Canelo Alvarez - Training Motivation 2019 ( Fight Back)
Santos Saúl Álvarez Barragán (American Spanish: [saˈul ˈalβaɾes]; born July 18, 1990), best known as Saúl "Canelo" Álvarez, is a Mexican professional boxer. He is a multiple-time world champion in three weight classes, having held the unified WBA (Super), WBC, Ring magazine and lineal middleweight titles since September 2018, and previously held the WBA (Regular) super middleweight title . Previously he held the WBA (Unified), WBC and Ring light middleweight titles between 2011 and 2013; the WBC, Ring and lineal middleweight titles between 2015 and 2018, and the WBO light middleweight title from 2016 to 2017.
As of December 2018, Álvarez is ranked as the world's best active boxer, pound for pound, by BoxRec;[ third by The Ring and eighth by the Boxing Writers Association of America. He is also ranked as the world's best active middleweight by BoxRec] and by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board.
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  • GRAF Mikanski
    GRAF Mikanski


  • 生万

    Shout out to all those who struggle in life, those parents who work 24/7 for their children future, those who diagnosed with illness or whoever in need of inspiration...wanna be champion? Keep believe and live as champion

  • Steven Johnstone
    Steven Johnstone

    Canelo' so u want to be champion, real champion 💰👌 b like canelO. Hes rockin the world of boxin dnt need no floyd mw k8ngs always been here mexico warrior ✊👊✊👆💪

  • Jose Edilo
    Jose Edilo

    CANELO el mejor se lo merese🎖🏅🥇🏆💪🥊. Tomen nota

  • Jose Edilo
    Jose Edilo

    Critican al CANELO segun los criticos ( hipocritas).. Q porque pelea con puro veterano.. Argunmento taan mas estupido .. CANELO desde los 13 a?os y peleaba con los de 17 anos .. Desde nino siempre peleo con mayores q el y nunco le pudieron ganar ... No me vengan con la estupideses y pretestos (HIPOCRITAS Y ENVIDIOSOS)

  • futbol total
    futbol total

    Para lo unico que sirven los mexicanos.para el.boxeo para futbol nada saludos desde.peru.el pais mas.glorioso.del.mumdo

  • Steven Johnstone
    Steven Johnstone

    CaneloSSS Da man

  • Steven Johnstone
    Steven Johnstone

    Fuck the canelo haters ggg got sMashed too suck that bums

  • Ivo Ivo
    Ivo Ivo

    A real war machine !!!

  • soumya bhattacharjee
    soumya bhattacharjee

    The BMF is coming for you...

  • Bandit Thug
    Bandit Thug

    Song i love it.. Name plz...!!?

  • Aquiles Vaesa
    Aquiles Vaesa

    Mis respetos para el canelo que lo contrario de muchos si creo que es buen boxeador. Y mis respetos para todos los que se suben al ring ya que a los chingasos no cualquiera. Y aquí atrás del teclado es fácil decir yo si puedo y lo hago mejor. Pero tristemente un mexicano es muuuuuuuy raro que apoye a otro mexicano.

  • Мейрамбекұлы Бақдәулет
    Мейрамбекұлы Бақдәулет

    GGG win Canelo 😬✊

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    Dias Dias


  • kings man
    kings man

    Canelo Álvarez es el puto amo!!!

  • #Robbi Alvi
    #Robbi Alvi

    What's this song

  • jasbir singh
    jasbir singh

    Nice vedio 👍, great boxer

  • David Jeronimo
    David Jeronimo

    Buena inspiración pero la música pon alemán o mamba negra

  • Ken dwz
    Ken dwz

    Does someone know the song pls?

  • Ozzy Armendariz
    Ozzy Armendariz

    (TEAM CANELO) all the way, 👊

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    Franco Milla

    Cómo se llama la música?

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    daha. kz

    Canelo LOL

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    Mfthfffh Vdgjbchh

    Canelo coward, poltroon😂😃

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    Agustin Bouchan

    Canelo chinga tu madre

  • Bryan Diaz
    Bryan Diaz


  • shipher lim
    shipher lim


  • bam XX7
    bam XX7

    Canelo Álvarez es el mejor del mundo en el boxeo

  • j'anserik Alpysbai'
    j'anserik Alpysbai'

    GGG he is champion in the world

  • Bernardo Cordova
    Bernardo Cordova

    Super atleta!!

  • Tamp

    I watch this before my fights now im 2-0