Catching Flights AND Feelings
Met a girl at Los Angeles baggage claim on a chance encounter and things developed into a classic case of 'this could be us but you playin'.

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  • luis whiley
    luis whiley

    Finally, a swoozie art style I can recreate

    • cian o
      cian o

      Your art will be legendary!

    • Swift Games
      Swift Games


    • Alijah Stewart
      Alijah Stewart

      @Zenigundam I always see you in the comment section on videos

    • The Chef
      The Chef

      Love stickswooze

    • Spirit wolf
      Spirit wolf


  • DameFuegoAmor

    Maybe you're just going for the wrong type of girl. The hot insta girls are always going to leave you for someone better and richer. Maybe date a human being that isn't trying to become famous.

  • SJG

    Sounds like yous a SIMP

  • Esora

    You da most single man I’ve ever heard of

  • Tha g Ace
    Tha g Ace

    That wu shirt dope

  • Deadshot X Xshot
    Deadshot X Xshot

    Detroit smashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Darc tunes
    Darc tunes

    Wait so she came over twice and you didn't pipe. Im from Orlando, jhit I can see why she ain't stayed.

  • Sentou91

    I couldn't focus on swoozie at all, my eyes were drawn straight to the All Might -figurine behind him...

  • Deltotix Yt
    Deltotix Yt

    Sommer ray?

  • TheSuluGuy

    Bro you HAVE to move out of LA

  • Fr0zen Gunnr
    Fr0zen Gunnr

    Was it Ben affleck

  • SniperNinja 777
    SniperNinja 777

    The last words were from a song

  • Mai The Bunny
    Mai The Bunny

    Bruh it's expensive to live in LA but the drama there is so fucking good.

  • TTVGrandma_ Rutus
    TTVGrandma_ Rutus

    Y is this man not at 50 mil subscribers

  • Ghost Snowl
    Ghost Snowl

    U funny dawg

  • Loren McClain
    Loren McClain

    Dude you are the dude. Girl reached out, you need to ball up and set day/time/place. She ghost you, then she go to you. She reach again set place to your place no exceptions bro! #tonyrobbins #couchcoreywayne #threepercentmale

  • Lucas_Foreal

    Swoozie always getting ghosted

  • F And
    F And

    Wow, you gained alot of weight

  • Aniston Bond
    Aniston Bond

    How many times swoozie

  • red angel
    red angel

    Swoozie is that All-might in the background?

  • Frosty Orbit
    Frosty Orbit

    Swoozie: hopped off the plane at LAX Me: with my train and my cardigan Swoozie: I went to baggage claim

  • YEE36O

    10/10 animation

  • DaisyFeverTIME

    I started watching Swoozie's channel since middle school. I'm about to graduate college. For the love of God, please find this man a wifey 😭

  • Johny1220

    Yas.... holy shit bro wtf.... 😍

  • Burning Knuckles
    Burning Knuckles


  • Susan LaMoreaux
    Susan LaMoreaux

    His shirt resonates with my entire life right now (mainly school lol) 🙃

  • lightning the true shadow lxp
    lightning the true shadow lxp

    Swoozie your trying too hard if I've learned anything over the last 3 month, s it, s that if you stay still and let thing, s play out organically you may find the person who's right

  • Abraham Chinye
    Abraham Chinye

    Bro I can't lie, you seem like a simp, with all these female besties giving you advice

  • Hatake Nigkashi
    Hatake Nigkashi

    You been lifting bro?

  • Ya Boi Chronos
    Ya Boi Chronos

    Yo if she rolls up in a Wu-Tang shirt she a keeper👌🏾, dang nvm I was cappin she a Unfrosted FLAKE👺

  • CreepyAtTheDiscoToBtlHorror !!
    CreepyAtTheDiscoToBtlHorror !!

