Could Anti-gravity Really be Possible?
Curious Droid
Anti-gravity is one of those controversial subjects that some say is more in the realm of science fiction than science fact with many physicists saying it's just not theoretically possible while others are busy trying to find theories that would allow it to be possible.
In this video, we look at some of the things that we thought were anti-gravity but turned out not to be and what could be our nearest discovery with the vailidation of Einstein's predictions of space and gravity warping.
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Paul Shillito
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By Paul Shillito
Images and footage : NASA, ESA, ESO, Boeing, Cambridge University, Claude Poher, Filipe V S, B-Bro, Lab Rat, Edemuz, Tek Nome, UToledoPhysAstro,, U.S. NAVY SEAL AND SWCC SCOUT TEAM
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  • Cameron Cullen
    Cameron Cullen

    Magnetic run way with the opposite magnet on the aircraft should float ?

  • FT Reaper
    FT Reaper

    if we were able to control gravity we could time travel, fly and have infinite power


    What about single pole magnetism

  • guitarwolf1000

    you seem to have an electronic dirbbling sound in the background of your videos! ...pleas stop!

  • Donny Montreano
    Donny Montreano

    anti gravity is not important.. the most important thing is How to Zig Zag with anti gravity like real UFO !?

  • Josue Martinez
    Josue Martinez

    Look up Bob Lazar

  • Page Fault
    Page Fault

    What about artificial gravity?

  • Jon L
    Jon L

    Still using another force!

  • Joshua N. Ajang
    Joshua N. Ajang

    GN Drive anyone?

  • Elder the Unknown
    Elder the Unknown

    I can create this tech, but this is why i refuse to do it..

  • bill biden
    bill biden

    Khami kahmi kahhhhhhhh!! And goku took all the energy and SLAMMED THA DARK MATTER!..Khami KahMmi kahhhhhhhh!! BANGG!

  • bill biden
    bill biden

    Why did that dr dissappear after 450k funding?

  • Cloakelectronics

    Gravity is not an invisible force it is the most important force in the universe. There must be an electromagnetic way to couple with gravity, it will be here eventually.

  • InMySpareTime

    Awesome apple slow mo capture you fucking sellout.

  • dēaþ

    The US Navy has a patent for an anti-gravity device.

  • jaxsun72

    I just popped by to see that fancy shirt.

  • Efren Laboy
    Efren Laboy

    The government have but you can no one is aloud to and is really easy the reality is so simple .the laws is clear I can even tell anything but yes is magnetism and frequency

  • Mat

    we can make anti gravity engines its just we need a form of matter that hasn't been discovered or made yet. needs to have density of a star. [a small one]

  • Loosey Goosey
    Loosey Goosey

    Why is the DOD all over this story?

  • Graham Randazzo
    Graham Randazzo

    After a few revolutions the earth hits the sun, that is obviously not how gravity works if it exists at all.

  • Al Castill
    Al Castill

    China is taking notes and hacking these researchers as we speak.

  • Al Castill
    Al Castill

    Maybe gravity repulsion?

  • JonatasAdoM

    How to defeat gravity: lose weight.


    The answer is electromagnetism, that will produce Anti gravity force on the body of the space ship against the gravitational force of the earth...

  • Mr Bluntforce T
    Mr Bluntforce T

    They don"t even know what the hell Gravity is so how can they produce a device that counteracters it? Its energy isn"t carried by a particle because gravity is multidimensional meaning matter in different dimensions affect eachother despite being isolated otherwise

  • joshua bryan
    joshua bryan

    Heated magnet

    • joshua bryan
      joshua bryan

      Heat the magnet but have the heat move around the the magnet

  • Axel Official
    Axel Official

    It is said, you can't create energy, only transfer it. When we debunk the energy issue, new technology will follow.

  • Nereknu Vamnic
    Nereknu Vamnic

    Woman propose ground breaking discovery and then disaper after awarded the money.... When did im heard this before.....

  • Bob The Builder
    Bob The Builder

    Broo UFOs use antigravity to fly

  • Bob The Builder
    Bob The Builder

    Bro so if we get anti gravity we could fly around like superman?

  • DorikkusuMB

    Hi if anyone here cam answer my question ill thank you.. So if there are magnet on the floor and the celling that are positive then you put a negative magnet in the middle what would happen? I dont know anything about this sooo if this is a dumb question then im sorry.

  • Sensei Lewis
    Sensei Lewis

    if you perfectly synthasie element 115 up it has prospect anti=gravity. hypothesizing it could be antu-gravity

  • Andy Patterson
    Andy Patterson

    Controlling the direction of pull of gravity would be the goal for space travel.

