Bunchie Young Is The Most Athletic 12 Year Old EVER. Prodigy Stars In His Own Reality Show!
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The most famous football phenom EVER has his own REALITY SHOW! He's met Joel Embiid, won mad awards, but now 12 year old Bunchie Young is letting y'all see his real life for the FIRST TIME! Our guy is too funny on camera.
In his own show's first episode you get to see how crazy his life is. Bunchie tries to pull a truck, gets on a new team, tries on some crazy fits and gets featured on a podcast!
Later Bunchie gets some work in with his personal trainer, but there's only one HUGE problem. Bunchie's youth team is mad nice, but it's 2 HOURS from his crib! Our guy gotta get that work and development, but if he and pops gotta drive 4 hours a day, when is he gonna get to sleep or be a kid!
He's getting closer to high school football, so he can't waste any time not playing ball. Bunchie and his dad got a big decision to make!
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  • Overtime SZN
    Overtime SZN


    • Aiden Rich
      Aiden Rich

      I started lifting weights when I was nine years old and now I am 11 years old

    • Bradster Xbox’s Hill
      Bradster Xbox’s Hill

      Doesn’t 💯💯💯💯💯💯

    • Jackie Foster
      Jackie Foster

      More fake videos

    • Donettea Salisi
      Donettea Salisi

      Got a Red Bluff go down McDonald's going to cabernets and then go to for be asked the manager were that is

    • Mike Niemann
      Mike Niemann

      BRO his dad was pressing the gas a little bit there's no way a 12 year old can pull a 5000 pound truck

  • Malika James
    Malika James



    Nc try charns loose So nc try again

  • Keidre Lewis
    Keidre Lewis

    How did he know 49ers was going to superbowl

  • ReushK

    Pullin a truck aint that hard.. once you get it moving, you just gotta keep going.

  • Daily dose of fun 101
    Daily dose of fun 101


  • Daily dose of fun 101
    Daily dose of fun 101

    Yah that was so faje

  • Stan Miles
    Stan Miles

    Who gonna win the Superbowl 👹👹 Redskins LOL

  • Alwaz Carey
    Alwaz Carey

    mr carey

  • Muhammed Sinera
    Muhammed Sinera

    The fact his dad was stepping on the pedal and he thought he was pulling it

  • Kameron Fair
    Kameron Fair

    Lits go buchie

  • Ayanna Roberts
    Ayanna Roberts

    Bunchie don’t got good grades he got straight F’s

  • Shale Laverick
    Shale Laverick

    Take it to the HOUSE

  • Zain Pizarro
    Zain Pizarro

    No cap he kinda look like a gremlin at 7:12

  • Maurice Miller
    Maurice Miller

    Kanas City

  • julian huerta
    julian huerta

    No way he was pulling that😂

  • flippy 191
    flippy 191

    his face when he runs is awsome

  • Michael Williamson
    Michael Williamson

    Is he the kid from the Super Bowl commercial for the intro?

  • dodson defender Jordan next kobe
    dodson defender Jordan next kobe

    make new epsode please in march please


    Kansas City chiefs

  • Sverrir Bjarki Svavarsson
    Sverrir Bjarki Svavarsson

    Chiefs will win

  • Devon Hinton
    Devon Hinton

    You gonna win the super bowl

  • kekx-

    Yeah he didn’t pull that truck..... sorry to break it to y’all

  • {AMZ}ZerRizor

    Bunchie finna be the next Markell fultz of the nfl

  • Tramayne Randall
    Tramayne Randall

    He grabbed the keys for a reason 🤣🤣😂

  • TheCube HD
    TheCube HD

    Imagine the chain being loose

  • Brian Turner
    Brian Turner

    The acting is bad

  • Brian Turner
    Brian Turner

    His image might hurt him down the road

  • Rossetta Miller
    Rossetta Miller


  • Splash Beastboy
    Splash Beastboy


  • Cam TooIcy23
    Cam TooIcy23


  • Sean Brown
    Sean Brown

    I am not trying to hate but I’m better than you

  • Joshua Brown
    Joshua Brown

    First he is overhyped like he is good but not that good if he was that good he could overcome offensive line not blocking

  • Andre Macedo
    Andre Macedo

    Bruh he didn't pull it tho the chain was pulling up lol

  • Harold Lykins
    Harold Lykins

    Lmao so much bullshit

  • Hot_now_bre

    The 49ers won

  • big man
    big man

    This show is god awful🤦‍♂️

  • Juic Birch
    Juic Birch

    He pulled the truck down a little hill because it started to almost pass him that is not hard

  • Freddie Mack
    Freddie Mack

    Kansas City

  • Nasir Sago
    Nasir Sago

    Kc Cheves

  • Ethan Robertson
    Ethan Robertson

    Next year: kid powers cars

  • Victoria Blankson
    Victoria Blankson

    Him pulling the truck thats cap

  • Landen Blake
    Landen Blake


  • Thomas Maloney
    Thomas Maloney

    Future inmate state pen. 2025. Mvp. Pickin' up soap. Rah rah Sis koba, bunchie, bunchie, bunchie!!! Way to ruin your life so early. Beyond stupid.

  • Bryan Sells
    Bryan Sells

    Gta houses 🏡 love it

  • Rudy Lochan
    Rudy Lochan


  • Jayden Batts
    Jayden Batts

    The chiefs

  • Chance Thigpen
    Chance Thigpen

    Put that boy in pads in GEORGIA and see what happens🤣

  • Kenyatta Shaw
    Kenyatta Shaw


  • Noah Torres
    Noah Torres

    7:13 my pug turning corners after hearing his food getting served

  • billyavery malagamalii
    billyavery malagamalii

    40 niner

  • Kevin Doss
    Kevin Doss

    He’s calling your coach

  • Latravious Dewberry
    Latravious Dewberry

    Chiefs g ok win super bowl

  • Chris Dozier
    Chris Dozier

    What’s with the haircut on kids nowadays, clowns.

    • big man
      big man

      Chris Dozier I have never seen a comment I agree with more

  • Ryan Marks
    Ryan Marks


  • Johnny Chavez
    Johnny Chavez

    Kansas city

  • Chase

    Personally I did not know it was possible to pull anything with a rope or chain with slack on it.

  • LandonmundyYT

    chiefs are going to win

  • Alwaz Carey
    Alwaz Carey

    alwazzz cool

  • Jake S
    Jake S

    Fake when pulling the truck