Brexit: Dear Brits, please LEAVE ALREADY! German political comedy "heute show" (English subtitles)
The Brexit is probably being postponed - but why? Even with a second referendum, the whole thing would start again from the beginning.

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    Shwan Haddad

    English! (Sorry for my bad hi)

  • loki jötunn
    loki jötunn

    Mir ist grad eingefallen, welcher berühmte und ehemals so beliebter dt. Politiker aus dem Saarland kam. Kommt Ihr drauf? Es war der Erich Honnecker. ;) Nie wieder Saarlafisten an der Macht!!!!

  • gg 123
    gg 123

    3:50 even the french want you to leave. Thats actually sad

  • guido7095

    "I wood if i cood"

  • Valentin Condeescu
    Valentin Condeescu

    German brain,english lazy.

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    Andy Bolls

    Für unsere britischen Freunde. Fühlt Euch umarmt mit unserem folgenden Song:

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    shiloh jolie pitt

    Wie heißt dieser Film bei 1:59?

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    Brauchen wir sie? Ich glaube nicht.

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    Prostata xD

  • moritz Dammer
    moritz Dammer

    Das der brexit immer noch nicht durch ist zeigt schon das da was extrem falsch läuft und wer weiß wie lang die britten noch brauchen

  • No Nope
    No Nope

    British and American politics are like this, endless banter caused by special interests on both sides. The executive has very little power in reality. Not sure how much power Angele Merkel has or how democratic Germany is but you all seem to get things done easier

    • Erik Müller
      Erik Müller

      We suck most of the time, most parties don't care about the people and sometimes the law too.

  • James Ball
    James Ball

    When we go you will have no more money for your project you fucking idiot that is why the eu hasn’t chucked us out already Fuck wit

    • James Ball
      James Ball

      Azasel Well nobody can predict the future but I can reassure you here in the UK most people wish Germany and the EU nothing but good luck and prosperity for the future And I agree with you it is virtually impossible to get a civilised debate on the Internet on a political discussion I thank you for taking the time to reply to me and please excuse my non-existing grammar as my keyboard is not working properly for some reason. so I hope I have articulated enough for you to understand me I will also wish you good night and the very best of luck for the future And I do hope we will speak again

    • Azasel

      James Ball Thank you. For your time, your honesty and your standpoints. It really helps me to get a more defined picture of this situation. And i will remember it in conversations in the future. And can i say - it is very refreshing to be part of a civilized political discussion ON THE INTERNET of all places ! 😅 I wish you a good night and good luck, wherever all this leads us.

    • James Ball
      James Ball

      Azasel I see what you’re saying about going back And the problem really is with Westminster but you must understand the first referendum in 1975 the people were sold a Lie The question In 1975 was would you be opposed to economic unity with the rest of Europe And of course people said not at all if it is financially beneficial to both parties then there is no reason not to join this group and they were told at the time it has nothing to do with a political idea so yes the problem is with Westminster they were not told the truth I do not blame the EU for this The federalists in Europe Are not helped the situation keep pushing for a federal Europe with a currency union and a political union where we are today is nowhere near we were 1975 it has become something completely different with its economic and political ideas of a federal Europe that nobody was ever asked did they want this I know it’s difficult for our friends and family and partners in Europe to understand our position we understand that you really do love and appreciate the EU I can give a long list of reasons why it is such a good thing for the rest of Europe But we have a very different history and political system then the rest of Europe Now let’s take your analogy of a plumber coming to do some work at my home he as told me I need a couple of new pipes and I have said that’s fine Carry on as the job has gone along he is now demanding that I have a new boiler and new Heating system completely and will have to pay what he demands And that I have no alternative but to let him carry on with the work and I must continue to pay him That is not what he estimated and not what he told me when I first gave him the job to replace the two pipes. now I’m not going to be unreasonable I want him to explain to me why he thinks I should have this boiler and new heating system and to justify the price is now asking me And I cannot see any reason why I should just say yes to his demands and carry on Most of us here in the UK absolutely love Europe and all the people in it but we just do not like the way EU has been operating we’ve never needed in the past now all of a sudden we are told we cannot survive without it which again I would have to say is a total lie It is not been the success story that the politicians would have you believe you must ask yourself the question if this Person is getting money out of an organisation that I am paying for then of course he will say it is the saviour of humanity. but please look into it for yourself turkeys do not vote for Christmas

