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sPEcial thanks to myself miranda sings for being so amazing and talentd.

  • Alexis Schroeder
    Alexis Schroeder

    Maranda your not good at being a VSCO GIRL

  • Dizzy Pizzy
    Dizzy Pizzy

    So the point of a hydro flasksksks is that to reduce plastic not to buy a freaking plastic bottle 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Quartz Aqua
    Quartz Aqua

    Who remembers Mirthurdays vlogs? 😃

  • Scarlett Dipple
    Scarlett Dipple

    Are you a Cisco girl? no......No *Raises eye brows* 🤩🙈🤣

  • Alexes Ortiz
    Alexes Ortiz

    Hey I think you should film you and your baby doing something

  • Sumxyaaa Sh
    Sumxyaaa Sh

    Sksksks and a oop

  • Tamika Bills
    Tamika Bills

    I was Miranda for halloween

  • Tamika Bills
    Tamika Bills

    Miranda i'm a. Big fan i subscribe to your Channel more then jojo. Siwa

  • The Cutest Bunnycorn
    The Cutest Bunnycorn


  • Tacy McLean
    Tacy McLean

    so funking cool🤑

  • angel morris
    angel morris

    Were vans shoe

  • Emma Faye
    Emma Faye

    What the fuke is she doing?

  • Zainab Rizvi
    Zainab Rizvi

    Best vsco girl everrrrr

  • Spring Ross
    Spring Ross

    U are a

    • Spring Ross
      Spring Ross


  • Romeo an cherish gaming
    Romeo an cherish gaming

    Miranda should know

  • Monica Brown
    Monica Brown

    MIRANDA your heat it up before you put it on the necklace!!!!!

  • sosi co
    sosi co

    ...she got old 😱

  • VSCO Girl From TikTok
    VSCO Girl From TikTok


  • julia kk
    julia kk

    her hands are shaking soooo muchhh 🤯

  • Jamee Phillips
    Jamee Phillips

    A viesco girl. I love it😂😂😂

  • Grassy TV
    Grassy TV

    When the thumbnail said "Vsco Girl" The first thing i thought was "Oh my gosh can we be friends"

  • Shenay Du Toit
    Shenay Du Toit

    OMG her lips are so big

  • Sunaxplays

    *i want my jesus sandals*

  • mio softeyyy
    mio softeyyy

    Yass queen

  • G R
    G R

    I died 💀💀 when I saw the babies face blurred😂😂

  • Kaybear Animal Reports and Weather
    Kaybear Animal Reports and Weather

    Your ugly

  • Macey Taylor
    Macey Taylor

    Oof that store is right next to my therapy🥴

  • Talea Fazio
    Talea Fazio

    whoops carmex not carmen

  • Talea Fazio
    Talea Fazio

    Carmen is a type of lipbarm

  • biyanca jello B
    biyanca jello B

    Is nice on you tho

  • Sophia Antonio
    Sophia Antonio

    3:36 Miranda: Hydroflask!! Me: you do know thats not a hydroflask right? i have one just like that and im gonna paint it black cos i don't like pink ;-; PS. im not a vsco girl, im a e-girl

  • demon lover
    demon lover

    Sksksksksksksl and I look Miranda

  • Victoria Buckley
    Victoria Buckley

    Poor Flynn (the baby) he’s gonna grow up to be like her

  • mon ika
    mon ika

    Lol i can't "skenskenskensek and i oop"

  • Shilah Collie
    Shilah Collie

    Poor baby

  • Eian Reyes
    Eian Reyes


  • shellsea smith
    shellsea smith


  • Lucas Trahan
    Lucas Trahan

    U suck

  • Jasmine Kaylee guimba
    Jasmine Kaylee guimba

    99% of the comments: No one: Not a soul: Not a single soul: Miranda: jesUs sliPpErs! 1% of the comments: Random stuff

  • 莉莎Risa

    this was posted on my bday

  • Keira O'Callaghan
    Keira O'Callaghan

    i watched you on netflix hahaha

  • Kaine Willis
    Kaine Willis

    Miranda sings who

  • Mckaya Koopman
    Mckaya Koopman

    Are you my sis friend mckaya

  • ᔕᛕƳᒪᗴᖇ Ǥᗩᑕᕼᗩ
    ᔕᛕƳᒪᗴᖇ Ǥᗩᑕᕼᗩ

    When she showed what she tweeted in the beginning it said "can u teach me tu beCUM a visco girl

  • Lesley Butler
    Lesley Butler

    JeSuS SANDLE 😰😰

  • Des Mcintyre
    Des Mcintyre

    Which is better comit for jojo sad is like for Maida sign

  • Ty'esha Jones
    Ty'esha Jones

    A VSCO girl makeover 🙄🙄

  • Maga DaBanana
    Maga DaBanana

    lol I thought Carmex lip balm was from the car max car store and I always thought it was weird that they sold car shop chap stick

  • Ty'esha Jones
    Ty'esha Jones

    🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 I'm a VSCO EGIRL

  • Lazy _CRΔZY000
    Lazy _CRΔZY000

    **throws plastic in a lake** your welcome.

  • Kevin Terlecky
    Kevin Terlecky

    Imagine if I just went up to random kids I saw in a store and ask them if they were this or that because they'll never understand what I'm talking about anyway and it makes no difference anyway

    • Kevin Terlecky
      Kevin Terlecky

      Of course I don't have a family of my own..... so maybe it's not the same when I talk to strangers

    • Kevin Terlecky
      Kevin Terlecky

      For my KGsofts videos where I'm a clown

  • Zoe Garcia123
    Zoe Garcia123

    When you are on a budget

  • Linda Hernandez
    Linda Hernandez


  • Anayansi Ortiz
    Anayansi Ortiz

    Am I the only one who saw zailetsplay putting on carmex in Miranda's video

  • Charles Straub
    Charles Straub

    She did good

  • Nicole Bettin
    Nicole Bettin


  • prodigy gir
    prodigy gir

    i still dont know what and i oop means

  • Jason Mehrhoff
    Jason Mehrhoff

    Shell necklace hydro flask duh🙄

  • Jennifer Hartman
    Jennifer Hartman

    Miranda you’re so dumb

  • Wolfii playzz gacha life and Roblox
    Wolfii playzz gacha life and Roblox

    The girl that was putting on the chapstick was zai let's play