👉Can Poland Really Become The Next Economic Powerhouse of Europe ?
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Can Poland Really Become The Next Economic Powerhouse of Europe ?
The Polish economy is the eighth largest economy of the European Union, and it is also the largest among the former Eastern Bloc members of the European Union. Ever since 1990, Poland has followed a policy of economic liberalization, and Poland's economy was the only one in the European Union that managed to avoid a recession through the period of 2007-2008 economic decline. World Bank has classified the Polish economy as a high-income economy.
Nevertheless, besides Poland's economic gigantic take-off, there are other problems that are generating a lot of apprehension in Brussels. Poland keeps a more and more authoritarian trend. The far right, which has entered Poland's Parliament for the first time, is trying to push an illiberal agenda.
And the government tries to control justice, and its molestation of the minorities has set alarm bells ringing all around the EU.
Recent opinion polls have suggested that far-right parties could double their seats in the forthcoming European Elections - and Poland is one country where that movement has become increasingly visible in recent years.
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Poland has 40 million (half of Germany). It has a naturally declining and aging population and also has emigration that further decreases the amount of human capital. It is still poorer than in Western Europe, but it is now Eastern Europe’s richest country. Poland will become poor if it adopts the euro as a currency.
Due to the low wages that Polish companies are paying, lots of Poles are leaving the country. The Polish government welcomed more than a million of Ukrainians who are fine to work for a minimal wage. Ukrainians make the majority of foreigners in Poland.
Poland has made decent progress almost entirely on the back of its gigantic EU subventions that were pumped into its system for the past 14 years. The opening of western borders has also generated an unprecedented exodus, making more than 3 million people leave the country.
By 2016 Poland had developed into a country with a pretty high standard of life. The roads are generally well developed and are being modernized at an incredible rate. Modern shopping malls and modern city streets everywhere. International companies, everything from IT providers to retail chains, all over. More and more people are speaking English.
Polish GDP per capita peaked in 2008. Further advancement has been hindered by a combination of the economic crisis and the threat of political instability from the East, which has slowed down investment.
Although Poland was the only country in Europe unaffected by the crisis of 2008. There are countries in the post-Soviet block that are performing better, such as the Czech Republic, but there are also ones that are performing much worse, such as Romania and Bulgaria (not to mention Ukraine).
According to the FTSE, a London based financial news service, Poland officially became a developed country.
It is no longer an emerging economy.
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  • Kodjo osiemsześć
    Kodjo osiemsześć

    It seems to me you've either copied some text from here kgsofts.info/hd/video/rqqsitaZgHa3qJs or you both read similar sources and almost cite them word for word (parts anout Polish history or Orban). You start this video quite objectively but quickly show your subjective views from the sources which are more to the left. What strikes me the most is you saying that this right wing goverment lacks strategy and leadership which couldn't be further from the truth, especially if you compare it to the previous one. I expected that you would be more objective in the subject you have no clue on. Take the thumb down from me

  • Kodjo osiemsześć
    Kodjo osiemsześć

    Wow, this machine reading really fooled me into thinking it was human for some time. What program are you using?

  • Tomo Bakac
    Tomo Bakac

    Slava iz hrvatske

  • Darkson lolo
    Darkson lolo

    Polska bez partii (pis )była by lepsza ale niestety z nimi idziemy w kierunku Rosji, łamania konstytucji oraz niszczenia demokracji i to jest moje prywatne zdanie obywatela Polski.

    • ch36799

      Co ty za Bzdury gadasz ty POwcu jeden! Platforma Obywatelska łamała Konstytycje a nie PIS. Polska rozwija sie dobrze! Donald Tusk był Dyktatorem!