    • Azasel

      James Ball First of all : Wow ☝️😅 i wasn‘t expecting such a thoughtful and fine tuned opinion, given your initial commentary 😉 Second: I see where you coming from, but the question must be asked, if such an important decision, meaning joining, remaining or leaving, belongs in the hand of the people. With all it’s consequences, it’s risks and no chance of going back, simplified to a simple „yes“ or „no“ question. And i clearly blaming westminter for this, not the people. I mean, if my plumber would ask me : „Excuse me, what do you think: should this pipe „leave“ or „remain“, the correct answer from me would be : „ I don’t know, I clearly need more information here or even better: Do the job I pay you for !“

    • James Ball
      James Ball

      Azasel Look I’m not totally against the EU it’s a good idea that’s been run really bad we are the second biggest contributor to the project and nobody in the UK was asked do you want us to do this. in principle it’s not a bad idea it stops Germany and France from trying to kill each other I’m all in favour of that what I’m not in favour of is a federal Europe with a eu army which the UK will have to pay for and supply it with troops We already have NATO which as kept Europe safe and stable it has been working fine until most EU countries Would not contribute their fair share Because they feel that they are a junior partner in this organisation I would’ve thought you would’ve understood why we feel like we do about the EU when you take a look at NATO I know most European countries feel they are the junior partner to do US and the UK Now let’s look at your analogy of a lawyer as anyone who works for their self or run their own business will tell you once you have worked for yourself you would not go back to a company or working for somebody else okay it takes away the safety net of your wages every month but it also means I will have the chance To take home more money every month let’s face it if the company kept treating you badly you wouldn’t want to work there would you Now I am freelanceI I can work for myself I can undercut that companies prices because I do not have the overheads that company has Also I get to choose my clients if I wish to do business with them or not For example the company I previously worked for did not have a lot of customers Now I am free to take on as many customers as I wish and charge what I like For example the EU has no trade agreement with the US or China because it is too protectionist this whole project is bringing Europe down it refuses to reform so what choice are we left with we have to leave Now let me come on to our MPs in Westminster since you have asked what sort of job they would make of making our own laws Parliament gave away its sovereignty to the EU and it did not ask the people if it was okay to do this so we had a referendum is this okay do you still want to be a member of the Eu and the people said no thank you. Also the people said here you go here is the power you gave away to the EU now you must take back The power and make Parliament sovereign again you have asked us the question and now you have the answer So the remain MPs just said to that idea we will ignore the people I want to give the power that the people gave me in the first place I want to take it back and give it back to the EU which they have no right to do because the people are sovereign this is what makes Parliament sovereign And they do have some serious questions to ask why they want to keep giving our sovereignty away to the Eu What doesn’t help the situation is when Eu does everything it can to block us from leaving it is causing bad feelings and resentment towards the Eu block if you want your project to continue maybe you should sit down with us and be realistic of what you are asking of us we are not looking for a no deal we would like what we were sold originally a good trade agreement with out all of the political nonsense I hope this has answered some of your questions if not please reply and I will do my upmost to give you a clear answer

  • Eric Myers
    Eric Myers

    Eine Wiesn 2019 ohne Engeländer... wär ein Traum. So viele Tische wären frei! Und der Umwelt würds wg den Flügen auch helfen. Win-win! :) Wird aber wohl erst 2020 was. Bitte Visa-Sperre für unsere Freunde von der Insel! Danke!

  • Roskellan

    Yes its embarrassing. The UK voted democratically to leave, but anti-democrats within our own Country have been trying to subvert the will of the people. I think a few other of the EU Western Nations may have the same problem. I know that you will give them every assistance if they wish to go. TTFN

  • Johnny English
    Johnny English

    31st October BREXIT TIME!

  • Johnny English
    Johnny English

    We want no deal. Many thanks to the EU for their assistance. Good to see the EU dragging Germany down to its knees. Wait till Trump hits you with tariffs too.

  • SentaDuck

    As an Englishman, I think I can help those unfortunate enough to not be English to understand what is happening with Brexit. Basically, we English hate everyone and the one group of people we hate more than anyone else are the wretched English.

  • Rudol Veloz
    Rudol Veloz

    Just go out

  • Corrado Campisano
    Corrado Campisano

    @1:44 so true...