  • S. Medina
    S. Medina

    Also space is fake . The earth is flat

  • S. Medina
    S. Medina

    It's always been real. Nikola Tesla proved it hrs ago but the government shut it down. He proved we would never have to pay for power also that got shit DOWN. The governments of the nation's are devil's . They will burn in hell

  • John Does
    John Does

    Once again in his intro he'd Lead You Down The Rabbit Hole by telling you our current understanding of physics and laws that you've been spoon-fed since you were a child yours has a magnetic field take an opposite magnet and put two similar poles together can you have anti gravity what's the Germans found out in the 1930s in the US Army discovered after the war and brought back to United States and shared with the British so his propaganda piece to Blind you to the reality of the real world welcome to the Matrix in front of your face

  • Tyler Phares
    Tyler Phares

    Was possible in Tesla's day. One of the many reasons as to why he was killed.

  • George Sweeney
    George Sweeney

    Yes and you have it.


    Months after this video the NAVY UFO videos leak showing anti gravity craft flying at almost 200mph and then accelerating to blinding speeds instantly.

  • Chriswhitt 66
    Chriswhitt 66


  • D J
    D J

    Yes, if you bombard element 115 with radiation, the atom creates its on gravitational field around itself.

  • Cayce Cook
    Cayce Cook

    The DoD is trying to buy his shirt. But Ning Li has a higher bid at this point

  • Bug Stomper
    Bug Stomper

    Of course it's possible! Now they are talking about it, because before NOW, they always like to pretend that they know it all, but they don't!

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt

    trump is still potus. i believe there are aliens with octopus tentacles as penis's.

  • Anthony D'Andrea
    Anthony D'Andrea

    Gravitic Drive for Spacecraft

  • subvet657

    you can't have anti-gravity until you know what gravity is.

  • Anttu Murikka
    Anttu Murikka

    in theory yes but reality.. propably no

  • Henry Rudolph
    Henry Rudolph

    What about the navys tr3 that they have patented and is on the internet for everyone to see. It shows how it works and everything so yes it has been done and they are owning up to it check it out...

  • King Masterlord
    King Masterlord

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="330">5:30</a> - sounds like she got it working, then.

  • Keith Snyder
    Keith Snyder

    Yes it is extremely real!

  • Boyan Tringov
    Boyan Tringov

    IT is possible ...! Only for the petrol fuckers aint ..!


    Gravity is not a force IMO. Gravity is a push from outside by "space", or the Universe. As this push penetrates any object from all sides, like light in a reflective chamber, gravity is the ability of the object to absorb some of this push. To visually illustrate this, you can imagine a semi-transparent object over a sheet of white paper.Keep in mind that the light is coming from all directions. Gravity can be "seen" as the shadow the object casts on the paper, and interestingly, the shadow will mimic Einstein´s curved space! The implications of this, is that there has to be a maximum gravity, because an object´s ability to absorb gravity, can never exceed 100%. This means that for very massive objects, gravity no longer is proportional to it´s mass, but instead becomes directly proportional to the relative size of the object, or the area it appears to cover relative to an observer. Further implications is that gravitational singularities, such as theorized in Black Holes, no longer are possible. Black Holes may still exist, but without the singularity in the middle.It is also possible that the so called Dark Energy is linked to gravity, as the phenomenon that creates the pressure we experience as gravity. Anti-gravity would have to somehow direct the push from gravity, presumably by shielding from the push from one direction, or being able to let the push from the direction you want to move pass through or around the object you are trying to move.

  • Suleiman Ali
    Suleiman Ali

    pls sir. what kind of research is this ? wth r u on about ? r u a paid shill or just thick ? first officially admiited and recordedexperiments are from the 50's, and then yes, the trail dissapears , with peaks og many works appearing (like a captured b2, and yes despite some ppl arguing to the contrary , its wings are actually electromganetically charged, please look it up) randomly since then.


    It’s rather easy. Give me the funds and I’ll get it done........ wait there’s more. I’ll even throw in a power source that will give you clean energy for decades. All I need is that hand to reach out I can trust.

  • Top Quark
    Top Quark

    I wonder if the lack of this drag may account for some of the expansion of the universe due to dark energy, meaning the contraction caused by the twist undermines the otherwise normal expansion of the universe that has existed since the Big Bang. Whirlpools in an expanding ocean. It wouldn't account for the speeding up of the expansion, but hey, just thinking.

  • Mike R
    Mike R

    Anything can be possible. It wasn't so long ago that we thought the communicator from Star Trek was just a nerd/techy dream. Now our world relies on cellphones.