  • Paweł Graczyk
    Paweł Graczyk

    I wanted to watch material about economy instead I got some sick delusions, and propaganda about "far right". This channel is garbage :( Unsubscribe

  • POLISH Man
    POLISH Man

    Talking about billions for Poland from EU forgot to mention why rich Germany is reach WWII biggest thief stole all we had destroy all and left wait till we give the bill for WWII damage to Germany let's wait and see who will be rich then fake news Chanel if we missing leaders how we survive all this wars since 1719 stupid FAKE NEWS. We prefer our leaders like Pilsudski then have leaders like Germany now and then so stupid

  • skaywalker20

    Whoever make this video deserves “idiot of the year” title. If you making silly propaganda at least try to do right.

  • JakubSky


  • sharky1950

    Your last worry isnt correct. There is no comunist mentality in Poland. We have allways been anti commies, we had to deal with them for enough time to see that they are a virus. Thanks to this poland is probably the most anti commie country out there. Many people in poland and generous and capable of being happy having nothing and they do not adore money but that is not a conunist mentality is purely slavic. Money is a devil that enslaved humanity and slavs know it. There is currently a lot of policitical mess caused by the ruling party. They have been only elected as they did promote social system and giving out free money for a child. They had no further plans for the rule. This will end once other policital party will get to power and thats it. Your judgement of the whole nation based on recent events is retarded.

  • Jacopo Cito
    Jacopo Cito

    Central Europe

  • Alexander Piatkowski
    Alexander Piatkowski

    Only the elderly have a "communist mentality" while the rest of the population is very westernized.

  • Alexander Piatkowski
    Alexander Piatkowski

    Sounds like something from "Europe's Growth Champion"

  • Y0VR_D3A7H

    PiS is not far-right wing party. They are conservative socialists.

  • Mat Bledski
    Mat Bledski

    Takes about Poland... shows muslims...

  • Pál Konyov
    Pál Konyov

    I hope Poland will become the next economic power house in europe, and prove all those leftists and fake liberals, how strong Poland really is! Lots of love from Hungary! Lengyel magyar két jó barát, együtt harcol s issza borát! :D

    • Pál Konyov
      Pál Konyov

      @R2oor ! Thank you brother! Our nations will always support each other! Polak, Węgier, dwa bratanki, i do szabli, i do szklanki. Cheers🍻

    • R2oor !
      R2oor !

      Orban and Hungarians showed the way for us brothers. You Hungarians are the real wind of change and we Poles follows. Cheers 🍻

  • hosse1990rouge

    what a bullshitery

  • V P
    V P

    It is such none sense I can't even criticize it

  • Grzegorz Wyroślak
    Grzegorz Wyroślak

    You watched too much BBC, or CNN your movie smells bad leftists point of view.

    • Hartt Steen
      Hartt Steen

      @Czuowiek Konefka jestes komucha i lajdakiem UBeckim, jestes antypolakiem. CNN i BBC klamia i lajdacza, Fox new prawde mowi. Niech zyje Donald Trump, smierc lewakom i Michnikowi.

    • Nike Laos
      Nike Laos

      @Czuowiek Konefka poważnie być socialistą w XXI w. to już wybitny podludzizm. Czemu nie odrazu narodowy socjalista, też nienawidzili kościoła i jeszcze byli zwolennikami "wolnej palestyny", no wiesz antysemi i te sprawy 😉

    • Nike Laos
      Nike Laos

      @Czuowiek Konefka Poza tym jak masz problem z grupami społecznymi które oskarżasz o zło tego świata, po prostu zrób co twoi bracia w wierze. Morderstwa, wywłaszczenia, tortury, zniwolenie itp. Kumasz czacze? Wszytko co "wojownicy o sprawiedliwość społeczną" czynili od zawsze.

    • Czuowiek Konefka
      Czuowiek Konefka

      @Nike Laos ić klepać zabobon do pedosa z Wadowic xD

    • Nike Laos
      Nike Laos

      @Czuowiek Konefka nie każdy kto ma wie jakim głównem socjopierdololo.