  • Roxy Gyo
    Roxy Gyo

    Where is my snitzel?

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  • Amfear Liathmor
    Amfear Liathmor

    Britain will have to dismantle the German European Union Project to save Europe yet again for the 3rd time in 4 generations as German Natural Arrogance rises once again.

  • Amfear Liathmor
    Amfear Liathmor

    Joseph Goebbels would be proud of this. None of those new EU imposed Frau Merkel 5 Million immigrants dutifully clapping away in the crowd for these crass and arrogant jokes from what I can see. Unaccountable Globalism is going to be a bitch for those who will begin to love their servitude. Germans are a naturally servile people and have been to some terrible single minded insane people. History has taught the world that a few times already.

  • Ryan Scott
    Ryan Scott

    I can smell the corporate propaganda machine churning out this garbage. It seems the same people who own and control American media have their tentacles in Germany as well.


    If Boris Johnson becomes prime minister we will officially have our first Prime Minister that has been to court for lying. I joke but really it isn't that funny is it.

  • Florian Strobel
    Florian Strobel

    Every time I hear the word "Brexit" the song "Time To Say Goodbye" starts playing in my head.

  • Noname Noname
    Noname Noname

    да, смешно...

  • Valerie Perin
    Valerie Perin

    Thank you for having the eng captions. Anyway, im from the philippines.

  • Jovan Golic
    Jovan Golic

    Да ли је ово немачки Зоран Кесић? Браћо моја мила, немачки хумор.

  • ozzy 212
    ozzy 212

    'Please leave already' .. you can at least construct your English sentences correctly

  • Andrew N
    Andrew N

    Some of our beers are actually quite decent (if you like ale), but everything else was very much spot on.

  • Gus W
    Gus W

    They want to but the EU wants a deal because it's a little bitch. Apparently so is this guy.

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  • poro poro
    poro poro

    Prostata does NOT mean cheers

  • asterixxer

    I respect the brithish vote to leave but, the parlament is a comedy club. Dear British people: Own the streets and protest against this parlament. Or stay! Yes EU is expensive for all of us, but leaving will cost much more money....

  • Marethyu Mot
    Marethyu Mot

    Ich hab jurob gehört das war dann wohl zu viel pokemon

  • Sternsinger1199

    I voted to stay without Germany. Why the f...european countries don´t give the boot to Germany. Do you remember when France, Belgium and Poland cry for help in XX century because Germans were so bad ? Very soon you will be asking for help again.

    • Mr Heidelberg
      Mr Heidelberg

      Once a Nazi always a Nazi .

    • Galador

      Sternsinger1199 did you just compare modern day Germany with Nazi-Germany? Thats kinda pathetic

  • Fearghal Joyce
    Fearghal Joyce

    It's becoming kinda fun seeing how fucked up this place is getting. A couple weeks ago some IRA spin-off started sending postal bombs to train stations, but no one even gave a shit and soon they realised that they could just sit back and we'd do it ourselves.

  • Billy Hughes
    Billy Hughes

    These krauts are taking the piss out of us - this is how bad these fucking imbeciles in parliament are making us look.

  • The Other Devil
    The Other Devil

    Bitte sagt mir, dass Tinas Akzent Absicht ist. >.

    • caty moonlight
      caty moonlight

      Xd yes

  • Gordon Fernandes
    Gordon Fernandes

    BREXIT is " May Or Not To May " ! As simple as that .

  • Sienio48

    In german still are some german people?? oO

    • Sienio48

      @Galador yes, there are.

    • Sienio48

      @caty moonlight yeah...scary

    • Galador

      Sienio48 of course they are. Im wondering if there is still brain cells in your brain tho

    • caty moonlight
      caty moonlight

      Hahaha not funny

  • David Raley
    David Raley

    Truly hilarious. Thank you for the laughs.

  • RobertCraven

    Better leave than paying for greece and italy with your taxes till you die. The germans think they are smart....hahaha

    • Azasel

      Galador has a point here 😉 that money wasn‘t a gift, it was a credit. Including interest, btw. We MADE money on this deal.

    • Galador

      I mean the greek are the ones paying the eu at the moment and not vice versa

  • Corey Brass
    Corey Brass

    Hahaha that's savage.

