15 Things You Didn't Know About Poland
15 Things You Didn't Know About Poland | Travel Tuesday
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In this Alux.com video we'll try to answer the following questions:
Where is Poland?
What can you do in Poland?
What is the best time to visit Poland?
When to visit Poland?
Where to visit in Poland?
Who is the richest man in Poland?
How expensive is Poland?
Is Poland a communist country?
Is Poland safe to visit?
What are the best places to visit in Poland?
What are the best spots in Poland?
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    • Trisek uwu
      Trisek uwu

      Jestem z Polski!!!

    • Agnieszka Szetelnicka-Przybylak
      Agnieszka Szetelnicka-Przybylak

      Im Polish. Cześć

    • Úrsula

      Why should I? I live there.

    • Gacha Myrna:3
      Gacha Myrna:3

      @Rip Curl 69 I lived there once

    • Wiktor Juchacz
      Wiktor Juchacz

      I am from poland

  • ss s
    ss s

    4. Not too many imigrants? 3 milion Ukrainians, and lots of Belarussian, Indian and other nationalities people? Its nothing?

  • ss s
    ss s

    Łoznjak xDD yo Americans are funny xd

  • Shockwave :P
    Shockwave :P

    Isn’t Poland a Central European country ? It d be good to know

  • Julia Frank
    Julia Frank

    Fact 1 The comtrentiation camp was actualy made for the polish not the jews because thier main goal was to kill the Smart so like teachers or other peopel that could spread it around. Fact 2 Every girls name must end with an 'a' you should never find a gril without 'a' at the end. So if you say you name is Jane or anything without 'a' at the end its most likely that they will think that your a boy (Dont Ask how i know this)

  • SuperStefano

    It's a central European country!

  • István Orehóczki
    István Orehóczki

    16: kgsofts.info/hd/video/bHqKmdB1c6aZ13k

  • Siddhesh Katyare
    Siddhesh Katyare

    kocham warsawie

  • Edge

    3 things I learned from the Poles here: 1) Poland is in Central Europe, not Eastern Europe 2) Poland did not receive any money from German 3) There are too many Asian immigrants in Poland

  • Err Aam
    Err Aam

    I love poland ! Hello from Malaysia ..

  • decp12

    Roman Polański is Pole xd

  • Andrew Maksym
    Andrew Maksym

    Some truth, most nonsense, Poland is not Eastern Europe

  • Bartosz Chudziński
    Bartosz Chudziński

    Another one- chemical weapons ( mistard gas) were lost from the Polish military unit, and Polish authorities, prosecutors and courts want to silence the case (court documents and description of events). The case has not yet been awarded. We need legal help. We intend to sue Poland to the EU Court of Justice .. Only one document is translated into eglish- it's to expensive for me. docs.google.com/file/d/1DtC2OZd7Bh61QREX1mnavCw4T2axGCcA/edit?usp=docslist_api&filetype=msword drive.google.com/file/d/17jNaet8WhAB7pSqtFmo5ggQTXGan9zWr/view?usp=drivesdk drive.google.com/file/d/1k-m8r4H1o9_1yBnenS-zgu72-ibtsOzx/view?usp=drivesdk

  • Debarshi Howlader
    Debarshi Howlader

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="438">07:18</a> Is first University in Poland older than Taxila University ??? PLease let me know if some one knows it.

  • *Twixie Pie*
    *Twixie Pie*


  • Batman Forever
    Batman Forever

    15 things you didn't know and 12 of them are not correct.

  • Das Boot
    Das Boot

    As an independent Digital Video Producer .... I can only say, that overall, it is a good media product, to promote POLAND, my homeland. I can only argue about the mistaken location of the Republic of Poland, which this video repeating a couple of times !!!!! > Poland is not located in Eastern Europe. Look at the map, and you can easily recognize, that Poland is a Central European country !!!! Exactly on the crossroad from West to East & from South to North !!!! > Moreover, ... POLAND never was a communist country - NEVER !!!! Polish people furiously fought at the gates of Warsaw against the Soviet Red Army during the Polish-Bolshevik war in 1920 and we won !!!! > Only ... thanks to American & British betrayal at Jalta Conference, we were sold out to the soviet hands of comrade Joseph Stalin, and being occupied for more than 50 years by Soviets from CCCP, with the pro-soviet, so-called "polish government" installed by Soviets in Poland, when the World War the Second was finally over. The last active official anti-communist underground Polish partisan soldier, sergeant Józef Franczak ps. „Lalek”, was surrounded and killed by communist soldiers in Poland in the year of 1963, on the day of 21st October. He is our national hero, like our captain, cavalry master Witold Pilecki, who was a Polish cavalry officer, intelligence agent, and resistance leader. a member of the underground Home Army. Pilecki volunteered for a Polish resistance operation that involved being imprisoned in the GERMAN "Auschwitz Lager" concentration camp in order to gather intelligence. Then he escaped in April 1943 after nearly 2½ years of imprisonment and he sent messages informing the Western Allies of German Nazi atrocities at the camp !!!! There was zero reaction to his report from the Western Allies, and as usual, nothing was done to prevent those massive in numbers killings of Poles & Jews in Auschwitz-Birkenau German camps !! After the war was over, captain Witold Pilecki was being hunted by Soviets, arrested, and sent to Moscow to illegal trial, where finally he was quietly killed in "Russian Style", which I mean, with the bullet to the back of his head !!!! Exactly the same way of how Polish officers POW's were massively killed in 1940 by the soviet NKVD in the forest near Katyn, following the direct order from Stalin & Beria ++++++++++ >> Honor and praise to the heroes of the Republic of Poland !!