  • Robert Raszkowski
    Robert Raszkowski

    What of bunch of rubbish. Maybe you should start a career in Russia Today or CNN?? Your "report" is just as credible like the news from those stations.

  • SeKo

    The right wing is the problem?! You lost me right here. Obviously you don't know anything about Poland.

  • Arrato1977

    what a bullshit

  • ch36799

    This is anti polish Propaganda!! Polish Gouverment acts democratic. The former Gouverment of Donald Tusk was authoritarian.

  • jan kowalski
    jan kowalski

    I just cant listen this sh...t

  • Artur Czekalski
    Artur Czekalski

    There is a many lies in this video. It is a total lie about racism in Poland. It's very safe here! Look this vlog: kgsofts.info/hd/video/ZZmJrrNhc2XVz30 Right wing is the best political option in Poland! Now we have the BEST government and the best PM since the war. And Poland is more democratic than many other western countries: total free speech, no political correctness etc.

    • Y0VR_D3A7H

      Artur Czekalski We don’t have right wing party. PiS are conservative socialists.

  • Gregory Skowronek
    Gregory Skowronek

    Well, a friend of my got his face cut up with a broken battle on a metro in Paris for speaking french (I could assume as you did) by a group of angry young man who were not french. So, what's your point?

  • jack wiśniewski
    jack wiśniewski

    Dude, many of these facts are either completely untrue or manipulated

  • Phera PL
    Phera PL

    wow this video should be called "How to tell lies in 11 minutes". Dislike.

    • capidruh

      co tu jest nieprawdą? xd

  • Dziki z lasu
    Dziki z lasu

    So we Poles are right wing, anarchistic communists? Maybe just centrists with a diversity of opinions? Is that bad? BTW. Your friends had to be loud in that bus, nothing more. If they behaved properly they could speak even Martian without any reactions...

  • dawid wyborski
    dawid wyborski

    Another left-wings agenda in youtube. Bunch of bullshit information every day.

  • dawid wyborski
    dawid wyborski

    I thought the atlantis report is something more serious facts in KGsofts. But after this video I consider its one of most unreliable source of information in youtube.

  • dawid wyborski
    dawid wyborski

    Suprese minorites you says...hmm...you know but besides immigrant from ukraine we dont have any minorities in Poland. So what the hell you talking about ?

  • nhghh

    far right? you must be crazy. so many lies in one video

  • Xyz Zyx
    Xyz Zyx

    Did he call a right wing goverment a "problem"? Is it a joke? XD

  • Tom Czworowski
    Tom Czworowski

    no thats not true lol .. Author didnt even googled that problem about justice system in Poland , the problem is that judges can choose another judges its a pathologic , you or me or anybody else can't be a judge if you dont have a judge friend or judge in a family who could approved you , so do you think is fair and it normal for law ? law should. be equal for everyone but in this case is more equal for those who have friend in justice departament , many judges are friends of polish opposition , and they made illegal bussines like approving selling apartaments or land of the citys for people from opposition for not even 5% of true price , goverment wanted to change that but look like we started some crazy shit in EU parlament . The true sad thing about EU is that it showed its true face in this case , United Europe is Europe of two standards .. If Poland want change the law sytem to be exactly the same as in germany and some other countries its breaking the rule of law but when people in France are beaten , even judges in the court in France were attacked by police its perfectly fine . This is ridiclus after this 2 days of EU debate about Poland and what this euro deputy said about our country , many people in Poland who rly belived in EU Including me stopped believing in it , I hope we will get questionnarie in Poland about leaving the EU , i vote for leave ..

  • Sie Jac
    Sie Jac

    What a bullshit propagana!

  • joe biden
    joe biden

    Poland is building everything and inviting everybody and becoming a super power,and is going to raise more beef.

  • Influence08

    This video is FULL OF LIES!~Do not believe what they are telling you. This is leftist propaganda. Nothing here is true.

  • TrolleQ yt
    TrolleQ yt


    • ch36799

      Ale to Propaganda w tym Video!

