Big Sean Satisfied Jhene Aiko How Many Times?!
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Big Sean and Jhene Aiko 'None Of Your Concern' (00:10)
Omarion relationship between Fizz and Apryl Jones (01:12)
Tory Lanez reminds people he doesn't wear a hair piece (02:30)
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  • MaJ

    7 times in one session

  • Tony llamido
    Tony llamido

    0:45 what brand of boots are those

  • Curve God
    Curve God

    I had sex 3 times in a hour once no cap

  • NK

    Damn 9 times. She must have drank a lot of water

  • TDLF TV -ToneDogLeapFrog
    TDLF TV -ToneDogLeapFrog

    I hit a good 15 one time

  • Gregory Daniel
    Gregory Daniel

    Umm... 2 people being sexually compatible AND in love with each other can exchange countless orgasms on a free day with a place to yourselves. A woman with sexual confidence can have 3, 4+ orgasms in one session.

  • The Stampede
    The Stampede

    My girl gets as many as I let her 😂 usually one or two cause I ain't got time for all that

  • Zeon Pily
    Zeon Pily

    I like you, Angela.

  • Zeon Pily
    Zeon Pily

    I have sex with my girlfriend about 6 times a day.

  • Hell Raizah
    Hell Raizah

    Tory Lanes had that Benjamin button disease 😂

  • G Varela
    G Varela

    this literally can mean that nigga was just eatin hella pussy all day which isn’t hard lmao

  • African Girl
    African Girl

    lol, her. im 28 and have yet 2 cum! any advice will help me so i can try

  • jtube411

    Jhene better singer, MilaJ hotter

  • sam

    King charla with a short stick. 😂😂😂. More guys need to be proud of their short stick. 😂😂😂😂

  • Cesar Cabrera
    Cesar Cabrera

    Multiples yea...had chicks thinkin they busted 8 or 9 times bfoe

  • Brandon McCauley
    Brandon McCauley

    They are a great looking couple. Bummer it didn’t work out. Relationships are hard work and compromises but all worth it.

  • Emcee Ace
    Emcee Ace

    She prolly cums multiple times lol somebody I’m tryna poke reviewed the package before arrival and she like “ima cum soon as you put it in 😩 I cum a lot ima just keep cummin” I’m like 😌😌 fasho, ima just keep the temperature where it’s at rn 😂😂😂😂 idk why tf I even clicked this 😂😂😂

  • RaversKing Entertainment
    RaversKing Entertainment

    lol mane i give more than 9 i aim to please lol

  • Joewy Mumba
    Joewy Mumba

    Jhene Aiko just got sensitive nipples and punani, bet she could cum just by touch. lol

  • Milton Ndang
    Milton Ndang

    You ain't giving no 4 orgasms per day to ur wife ctg. Ur wife faking that shit

  • Get It Goat
    Get It Goat

    If you can count then you are faking it.

  • Get It Goat
    Get It Goat

    She looks like she could be satisfied by anyone.

  • This is Phillip
    This is Phillip

    Give me multi vitamin and a pack of four lokos and I’ll her purring like Siberian big cat!

  • Professor Light
    Professor Light

    9 ain't even a whole lot

  • Jayy Soul
    Jayy Soul

    O a good dude man. We out outchea yo, respect to that man

  • Jermaine Johnson
    Jermaine Johnson

  • Ondre
    Ondre if nobody in life has ever done this. Y'all mfs hype up the dumbest shit just to have something to talk about man I swear

  • Gmail Account
    Gmail Account

    I thought it was akoo like samuri jack akoo

  • R M
    R M

    Apparently 9

  • EyeGot theRecipee
    EyeGot theRecipee

    This nothin new, my man does the same in just one session. It's all about time, foreplay and attraction. Men not up to parr should definitely take notes

congrats ksi
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