A Heist with Markiplier | BLOOPERS
Here are almost all the funny bloopers and deleted scenes from A Heist with Markiplier!
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Thank you so much for watching the show! It's been such a treat to be able follow along as you discover each and every special surprise we had in store for you! And congratulations to everyone that managed to crack Darkiplier's code and find these Bloopers early! Thank you so much for being such amazing fans!

  • Markiplier

    Hey, thank you to everyone who went through and solved Darkiplier's code to get to the bloopers early! I'm gonna be making this video public tomorrow so everyone can enjoy them but I'm pinning this to immortalize all 98,990 of you who found this video at the time of this comment. You're all amazing!

    • Loveable Dreams
      Loveable Dreams

      You kinda sound like tigger in a good a way 😂😂

    • All54321 Gaming
      All54321 Gaming

      Went through all this work only to find out it was already posted :(

    • Tony L Turner
      Tony L Turner

      I finally got all 31 endings after 4 days gg

    • h00ded k1ller
      h00ded k1ller

      Hi um i realy hope u make more things like this ur a amazing person & i wish my dad was more of a funny and nice person like u are. 😄😄

    • Steven Clark
      Steven Clark

      It was so harrrrrrrd 😭

  • Ethan Yeo
    Ethan Yeo

    5:10 my favourite blooper

  • The Pasquad
    The Pasquad

    Oh so I don't need the codes anymore

  • Yeh Boi Gordon Ramsey
    Yeh Boi Gordon Ramsey

    Mark is such a dork

  • TheShadowSlicer

    THIS TOOK ME WAAY MORE TIME THAN IT SHOULDVE ...ffs lmao This was such a fun adventure! Good Job!!! Really entertaining! Lh3EeEeR9z59YWcUB2b7ViHJ8ALQ637 Some of them you can't know if they are capital letters or not. ('z', 'W' , 'V')

  • Āńt Gàmęr
    Āńt Gàmęr

    1:08 an airplane?

  • Bishop

    I just got ending 30 and never played again, I was unaware that the endings changed so much lol.

  • VentroliquizMunchies

    3:39 Mark: my sweet child Me: am I ur child?

  • Linko 300
    Linko 300

    it took me until now to realise that marks shirt says M 2702

  • DamnSkillz

    9:57 NANI?!

  • DamnSkillz

    I love the pirate. First the "daddy" line and now that kiss

  • JiminsJams

    The faces and voices you make remind me of my grandpa 😂 that’s a good thing

  • Evanski

    13:02 that should have been an ending

  • Leo's Productions
    Leo's Productions

    0:23 IT'S NOT A PHASE MOM!!

  • lil boi200
    lil boi200

    How long is this

  • Crystal Ronan
    Crystal Ronan

    12:55 how are you gonna get your revenge Mark? Huh?

  • Rusty .Thebanite
    Rusty .Thebanite

    Ro...Ro...Ro! XD

  • Shronk 67
    Shronk 67

    This is crazy

  • W a s s u p P e o p l e
    W a s s u p P e o p l e

    P e r h a p s

  • Jenna Whelan
    Jenna Whelan

    The first time anyones ever seen Ro's legs lmao

  • Jenna Whelan
    Jenna Whelan

    Why is Ro such a little but lovable human being xD

  • Jaxcraft 28
    Jaxcraft 28

    Anyone have a theory on why it zooms out on Dark like that?

  • Jaxcraft 28
    Jaxcraft 28

    0:41 We caught Dark rehearsing his lines in the bathroom. Oh my God! XD

  • Jaxcraft 28
    Jaxcraft 28

    0:02: Woah, what!? Secret clips! :O

  • xDominus


  • Catholic Weeaboo
    Catholic Weeaboo

    Mark hates planes because they have the ability to fly but do not go into space.

  • Placeholder Name
    Placeholder Name

    Holy shit the mad cannible Fien is mat pat

  • CyndiMi

    I love how Dark is even wearing the same tie/t-shirt that he wore in the “relax” video

  • Debz Baumaus
    Debz Baumaus

    MatPat is dad and crazy caveman of the year 😂 So funny

  • Nightmare King Grimm
    Nightmare King Grimm

    Why did you make this public? I worked for 4 hours just to find this out. Mark, you’ve lost a subscriber.

  • Kenneth D
    Kenneth D

    markiplier should of tried to find a way to include the fed-ex scene into the final cut

  • Kenneth D
    Kenneth D

    never forget the time markiplier said stop fighting me to a blanket

  • Jeera Pulkkinen
    Jeera Pulkkinen

    Mark, you beautiful beautiful man😂❤️

  • ChrystaRose

    6:19 why are there TWO Markipliers???

  • SuperintoGaming

    This reminds me of scare pewdiepie they should do a scare markiplier it would be halirious

  • Gemma Lindblom
    Gemma Lindblom

    im only here for yancy content

  • Call out The Dylan
    Call out The Dylan

    Intro: *starts creepy* Me: uh oh Intro: *Dark gets embarrassed* Me: aw

  • Cathleen Oldenburg
    Cathleen Oldenburg

    It is just markeplier doing his markaplier things

  • GODZILLA _ 6337
    GODZILLA _ 6337

    Oh no. Spoilers😭😂😂. @Markiplier you should add a spoiler warning to this😂

  • Benjie Fabricius
    Benjie Fabricius


  • William Afton
    William Afton

    This is why MatPat can't make theories on my life

  • Jose David
    Jose David

    “Is duck tape safe for keeping the poopy in?”

  • aatkins2002

    Damnit!!! I was too slow to notice *where* the codes were. :(

  • Lucas Watts
    Lucas Watts

    I expected more than just bloopers. However, I can see I was here "early" so I'll wait "when it's time to meet."

  • Domo Arigato
    Domo Arigato


  • Ego Johnson
    Ego Johnson

    haha I solved the puzzle late and the secret is already public. *eye twitch*

  • Jarred Wise
    Jarred Wise

    13:54 am I missing a scene?

  • DapperCuttlefish

    Sitting on a sink while doing makeup and running lines? Dark is a theatre kid confirmed.

  • AnxietyCat

    You're saying mark could have kissed me

  • nofflay was here
    nofflay was here

    Don’t do school Stay in drugs Drink your teeth Brush your milk

  • Bree Smith
    Bree Smith

    As somebody who hasn't watched all the endings/ pathways yet this is very confusing and amazing all at the same time 😂😂

  • DerkaDerka581

    I swear markiplier is the most funniest KGsoftsr

  • Kantaphon Udomsri
    Kantaphon Udomsri

    What I not lunch

  • Kantaphon Udomsri
    Kantaphon Udomsri


  • Escanor The Lion Sin Of Pride
    Escanor The Lion Sin Of Pride

    Mark: tries to say line Airplane: HELLLLLLOOOOOOO

  • AwesomeGuy4444TA

    A Heist with Markiplier = the best KGsofts original yet.

  • Sophia Wilson
    Sophia Wilson

    OMG 😝. I keep watching a heist. It was so interesting. I’m still trying to watch all the endings. Well, some



  • Volcanoegi 90
    Volcanoegi 90

    Who’s recording for your friend

  • Dat boi again
    Dat boi again

    that intro was amazing

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