  • Slav Emperor
    Slav Emperor

    A lot propaganda bullshit over here. "Like Germany Poland can be economically exploited as crossroads for trade Eastern and Western Europe". Yes, but that is GERMAN priority. Polish priority is crossroads for trade Northen and Southern Europe which Germany is no capable for because of geo. locations both countries. Narration is obvious, Poland is lucky being in EU and far-right (which is bullshit as well. Current ruling party are socialists who grabben a little of conservative wotes 4 years ago. Now they suffer becuase true libertarians and right wingers got to parliament in recent elections) is bad and authoritarian. Yeah. I live in Poland. Shout out for Hungarians!

  • Sun Guy
    Sun Guy

    why are you repeating the same ignorant stereotypes? you're clueless

  • Maciej Bukowski
    Maciej Bukowski

    What is far-right? PiS is far-right? Sorry, but you dont know what you talking about.

    • VioletButterfly

      Far right to the media is people who don't believe in the liberal BS they've been shoveling out to people. If you don't agree with them they call you far right, which there is no such thing.

  • Shockwave :P
    Shockwave :P

    I have spoken with my polish friend for a long time and he said that it’s not the right wing that rules Poland , calling socialists right wing is just a ridiculous thing so u r right , those socialist, close minded leftist are definitely an issue to challenge. What’s more I ve visited this country several times and I ve never felt offended by anyone also I ve never seen such a thing so I bet u just heard that story from some cryin leftists 😂 anyway I wish u good luck , poles , hope u ll get better and better , do ur job and don’t pay attention to others coz they just don’t care about anything other than their own business

    • Karol Kowalczyk
      Karol Kowalczyk

      Unfortunately, you are right that the socialists rule in Poland. The political scene is just different than in the west and the society in Poland is more conservative than in the west. So the political mainstream is a lot more right. The current conservatives in the UK are to the left of the previous liberal PO party in Poland. The fact that PiS socialists currently rule is only due to the fact that they care for a conservative image in the media and people in Poland are accused ... The current Poland-EU tensions (Germany) probably stem from the fact that both parties are not sufficiently satisfied with the effects of Poland joining the European Union. Each country (including Poland) should take care of its own interest ... The fact that sometimes it will be possible to lead to a Win-win situation is another matter ... Poles can always talk about reasonable matters, but if you see such a video in which: 1. Manipulation and lie chasing manipulation and lie. 2. No attempt to analyze how the situation may look from a Polish perspective ... that's how we say "hands fall" and not really anyone is to explain the situation ... I guess this is the difference between a journalistic article (even an erroneous one) and a propaganda attack ... I am very happy that nothing bad happened to You during your stays in Poland, but just like other countries in there is not only good people live in Poland. In the UK, a young Pole was beaten by a "board with nails" because he spoke Polish. In Poland, there are also certain situations that we are not proud of ...

  • YEP

    You have a bad source of propaganda media . No politicians in the ruling party in Poland has never said they want to leave the EU you have bad sources of info . They criticize the EU but criticism is the basis of democracy which is lacking in EU institutions.

  • BB

    You’ve made only one mistake, the government isn’t far right, it’s a populist party that is here only for many and power


      ​@ch36799 In fact, nothing will change they are only fighting for stools and the whole scandal is that Poles have chosen a conservative government nothing more . If the Polish government did the same as the current and is openly leftist , progerman and not conservative, EU and German media even say word about Poland. There are much more serious things e happening in France or Spain. Some mechanisms of block of EU funds are also cannot be applied in stronger countries which pay more so it is obvious that this is a mechanism aimed at weaker countries for subordinate them and impose on other societies what power they should choose. This is special insolent in the case of Germany which destroyed Poland and did not pay even a euro for war reparations.