  • Sean Murray
    Sean Murray

    its the english unfortunately they are draggin the rest of us down with them

  • jay jax
    jay jax

    We want to leave but you keep giving us extensions... Don't blame us

  • johnny flappie
    johnny flappie

    Deutschland must be proud of nazi EU .. Wir schaffen das . They Will make laws that overrule all national laws. Rip Beautiful european countries And cultures.

  • Rob Porter
    Rob Porter

    Whole world is told that the Bosch don't have a sense of humour. Well this proves them wrong. They do have a sense of humour. It's just that it's lame and basic. lol The irony is that 3 minutes of this Kraut show was conducted in English. Couldn't do that with the language of any other country.

    • Sisu Guillam
      Sisu Guillam

      Well, we know how to subtitle...

  • Marie-Luise Duzont
    Marie-Luise Duzont

    One wonders how they ever ruled their empire

  • Paw Zyl
    Paw Zyl

    Poland thinks the same way

  • Nerdy Snailie
    Nerdy Snailie

    Oh dear. Let’s hope a decision is made soon. This dance is taking a long time and at this rate, everyone is getting done with it. I voted to stay but I am not sure anymore of what May will do. She us in her own world. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Scott McLennan
    Scott McLennan

    We want to Brexit but we are too fucking stupid!! Oh classic summation of the situation.

  • cutez0r

    Hahahaha! Stiff upper lip, Brits. The EU is helping, but it doesn't mean they can't laugh at you while they do it.

    • Mr Heidelberg
      Mr Heidelberg

      This makes me hate germans more, i hope isis kill you bastards .

  • Kandelika

    Ausgerechnet ihr deutschen, die alles genau geregelt bekommen wollt, die größte Scheibe immer bekommen will, nichts als Verlierer da sein wollen, die Millionen in Gerichtskosten ausgeben, um ihr Recht zu bekommen. Ich nehme den Briten gar nicht übel, so vorsichtig zu sein, die EU ist eine Mafia, die ihr Tribut beim verlassen fordert... Ein Glück, dass sie den sch.... Saftladen verlassen!

    • BewareOfTheKraut

      @Kandelika Ja nee, is klar. Schönes Restleben noch.

    • Kandelika

      @BewareOfTheKraut Zum Glück, habe ich ein Recht auf eine Meinung. Sie sind sicher von Links, die Zensur sozusage!

    • Kandelika

      @BewareOfTheKraut Oh jaaaa, lieber Kraut. Sie haben Recht...Sie gehören zur Arische Rasse. Danke, dass Sie mich daran erinnern haben. Wie könnte ich das vergessen! Ein Kraut ist ein Kraut ein Kraut ist ein Kraut...

    • BewareOfTheKraut

      @Kandelika Und schon wieder ein Bildungsdefizit. Informiere Dich mal über den Begriff "Rassist". Du weißt ja anscheinend rein gar nichts, aber Hauptsache, Du hast eine Meinung.

    • Kandelika

      @BewareOfTheKraut Jetzt sind die deutschen eine Rasse? Ahahaha!!! A kraut is a kraut a kraut is a kraut a kraut is a kraut....

  • Barry Kelly
    Barry Kelly

    The EU should not have given the British an extension.

  • OPeixe

    It's going to be such a relief once they are finally out. They are so bitter now that even swallowing their own saliva gives them ulcer.

  • Mary Sova
    Mary Sova

    Ach du liebe.

  • Paul Wedlock
    Paul Wedlock

    Merkel wants Da EU! Kalergi EU! 200,000 immigrants ate visa free welcomed to rape under pillage Germany & 150,000 highly skilled, rich white German's are fleeing the conflict zone & becoming Refugees in Hungary :-) Your €uro is €7.9trillion in negative yield loans! For the last 6+ months your €-1/2% RECESSION IS IMMINENT! You only want UK MONEY! V,, Up yours :-D The UK Commonwealth collective of 53 volunteer Nation's have a GDP of $17trillion :-D Enjoy your Tusks special Hell hole & the €uro Nebulous sink hole :-D In 2040 NO MORE COMBUSTION ENGINE MANUFACTURING.

    • Galador

      Paul Wedlock are you aware of the fact that a currency cant have negative loans? The recession you are talking about is not true for a majority of countries. A flight of germans to hungary didnt happen, and the immigrants dont have visas they have allowance to remain in country. Rape numbers only went up extremly slightly. Stop believing in everything you hear