Canelo Alvarez Most Savage Moments!!!
Canelo Alvarez is by far the best fighter pound for pound of this era. Defeating 17 former champs. Let's take a look at his impressive highlights!!!

  • Fifth Angel
    Fifth Angel

    This man will be noted as the greatest PFP fighter in history by the time his career s done. He's only 29 and just hitting his prime.

  • SunGod Asiatic
    SunGod Asiatic

    Canelo is a beast no question!!

  • Mario Perera
    Mario Perera

    Helados pelea Canelo le metió bien metido

  • Mario Perera
    Mario Perera

    Para mí El Canelo es el mejor de los mejores

  • caballote6521

    Canelo no tiene savages moments

  • Ben Butz
    Ben Butz

    His most savage moment was bribing Byrd to give him that frankly shit judging. The people that think he earned that draw probably also think Wilder beat Fury and should most definitely be checked into a mental health ward

  • Роман Белебердулин
    Роман Белебердулин

    Я альвареса уважаю только за то что он победил котто хотя я реально всегда восхищялся котто

  • xeno tactics
    xeno tactics

    Canelo lost the GGG fight. He’s part of boxing’s corrupt organization

  • DLWidowmaker

    Funny how Masvidal wants to box Canelo! In MMA Jorge would beat him but in boxing Jorge would get destroyed.. Canelo is fking brutal!! MPO

  • joe g
    joe g

    Canelo y Jalisco #1

  • Guiseppe Rimauro
    Guiseppe Rimauro

    they fought hard and honorable all the way to the end!!! this twoo are great fighters!!! makes me think of gatti vs ward. stop bulls...Ing people

  • Ricky Florida
    Ricky Florida

    Man that fight with Angulo... I was so sorry for Angulo. I like watching him fight. He is a relentless motherfucker. But he didnt belong in a ring with Canelo

  • cesar zepeda yañes
    cesar zepeda yañes

    Falto la pelea con floyd m.j. jajaja

  • Eagle Pride
    Eagle Pride

    Canelo fights like he’s sparing with his opponents, so spot on with his combos and punches its amazing, smooth ass punches lmaooo

  • Last Name, First Name
    Last Name, First Name

    That Canelo/GGG fight was so good, they HAD to put GGG getting his licks in too lol

  • Omar B
    Omar B

    starting at 07:35, music name

  • Adan Salmeron
    Adan Salmeron

    What’s that song at the end called ?!!!!

  • Aaron Ford
    Aaron Ford

    Canelos a savage

  • Jin p
    Jin p

    118 to 110 lol...this is why i hate boxing.

  • James Bedichek
    James Bedichek

    Canelo has that “ay man I don’t want any trouble” power

  • James Bedichek
    James Bedichek

    Canelo could beat my ass even if I had a samurai sword to protect myself. I would be talking shit and then all of a sudden wake up in a hospital

  • Dev

    My favorite savage moment is when he tested positive for steroids and blamed meat. Fucking cheater. Oops I meant “savage”

  • Abel Salazar
    Abel Salazar

    The fight versus Mayweather needed to be In Canelo's most savage moments, very appropriate.

  • Bradley Labrosse
    Bradley Labrosse

    I can’t believe your boy said that the draw in the first fight was a fluke lol like come the fuck on if anything that’s the best thing to call the first fight a draw

  • Flako Rebollar
    Flako Rebollar

    canelo así ganara 100 pelas no va tener lo más importante el respeto del público..nada comparado un barrera.un Morales entre otros k fueron gallos jugados ..

  • Rajat Goyal
    Rajat Goyal

    Canelo and GGG have titanium chins ..

  • Karen Zambada
    Karen Zambada

    Canelo is a good fighter I have to admit that pero también tiene la suerte de pelear en estos tiempos. No hay boxeadores como antes. La forma en que boxea en la época de Óscar de la hoya marqués o época de Chávez no tuviera oportunidad.🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • teint viking
    teint viking

    Easy who you saw more in television yea that's the one who's going to win.

  • IvXsX Zz
    IvXsX Zz

    6:15 Wayne Rooney

    • View For You
      View For You

      The fuck??! Kk

  • Mega Buster87
    Mega Buster87

    Conelo would make it a one punch bout with Logan Paul and KSI! Those guys are amateurs. I don't think they would be able to go 30 seconds.

  • Skylinx Gaming
    Skylinx Gaming

    They were talking shit bout each other’s ranchos 😂 4:36

  • Josh Cook
    Josh Cook

    Well...Cartman was right, gingers do not have souls

  • Quillie Jones
    Quillie Jones

    Max Kellerman is such a tool

  • Emilio Rangel
    Emilio Rangel

    Mexicans tho Baseball-Jose Altuve Boxing - Canelo Alvarez

    • E K
      E K

      Altuve is Venezuelan

  • Junaid khan
    Junaid khan

    Wonderful boxer

  • David C.
    David C.

    One of the greatest boxers of this generation.

  • Michael Smith III
    Michael Smith III

    3:30 gave me chills when the bell rung the crowd was lit AF

  • Muhammet Ulusoy
    Muhammet Ulusoy

    I love this video

  • Andres Garcia
    Andres Garcia

    Jesus I legit felt bad for Khan, you could tell dude was in fear of those heavy ass fists.

  • Kieran Pugh
    Kieran Pugh

    And Billy Joe Saunders thinks he has a chance fuck off billy