    • BB

      ch36799 Po pierwsze widzę, że nie przeczytałeś tego co napisałem. Po drugie pis wciąż łamie prawo i konstytucje; a ustawa represyjna, czy izba dyscyplinarna są tego najlepszymi przykładami; jak i również są krótką drogą do autorytarnego państwa Orbana czy Putina. A dowodem na to jest międzyinnymi dzisiejszy wyrok Sądu Najwyższego, czy Komisji Weneckiej. Tu masz streszczenie wyroku SN ->Trzy połączone "stare" Izby - Cywilna, Karna oraz Pracy - na wniosek I Prezes SN przyjęły dziś uchwałę, w której jednoznacznie stwierdziły, że osoby rekomendowane przez nową KRS nie są sędziami w rozumieniu tak polskiej konstytucji, jak prawa unijnego. ->Uchwała dotyczy zarówno sędziów sądów powszechnych, jak członków nowych Izb SN - czyli Kontroli Nadzwyczajnej i Dyscyplinarnej Zdaniem blisko 60 sędziów trzech Izb SN (przy sześciu głosach odrębnych-red.) wadliwość procesu powołania sędziów przez nową KRS łamie nie tylko polską konstytucję, ale też unijną Kartę Praw Podstawowowych oraz Konwencję o Ochronie Praw Człowieka ->Uchwała nie ma zastosowania do orzeczeń wydanych przez sądy przed dniem jej podjęcia; w odniesieniu do Izby Dyscyplinarnej SN ma zastosowanie do orzeczeń bez względu na datę ich wydania ->Posiedzenie SN na wniosek marszałek Sejmu chciała zablokować prezes TK Julia Przyłębska. W wydanym w środę oświadczeniu stwierdziła, że zawiesza obrady trzech "starych" izb SN ->Sąd Najwyższy nie odwołał jednak dzisiejszego posiedzenia

    • ch36799

      @BB Ty robisz Propagandę PO. Jebać PO!!!

    • ch36799

      Polish Gouverment rules democratic. Polski Rząd jest demokratyczny. Tusk był Dyktatorem.

    • BB

      FREE EAGLE Looking at a bs that you’ve shown I guess there cannot be a productive discussion. And 4 corrections: 1. I’m not a kid but an adult; 2. The Amber Gold scandal has nothing to do with Tusk, it was a private bank 3. You seem to have an impression that I’m a so called “leftist” witch is not true, I’m a moderate in the center of political spectrum 4. I’m mostly against PIS because they constantly brake the constitution

  • Oskar

    "molestation of minorities"... wtf? How? And this is supposed to be a serious channel?

  • browarman

    Terrorism and gay marriages doesn't mean democracy. Keep defending people who were shooting our fathers and uncles in back od head

  • James Orman
    James Orman

    Poland was horrible oppressed by Nazis and Soviets. You think we're dumb enough to accept any of those ideologies ever again? Think again moron! Also right wing is not racism you IDIOT!

  • Michał Mowiński
    Michał Mowiński

    Nope. It cannot become one. At least not with such dissappointing ruling elites that we've had bad luck to be govenrned by for the last three decades.

    • skaywalker20

      Michał Mowiński - taaa, obecne elity to lekkie dno..tak czy owak są w ciul lepsze niż parszywe gnidy, które były przed nimi.

    • ch36799

      Actuall Poland has good Gouverment. Teraz mamy dobry Rząd a nie tych zdrajców, Zydów co wczesniej. Jebac PO+TVN!!!

  • Cardinal Sin
    Cardinal Sin

    the thing that lets poland down a lot are the women. they are too easy.

    • michal kruk
      michal kruk

      lack of self confidence; too much poverty in the past

  • joahnus

    What idiot created this film, all sponsored by Brussels comunist,

  • Aleks 1234
    Aleks 1234



    The end was stupid and showing that you know nothing about Polish politics and you just repeat only propaganda media. The only one thing I agree that there is problem with leaders but this is not problem only Poland but whole europe and even whole world problem in Poland there are even worse leaders on the opposition side than on the right side or side ruling party .