  • Kevin AKA Pyrin
    Kevin AKA Pyrin

    "Taken over by the Department of Defense" "Disappeared since being funded by DOD" "Not a word of her research since . . ." Just more proof that the US Government works for big oil. Who do you think doesn't want anti-gravity tech to be a thing yet? Probably the people who make the most money off of keeping the planet dependent on fuel guzzling automobiles. I understand greed, it's not really that bad of a thing, except you have to consider, most of these people already have more money and assets then they could ever possibly spend or use, and they still want to keep holding the world back so they can make more. Now THAT is a fucking disgusting amount of greed. To all those rich people out there holding back tech to make yourself a little bit richer, I hope life punishes you in a way that your money is going to be next to worthless for. I hope your kidneys shrivel up and they cant even clone you a new one yet alone find a donor, you people are what's wrong with this world. Like, 99% of it.

  • Arcade Alchemist
    Arcade Alchemist

    Department of Defence seems to like taking all the anti grav reserch, like they are suppressing technology because Earth is a holiday resort and humanity is already multi dimentional and trans galactical

  • Arcade Alchemist
    Arcade Alchemist

    it's a reality that hasn't been worked out yet, almost everything quantum is possible in our reality just a matter of working it out. (

  • C.C. ORR
    C.C. ORR

    Aeroplanes don’t actually fly by creating a pressure difference between the lower and upper surfaces of the wing That’s a load of mumbo jumbo, it’s the surface area that keeps it aloft, the angle of attack that gets it there

  • Steve Jones
    Steve Jones

    Professor Eric Laithwaite was a professor of heavy electrical engineering at Imperial College when I was there studying physics. He got himself a huge amount of publicity with TV appearances with his "magical" demonstration of apparently gravity-defying gyroscopes. It used to drive the academics in the physics department at Imperial mad as he was claiming that physicists didn't understand the mechanics and forces of gyroscopes. It turned out that he was profoundly wrong, but it got close to open warfare between the electrical engineering faculty and the physics one.

  • cresbydotcom

    If gravity is a product of masses and space-time, call me stoopid but, you better start lookin' fer negative time, and IMNSHO, out will pop anti-gravity. Of course Einstein could be about as wrong as Newton was, relatively speakin'. But ya gotta prove it first.

  • Don Pablo
    Don Pablo

    I believe Antigravity already exists in the form of universe expansion.

  • darthspeaks

    Element 115 has something to do with it.

  • Cok van Gaalen
    Cok van Gaalen Who is This DUMBO??????

    • Cok van Gaalen
      Cok van Gaalen

      Free Energy - John Hutchison 4/4

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      Cok van Gaalen

      Zero-Point Energy, Levitation, Electromagnetic Fields & Matter - The Hutchison Effect!

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  • j metallican
    j metallican

    shes continuing the work bob lazar has done at S4

  • ALT_Colre

    Anti-gravity is possible, it's called space. idk read about it once, found it interesting.

  • William Taylor
    William Taylor

    The syth light saber. A tune is a well, but how do you get out of tune? A superconductor is a semi perfect well, but what about two? Not a big difference at the speed of light cubed. But given a pressure lock, you can have multiple space times. Not a big difference, might use conventional means, but the pressure lock can be greatly improved. If a pump has 5000psi in one direction, but 50psi in another, it can have nano partial pressures. So it takes a bit of math, but you can make warp cosmic Ray's. Then suppose space is shells of reality, you can make reality shell black holes. But not of such a magnitude, rectilinear higher dimensional surfaces.

  • john moncur
    john moncur

    one thing, what about the ufo,s how are they flying around, oh you forgot about that,

  • Ron Gilbert
    Ron Gilbert

    Tessa was able to prove that gravity is a myth. Electromagnetism is what we are seeing not gravity and certainly not mass.

  • Carlos Ayala
    Carlos Ayala

    It does exist... Look were stealth technology came from...the Nazi's...

  • Francis 11
    Francis 11

    Higgs boson duh

  • Gavin Rowley
    Gavin Rowley


  • Caillou isn't hairy
    Caillou isn't hairy

    I love the way the first thing humanity wants to do when it discovers an anti gravity machine, rather that developing interstellar travel or colenising mars, is to make it into a weapon... I hate my species

  • Lacivert Gurpinar
    Lacivert Gurpinar

    So it is just a kraken engine

  • Soh Jing Yuan Aaron
    Soh Jing Yuan Aaron

    NEWTON shouldnt be at apple tree below.

  • Benjamin Antman
    Benjamin Antman

    "Yevgeny Podkletnov" Americans: I'm not even gonna try to pronounce that. Brits: *Евгений Подклетнов*

  • Waza88

    Anti gravity would change the world forever, it would solve global warming, no more fuel, free energy, we could manipulate weather

  • Happy Fox
    Happy Fox

    "it can be used to destabilise planes, missiles and other things" Like... popping other civilisations suns like bubbles?

  • Happy Fox
    Happy Fox

    Dr Ning Li has probably left the earth without a rocket, questions arise to how she did it but possibly she took her research with her

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