Painting 🎨 iPhone 11’s 📱
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  • Jhan James Reyes
    Jhan James Reyes

    “iPhone entry” “Done” Why: This would be a nice surprise for my girlfriend and I know she would love this.

  • Carson Sorenson
    Carson Sorenson

    I was hoping you were going to put the hydro dipped one in the giveaway

  • Shawn Nelson
    Shawn Nelson

    “iPhone entry” “Done” Why: Because I love designs and I’m an artist as well. Many artists like you inspire me to do more art and keep on pushing ✍️👍

  • Emmanuel Taillebourg
    Emmanuel Taillebourg

    "iPhone entry" "Done" Why : I love your videos i told myself that i could offer an iPhone to my big brother for his 18 years old

  • Mouad Gamer
    Mouad Gamer

    iPhone entry Done Why:I can't afford it

  • Alva Moseholm
    Alva Moseholm

    "iphone entry" "done" although i dont have twitter why: right now I have an iphone 6 and I have had it for 3 years, and it doesnt work that well anymore. And I love your design! it is so cool and inspirational!

  • Βασω Αντωνιου
    Βασω Αντωνιου

    "iPhone entry" "Done" Omg is perfect i want it very much i hope to win i never have iphone

  • Jade Delatorre
    Jade Delatorre

    Want someeee :(( Why: my old phone was broken

  • Jugnu Ali
    Jugnu Ali

    It'll be 11s **

  • scarlet lumanog
    scarlet lumanog

    I hope I win that phone because my phone was broke and its so hard to use specially when doing research on school. Also, the camera of my phone is not working anymore and I cant even Videocall with my dad who's far away from me

  • Professional Mafia
    Professional Mafia

    Plot twist: all the iPhones are fake

  • Muhammad Zulfikar
    Muhammad Zulfikar

    "iPhone entry" "Done" "Why? Because i very like Marco drawing, and can make me sastifiying"

  • Hamza Mammeri
    Hamza Mammeri

    IPhone entry Donne Why .im Turing collège thaïs year André m'y crurent phone hasard à mental dispose("et automatically turusoffand conrrols")💓💓💪💪..

  • Anime - Music - World
    Anime - Music - World

    How to do the entry

  • Daemon Helg
    Daemon Helg

    can i have one ples

  • james ken.
    james ken.


  • ReShade

    “iPhone entry” “Done” Why: I want a new iPhone because my iPhone 6s battery isn’t good and I’ve had it for 2 years and it has a cracked screen. I really need and upgrade. Good luck to all!😊

  • Anker

    "iphone entry" "Done" Why" Because I've never had iPhone and it makes me much illusion to have a personalized one to your style that looks very cool and are also very expensive for me

  • Eara Zyra
    Eara Zyra

    Art Materials Entry Done Cause i love them

  • Kiana Laundrie
    Kiana Laundrie

    Done “why” because I love your designs and I need an iPhone for middle school

  • 06peep

    Give me an iphone please i subd

  • Daniel Okafor
    Daniel Okafor

    "I phone entry" "Done" "I need an upgrade to my android 😭"


    Padrisimo has uno de pokemon go👍

  • Kunga Passang
    Kunga Passang

    "iPhone entry" "done" Why :i want iphone

  • JeanmariesDaugther _
    JeanmariesDaugther _

    How much to get my phone customized

  • Breanna8193

    “iPhone entry” “Done” Why: My dad has a Samsung galaxy s6 that isn’t working very well. I would love to give him a new phone.

  • Anna Reese Joyson
    Anna Reese Joyson

    "iPhone entry" "Done" Why: The design is great also because everyone in my family has a new phone except for my dad. He always sacrifices for us so it would be great if i could give it to him.

  • Naufal Taufiq
    Naufal Taufiq

    Hai I'm from indonesia

  • Mary Russel Jadulco
    Mary Russel Jadulco

    "iPhone entry" "Done" Why: coz my phone screen is cracked.