  • Callie Pohl
    Callie Pohl

    Hope one day i will be welcome to visit poland. I got the same blood in my veins.love s africa.

  • Airash Samuel Kiran
    Airash Samuel Kiran

    Beautiful information

  • Emilia Kubiak
    Emilia Kubiak

    I m from poland

  • RORIK Bluetooth
    RORIK Bluetooth

    Poland must be more inclusive... who tje heck you think you are to make such statements about a country that is not yours??? Decide about YOUR country. And do not go to Poland if you do not agree with its homogenous and POLISH people, you MORON.

  • Leif Sinclair
    Leif Sinclair

    Central European

  • wojciech gamer
    wojciech gamer

    A ham, Poland Is in central Europe

  • Artur Ms
    Artur Ms

    Eastern? Eastern!? EASTERN...!!!??? KURWA MAĆ. W dupie masz Eastern. Show me more central European Country than Poland....

  • Daniel_sketchy_bananas

    *Americans feeding polish information on KGsofts* *Poles - 🤔🤔🤔

  • Zavex

    so many things are off about this video

  • Mafina 2003
    Mafina 2003

    me: cool, a video about my country the video: *poland is eastern-europe* me: *stops watching* The most basic of researchs could prevent a mistake like that. There is even a stereotype of poles hating begin called eastern-europeans because polen is in CENTERAl-EUROPE. If you are making a video about something, i would expect at least a minimal amount of research, but it seems you did not do even the simplest google search. And from what im seeing in the comment section, it's not the only thing you got horribly wrong. Where did you get that polen got any war reparations? At this point im not even sure if you know what country you are talking about. in conclusion, this video is poorly researched, if at all, and some "facts" are made up. Tell me, Alux.com, how do you f*ck at something this simple this bad?

  • 420-CRAZY

    14 is fucking bullshit lol

  • 420-CRAZY

    3 is bullshit 😂

  • 420-CRAZY

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="236">3:56</a> we dont really give a fuck what race or religion ppl are,the reason why there aren't alot of immigrants is probably bcoz the majority of polands population is Jewish or Christian there aren't any mosques and other stuff like that so I guess that could put ppl off but what this video says makes us almost sound racist

  • 420-CRAZY

    I knew those things bcoz I'm polish -.- And half of these things r bs

  • Oleg

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="125">2:05</a> „STiw ŁoSnIAk”

  • Tertius Oculus
    Tertius Oculus

    We got no money from Germany. Germany believes they didn't negotiate with the Soviet Union about receiving money, but with Poland which is plain wrong. They negotiated this joke of the century with the Soviet Union.

  • David Wieczorek
    David Wieczorek

    I live in polind modlimowo

  • Érica Ponte
    Érica Ponte

    Poland? Please! What a racist country!

  • szekspir213

    more money from Germany? Poland did not receive anything from the Germans

  • Pogromca Krawężników
    Pogromca Krawężników

    On every street od Warsaw you can get beaten. Its called "Wpierdol"

  • Eileen Conag
    Eileen Conag

    Wow.. So nice place soon I come there in Poland to work there 😊🙏🙏🙏

  • Szylavczek

    I am from poland and anybody kiss hands XDD

  • Masn Muskietorz
    Masn Muskietorz

    Get your facts straight! There is something we call "research".

  • CDA138ek

    More money from Germany? Germans haven't pay a penny for completely destroying the country, stealing everything of value and murdering 20% of population.

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki

    *Wow so beautiful country respect from Germany!*

    • Shoto Todoroki
      Shoto Todoroki

      _ooops just kiddin'_

  • Maksacz

    In Poland only old people still kiss womens' hands.

  • Maksacz

    Poland is situated in central Europe, not eastern.

  • Angel Vibes222
    Angel Vibes222

    The first university africa not poland

  • copper armor
    copper armor

    you say a lot of lies

  • Mr. Kebab
    Mr. Kebab

    Eastern Europe... So dislike and goodbye. No really, it's really painful for Polish man


    Gg i'am polish

  • BlackPanther bp
    BlackPanther bp

    Poland is un _destroyable if someone attacks we have backup

  • Jessica

    Poland is not Jewish

  • __

    If Poles want to be called Central Europeam, they should just go to the UN and tell them that they want to be put in that category. In consequence all UN documents would count them as Central European. So, no need to brainwash people online.

