AirPods Pro Review: Imperfectly Perfect!
AirPods Pro are the best non-best headphones you can buy.
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  • Christian Portis
    Christian Portis

    can I charge the AirPods pro if I do not have the iPhone 11? my aunt told me that but that doesn't make sense.

  • J Thom
    J Thom

    For all the Sony's might be great at they absolutely suck at phonecall quality.

  • Leyo Fernando
    Leyo Fernando

    The thumbnail for this video is awesome.

  • ice bman36
    ice bman36

    So do the transparency and noise cancelation work on android to

  • Saber Cat
    Saber Cat

    6:41 iphone 1 in the background

  • Almerick So
    Almerick So

    With the vented design, does the audio leak out? I am thinking of using this to listen to audio books while rocking a baby to sleep.

  • Daniel Rangelson
    Daniel Rangelson

    mkbhd flexing by calling him IM perfectly perfect

  • Crispminer

    Thumbnail is flex 100


    “Surprisingly, reasonably priced” 😂👌🏼

  • Iain Stewart Music
    Iain Stewart Music

    Watching this with my Airpods Pro 🙂

  • Jonathan

    "I don't speak broke" was kinda the thing for a while. The people with the extra $300 are moving in for the kill for old-gen Airpod users. *Me, an intellectual, with headphone jack Earpods:* Airpods are for people who can't afford wires.

  • Victorix

    love your objective reviews man

  • Taran Davies
    Taran Davies

    Who else wishes they could do tech reviews, but don’t have the money to do so.

  • lil pumpp
    lil pumpp

    Men not gonna lie you need a new hairstyle


    Should I ask for AirPod pro for Christmas LIKE YES COMMENT NO

  • Marzipan Plays
    Marzipan Plays

    What’s up Mark-Ass

  • Daniel Trindade
    Daniel Trindade

    Try the tranya t2 u won't regret it

  • Alastair Small
    Alastair Small

    Would like to see a review of the new Jabra elite 75t. Start shipping Nov 15.

  • Disruptic

    The only thing I hate about these is the hinge just looks stupid

  • Erika McNutt
    Erika McNutt

    Are you going to be reviewing the Razer hammerheads you showed?


    Sony : New product Also Sony : Smashes head to keyboard Sony again : Nice.

  • Jack Budd
    Jack Budd

    These look great

  • Dragos Stefan
    Dragos Stefan

    Don't you mind how your voice sounds with headphones in while filming?

  • Kumar Rishikesh
    Kumar Rishikesh

    5:50 - In the middle, the option is "OFF" and not "ON"

  • Niko Antonellos
    Niko Antonellos

    What about overall battery life? Can the batteries be changed after a couple of years?

  • Shenzhen Blog
    Shenzhen Blog

    I just noticed you have scar in the right hand. What happened MKBHD?

  • •Clxud_ Lxxp•
    •Clxud_ Lxxp•

    I had AirPods and didn’t know that were one.... Plot Twist: I lost em’

  • Ao400

    Hey guys does anybody know which charger adapter I need to charge the AirPods pro?

  • Keith Smith
    Keith Smith

    He is showing off

  • zk d
    zk d

    What about freebus3?

  • Broken Love Fist
    Broken Love Fist

    Can u use without the rubber tips ?

  • Fresh Marq
    Fresh Marq

    My mom wont let me take them to school

  • bob awesome
    bob awesome

    I love my AirPods mainly for the reason I don’t have to jam them in my ears like ear buds such as these

  • Dance Monkey
    Dance Monkey

    WF1000XM3 stands for We Fucked 1000 times maybe 3 more

  • Origon09 _
    Origon09 _

    I have Jaybird vistas. Or should I get AirPod pros instead

  • Hector Alvarado
    Hector Alvarado

    The small pocket in jeans is the coin pocket

  • random cat
    random cat

    Man wonder how long until people start making fake ones and posting them on wish

  • gustavo

    Apple: Simple name for bluetooth earbuds Sony: wbds uhfcvbdfbvevhvbrebuygbervbbvdfbvf

  • Pedo Bear
    Pedo Bear

    I only wear airpods to avoid conversations with people.

  • Brotherman7

    Where I live it is very important to be aware of my surroundings. I listen to hi fidelity in my abode. You young people have a good time.

  • SilverStreak

    What's the track he plays during the Airpods Pro Simulator segment of the video?

  • Philip The Poop
    Philip The Poop

    Kid with Airpods: I don't speak broke. Kid with Airpods Pro: I can't hear you, like seriously, Its called broke cancellation . Pirate from Spongebob: I CANT HEAR YOU!

  • vinasu maaj
    vinasu maaj

    "Maybe that's just me" - Marques Brownlee

  • Omar Alhashmi
    Omar Alhashmi

    5:16 Wow

  • Rudi Harling
    Rudi Harling

    WF1000XM3...more like WTF1000XM3-and people are saying that Apple's naming with the iPhone 11 Pro Max is bad...

  • Tilakraj Sahu
    Tilakraj Sahu

    With 4$ I can actually buy one cheap Bluetooth earphones

    • Rudy Rodriguez
      Rudy Rodriguez


    • vinasu maaj
      vinasu maaj

      As an Android owner with these Airpod pros.. you are wrong sir, you CAN pause, go back, forward on all the music tracks with the double or triple press of the botton. You didn

  • Quentin Vo
    Quentin Vo

    The thing looks uglier Well atleast it works better

  • farhan ruslan
    farhan ruslan

    I like ur hair

  • Tim Thomson
    Tim Thomson

    What was the cover on the back of your iPad Pro?

  • Elias Höglund
    Elias Höglund

    i know that this review is good but this one below is absolutely stunning @t

  • Riftrecon02

    They should have called them “propods”

  • ConquerV

    Please review HUAWEI FreeBuds 3

  • Sydney C. Ross
    Sydney C. Ross

    Great review! Thanks!

  • shashank sejpal
    shashank sejpal

    this vs power beats pro?

  • DarrenHo

    Anyone know what kind of Adidas sweater he is wearing?

  • Onoku

    Yooo!! Spotting that Dynamic Duo @8:30. You're a man of class, I see!

  • bannu chaudari
    bannu chaudari

    I’m here for the beautiful thumbnail😍

  • Junior Investments
    Junior Investments

    Meh I wouldn’t waste my money on this, I’d just use my wireless Bluetooth headphones

  • Wong Chris
    Wong Chris

    Can I just charge the case without the airpod itself in it?