Canelo vs. Khan 2016 - Full Fight
Canelo’s reputation as slugger was solidified with a resounding 6th round KO triumph over Amir Khan. Canelo vs. Smith happens Saturday, September 17 live on pay-per-view beginning at 9pm ET/6pm PT.


    Canelo literally knocked the snot out of Khan. Wow. 😮

  • Ken Stanaford
    Ken Stanaford

    Canelo just shelved that Wax Chin of Amir for good!! Amir should have been a spectator forever after that punch. PEACE!

  • Mind Chasity
    Mind Chasity


  • Rust Cohle
    Rust Cohle

    I used to think canelo wasn't a big deal after the Mayweather fight but he slowly making up for it...

  • Yandar Dasilva M
    Yandar Dasilva M

    Un grande canelo saludos desde Colombia...

  • Leo V
    Leo V

    And still.....Virgil Hill is whining about Canelo being not a fair match for Amir. THEN....why the hell did you sign a contract to fight? Virgil, shut the hell up. It's over. Let it go. Fans do not appreciate a sore loser, whether it be a fighter much less a a sore-ass coach.

  • Juan Salazar Jr.
    Juan Salazar Jr.

    It was great at the end!!!! Mexican Power B!!!!!

  • alban zeqiri
    alban zeqiri

    Khan was so good if he had a better chin he would have been a legend

  • East vs West
    East vs West

    Its crazy to think that Khan could have won this, he was wining first few rounds. If khan had a gameplan, this would have been a win for khan.

  • Ketan Sajwan
    Ketan Sajwan

    Problem with Khan is that he almost never closes his jaw shut or his jaw is lose. He gets caught when he's mouth-breathing.

  • You're Daddy
    You're Daddy

    27:19 “yeet!”

  • Sam Jones
    Sam Jones

    when i watch amir khan from behind and observe his movements i can't help but notice his similarities to Tony Ferguson

  • Captain Cold
    Captain Cold

    Amir is mexican and Canelo is British.

  • Ronachi

    Amir khan would have fucked up that clown in his prime

  • Ali

    Dammmmnnnnnnn he literally smacked the snot out of his nose lol

  • lopez lopez
    lopez lopez

    Canelo es un gran boxeador

  • YaBoiSD

    That translator is ass

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith

    Damn no need to count here,is that max kellerman sounds like I don't know the other commentator?

    • DB Cooper's MoneyBags
      DB Cooper's MoneyBags

      Kellerman, Jim Lampley (one of the OGs), and Roy Jones Jr

  • Rafael Carrillo
    Rafael Carrillo

    Clean hit, great sportsmanship from Canelo 👍

  • QB1

    25:27 KABOOM!!!

  • Josh Bedi
    Josh Bedi

    Canelo probably though he killed Khan right there. What a punch.

  • feron minsaria
    feron minsaria


  • Ricki Hyde
    Ricki Hyde

    This is what happens when you waste all your attribute points in Speed and Technique but nothing in HP or Defense

    • Miner A6
      Miner A6

      HP? it’s not a video game 😂😂😂😂 Khan has a weak chin, there’s nothing he can do to change that so speed and maneuverabilty are the only things he can work on

  • CEO of your moms titties
    CEO of your moms titties

    Why the fuck you have to show some stressed kids crying

  • Bishnu Sharma
    Bishnu Sharma

    Aamir is a great boxer but he lacks power

  • Thebadassgamer

    after watching this i feel like ksi vs logan paul was a dog fight

  • Gonzalo Torres
    Gonzalo Torres

    This NEVER gets old. 😋

  • aurelle champagne
    aurelle champagne

    Khan....a blown up joke.Anyone can look fast when they throw a punch and run away.

  • aurelle champagne
    aurelle champagne

    If the ring was half the size,Khan would have been knocked out in the first round.

  • Idrees Khan
    Idrees Khan

    Best wishes for amir Khan ❤❤🌹❤👍 Greating frm KSA