Ed: "I Do Not Believe in Love" | 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days
Can Ed and Rose's relationship survive broken trust?
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  • Kaycee Johansen
    Kaycee Johansen

    Girl he cant even match his shoes and shirt.

  • Freedom2012ize

    Please leave him you're like really beautiful he's a creepy creature. Please leave him run away while you can.... You can easily easily find a better man!

  • Christabel Allison
    Christabel Allison

    He's just insecure, if she really cared she would have reassured him. I hate when people who are deemed by society as "unattractive" are treated like trash. If it was the other way around with him hot and she not everybody would support her. People in this world are actually disgusting, how they treat people is disgusting. Ed has a good heart and I pray he meets someone who'll love him as much as he deserves❤

  • el cacheton
    el cacheton

    Like a teenage girl hella mad 😛😛

  • b

    okay she’s a queen she can do better not only does he have no neck but he’s a controlling douche

  • sonya lollman
    sonya lollman

    Oh well, maybe he'll have better luck Necks time...

  • Dallas Ayeni
    Dallas Ayeni

    Bro my dumbass in my head singing I wanna know what love is 😂😂😂😂

  • Kenzieee

    He’s not likeable at all. She seemed like a kind hearted girl and I’m glad she has higher standards for herself despite her situation

  • Chidinma Uzoma
    Chidinma Uzoma

    Alot of poor people in the philipine, i’m so sad for her, she deserves better😩

  • Beatriz Gonzales
    Beatriz Gonzales

    I'm Filipino and she mad she looks like she wanna smack the shit out of you!!

  • Um tree 5000
    Um tree 5000

    Comments are very mean towards Jo. Think about what you type, then think about how you feel towards bullies. I think Jo is probably a cool guy when he is relaxed. It comments like 90% of the bullies here are writing that may have destroyed his confidence.

  • Spooky CryBaby
    Spooky CryBaby

    She is a beautiful girl though. Why is she with that greasy guy? 😢

  • Spooky CryBaby
    Spooky CryBaby

    Ewwww... why am I seeing this. It’s so disgusting. 🤢🤮

  • Ashley Young-bae
    Ashley Young-bae


  • Karima Newman
    Karima Newman

    season and episode?

  • Lisa

    he doesnt believe in love because hes picking girls who are way out of his league, hes being superficial period

  • Fat cat pungpond
    Fat cat pungpond

    Why, before you came to see her in the Philippines When you start talking with her in long distance relationship You must know about her past first. Not just asking now For women, the past is a painful thing. She would not want to talk about it again.

  • jeonkths ‘
    jeonkths ‘

    pamela swing ano ba

  • Julieta Nieto
    Julieta Nieto

    Based off what ive seen I believe the Rose is strong af. And she a baddie she will make it thru this no neck ed and get a better life hopefully

  • Jessica Alexandra M
    Jessica Alexandra M

    Her language is sooo unattractive

  • Claire Ann Ylagan
    Claire Ann Ylagan

    Ed actually looks kind and warm hearted. Filipino women are kind, pretty and hospitable but some of them aren’t as nice as everyone thinks, some just care because of money and it’s not supposed to be like that. I would prefer foreigners particularly Americans to look for women who would really love them for who they are and not because of their money. I hate seeing people being abused by traitors and swindlers. 😢😡

  • karyl.z

    Why is he pushing her? In the philippines, alot of kids have their mothers or fathers abandom them in a early age. Its hard man, its hard. And he is making her talk about her father like that!

  • DesireDivine93

    She will beat his ass 😂😂😂 he better stop testing her 💀

  • Charmagne Aloy
    Charmagne Aloy

    Cameraman.. wut imma gonna do

  • TC_GodlyPlays

    Humpty Dumpty's brother

  • Lullaby Spanish ver.
    Lullaby Spanish ver.

    The he pronounced Tagalog “Tuh-gaw-lig” I-

  • TC_GodlyPlays

    He necking (cappin) right now

  • howdy y’all
    howdy y’all

    Why he built like dat?

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez

    You’ll get her necks time

  • miss.

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="77">1:17</a> rose is a whole mood hfjdjs i hope she meets someone with a neck🥺

  • kickasses

    That look she has the face for a horror movie

  • CM

    ed hanapin mo muna yung leeg mo bago ka mambwiset


    kawawa naman ang babaeng to.

  • Katrina Hope
    Katrina Hope

    Just say u don't wan to be with her

  • color culay
    color culay

    Understand her. I think she cant talk in English

  • Mija Bentley
    Mija Bentley

    Setting up a search party to look for that mans neck

  • MisterLobo MisterLobo
    MisterLobo MisterLobo

    She’s ugly

  • Sekinah S
    Sekinah S

    LOOOOOOOOOL OMG this is so funny he’s so wtf???

