🔥🔥 Bunchie Young Puts On A Show : Compton Tar Heels v Cerrittos Vypers 10U | SCFYFL
🔥🔥 Bunchie Young Puts On A Show : Compton Tar Heels v Cerrittos Vypers 9U | SCFYFL
Young Athlete Featured in the Super Bowl Commercial
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  • David Schwartz
    David Schwartz

    The QBs is twice the size of young

  • Christian Cooke
    Christian Cooke

    Is this supposed to be impressive?

  • Oskar Ehre
    Oskar Ehre

    Hub city got some good linemen

  • Richards chair
    Richards chair

    Compton college

  • Keegan Sell
    Keegan Sell

    Bunchie didnt do jack shit

  • Ruben Zuniga
    Ruben Zuniga

    Not hating but jayjiggy is better

  • GfDamian YT
    GfDamian YT

    At 4:08 look at the dude in the middle this man is not even doing push ups


    He’s gonna be maxed out and like 5’5, not gonna be big at all.

    • kam walch
      kam walch

      Just like tyreek hill

    • Mando Tv
      Mando Tv

      Lmao that’s cold man

  • Hector Huertas
    Hector Huertas

    This kid is coached to be an INDIVIDUAL!!!! No team in I his father should be ashamed of himself! Typical PoS 🧑🏿

  • Robert Wall
    Robert Wall

    hes tryharding in a trash league. Any kid with any type of football experience could do what he does. Hes the only one running super hard. OVERATED.

  • Airツ

    Who else is here cause he was in the Super Bowl 54 comercial

  • jacqueline charles
    jacqueline charles

    hes fast 10000000000mph

  • DeZ Nutz
    DeZ Nutz

    Saw this on Snapchat, this the new thing like that midget point guard Newman? Know your kid to small to make it big, so make him dress act like a clown hopefully get a show. Embarrassing

  • dan gabrielson
    dan gabrielson

    Just a baby....so.?

  • jose silguero
    jose silguero

    He is faster than the flash

  • Carnita Leaks
    Carnita Leaks

    Look at chi

  • Cole Funderburk
    Cole Funderburk

    The funny things is he’s not that good if he played in my 7th grade league he finna get ran fo days he’s playing against bad competition doesn’t mean he’s good smh

  • bj blake
    bj blake

    my name is donivan and im 10 and im faster than him so calm down i wish he would race me i will leave him in dust

  • Yael

    The boy with pink hair look me

  • TRIP

    And my football team is better than his

  • TRIP

    I'm faster than bunchie

  • Oskar Ehre
    Oskar Ehre

    Hub city defense was dominant 😤🔥

  • ICEE_yt

    2:02 that boy fast dang 😧

  • Owen DeSalvo
    Owen DeSalvo

    I wish Bunchie was on Friday Night Tykes

  • mnybags07

    He should have his jersey on warming up like the rest of team smh. Thats how you breed a diva later in life....

    • Chris

      @Ant Lo and Odell is a diva

    • mnybags07

      @Ant Lo I'm talking about the special Treatment at such a young age.

    • Ant Lo
      Ant Lo

      mnybags07 ight we not gonna talk about his skill but his looks?Ezekiel Elliot did it,Odell did it.

  • SpEcTrAL_Vibez

    3:34 he just fell on him🤣🤣


    My friend is faster than him and he plays football with me on my team just saying this kid is also really fast

  • AimAssistIsntOp

    Bunchie is overrated

  • Powers.10 0
    Powers.10 0

    he is soo fast

  • Vzer O
    Vzer O

    I can tackle wayyyy better than bunchie bunchie my ass rugby4life bitches

  • lilpapel69

    Those jerseys are so ugly and the helmet😂

    • ZombieKid_617 Aka Jayden Berube
      ZombieKid_617 Aka Jayden Berube

      Fax lol, they look like my practice jersey😂😂

  • Lil Bill
    Lil Bill

    That boy is fast and good

  • Turhan Henderson
    Turhan Henderson

    Love him, but his team is just legit WAYYYYY better lol

  • Charles Sheets
    Charles Sheets

    You know the team is good when the camera man can’t find then because there so quick

  • Guns Coen
    Guns Coen

    If i was on the field bunchie wouldn't of got away, not saying his slow but i'm defiently faster and in his age.

    • CJ Nelson
      CJ Nelson

      Toxicity F0rtnite show me yah highlights

  • Toyko_ Roses
    Toyko_ Roses

    I played vs hub city when I played the Punishers

  • Samantha Payeras
    Samantha Payeras


  • Landen-zion Frank
    Landen-zion Frank


  • Jarrett jordan
    Jarrett jordan

    Kimberly my mom I can't blame her mom and make 10 p.m. canned peanut butter

  • Jarrett jordan
    Jarrett jordan

    oh my God I love peanut and I am constipated I love peanuts I love you Emmons are raisins I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry Daddy I'm sorry people are supposed to be doing My Name Is jawani 2020

  • Fontaine Dibiase
    Fontaine Dibiase

    They need to play some teams from down South to REALLY see how fast he is against some young guys wit equal talent and ambition

    • Gregory Levi
      Gregory Levi

      Can he hold his own in Texas alone I wonder

  • 1K sub Challenge
    1K sub Challenge


  • Zachary Zutaut
    Zachary Zutaut

    Bunchie and his qb carry

  • Gent Dunbar Jr
    Gent Dunbar Jr

    2:41 Bunchie made them hit each other

  • Franchata Bush
    Franchata Bush

    Without bunchie the team would be nothing

  • Jelly Fan
    Jelly Fan

    We would light you guys up The John Glenn

  • Luke Lonczak
    Luke Lonczak

    The big quarterback on bunchie’s team is also really good

  • Luke Lonczak
    Luke Lonczak

    Bunchie always puts on a show

  • Noah Kim
    Noah Kim

    Gray and yellow team sucks

  • Cody 1989
    Cody 1989

    He sent that boy in the air doing a cart wheel 😂😂😂😂

  • Cheesser

    2:43 hahahhaa

  • Pur3 Claps YT
    Pur3 Claps YT

    When he's older he's gonna be faster than tyreek hill

  • Alexander hodnett
    Alexander hodnett


  • Alexander hodnett
    Alexander hodnett


  • Chad Smath
    Chad Smath

    Nice cow pasture for a field

  • CR_Lucky_Luke09


  • Kimberly Kegler
    Kimberly Kegler

    U are the best on your team

  • Rashaun Kimble
    Rashaun Kimble

    Both ways

  • Rashaun Kimble
    Rashaun Kimble

    Champ brown is better then him

  • Flounder Marshmellow
    Flounder Marshmellow

    1:57 it’s over 9000