Dorian Lewis

      Overtime SZN it’s February still waiting for new episodes of bunchie 🤔

    • madalyn perez
      madalyn perez

      When is the next show

  • Ramy Bahassi
    Ramy Bahassi

    who else thinks that these personalities are fake?

  • Rahson Ricks
    Rahson Ricks

    The goat

  • Ghostar izz vevo
    Ghostar izz vevo

    The comments comment was special idgaf I can’t wait to see bunchie in the NFL finna be my first jersey purchase 💯💯

  • Alwaz Carey
    Alwaz Carey


  • Dorito Purpe
    Dorito Purpe

    This shit is so sad

  • 2Equaal X
    2Equaal X

    9:36 this is me raging in madden cause the fumbles

  • ktm_braap braap
    ktm_braap braap

    2:41 🕵️‍♂️ well we’ll what’s back there .

  • Aiden Rodriguez
    Aiden Rodriguez

    I’ve been there for a cross country work out

  • LIL man
    LIL man

    How many times did his hair color change in this video

  • Ala bama
    Ala bama

    Hes fast but hes small and weak so

  • gary layman
    gary layman

    People talk about how this kid Is the best but he really is just a quitter

  • Apex Warrior
    Apex Warrior

    Bunches dad is working hard on bunches career because he know he’s gonna get a lot of money from his son when he starts making millions

  • Apex Warrior
    Apex Warrior

    I really wanna know how many time he said this is sooo hard

  • Apex Warrior
    Apex Warrior

    People get hurt in practice not just games by the way

  • Camryn .Arianna
    Camryn .Arianna

    I can race Bunchie

  • Dylan Hawk Torres
    Dylan Hawk Torres

    Micheal thomas?

  • Swaggy D
    Swaggy D

    I need a workout like that

  • The Official Duo
    The Official Duo

    Why cant he just stay on a team

  • Suzanne Totten
    Suzanne Totten

    Bunches going to beat his but

  • Terrion Tate
    Terrion Tate

    7:40 omg!!

  • Shahiem Roberts
    Shahiem Roberts

    I wish I had a parent that drives me

  • Jamie Bledsoe
    Jamie Bledsoe

    He quit before our game tf. We were 13 year olds lol. And he didnt quit bc of whatever tf this is. He quit right before the game bc the film crew wouldn't be let on the field to film by the PCC Officials.

  • 831 SHOTS
    831 SHOTS

    Why did they not even mention Michael Thomas??

  • Ash Ketchum
    Ash Ketchum

    This kid has no shot in the league

  • carlos lopez
    carlos lopez

    This kid might not even make it to the nfl with these workouts.

  • Big Goat
    Big Goat

    Adam thielen 👍👍👍👍👍👍 I agree

  • A e s t h e t i c a l
    A e s t h e t i c a l

    This kid is only good because hes playing with little babies im 13 and i play jv snd varsity in hockey which is a high contact sport

  • Lukas Reynolds
    Lukas Reynolds

    He is. Just soooooo cute

  • Royce Clevy
    Royce Clevy

    is nobody going to talk about how bunchie didnt even put Mike Thomas in his top 5

  • mw squad
    mw squad

    Bro he is too fast

  • Mekhi Barrow
    Mekhi Barrow

    Dad is a great father he really cares for his son y’all haters don’t get it because you aren’t athletes you guys only see what they show you he definitely puts in work behind the scenes if he wasn’t good he wouldn’t be getting looked at the age of 13!!!!!!!

  • x_Skip YT
    x_Skip YT

    Bunchie be working hard bro we go see him in NFL in -10 years from now

  • vladimir putin
    vladimir putin

    He acts like he's guaranteed a scholarship to best colleges and he thinks he gonna be a NFL player no he's not he's overrated ag

  • Orlando Carter
    Orlando Carter


  • Jordan Andrews
    Jordan Andrews

    I love your video bunchi

  • Thug Yt
    Thug Yt

    He Switches Up Teams Every 2 Weeks And Comes Of With A New Excuse Shit Blows ME I would never switch up on a team just because they lost a few games be grateful that your even on a decent team

  • Thug Yt
    Thug Yt

    4:56 O hell Nah This Nigga just Picked up The Most Healthiest Cereal at 13

  • FallingHeart915 Gaming
    FallingHeart915 Gaming

    Bunchie a team jumper

  • Koalten Manz
    Koalten Manz

    As a Vikings fan I agree with what he said about Adam Thielen

  • Ohimdj Clayton
    Ohimdj Clayton

    Hey bunchi is the best in that house dad put more work on him

  • xxx tentacle
    xxx tentacle

    This kid ain’t gonna be shit

  • Critical Jayy
    Critical Jayy

    Imma have to try some of them work outs

  • Andrew Stark
    Andrew Stark

    I feel like they change teams every vid

  • Shelby Gresham
    Shelby Gresham

    Go chiefs Travis Kelsey mahomes

  • Austin Utes
    Austin Utes

    I loved doing that hill run when I was 5 ( for fun of course)

  • Jake Man
    Jake Man

    I recognize that garage anywhere that’s where MBJ trained for creed

  • real kubistek
    real kubistek

    He got bad luck

  • Park Boys
    Park Boys

    Keep going

  • joshua botchway
    joshua botchway

    is this acting or real

  • Sacha Rosenbaum
    Sacha Rosenbaum

    He gets to act all from the hood you driving a big SUV man

  • Cameron Nabert
    Cameron Nabert

    Your gone to make it to the chargers

  • DBD Bam
    DBD Bam

    when are they gonna make the next episode

  • G Smith
    G Smith

    Come on Chico

  • G Smith
    G Smith


  • Heather Hollingshead
    Heather Hollingshead

    Top five receveirs 1michael Thomas 2d hop 3 dk meltcalf 4tyreek 5diggs

  • Nathan Rangel
    Nathan Rangel

    I agree with your dad

  • Flogo

    i go to that hill to

  • Truly Durant
    Truly Durant

    I don’t understand why bunchie dad keep saying he playing against kids that are older than him but in high school he’ll be a freshman playing against juniors seniors if he plays varsity and he’ll play against sophomores if he played JV. Ig his dad wants him to play on the all freshman team

  • Alexander Torossian
    Alexander Torossian

    Bunchie you can play for our team down in lazy J Park this season’s we made it to the second round of the playoffs