  • JîŞHñÜ VîŞHñÜ
    JîŞHñÜ VîŞHñÜ

    "IPhone entry done" Why:actually I don't have a phone am using in laptop that's so hard 😢

  • ZeRo0 007
    ZeRo0 007

    You are the the best broh Im from indonesia I like your paint 😍 You my inspiration

  • manan kathuria
    manan kathuria

    “iPhone entry” “Done” Why- coz I’m using this old phone and desperately waiting to get a new one! And I’m excepting a phone from my favourite KGsoftsr!!♥️

  • Khamille Anne Retuya
    Khamille Anne Retuya

    “iphone entry” “done” why: i just love taking photos

  • Kristie Sosa
    Kristie Sosa

    When is he announcing when he’s saying who won plz someone answer

  • Jason Young
    Jason Young

    " Iphone Entry " " Done " Why : idk :v

  • Nathan V.D.W
    Nathan V.D.W

    Hi marco can I pls get the ipad pro want to start a new youtube channel but need good camra and somthing to edit on so pls thx love jour videos

  • Nathan V.D.W
    Nathan V.D.W

    Hi marko I know u might see this I have a 1/400 000 000 chanse of winning but I realy want this ipad pro for its camra and Its my birthday 4 april and yes

  • tayeb benlekbir
    tayeb benlekbir


  • OGNotAPussySlayer

    Dang, I'd love these designs on my skateboard. Sick, dude! Keep it up

  • Génesis Salazar Pérez
    Génesis Salazar Pérez

    “iPhone entry” “Done” Why: La verdad es porque mi móvil se está cayendo a pedazos y no tengo memoria para nada, te veo desde España eso ayuda en algo? Si traduces esto ya estaría ganando 😂🥰

  • Gladys Stead
    Gladys Stead

    I want one please

  • Kylan Thompson
    Kylan Thompson

    I did all for the giveaway and commented on your last instagram post

  • Katalina Acosta Vargas
    Katalina Acosta Vargas

    “¡Phone entry” DONE! why: well I need a phone and this ones rock!!!

  • Trent Glaenzer
    Trent Glaenzer

    “iPhone entry” “Done” Why: I don’t have a phone

  • Camden Horner
    Camden Horner

    Marko is so skilled and talented

  • Sam Ruid
    Sam Ruid

    iPhone entry done why: because I need that drip boi 💧 💧 💧 💧

  • Demi Andrews
    Demi Andrews

    "Iphone Entry" "Done" Why: I have an iPhone 8 plus and I can upgrade on the 9th and was gonna get an iPhone 11 or 11 pro myself but getting a custom one from yourself would be 1000% better and more worth it.

  • Luise Wietek
    Luise Wietek

    Everyones just bored but u do better

  • zoya khan
    zoya khan

    i really love your videos your awesome

  • Analia Olivas
    Analia Olivas

    I am dead 💀🤣 the girl getter iPhone🤣🤣

  • TSN Hockey
    TSN Hockey

    “iphone entry” “done” why: my iphone 5s is not very cash money

  • Vishal Dharmini
    Vishal Dharmini

    "iPhone entry" "Done" Why: Because I like zebra design iPhone and who else don't like to win a giveaway.

  • Shyam Sundar
    Shyam Sundar

    I like zebra design iPhone and I wish I could be a winner.

  • helen nicole
    helen nicole

    “iphone entry”. “done” why: not much about the phone just about you and the inspiration i draw and paint sometimes not as good as you but yeah... i don’t really have an emotional reason and i know there’s people out there that need it more then i do.

  • Cl1M4t 3
    Cl1M4t 3

    I wish i could win lol but dont have insta and live England so xD

  • Laila’s world Of her
    Laila’s world Of her

    Please I want an iPhone 11

  • El Xugar
    El Xugar

    "iPhone Entry" "Done" Why: Because my phone broke recently and i dont have a phone that has a working sim card so its a only a wifi phone, other than that, i love receiving a newly designed phone made by your awesome design, its like having a rare phone with a rare design.