  • schmoukiz

    Smart move to take Europeans from Ukraine instead of Africans, Arabs and Asians. That is if you "have to" import any people at all. And guess what: that's not "iliberal", it's actually more democratic than the Western multicultural lunacy. Because that's what the local citizens want.

  • michi hofer
    michi hofer

    3millions Pols left for Germany, UK, Austria, Sweden etc.True, Poland has been developing for the German, USA companies.

  • StaryxN

    So so so, maybe EU should look at pacification of the French people by police? I'm from Poland and that video based on propaganda and nonsense. I'm not catholic (atheist) and LGBT ( just normal hetero guy ) I don't support current government cuz they're not right wing, they're just stupid socialists, obsessed about church, "poor people" and family blah blah... But It doesn't change that Poland is sovereign country and has traditions and values like other countries. Polish national interest is the most important for me and lots of Poles, we're not EU joy and we have our voice as a nation. Morale of our ppl are high as well and we can change our post-communist law by ourselves, we don't need help from Brussels or our traitors ( the opposition )

  • krwtshs

    What a bunch of bald-faced lies. Pure EU Marksist propaganda. Shame on you The Atlantis Report.

  • Team Skovhugger
    Team Skovhugger

    🤔 I visited poland back in 92 and it was NOT a vealthy cuntry then but you could sence that change was blowing in the air ...

  • Team Skovhugger
    Team Skovhugger


  • Dovakiin seventeen
    Dovakiin seventeen

    Have children poles

    • michal kruk
      michal kruk



    A guy who wrote this text is idiot. Why Westerners have always such problems with the facts fitting?

  • Marcin Brodziak
    Marcin Brodziak

    Poland was bankrupt end is the colony Exist only on paper

  • 1979rz1

    The Atlantis Report you ARE THE MANIPULATOR

    • Ajem Gruut
      Ajem Gruut

      @The Atlantis Report Nah... Not that much. But there is no far-right in Poland. If you have gone through all of the comments more or less you know what is happening in here. Find out who in Poland is owning biggest TV/radio stations, newspapers/magazines. Find out from which Countries capital come from ;). There is more and more ppl in Poland who dont trust EU becouse it is corrupt. Btw EU=Germany ;). Look what they did to Greece. Soon Spain, Portugal, Italy..? Or we will have an World Event like "coronavirus" everything collaps.. To saves those Countries and not only those but China and US as well :) fiat money is death. Look on repo markets... Anyway... Like your work. No one is perfect and we all do mistakes. Greetings from Poland

    • browarman

      @The Atlantis Report have you ever heard about ,,brygada świętokrzyska" polish right wing units who liberated german concentration camp in occupied by germans Czechia ?

    • browarman

      @The Atlantis Report You should spend more time checking data. Right wing in Poland was always democratic, the problem was lack of any decommunisation. The judges who were sending people to jail for strikes are trying to defend their chaires. They are very corrupted, trials can last even 20 years and it costs a fortune. That's what legally elected government is trying to change.

    • The Atlantis Report
      The Atlantis Report

      really that much ?

  • Li

    No. we cant.

    • River Piscean
      River Piscean

      Change that profile picture then bo ty nie zasługujesz na to.

  • Paweł Florczak
    Paweł Florczak

    Right wing party which rules in Poland is right wing only abroad for EU for example, they protects Polish rights. In Poland they have done much more than socialist parties (which ruled few years ago) for people. Also, Polish people aren't as racist as another people grom abroad.

