Cast of Zombies 2 - We Got This (From "ZOMBIES 2")
We’re back here on the scene and everyone’s together! 🎶 Check out the official music video for “We Got This” and watch ZOMBIES 2 on Disney Channel!
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Music video by Cast of Zombies 2 performing We Got This (From "ZOMBIES 2"). © 2020 Walt Disney Records

  • jake thedog
    jake thedog

    For some reason I wanna try those back things at 0:35

  • Marilyn Fernández
    Marilyn Fernández

    Su cribete

  • galaxya gacha
    galaxya gacha

    Wait wait Bucky was nice in Z-O-M-B-I-E-S now he is mean O-O

  • AprilJane Petersen
    AprilJane Petersen

    Did you guys know if you pause where the theater is at if you look closely you will see night of the werewolves

  • Tamara Freeland
    Tamara Freeland

    What color is meg's real hair

  • Bryce Farr
    Bryce Farr

    Zoey is so adorable

  • Maggie Curtis
    Maggie Curtis

    love this

  • Kids Millers
    Kids Millers

    I love this song

    • Kids Millers
      Kids Millers

      So do i

  • Chenita Crider
    Chenita Crider

    Love your song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Malusa Mtz
    Malusa Mtz

    Asome songs for zombies 2

  • Guadalupe Zuñiga
    Guadalupe Zuñiga

    Like si hablas español comenta si hablas inglés

  • James Emrich
    James Emrich

    So cool for the new zombies 2 Hi

  • AllDemNoobs Nasar
    AllDemNoobs Nasar

    Are you doing. A zombies 3?

  • Sara Kregel
    Sara Kregel

    I love zombies 2 and 1 and milo and Meg from Anna

  • Arlen Collins
    Arlen Collins


  • Dan and Julie Hammond
    Dan and Julie Hammond

    love it can't wait for zombies 3 I predict there's going to be more monsters that Addison is going to be friends with and some of the werewolves are going to join the cheer squad and the acey's are going to be annoyed that Addison is cheer captin

  • Nubia Galvan
    Nubia Galvan

    That copy of descendants

  • Emma Pavlovic
    Emma Pavlovic

    come on z team i love zomies 2

  • Maggie Vasquez
    Maggie Vasquez

    nice movie

  • A. Wilkin
    A. Wilkin

    Green hair is so whatever. Billie:um I have green hair:|

  • Kendra Jameson
    Kendra Jameson

    "Night if the werewolf". Anybody see that? Pause at 2:30.

  • Dalila Padedes
    Dalila Padedes

    Green hair is so whatever

  • 0wsam

    where did tracey go somebody tell me please

  • Lupita Lara
    Lupita Lara

    Me encanto👍👍👍Like#zombies2 #wegotthis

  • Bryan Josue Amaya
    Bryan Josue Amaya


  • Meatball man 333
    Meatball man 333

    when Bucky sprase the kid: me getting rejected by my crush XD Xd

  • natalie soto
    natalie soto

    in zombies 1 they said i gargar gaza you and now at 1:05 gargargaza forever which in zombie means i love you

  • Dayana Martinezangel
    Dayana Martinezangel

    I love wiyntwr

  • Andaleeb Khalil
    Andaleeb Khalil

    Zombies 1: My year Zombies 2: We got this Zombies 1: Fired up Zombies 2: We own the night or Do it like the Zombies do Zombies 1: Someday Zombies 2: Flesh and bone🤷‍♀️ Zombies 1: BAMM Zombies 2: Call to the wild Zombies 1: Stand Zombies 2: Gotta find where I belong Zombies 1: Fired up pep rally or BAMM reprise Zombies 2: One for all And I’m winning falls in there somewhere lol 😂 🤷‍♀️What songs do you prefer???🤷‍♀️

  • Leticia Juarez
    Leticia Juarez

    I love the movie so much and I think yaw make a cute couple😍😍😍😍😍💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Courtney Tigsi
    Courtney Tigsi

    When is zombie 3

  • Jacinta _Besson
    Jacinta _Besson

    1:51 Np

  • softrilaya

    now this........ this is poetic cinema

  • qqq jjj
    qqq jjj

    Dont worry youl kiss her in The last sen when tha sing one for all

    • qqq jjj
      qqq jjj

      I mean zed kissing adison

  • Audrey Martindale
    Audrey Martindale

    Me: “ wait in the first movie Addison wears a blonde wig but in the Scene Addison shows Zed her white hair is she wearing 2 wigs?

  • Maria De Jesus Salgado
    Maria De Jesus Salgado

    The zombies new baby Ariel - the new ki...

  • Muhlaa Family Business
    Muhlaa Family Business

    I love this and i watch zombie 1 i love this

  • GingerBread Man
    GingerBread Man

    “Green hair is so whatever” “Hulk:imma do the HULK SMASH

  • Hermione Jean Granger-Weasley
    Hermione Jean Granger-Weasley

    _This might be why her hair glows_ *So her grandpa was bitten by a zombie and he might of been a werewolf! So she's a half werewolf half human!*

  • *-Perema -*
    *-Perema -*

    Sometimes I wish that Addison would just dob on Bucky but then again they'll probably side with bucky

  • Starting Life Again
    Starting Life Again

    there is no werewolves in that vid zombies rocks

  • A normal animal jam player Fan
    A normal animal jam player Fan

    Zed's voice when his voice is light ohhhhhhhhh

  • Alice Leach
    Alice Leach

    Is that Kingston from the next step I see hmm

  • Kaviya Bills
    Kaviya Bills

    I like movie Zombies

  • Nick Johnson
    Nick Johnson

    Zoey: a human and a zombie hand and hand. Is so cute. I wish I was on set of zombies and doing all that dancing and making new friend

  • Nick Johnson
    Nick Johnson

    When there uncles ear got almost bite off by a zombie he probably got sick and his hair turned white so now it’s a thing in Addison family so her hair is white

    • Nick Johnson
      Nick Johnson

      Dose it make sence

  • Gearld Gallicchio
    Gearld Gallicchio


  • Prabhu T
    Prabhu T

    :045 is that Zed

  • Prabhu T
    Prabhu T

    Remix of fired Up

  • Leela Bee
    Leela Bee

    For everyone who says Zombies 3 (or any other zombies movie) should have vampires- Vampires can't be in daylight. 😂

  • Amber Levine-Pritzker
    Amber Levine-Pritzker

    Quick question what language do they speak I'm just looking at the words on the board inside and stuff what are they saying

  • Amber Levine-Pritzker
    Amber Levine-Pritzker

    In case you didn't notice when there when all the zombies were in front of the movie theater or whatever they said started to say he was like you picturing Addison beside me just like you did in the hall of fame or something what the hell

  • Amber Levine-Pritzker
    Amber Levine-Pritzker

    What do they mean green Harris so whatever they let Bucky wear green they'll of zombies with green hair play like what the hell

    • Amber Levine-Pritzker
      Amber Levine-Pritzker

      I think she meant hair is she did


    I hope they make a zombies 3

  • Demon in Disguise
    Demon in Disguise



    I love zombies 2 it’s so good 😊 I what a 3 hart if you what a 3

  • Saroan Unicorn
    Saroan Unicorn

    them: green hairs so whatever billie eilliesh: really🙄

  • Hoff Kids
    Hoff Kids


  • Court Turner
    Court Turner

    I love it

  • Ann Merwin
    Ann Merwin