  • Romaiiin

    "iPhone entry" "Done" Why : I mostly care about the fact that I’ll have your art on the back on my phone and that’s a bit cool ngl , and your personal favorite is also mine soo :)

  • Bilise and Ayantu Benya
    Bilise and Ayantu Benya

    "IPhone Entry" "Done" Why:I have a Samsung and never won a give away #best customizer on KGsofts

  • Hitori_chrome Chan
    Hitori_chrome Chan

    iPhone entry *Done Why: I have a broken iPhone 6s which I’m using right now my phone got broken by my baby cousin and my mom never got my phone fixed

  • twin numba 1
    twin numba 1

    "iPhone entry" "Done" Why: I need a new iPhone because my current phone ( the iPhone 6), is cracked and it doesn't work very well anymore. I need a phone that is functional and of course has a nice touch to it like a cool design (:

  • sauljupiter

    Bro your mom is hot

  • philarious 011
    philarious 011

    “iPhone entry” “Done” Why:I got iPhone 6 and I wanna experiment with music production and photography. Would be a nice update and the designs are awesome!

  • Reem Abdelsalam
    Reem Abdelsalam

    𝙸 𝚏𝚎𝚎𝚕 𝚙𝚘𝚘𝚛 𝚗𝚘𝚠

  • jagroop singh
    jagroop singh


  • Kent Canlas
    Kent Canlas

    “iPhone entry” “Done” Why:Tired of going in the computer shop i only need a mobile even if it’s not an iphone11.

  • Constance Gritsay
    Constance Gritsay

    “iPhone entry” “Done” Why: first of all your custom iPhones are awesome😎. 2nd I have second hand iPhone 6 which is literally burning my hand right now while I’m texting it. It would be nice to have a new one


    how the HELL do you know where to put the white/black lines to show drip

  • มนณภรณ์ อนุเคราะห์
    มนณภรณ์ อนุเคราะห์

    Can u give me one.

  • Ronan Dermott
    Ronan Dermott

    Drip check 👍☑️

  • Sonalika Naik
    Sonalika Naik

    I loved the zebra print one.

  • Abida Aftab
    Abida Aftab

    I want one cause i cant afford

  • Queen Vee
    Queen Vee

    Hey Marko I love your videos ❤️❤️❤️ you are very talented 👌🔥 keep up the good work 👏👍. Also want to enter the give away because I'm currently using a bummy Android phone because my phone is broken 😬😩

  • Lyrical Clouds
    Lyrical Clouds

    I didn't watch the livestream, i think im not one of the winner😂

  • mona vanshu
    mona vanshu

    "Iphone entry " "Done" Why : I want the i phone as I am a student and I require it for my studies and also I am an good artist and if I will get it I can make rough drawings on it first and then i can draw it on paper and it will also help me to see your videos and help me to look more drawings on internet marko please give me i have requested my mother a lot but she cannot afford an apple phone so please give Me I require a phone a lot to text my friends marko I you will give me this I phone you will be my willwisher and a God for me as i always pray to God to give me a i phone Marko I also feels that I am unlucky as always I participate in a giveaway and I couldn't win it so I'm trying again please give me this marko and I am also inspired to see you drawings and try to make them and right now I am using an android phone which really hangs and my friends also make me upset by saying that you are using an android phone and they all have I phones please marko give me this as my birthday is also coming and it would be my birthday present also And also I have participated in every giveaway but I have won nothing and now I feel that I am unlucky so marko please give me this you will be my God Love you bro !

  • Lyn Johari
    Lyn Johari

    ''IPHONE ENTRY'' ''DONE'' Why: because i don't have a fon.. and i need the fon.. I HOPE I WIN.. and i love your design and your video.. tq

  • strawbhree

    " Iphone entry " " Done " " Why: Because it's gonna help me achieve my passions in life. "

  • Mellow'D Aman
    Mellow'D Aman

    I love you forever man

  • Andi Krisna Adiyatma
    Andi Krisna Adiyatma

    "iPhone entry" "done" why?: using an iPhone that is painted by you must be very cool. and I will show off to my friends hwhwhwhw

  • Oscar Giovanni Montaño Velazquez
    Oscar Giovanni Montaño Velazquez

    "Iphone entry" "Done" Why: the designs are amazing however i have never had an iphone and i would like one and it would be wonderful to have it with your design