  • Agnieszka Bobkowska
    Agnieszka Bobkowska

    Kurwa jak polacy mają pierdolić o polsce to lepiej nic nie piszcie nic kurwa bo człowiek patrzy na komentarze z nadzieją zę obcokrajowcy coś napuszą

  • Sebastian Krajewski
    Sebastian Krajewski

    Dear Alux.com. Don't you never ever make another video about Poland. Such bulls*it density is unbearable. Half of those "facts" are total lies... POLAND never received any money from Germany you liars! And of course Poland is in the dead centre of Europe! Educate yourselves before you do any video!!! Do you even know geography at all? Seems not, as part of Russia is still in Europe...my God you are pathetic...

  • Rademenes

    Poland is not a eastern European country. Poland is a country of Central Europe.

  • Ronald Ostrowski
    Ronald Ostrowski

    I am an Australian of part Polish descent and I can't for the life of me understand this Eastern and Western European thing. Even many Western historians (e.g British, American and Australian) just talk about Western Europe rather than the whole of Europe when it comes to discussing architectural styles, art, religion, the Renaissance period for history generally. Poland like the other countries attracted many Italian, Dutch and German artisans over the centuries and rich nobles sent their sons to study in Italy, France and even England for hundreds of years. Poland and the other countries all produced their own great own artists and scientists who had a great impact on what is today considered Western culture. If you can have 'North America (i.e Canada, USA and Mexico), Central America and South America then surely to goodness states like Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Macedonia fall into the Central European category on the basis of geography alone. These 'Central European' countries adopted the Latin alphabet over a millennium ago when they became Christian courtesy of the Roman Catholic faith, and were inspired by the Italian Renaissance such like Germany and France were. Because communism in Europe disappeared 30 years ago there is no longer any justification for an East and West divide, particularly when Finland being east of Poland and the rest is considered Western European. It is bizarre to say the least.

  • marek es
    marek es

    Tylko zeby tych Ppierdoencw pognc.

  • Shadow

    Poland never got any Reparations as we got betrayed and sold to USSR in Yalta. All the money went to Soviet Union. Funny how Germany got rebuild thanks to Marshal Plan so building of new Germany was payed by USA. Germany got the most money after war out of all countries even tho they started that fucking war !!!!

  • Kacper SZY
    Kacper SZY

    Has she ever been to Poland?

  • Ba Baba
    Ba Baba

    You did not mention that Poland was under Communism right after WWII till 1989 and therefore did not have autonomy. How can you say Poland got money from Germany when it was occupied by CCCP? Who got it? Are you kidding me? Poland did not get any reparation from Germany. Homogenous yes, but there were always students at Polish universities from Asia, Africa, India even during communism. Poland also took children from Greece during their civil war.

  • Michal Sokalski
    Michal Sokalski

    i am frome poland

  • Ilmari Grillo Kajava
    Ilmari Grillo Kajava

    You forgot the fact that poland is the most depressing country in the world

  • D4N73

    Oh. OOOHH. I'll show you, you "Eastern european" Snobhouse, future milionare-my-ass.

  • Eyes Opened
    Eyes Opened

    Poland is in CENTRAL EUROPE. Never. NEVER EVER call Poland Eastern European country. Poland is Central European.

  • 4444444е

    They're homophobic while the Polish men look like inbred Aids gays.

  • Olivia Opszanski
    Olivia Opszanski

    Polish people are actually very inclusive. Poland NEVER built ANY concentration camps, nor did they colonize foreign countries and stole their goods like many other countries have.Polish people are well mannered, honest and kind.

    • 4444444е

      Not to gays though.


    Seriously? Most of that isn't true at all...

  • çınar şener
    çınar şener

    Love Poland. 🇵🇱 I am from Turkey.

    • 4444444е

      Poland is Christian. That's Haram.


    For Poland Appointment Dates Pleaee call on +91-8788906740 , 8860451944 . They Will surely Help .

  • Bartosz165

    Don't forget about Patek Phillipe is made by 2 poles


    i am polish

  • Grzegorz Kloc
    Grzegorz Kloc

    most of the stereotypes copied and heard

  • Suhel Miah
    Suhel Miah

    Facts?!? Bullshit! If I was Polish, thanks be to God I'm not, I'd be pissed [Fact:which most Polish usually are]

  • Jay-john Derbyshire
    Jay-john Derbyshire

    Population of tramps much like most of Slavic counties

  • Lukasz Suski
    Lukasz Suski

    Roman Polanski is 100% polish....he was nborn from Poland... lol

  • Jakub Balcer
    Jakub Balcer

    OMG Poland Is not an Easter European Country please people remeber this...

  • Karlo Vaćko
    Karlo Vaćko

    Not Eastern. Center!

  • Me Mario
    Me Mario

    I already knew this stuff I am from poland

  • Lucy Gacha Wolfie
    Lucy Gacha Wolfie

    Who is from Poland?? I am, I was born there and lived there for four years! Then I moved to England and lived the rest of my life there! Here I am now, 11 years old and see my family in Poland every 2 years I visit them! I miss my family 😅😥

  • Maciej Ługumski
    Maciej Ługumski

    Some images of Poland kgsofts.info/hd/video/pKV5nppgZJqrl5s

  • marek robert
    marek robert

    Poland never even got the money from Germany. That is not true

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