  • haneul ishika
    haneul ishika

    omg how that man ask about the past 😭

  • Nikki Perches
    Nikki Perches

    He's always asking questions that he doesnt need an answer or an explanation to. Her past is her past and shes clearly hurt by whatever happened so if you see her hurting STOP ASKING QUESTIONS!!! Leave it alone cause all you're doing is opening bad wounds for her and now you're hurting her

  • Angel Kathryn Villegaz
    Angel Kathryn Villegaz

    So this girl is from my country? From Philippines 🇵🇭 OMG! We’re on the spotlight again 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m so embarrassed 😩 😰

  • Syeda L.
    Syeda L.

    Are we not gonna talk about how he has no neck?

  • Lauren Keefe
    Lauren Keefe

    Obviously she hates talking about her past, everyone does and he needs to understand that. I mean look at her, she feels like he doesn’t understand and he needs to back off

  • Liamar Valles
    Liamar Valles

    Usually guy who are very untrusting of their partner it is because they are very insecure of themselves I think he should really look at himself first before pushing this untrusting narrative on her very unfair to her

  • Hmmm Really?
    Hmmm Really?

    Oh look at all these navie men. It's all about looks. If he was tall and handsome white man, the girl will tolerate and will forgive all his pasts and lies. Wake up, losers.

  • Jessica Dean
    Jessica Dean

    Sadly a lot of attractive women from poverty would date a guy like Ed. I've been watching this for sometime now and all that hobbit been doing is insulting her way of life, her family etc etc I'm not judging him by looks but this hobbits personality is one ugly....🤬 There is more of her snapping at him to come because Ed is a jerk and thinks he's being humble.

  • Jada Hilton
    Jada Hilton

    She deserves so much better than him.

  • EGH

    if he wasn't so rude and so thick headed, maybe he would have better luck.

  • Willow Joy
    Willow Joy

    He wants her to open up about everything and that is definitely not okay. She does not have to tell him, and he expects everything to be perfect in this relationship.


    Don't book her shi*...she just wanted to use u n have the nerve to have a attitude

  • Who Cares
    Who Cares

    He treats her more like she’s his daughter rather than his girlfriend

  • Jackie BB8
    Jackie BB8

    He’s built like that 1% germ in the 99% hand sanitizer

  • aponibonifacio kehkehkeh
    aponibonifacio kehkehkeh


  • Courtney Roush
    Courtney Roush

    He has no business focusing her to talk about something she isn’t wanting to talk about.

  • Kaniesha Carty
    Kaniesha Carty

    He’s unhappy with self

  • Grace Vergura
    Grace Vergura

    Bruh I’m too high for this

  • Wong Xuxi
    Wong Xuxi

    Laptrip ako nung nag Tagalog na siya 3ggered nakakainis naman talaga eh

  • ameerah chatman
    ameerah chatman


  • Peyton Taylor
    Peyton Taylor

    He's creepy

  • Koreen Ella
    Koreen Ella

    She’s getting mad in another language

  • Dierry Sow
    Dierry Sow

    This is hilarious!!’

  • Robyn Matranga
    Robyn Matranga

    Does he assume she's promiscuous because she's East Asian? It looks that way... That's one of the worst stereotypes .... I wonder if he would have asked a white woman those questions....

  • Niksuniverse80

    Omg this guy is repulsive in every way... I cant stand to watch this anymore without puking lool cant this girl just find some decent looking guy on a dating app or something... Gawd.

  • Anj


  • littlean24

    Everyone makes jokes about him not having a neck but seriously...why does he not have a neck? Is it a condition or something? Wtf is it?

  • ang periodt
    ang periodt

    i jus feel like punchin his non existent neck. he’s so selfish and so full of himself. da fact dat he gets mad at her for the other man dat she was wit pisses me off. he was so disrespectful to her n i feel like going up to him and knocking him down like a bowling pin.

  • cute me
    cute me

    He's insecure coz of his neck

  • Mulatto Mai
    Mulatto Mai

    Is it bad that I started laughing when he walked off after slamming the door and talking to the producers. 😂

  • Mango

    Idk why I’m laughing so much

  • madison penner
    madison penner

    This guys a loser, I feel bad for her. Seems like a pervert and disrespectful .. not all of us grow up the same

  • Eric Tirado
    Eric Tirado

    Their cultures are so different its unreal

  • KreeZafi

    Honestly I'd want to be friends with Rose. We're a similar age and she seems like a strong, intelligent lady. If I had the financial means I'd personally get her to a better place and help her out.

  • Aye Co Breeze
    Aye Co Breeze

    What are those?

  • Elisa Bowie
    Elisa Bowie

    She needs to get her papers and leave him

  • Building _lola
    Building _lola

    She can do better that dude is so delusional and ugly

  • charmingcori

    Lmaoo the last part was so dramatic 💀 the way he walked off like somebody was gonna ask him to explain 😂😂 I’m dead

  • Thai Rice
    Thai Rice

    Came here from Instagram when he said he did not believe in love.

  • charmingcori

    Quarantine all just got us on KGsofts 😭😂😂

  • Freddyphresh

    Hopefully they can convert this scene to a cartoon he's so animated

  • monnaofficial

    She looked at him like she is going to kill him in his sleep! I mean if she is disgusted by his looks and his attitude she could just LEAVE!

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