Arizona Deputy Investigated After Pinning Down 15-Year-Old Quadruple Amputee
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  • Kia ThaLovelyGoddess
    Kia ThaLovelyGoddess

    The fuckery of it all

  • Syisulis Solease
    Syisulis Solease

    Umm did i not see a black kid with all his limbs.........

  • musayt

    Not a man with no arms and no legs - A child. A child in his situation in a group home, likely angry, afraid and without his family. Savages.

  • Jermaine Perry
    Jermaine Perry

    This shit is crazy new low pigs

  • Blackguyncowboyhat andboots
    Blackguyncowboyhat andboots

    this niggas reading a script :/

  • mindfuless

    The cop told him to put his hands up or he would shot 🤔

  • Tony Wallace
    Tony Wallace

    But what they didn't show you the boy who ate the cereal was the one recording it and they cut the video short because the cop shove the boy head to the wall. Boy the two boys went to jail. Crazy shit.

  • Nicoletta Winzia
    Nicoletta Winzia

    Yo bro, we all know that he's a devil. Such guys are WS they ain't no cops.

  • SilverFoxUchiha

    It looked like that deputy had a boner.

  • Rooben Kardona
    Rooben Kardona

    I’d be a cop if I could smoke weed they get away with all types of shit and I’m not even a miss behaved person it’s the perfect safety net

  • Viva La Vivas
    Viva La Vivas

    Why would that cop attack the real life poop emoji? I thought everyone loved the poop emoji. # justice for poop emoji

  • HüDO NēDEM
    HüDO NēDEM

    He could got off of him and accomplished the same thing 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Tiffany Tiff
    Tiffany Tiff

    This made me cry. I can't understand these people. This is disgusting quadruple amputee. What has to be investigated?

  • Sue Elias
    Sue Elias

    What is wrong with Arizona? Has the heat ruined their brains or what?

  • Neekneek Robertson
    Neekneek Robertson

    Stupid ass! Why would he do that.

  • Daquaun Lee
    Daquaun Lee

    I hope he rot in hell for this he's a fucking demon

  • Jdizzle bizzle
    Jdizzle bizzle

    The Mayo is heavy on this 1 ...

  • Quas FM
    Quas FM

    Charles Manson: Damn, that's f***ed up.

  • Option Vice
    Option Vice

    if you make eye contact with a police officer..this may happen..

  • E Smith
    E Smith

    What’s right is right and wrong is wrong. Give that mf the death penalty this is ridiculous his family should be a fucking shame

  • Brandon Larkin
    Brandon Larkin


  • z a myers
    z a myers

    These pigs are out of control. I hate it here 😑😑🖕🏾

  • Arcus Puffious
    Arcus Puffious

    We are tired of these RACIST POLICE OFFICERS AND DEPARTMENTS in America. And what the hell do they have to investigate??? Where is the outrage from all these so-called Christians and white Americans!!??🤨 The officer should go to JAIL!!

  • belle air
    belle air

    I so confused what?????

  • Francis Bawasanta
    Francis Bawasanta

    Officer "Hands behind your back! ....He's resisting arrest. Take him down..." Boy "I ain't got no arms..I am on the ground." Officer "....Officer down!"

  • tray wilcox
    tray wilcox

    Hes really tuff with a easy target

  • tray wilcox
    tray wilcox

    The choke out video is very funny link in my twitter feed @soowoopworld

  • Emeka Oparah
    Emeka Oparah

    I need Tommy Lauren to say something now, dum ass white cop....

  • Gio Van
    Gio Van

    They trying to give me LIFE IN PRISON FOR BEING MEXICAN I need a lawyer I literally didn’t do shit ! Someone please help me !


    Same dude rang the doorbell and lady answers. "I'm here to answer ur ad - no arms so I can't beat u - no legs so I won't leave u". Lady looks confused "what about the last part where u make love to me all night long?" Dude smiles and says "how u think I rang the doorbell?"

  • Venus Vicious
    Venus Vicious

    No fucking legs or arms and yet STILL a threat!!! This shit is ridiculous at this point

  • Jawon Jones
    Jawon Jones

    I know this is off topic but homie's Orange, black and green stripe shirt is hard!

  • Your Grace _
    Your Grace _

    What the hell did the cop think dude was gonna do to him?

  • Blade 1323
    Blade 1323

    Straight devil mentality and behavior. NETS.

  • G Cap.
    G Cap.

    That's why we need less white cops on the street these people are so scary you wouldn't even believe it

  • G Cap.
    G Cap.

    Some big dick black fukn that cop wife... so he beats up on the handicap when he goes to work

  • John Popovich
    John Popovich

    yall are dumb...the 16 year old who was filming is the one who got handcuffed behind his back....yall wanna make a big deal out of something but cant even tell the story right

  • angela jackson
    angela jackson

    Melanin is a TREAT to WHITE people.

  • mccoy1303

    What kind of cpp would pin down a quadruple amputee? The same that would shoot an unarmed black man, Or a black woman checking to see who's in her yard, Or a kid playing with a toy gun... etc, etc etc.😒

  • Harriston Richardson
    Harriston Richardson

    I also blame the people running that group home for calling that Coward of a cop in the first place. You are a SPECIAL kind of COWARD to do this to a young black man with NO limbs. Makes you wonder what that cop sees in the mirror when he knows that the world has seen what a sorry human being he is . Thats why he arrested the other teenager for recording it .