5 Times Canelo Alvarez SHOCKED The Boxing World
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Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez, looking to cement a place in boxings hall of fame, takes one of the biggest tests of his career this weekend, moving up to face Sergey Kovalev in Las Vegas. Moving up two weight classes, his 53rd professional victory would make the Mexican star a four weight world champion - and further emphasise his position as boxings biggest draw.
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  • Daniel Christandy
    Daniel Christandy

    Im a simple man, i see motivedia post a video, i press like

    • Mandeep Ram
      Mandeep Ram

      Daniel Christandy g😎😉🤣

    • Miguel Tango
      Miguel Tango

      Oscar De La Hoya, " Call Canelo crazy but he's not afraid of no one." He is just being a typical Mexican fighter.

    • Doushon Mandic
      Doushon Mandic

      Canelo sitting back like thnx but I show my greatness in the ring.

  • B_in_the_ cut
    B_in_the_ cut

    Canelo is not knocking out ggg 😂 cmon now

  • Choff C
    Choff C


  • Stefan G - Music Production Tips and Tools
    Stefan G - Music Production Tips and Tools

    7:14 Sliiiiick

  • Kay

    Canelo is really really good,I'm not hating, but GGG clearly won the first fight

  • Goonee Googoo
    Goonee Googoo

    Canelo snatched GGG soul in the second fight. You could see it in his face. Canelo a damn monster!!! WHO NEXT?!?!?

  • Bitch Nigga
    Bitch Nigga

    4:43 Best example of sportsmanship

  • slick trick
    slick trick

    Khan was going nowhere cals heavy hands and khans glass jaw i put a lot of money and made some easy money.

  • YANZI pradefa
    YANZI pradefa

    7.40 look at that🤗

  • Hector Figueroa
    Hector Figueroa

    Fake Fight.

  • Javier Gallegos
    Javier Gallegos

    How come no one is commenting on how Canelo looks like a barbarian from clash of clans

    • Idiot Whisperer
      Idiot Whisperer

      Mayweather owns his soul

  • Václav Šálek
    Václav Šálek

    Canelo vs Wilder when?

  • Jose Flores
    Jose Flores

    This man can literally narrate me falling down 35 steps and make it more interesting as I fall step by step lol

  • Christopher dioré
    Christopher dioré

    Already one of the greats

  • Abdel Elfazari
    Abdel Elfazari

    2:57 Anyone catch that newborn baby Giraffe take its first steps

    • Эль Чапо
      Эль Чапо


    • Dastan Kulzhanov
      Dastan Kulzhanov

      Man, I'm dying😂😂😂

  • Crippycooke

    Loses to Mayweather Becomes God Canelo is a beast

  • brutalsavage. 1
    brutalsavage. 1

    Overhyped, and everybody knows Canelo lost both fights to GGG. Even Canelo himself, knows he lost those fights.

    • Nicholas Tortorello
      Nicholas Tortorello

      brutalsavage. 1 um are you missing brain cells ? You never mentioned anything about sales in your original comment , you simply stated that canelo lost when he clearly showed that he was the superior boxer . Which is why he won the fight ... jeez you may have well been fighting with the brain your working with lol

    • brutalsavage. 1
      brutalsavage. 1

      @Nicholas Tortorello Why would i be salty about a fight i wasnt in? What a stupid reply. Boxing is currupted and its all about generating money based on which ever fighters have the most hyped fans who pay to see it. It doesnt matter who won the fight legitimately or not. SALES. Thats the point of the comment.

    • Nicholas Tortorello
      Nicholas Tortorello

      brutalsavage. 1 yeah but he just dident , that why he won the second fight ... lol don’t b salty

  • Sebastian Asencio
    Sebastian Asencio

    Best thing about canelo he never runs he entertaining af to watch he always rushing

    • Idiot Whisperer
      Idiot Whisperer

      @Sebastian Asencio what experience did a 20 year old Tyson have?....canelo just got schooled by a greater fighter live with it

    • Sebastian Asencio
      Sebastian Asencio

      @Idiot Whisperer no i didnt mean about the age i meant about his skill and experience

    • Idiot Whisperer
      Idiot Whisperer

      @Sebastian Asencio that's not the point...the point is age...don't use canelos age as an excuse for loss to mayweather

    • Sebastian Asencio
      Sebastian Asencio

      @Idiot Whisperer no one will ever be like mike

    • Idiot Whisperer
      Idiot Whisperer

      @Sebastian Asencio its rematches*

  • elsinnombre

    Pressure canelo to accept ggg

  • jinnyjinny bang
    jinnyjinny bang

    7:40 wtf

  • J J
    J J

    I’m 100% certain the voice over is from Navy-seal Commander William McRaven. Yikes. Chills 😍

  • Todd Johnson
    Todd Johnson

    I don't care if canelo is fighting in a Starbucks parking lot.he is the best.he speaks for himself. God i wish bruce lee was still alive to watch him get down! still my favorite fighter.mexico. forever

  • Michael M McDonald
    Michael M McDonald

    The best ever

  • Rand Al’thor
    Rand Al’thor

    I still think Golovkin won both of their fights. Although i believe that if they fight a third time Canelo will win for real. Golovkin got old.

    • Goonee Googoo
      Goonee Googoo

      Canelo broke GGG. He'll never be the same after the second fight

  • luis vargas
    luis vargas

    Canelo laid a beating on ggg in that rematch

    • Goonee Googoo
      Goonee Googoo

      Yea he did. He broke that mofo

  • luis vargas
    luis vargas


  • Andrew Rivera
    Andrew Rivera

    Triple G had that the rematch stolen from him

    • Goonee Googoo
      Goonee Googoo

      LMAO yea and ruiz will be champ again

  • Jheffie G
    Jheffie G

    Canelo lost to GGG dam near twice Edit: coming from a Canelo fan

    • Goonee Googoo
      Goonee Googoo

      He whupped dat azz in the second fight. He snatched GGG soul

  • Emanuel Brown
    Emanuel Brown

    Beautiful Defense. Learned from Mayweather lost.

  • ImDuxeh

    if you're glove touchs the canves it's a knock down no matter what but Canelo was like it's okay this bitch as mofo cheated in every way possible don't count the knock down

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