Bunchie Young: 9 Year Old Superstar : Nation Titans: Los Angeles, CA.
Bunchie Young: 9 Year Old Superstar : Nation Titans: Los Angeles, CA. UTR Spotlight Powered By Battle
Young Athlete Featured in the Super Bowl Commercial
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  • Christopher Dooley
    Christopher Dooley

    God bless him and his great Dad.

  • ThingsToDoToday

    Watching him outrun all the kids reminds me of Forrest Gump

  • anthony phipps
    anthony phipps

    First off there no such thing as a 9 year old super star.

  • Dshew89 D
    Dshew89 D

    Im laughing the whole video. this is so dumb and pathetic to do to a child. he is so brainwashed. all that is gonna stunt is growth too and is hurting his chances of making it to the NFL. His father doesn't understand basic biology. Everybody knew growing up how lifting weights can stunt your growth. I guess nowadays knowledge is a relic of the past.

  • Dshew89 D
    Dshew89 D

    I hope he knows what he is doing at such a young age actually STUNTS YOUR GROWTH! GL getting into the NFL if you're 5'6. Lifting weights and exercising, like I said, makes you stop growing, if you are doing it to early before the onset of puberty and at the beginning stages of it. GL with that.

  • 2k _moby
    2k _moby

    I play for toulminville titans


    Y they let him dye his eyebrows

  • Deirdre Vercher
    Deirdre Vercher

    But he is faster then me

  • Deirdre Vercher
    Deirdre Vercher

    He ugly like that

  • kk kubistek
    kk kubistek

    Not being mean I like his hair but those eyebrows

  • Shadrach George
    Shadrach George

    God bless Maxwell bunchie Young

  • Mohamed- Yasharahla
    Mohamed- Yasharahla

    we the real master races seed of Yahweh

  • Xeryus Romo
    Xeryus Romo

    You too good at this

  • Xeryus Romo
    Xeryus Romo

    You is amazing Bunche tech me Bunche

  • Xeryus Romo
    Xeryus Romo

    this kid is heka fast like me.

  • C4rxy

    i love jezes

  • Mark Snyder
    Mark Snyder

    Ok u is good but that green eyebrows and hair gtg

  • Elrick Jean
    Elrick Jean

    Yo That my tooo

  • NBA Baller
    NBA Baller

    I also love football

  • NBA Baller
    NBA Baller

    Love your intensitee and your the future

  • Josiah King
    Josiah King


  • Taliyah Hart
    Taliyah Hart

    And keep loving GOD just like me

  • Taliyah Hart
    Taliyah Hart

    Hair die markers on your body keep it if you want not because other people don't like it you a good kid

  • Taliyah Hart
    Taliyah Hart

    Good job man keep working hard see how far you have come don't give up on your dream cause everyone else hated on you I think you are really cool

  • Caden Mines eason
    Caden Mines eason

    not fast

  • Beef Go Moo
    Beef Go Moo

    I want him and my friend Jeremiah to race

    • MegaBK1234

      You such🤡👺👹🖕🏽

  • Lauren Defibaugh
    Lauren Defibaugh

    his hair is ugly



  • Navee Malik
    Navee Malik

    This cuz the new flash

  • Kuron Jeter
    Kuron Jeter

    play for westside panthers

  • florcita linda Pierre
    florcita linda Pierre


  • Raven Gamer
    Raven Gamer

    bunchie should vs fijian boys than we will see

  • Abby M
    Abby M

    Z good job👍🏾


    God bless bunchie💯💯💯💯😎👊

  • Trevor Weimer
    Trevor Weimer

    Keep it goin man 💯

  • Kaleb Chan
    Kaleb Chan

    Just why the green eyebrowns... just fucking why

  • Kevin Simmons
    Kevin Simmons

    Amen you a good man and son is the future

  • Van Gon
    Van Gon

    his hair be looking like its now been mowed in a month

  • Ya Majasty
    Ya Majasty

    It look like they only sped him up on camera. Everybody else in slo mo😯

  • Serayuh Burnam
    Serayuh Burnam

    He is faster than me

  • Tosha Gleason
    Tosha Gleason


  • James

    For those of you that never had kids the last 15 years, let kids be kids. They all have their phases of stuff they like or clothes. As long as it is not hurting or offending anyone. Get off your high horse. Remember you were a kid once with eyes wide open and not limited in beliefs or close minded or did you forget? Yes you did.

  • mexiem sur youtube
    mexiem sur youtube

    The green hair, ok But the green eyebrows wtf

  • Mason Roberts
    Mason Roberts

    He got that 99 speed and agi on madden

  • BeastyBunny

    When someone pop his ass he is not going to run that fast

  • Sh Tm
    Sh Tm

    Green is one of my favorite colors too

  • Birdman Official
    Birdman Official

    Ugly kids is always fastest

  • Da1clutchchicken

    Can sombody tell me what’s on his arms

  • Thegamingbacon boy
    Thegamingbacon boy

    Hey bunchie can you beet me in a. Foot race

  • Jaderraider34

    Green hair has got to go

  • Raphael&brian Van Der Ploeg
    Raphael&brian Van Der Ploeg

    The green hair sucks

  • Josiah Dineen
    Josiah Dineen

    Bunchie young

  • Nasty Edits
    Nasty Edits


  • The CheesyMango
    The CheesyMango

    I dye my face with bleach because I love white people... Good reason huh

  • john jones
    john jones

    jalen mills

  • King Noctis
    King Noctis

    This kid is taking illegal steroids smh i bet u

  • Lap dog9033 roblox
    Lap dog9033 roblox

    Why did he dye his eyebrows??? Crazy right like if you agree lol

  • James Mooney
    James Mooney

    The hair ok, just not the brows

  • Kimberly Harris
    Kimberly Harris

    He good but so fast and good hair

  • Antonio Diaz
    Antonio Diaz

    Oompa loompa