Brexit Party MEPs chant "Let's get free" on final day at EU Parliament in Straatsburg
Footage has surfaced of Brexit Party MEPs chanting "Let's get free" in the European Parliament during their final day in Straatsburg.

Brexit Party MEPs celebrated their final day in the European Parliament in Strasbourg and joked about being made redundant.
But Brexit party MEPs are to be denied a flag-lowering ceremony on 31 January. Nigel Farage and his colleagues lobbied for a flag-lowering ceremony, a Brussels analogue to the campaign to have Big Ben “Bong for Brexit” in London. But it was refused.
Instead of the potentially dramatic scene of a union jack being lowered against the midnight sky when Britain leaves the EU on 31 January, parliament grounds staff will remove the flags without ceremony at an unconfirmed time.
One flag will then be despatched to the House of History, the EU-funded museum in Brussels that aims to tell the story of the continent, from ancient Greek myths to Brexit referendum promises.