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idk why i did this
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-emma chamberlain

  • Mimi Valley
    Mimi Valley

    I watched this video when you uploaded it and left no comment and liked the video, like why were yall mad, she tried lol and still being herself like stfu

  • Josh B
    Josh B

    I came here to see why this video was so bad... left here feeling so relatable when it comes to trying to bleach your own hair. Tried it once.... never again!!!

  • Josh

    Who is hating on this I have seen 0 hate comments

  • Jenn Roberts
    Jenn Roberts


  • Aaliyah Shroyer
    Aaliyah Shroyer

    6:16 Literally from the song “Don’t Let It Break Your Heart” from Louis Tomlinson 😂 and then her most recent video she used Harry Styles as a reference to an outfit and then she sand a lyric close to Taylor Swifts song last video and now it’s Louis Tomlinson this video. How is this possible?! I stan all 3 of them. Who’s next? Niall Horan?? We shall see 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Noel

    sooo... how is this video bad. i mean ik she failed but the video isn't bad. if anything its funny lmao.

  • Lulu Belle
    Lulu Belle

    I’m going to scroll through the comments and look for every hate comment and thumbs it down

  • sophia montesco
    sophia montesco

    Seen her videos now it's not the same when I used to see it 2 years ago. I don't feel the same...Do I finally grew up? Maybe I don't know. People change and you started to notice it.

  • Samira Farah
    Samira Farah

    Damn almost 50k dislikes yikes...

  • Jojo Guerra
    Jojo Guerra

    YES! I’m on accurate rn too and my hair falls out and I got a flaky scalp and your girls lips and face are DRY AF!

    • Jojo Guerra
      Jojo Guerra

      Accutane *

  • mAiA tHe MuSiCaL
    mAiA tHe MuSiCaL

    Lmao ignore the haters you don’t need them sisss💗💗

  • Isabella Tompsett
    Isabella Tompsett

    If ur someone who disliked the vis I stupid

  • lil nugs
    lil nugs

    What I don’t understand is her Snapchat show

  • Emma Torode
    Emma Torode

    People worrying about the animals by using vegan shampoo and conditioner when really it’s the plastic free that will help ecosystems the animals need

  • Megan86

    Let me assist in the definition of fail......To FAIL means to attempt something and that something not going right. So she NEVER even applied bleach to her hair therefore she never FAILED. FAILING is if she actually put bleach on her hair and the bleach didnt do what she wanted it to do and the end result was completely different. Since the end result was the same and nothing changed she failed at nothing....since. her. Hair. Never. Changed......

  • Ivy Nelsen
    Ivy Nelsen

    i don’t see how this is the “worst video ever” it’s not even that bad

  • Lo

    Such a lazy video. You only post one video a week and it’s clear you literally make the video and edit it in one day. Bahahahha

  • Quinoa Karaoke night
    Quinoa Karaoke night

    This is a win for us that strip of hair would’ve looked like trash

  • Artistic Plant
    Artistic Plant

    Low key one of my favourite videos of her ?? Why is it getting so much hate lmao pwp

  • Ashley & Family
    Ashley & Family

    Confused thought you were dying your hair 🤔 lol but still love the video not sure why it’s becoming so big on KGsofts

  • Elly Pinedo
    Elly Pinedo

    the reason this didnt work out for her is because she was putting so much negative energy into it while doing it. saying its going to fail and it wont work isnt going to help you. tbh i feel like with all the bad shit she says ab herself and her videos is why she gets hate for no reason cause she literally manifests it onto herself smh i hope she learns to switch up the way she speaks ab herself cause it really makes a difference in your life.

  • Brittany R
    Brittany R

    Yall talking about how disappointing and click bait this was. Like 3 strands of her hair being blue would've made it more entertaining. Arent you guys subbed just to see her talk about random shit? How is this different than any of her other videos? Yall childish.

  • Zoey Blount
    Zoey Blount

    please go blonde

  • India B
    India B

    “it’s fun to take care of your hair” *laughs in 4c*

  • KennedyQuirin

    accutane sucks but itll be worth it im halfway done with it rn!!

  • Thomas Nash
    Thomas Nash

    WTF bleach your dang hair emma/ I love you

  • Abigail Akers
    Abigail Akers

    Um I love u Emma You are funny af but why is this the worst video? I’m confused.

  • Wooosh me Ur gay
    Wooosh me Ur gay

    so yall got upset because she didnt dye her hair and now yall upset because she did dye her hair *P A T H E T I C*

  • Beth MacDonald
    Beth MacDonald

    Emma, “...it’s not like I can get away with dying a strip of my hair blue when I’m 40...”. Me: heads to the drug store and sees at least three women over 50 with a rainbow 🌈 of hair colours.