  • Rafal Gliniorz
    Rafal Gliniorz

    If not the Right-wing we wud polish Merkels and Macrons boots like Tusk in Brussel. Tell me how he got this position if even his own country didnt Vote for him, thats the Question of many years now there is no rasisnm in poland why do you still duplicate this propaganda about us. The Left-Wing was the worst time ower country had. KGsofts Deleted all videos from the rules of PO politics then te people were beaten up becose thay didnt agree with the left-wings that was Democrasy? THANK GOD Right-wing won the elections

  • Rafal Gliniorz
    Rafal Gliniorz

    from the time that PO ruled Poland was the worst time for our counrty thay sold almost all best companys in poland ot the Germans. The Germans who are so ECO bought all of our closed throo the PO coalmines and in 2018 and 2019 thay shout that we are not ECO. Germans and Farce cause more polution than any country in Europe... Sory for my English

    • krystian 3060
      krystian 3060

      PO = Cancer

    • R2oor !
      R2oor !

      Herbatoholik - Nie ma miejsca na liberalizm pomiędzy krajami o różnym stopniu rozwoju, gdyż efektem będzie kolonizacja. Nie masz bladego pojęcia o ekonomii a wszędzie musisz wcisnąć swoje 5 groszy z Pacanowa, w którym żyjesz.

    • #HazeAmaze

      No i dałeś się przekupić taniej propagandzie, brawo. Wiesz, że PO to liberałowie, a prywatyzacja jest częścią liberalizmu? Eh, polactwo to rak.

  • Rafal Gliniorz
    Rafal Gliniorz

    not everything is the truth

  • dawid wyborski
    dawid wyborski

    You got friend in Warsaw you says...I dont think so. I think you dont know no one in Poland.

  • Linda Milowicki
    Linda Milowicki

    😁😂😂....rubbish... a lot of bullshit😂

  • dawid wyborski
    dawid wyborski

    So what you suggest the left-wing gouverment will do thinks better. I never heard so many bullshit like in this video. Fuck you atlantis report. Its another left wings propaganda.

  • Tom K
    Tom K

    The f is this? You have to be high on crack to come up with this nonsense.

  • Monika

    where is this propaganda comming from? Hmm...Brussels, Paris or Berlin? we've got lots of 'friends' there :)

    • browarman

      @Covfefe becouse You were not occupied and robbered by russians untill 1993

    • dawid wyborski
      dawid wyborski

      From George Soros

    • Covfefe

      @michi hofer Poland is like south Korea in the 80s give us time we already have a stronger economy than germany

    • Sie Jac
      Sie Jac

      @michi hofer Poland was complety destroyed during WW2 and next have 50 years of communism, that what we build is last 30 years.

    • michi hofer
      michi hofer

      Poland is bigger than S Koreaby landmass but its economy is still smaller than tiny S korea.

  • BBTeZeT

    Fck PiS

    • krystian 3060
      krystian 3060

      @ch36799 👍

    • ch36799

      Fuck PO!!! PIS is good!!

  • Felfox 1
    Felfox 1

    Not all right wing is without an idea, there is one party that has a great idea. Also i am sorry to hear what happened to ur friends, but i don't think Poland is racist

    • browarman

      How Poles could be racists if we have never had any colonies? The only other race people we knew about were black, Arabic and far east kings who visited Jesus in bible. Before 1989 there were only some greek and vietnamese refugees.

  • Jonathan Dixon
    Jonathan Dixon

    I predict that once this new Great Depression hits, Poland is gonna be the new Nazi Germany because it has one of the world’s largest silver supplies and silver is RARER than Gold. And what’s left of white America will try to prop them up to maintain that “western” hegemony.

    • Rafal Gliniorz
      Rafal Gliniorz

      Poladn wil be the new Nazi Germany? what kind of idiot are you? You are stupid or are you very fu*king stupid?

  • lortea

    Stupidity of this "report" is overhelming. Poland has democratic governement, independent judges and is safe to minorities.

  • Adam Jankiewicz
    Adam Jankiewicz

    The Polish ruling party is not a right wing party. It gives more social care than other socialist parties. It is simply propaganda. The rest seems true. Poland is changing and catching up with the western EU. Greetings from Poland.

    • R2oor !
      R2oor !