    If someone fly me out more than once, you best believe that I would appreciate them and give them a chance. Poor swoozie, I just want to give him a hug

  • Nathaniel Perez
    Nathaniel Perez

    Well WHAT a COINCIDENCE, I live in VEGAS

  • Luigi_Main


  • Petros Karaivanov
    Petros Karaivanov

    I think his talking about that girl Logan Paul has on his vlog

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay

    U need to make videos daily

  • Jacyah A
    Jacyah A


  • Maddix99

    If cp3 was more buff he would be sWooZie

  • Latoya Armstrong
    Latoya Armstrong

    U are my favorite KGsoftsr

  • ThePokeMonster

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="249">4:09</a> can we have a moment of silence for the phone

  • Kingsman Gaze
    Kingsman Gaze

    You're not inadequate, dem thots just come in and quit

  • Gomez Lennon
    Gomez Lennon

    Well back in your day you didn’t have life support either, so it’s a win win

  • Jaxo Nox
    Jaxo Nox

    Just going to say this all in one sentence. Swoozie, you're going after the wrong type of girls. You need ones that actually respect you.

  • Dusty Gnop
    Dusty Gnop

    U shoulda picked baddie numbero uno

  • DREA

    Lmaooo the lyric quote at the end 😂

  • SarcastiKat

    Why these goirlz breakin your ❤️ so much?! I woulda never let ya gooooooooo! You’d have to dump me to get rid of me.

  • Ljc 813
    Ljc 813

    Nice linkin park quote

  • minecraftMLGpoop7

    Nice Linkin Park quote on the birthday of Meteora lmao

  • Rosin Atanga
    Rosin Atanga

    This animation is sick good work

  • Mauro

    Woozie a player bruh, we need tips

  • Sanai Hamilton
    Sanai Hamilton

    Does anybody else you a little action figure of all might

  • AnthonyFromYT

    5 feet away. Mmm 1 more foot

  • mr. boy
    mr. boy

    Ur the only one who can draw like this and still have a good video

  • King Goat24
    King Goat24

    Who do you guys think a less celebrity is?

  • may baskir
    may baskir

    deep. love this.

  • GatchaxXJakeXx 1
    GatchaxXJakeXx 1

    See how girls always mess with Swoozie like that but for real though from that he be making juicy content

  • konsti samoday
    konsti samoday

    yo this dumb but what does swoozie actually do cuz low key one video a month seems like a unstable income??

  • PLYR1Siken

    S’mans getting all the ladies left and right and they do him dirty, damn. Sounds like me minus the left and right part.

  • TreasureBoxReviews

    The song looking for long in all the wrong places defines Swoozie,

  • Nate May
    Nate May

    R.I.P can i get a F in chat

  • mzwandile malambe
    mzwandile malambe

    Bootyhole heart😂😂

  • Penalty Flag
    Penalty Flag

    Dis nigga quoted Lincoln Park😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tomas d
    Tomas d

    He should’ve went after baddie number 1

  • Preston Cantwell
    Preston Cantwell

    Bro swoozie need a wife fr

  • Herowebcomics

    That is so messed up! This is Swoozie! He's amazing! Girls are blessed to be able to get with him!

  • Juan

    Bro I know how you be feeling, us nice nerd guys always get ghosted the most :(

  • Apt knife thrower guy
    Apt knife thrower guy

    Welcome to the real world...make tons of money buy all your toys travel the world ...forget about relationships they are the quicksand of the univerce

  • Pimp Juice
    Pimp Juice

    I think it's Logan Paul.

  • Chris Pierre
    Chris Pierre

    “None of my business nor my concern” Swoozie-2020

  • curious george Garcia
    curious george Garcia


  • Chris Pierre
    Chris Pierre

    Dude just throws his phone like it’s worthless

  • Joshua Ore
    Joshua Ore

    Damn bro

  • Junior Gedeon
    Junior Gedeon

    Beautiful drawings

  • Rafael Rito
    Rafael Rito

    Man, my boi Swoozie doesn't deserve to be treated that way. He values other people's time and these girls are playing games with him.

  • Zer0theher0

    Nerds are taking over??! nerds that look like you maybe😞

  • Gavin Darby
    Gavin Darby

    Swoozie: *is single* Girls: "yea hes cute" Swoozie: *still cant get a gf* Bro sorry I've watched a bunch of your videos and this is what always happens

    • SarcastiKat

      Gavin Darby I just don’t get it. I mean single. He cute. What gives?!


    When you try your best but you don't succeed🥺😭

  • Thebesthunter


  • Sasha Planting
    Sasha Planting

    You Da man😃

  • micah white
    micah white

    Swoozie over here simping hard

  • ツT3M

    Swoozie simping

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