Bunchie Young | 🔥🔥 Kid has Crazy Footwork and Speed
Bunchie Young | 🔥🔥 Kid has Crazy Footwork and Speed
Young Athlete Featured in the Super Bowl Commercial
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  • Bronson Lewis
    Bronson Lewis

    More like treek hill JR

  • Andre Antonio Miles
    Andre Antonio Miles

    Hey my dad said subscribe to you so you subscribe to me it is Lil Andre little aka beast mode 💪

  • Tyler Nicholas
    Tyler Nicholas

    He is fast but he can’t do push-ups the right way

  • Wild Squad
    Wild Squad

    Cuts the clip before tackled

  • Tekneek Boombeach
    Tekneek Boombeach

    Hi but young man

  • UsNotMe

    I went looking for a meme and found this legendary kid! HELL YEAH DUDE GO GO GO YOU ROCK! Those are some DOPE looking uniforms too with the patterns on the base and the trim!

  • Stacy Carter
    Stacy Carter

    I'm just like tyreek Hill he is my dad

  • Richard Redd
    Richard Redd

    What is your top speed

  • colleen madison
    colleen madison

    I’m 10 years

  • colleen madison
    colleen madison

    I’m faster than jit

  • melika W
    melika W

    how cool and old are you bunchie yong😎😲

  • Soccer Head
    Soccer Head

    Lmao I'm faster then him

  • Brian M.
    Brian M.

    I used to be teammates with this kid and he's a damn beast

  • Marcus Jones
    Marcus Jones

    He is a very fast kid the fastest i know. Keep up the hard work man you can do it

  • Helen Triggs
    Helen Triggs

    I want to be your brother to football player when I don’t please let me yes or no

    • Helen Triggs
      Helen Triggs

      Who is there with Sarah I want your videos I did the math terms of every day I watch brother to football I want yo bro tell your tots can I

  • Ngnuoy

    Why is he wearing another person jersey I saw the back of all the jerseys

  • Gavin Adams
    Gavin Adams

    he's fast

  • Nathan Beastmode
    Nathan Beastmode


  • Elite Shepherd
    Elite Shepherd

    Good job Bunche young your the champion

  • Matteo Louis
    Matteo Louis

    How many cleats does he have # bringing it home in style

  • Eric Hernandez
    Eric Hernandez

    Damn bunchie young your a beast


    Who’s mans is this

  • Jamala Ricks
    Jamala Ricks


  • Xugioh XBL
    Xugioh XBL

    0:55 get his cool ass

  • Michael Norris
    Michael Norris

    He is amazing 👍👍👍👍

  • Mr Magic
    Mr Magic

    What team he on

  • VilSanity 23
    VilSanity 23

    He’s running back and wide receiver man he plays the same position as me lol

  • happyfairy

    WOW WOW AND..... WOWWWW!! What an AMAZING athlete!!! Love the HAIR TOO!!! Keep your mind straight though... Don't ever let 💰 & fame spoil you!

  • jayden dixon
    jayden dixon

    that is Cray cray

  • Rashan Sankofa
    Rashan Sankofa

    Lil Randy Moss

  • nicolasblackwell sports
    nicolasblackwell sports

    that beat

  • Juan Gonzalez
    Juan Gonzalez

    Lol what the heck when he makes a touchdown he does something weird lol I'm the fastest kid in 2nd grade in my school my cousin in 4th grade is Evan faster he's the fastest kid in 4th grade like me but in 2nd my cousin is faster then him lol

  • caleb Freeman
    caleb Freeman

    He has lightning spead🔥🔥🔥🔥⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡🔥🔥🔥

  • Kimberly Harris
    Kimberly Harris

    Boy you are so fast like fast

  • Ramesh Yadhavakannan
    Ramesh Yadhavakannan

    Does anyone realize in the second play they showed,that the ref called a yellow card

  • CS_Pug_TTV_BTW -_-
    CS_Pug_TTV_BTW -_-

    I’m faster than him true

  • I Love Dogs
    I Love Dogs

    Is supposed to make me feel like I can’t play football and everyone is better than me

  • Gary Hacker
    Gary Hacker

    He's really good but can't take this big hits I'll say that

  • TLoge1848

    Great video, such a great talent... Check out Luke Logeman Texas QB 9yr new video, 6 td passes in one game!!!! kgsofts.info/hd/video/fJKwb6x9YXzMoqc

  • TK Crypto
    TK Crypto

    Keep God first. Stay hungry. Stay Grindin'.

  • Billy Hargrove
    Billy Hargrove

    Found myself dri archer mini

  • Billy Hargrove
    Billy Hargrove

    Its because of his size too

  • Billy Hargrove
    Billy Hargrove


  • 4KT

    Just to let everybody know i will dust him if we had a footrace

  • Megan Hart
    Megan Hart

    i like it


    Bunchi is going to the NFL

  • Dangerous Gaming
    Dangerous Gaming

    Me with my bag of chips and ice cream I can do that

  • 1212

    i thought the comments were gonna be “he’s not even that god” but so far i don’t see any

  • I doubt it lmao
    I doubt it lmao


  • shoeman2220 2nd channel football king
    shoeman2220 2nd channel football king

    Love that beat

  • PUBG old
    PUBG old


  • D Perry
    D Perry


  • Monica M
    Monica M


  • Matthew Gresham
    Matthew Gresham


  • RobloxLittleTV

    all he does is run away​ from people in the game

  • INT expert
    INT expert

    I saw him in a magazine and i remmbered him

  • Shante Jackson
    Shante Jackson

    What up Bunche you the man

  • Rick Meyer
    Rick Meyer

    I'M DYING 0:55

  • GoRiLlAeGgS

    The kid is good u can’t lie but half the other team is fat sooooo

  • hank horton
    hank horton

    Hey Bunchie...want to play football at LSU. Don't forget the grades.