  • Krystal Capistran
    Krystal Capistran

    No hate or anything but like this is the worst video ever

    • ceerw buty
      ceerw buty

      Most her videos from 2018-2020 have thousands of dislikes

  • Lienee KP
    Lienee KP


  • Krystal Capistran
    Krystal Capistran

    Best vid ever 👌

    • ceerw buty
      ceerw buty

      Hey FYI if you ever feel like having a blue strand in your hair just use kool aid 😂 no commitment

  • marlene de santiago olivera
    marlene de santiago olivera

    It’s just another on brand video y’all trippin 😂

  • Bella ruelle
    Bella ruelle

    Splat, yikes

  • Margaret Zahrobsky
    Margaret Zahrobsky

    wait this video literally isn’t bad like wtf i feel bad for her ❤️

  • I don’t Care
    I don’t Care

    I don’t actually understand y’all act if you were her you wouldn’t have done the same thing,I don’t understand people hating on her for getting a sponsorship while they only can type mean things, and btw like hella a lot youtubers also lied about using products so why bully her

  • Chara Spiro
    Chara Spiro

    Wait like why do people have to hate on Emma like get a life people.I don't see the reason why you have to hate on it Emma can do whatever she likes

  • Elem Erçırpan
    Elem Erçırpan


  • Castine McDermid
    Castine McDermid

    As for the unopened products, have any of you thought maybe those were new batch since she had been using it for awhile? Lmao quit hating, its okay for her to change her decision.

  • rosy_ turtorials
    rosy_ turtorials

    People aren't mad that she died her hair, like honestly no one would care about that, it's her hair. But it's because it only seemed she was doing it for the sponsorship. And if your smart enough, you will know that gives you money. Honestly I don't think it's because of that because like let's be real Emma did a cover, she's rich. But like-if it's not for that it's for her lying that she used the products when they are sealed and not even opened. Also, I think that might be because the other one ran out but like honestly, idk. With all those things together, I highly doubt it

  • Nevaeh Davis
    Nevaeh Davis

    I don’t get why this is the worst video ever this is the same type of content that she normally posts.

  • Blair French
    Blair French


  • Aesthetic Queen
    Aesthetic Queen

    I'm just here to dislike it...

  • Friends of birds
    Friends of birds

    Is it me or anyone notice how perfect her hair looked in the bun after trying to bleach I think it's just me okay

  • Isabella _playzz
    Isabella _playzz

    And by the way if you don’t like her video you then just leave the video you don’t have to leave a dirty comment because people really are affected by the hatred that you put in the comments I mean if there is something she did wrong or you did not like you could help her so more video s that you would think is more entertaining for a lot of people but to strait up put a horribly mean comment is ubsured and I don’t understand how people have the guts for that it is so hard for people to see that KGsoftsrs hide most of their emotions about hate comments it is horrible and if it really gets to them some people quit KGsofts over the uneeded hatred and you never know what some people are going through so please don’t ever leave hate comments on anyone’s KGsofts video just wanted to inform to the people who obviously don’t understand what it is like because of the hate they are leaving

  • Destiny L
    Destiny L

    Hey FYI if you ever feel like having a blue strand in your hair just use kool aid 😂 no commitment

  • Nikki V
    Nikki V

    Most her videos from 2018-2020 have thousands of dislikes

  • Saara Superwoman
    Saara Superwoman

    I mean all her videos are this dumb.. idk why this was the worst

  • Kaylie Harper
    Kaylie Harper

    Emma: im in the *𝐚𝐠𝐠𝐠* Me: im in the ghetto ratatata

  • Cj Silva
    Cj Silva

    I kinda wish you didn’t clickbait

  • Tangy Daddy
    Tangy Daddy

    Everyone is talking about the hate comments and I can't even find them

  • Angel Jones
    Angel Jones

    Look, Emma is not the first creator to clickbait her audience. I think the biggest issue is that the video was only to promote that shampoo company. It’s clear she hasn’t been using the products since most of them are still sealed, so yeah a lot of people are going to be mad because they expected a hair dying fail video and all they got was an uninspired promotional video. There was no creativity to it. Stans can freak out all they want, but you can’t say this video was creative in the slightest.

  • Hunter Leigh Hillhouse
    Hunter Leigh Hillhouse

    I can hear Brad Mondo crying in the distance

  • Andiswa Busane
    Andiswa Busane

    This is honestly not bad emma i still love you❤

  • Tess Marsh
    Tess Marsh

    It’s ok to critique creators that you love. It doesn’t mean you’re a hater if you see a flaw in someone you love on KGsofts. I’m a huge fan of Emma, but I do feel like her content has been a little lacking lately tbh. I’ll continue watching every week, I just hope they improve. Still a huge fan of her as a person though. Mostly, I just feel like she’s not doing ok or something.

  • Livi Brooks
    Livi Brooks

    kgsofts.info/hd/video/nnqAadlxhIitlYk THIS IS GOOOOD

  • Lucy sunshine
    Lucy sunshine

    Who else misses the sister squad

  • Nikolas Bosey
    Nikolas Bosey

    Dude this was the WORST VIDEO EVER


    Nobody really cares but whilst I was watching this vid I stood up real fast and blacked out and hit my head on my cupboard door so yeah 🙈

  • Zoe Rae
    Zoe Rae

    She used splat...😭 GIRL NOOOO