      Herbatoholik - Po pierwsze: PO to nie jest żadna centro-prawica tylko zlepek gówna bez ładu i składu i tylko ciemnota polityczna Polaków sprawia, że oni wciąż mają tyle poparcia. Przeciętny Polak nic nie wie o systemie politycznym czy ekonomii. Po drugie SOCIAL CARE to żaden socjalizm z angielskiego tylko PROGRAMY SPOŁECZNE lub inaczej SOCJAL. Kiedy się nauczycie, żeby zamiast się kurwa mądrować zadawać pytania np. „Czy mam rozumieć, że miałeś na myśli to i to...” ? Może byś się czegoś dowiedział od mądrzejszych od siebie

    • #HazeAmaze

      @Y0VR_D3A7H No tak, tak działa ekonomia, wzrost pkb -> wzrost płac -> wzrost konsumpcji -> inflacja

    • Y0VR_D3A7H

      Herbatoholik konsumpcja powinna rosnąć wraz z rynkowym wzrostem płac.

    • #HazeAmaze

      @Y0VR_D3A7H Obecnie nie są budowane takie mieszkania, zobacz na ceny i ogółem statystyki rynku, ogromny % kupowany przez landlordów czy "inwestorów", gdyby mieszkania kupowano do mieszkania, to ceny byłyby duuużo niższe. No i IMO wolę państwo opiekuńcze z zajebistym finansowaniem mieszkań, edukacji czy służby zdrowia, a nie niepotrzebnych socjali (500+), które zwiększają konsumpcję bez zwiększania PKB (konsumpcja powinna rosnąć przez rozwój kraju).

    • Y0VR_D3A7H

      Herbatoholik Niepodległość a mieszkania to dwie zupełnie inne rzeczy xD Czyli według ciebie dobre jest budowanie jest mieszkań na koszt innych obywateli ? A potem zwalanie wysokich cen na wolny rynek ?

  • WiktoriusOne

    Hey folks what a rubbish! People attacked in the bus for just speaking english. What a nonsense! What are you taking this info from?!? and one more thing . Right wing parties are THE STRENGTH of Poland. Polish people do not swallow this marksist BS. But anyway thank you for video about Poland.

    • dawid wyborski
      dawid wyborski

      @michal kruk but he speak german not english.

    • Miki Naz
      Miki Naz

      Poland in general is rather tolerant to foreigners (aside from Arabs) but on the individual level, as in every country some attack always might happen. We can't draw conclusions on the general level from a individual case, nor can we deny the existence of this case based on general trends - that's a fallacy.

    • Yann Bellson
      Yann Bellson

      @michal kruk Exactly. Every country has some cases of racism. Poland is definitely one of the most tolerant countries ever. That's a pity that they don't speak about horrible antisemitism and racism in France or Germany.

    • michal kruk
      michal kruk

      There was a German professor attacked on the tram. Nothing major. as a polish citizen, I will agree there is some level of racism against Germans, Russians and people of color. At the same time we welcome foreigners with hospitality and curiosity.

  • MrNord

    That right wing gov is very left wing and better for economy than any other before. Dept do GDP ratio is going down quickly and Poland have no euro which means it's independent with monetary policy.

    • Killkor

      @MrNord I'm sorry, I worded it a bit awkwardly. Now it's fixed. Don't get me wrong, I fully agree with your previous statement.

    • MrNord

      @Killkor I written this as a positive aspect of polish economy. Of course it's good Euro is gonna bust in 5-10 years.

    • Killkor

      and to add to that... why do they think, we would ever want to abandon our Polish Złoty, right? Which literally translates to "golden", by the way. If you have your own currency, that is called "Golden", which is a huge part of your country's identity and history, and which is stable (zł is actually very stable) - you'd have to be insane to drop it for this faceless and bland Euro. Polish Złoty is an awesome currency, period.

  • Michael Tomaszewski
    Michael Tomaszewski


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