Eddy Reynoso's Reaction To George Foreman Saying Canelo Is P4P King - EsNews Boxing
We got a few minutes with Trainer of the Year Eddy Reynoso to ask about Canelo, his impact in Mexico, and some upcoming fights. Who do you think Canelo should face next?
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  • Dean-oh

    Foreman knows the score

  • Cheek Busting 101
    Cheek Busting 101

    Why do ppl generalize Marquez and Morales as all of the mexican legends hating on canelo when it's just Morales and Marquez that hate on him while the rest give canelo his props, Chavez for example always gives canelo his props.

  • raul osornio
    raul osornio

    Canelo vs Charlie Zelenoff..!

  • Nelson Rodriguez
    Nelson Rodriguez

    Ayr no mamen

  • Carlos Quintero
    Carlos Quintero

    Seria genial callom Smith o mandar a la lona de una vez ggg para que no estén chingando o más bien van a decir que ya está viejo como le gustan ja ja ja


    Canelo is P4P #1, Crawford, Lomachenko who???

  • take it inblood
    take it inblood

    definitely canelo is mayweather of today, i font care about controversy or cheating.

  • West Side
    West Side

    Ellie people don't like instigators, one of these days one of them is gonna punch you in the mouth and knock your teeth out. Just looking out for you bro.

    • Tito Donis
      Tito Donis

      West Side I see what you mean. I didn’t realize Frampton was over there lol.

    • West Side
      West Side

      @Tito Donis That's not what I was talking about. When he mentions Oscar Valdez next potential opponent Carl Frampton he turns to see if he's still there so he can get a reaction from him. He does this a lot, he did it to Chavez and Duran asking them who punches harder in front of both of them and Duran told his ass off, he did it to Bomac and Mikey, and Bomac snatched his camera cause he knew what the fuck he was doing. It's no wonder he rarely gets interviews from black fighters.

    • Tito Donis
      Tito Donis

      I don’t think he instigated anything. It’s a legit question and Marquez should acknowledge that he’s being a hater cuz he is. Marquez is a great fighter and I think he recognizes the greatness in Canelo, he just doesn’t want to admit it.

  • Nathan Bueno
    Nathan Bueno


  • bigcitytaken

    dont wanna see billy joe sanders fight..... he looked like crap his last fight

  • Chuy Messi
    Chuy Messi

    Jews don't understand squat Jesus the Lord God have mercy on Jewish people gentiles know best Babylon was handed to them cause Israel betrayed the Lord God fake Jews Jesus Christ reighns repent those Jews who apposed Jesus when he came in the.flesh burn in hell fire Jesus reigns Eliot repent and turn to Jesus quit worshipping Baal Jehovah the father is angry at you Ellie repent in the name of yeshua adonia hamashiach I tell it to you in the name of Hebrew God Jesus Christ loves you Ellie

  • Armando Estrada
    Armando Estrada

    You got all these creditable assessments from legends like Foreman,Duran , sugar ray Leonard , Chavez etc etc. Yet you still have all these canelo haters trying to discredit him.

    • Horacio Cordova
      Horacio Cordova

      Check out that bitch David Faitelson for ESPN always talking shit about Canelo.

    • LCdaniel5

      and you have marquez who hates canelo and always wants to compare canelo to chaves

    • G MONEY
      G MONEY

      Agreed bcause there a bunch of casuals🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Humberto Velasco
    Humberto Velasco

    George Forman, Sugar Ray Lernard and Roberto Duran all day Canelo is #1, it’s Jealousy from the Mexican Legends.!

    • G MONEY
      G MONEY

      JMM the biggest hater of them all.

    • Diego Visoso
      Diego Visoso

      Ain't it sad..

    • Armando Estrada
      Armando Estrada

      Joe G Valdez Chavez gives him his props too it’s mostly Marquez & morales they stay hating on Canelo

    • Joe G Valdez
      Joe G Valdez

      Mexicans hate on each other also

  • Diego Visoso
    Diego Visoso

    Real recognize real.

  • charlie perez
    charlie perez

    Does Reynoso make 15% as trainer,? that’s a question you should ask Ellie ! 💰

    • Mr.Perfect

      @Horacio Cordova net worth dosent tell u how much his getting payed

    • R BR
      R BR

      @Horacio Cordova Some website says his net worth is 120 million. That is way too much though. I would need to see Eddy's tax returns lol.

    • charlie perez
      charlie perez

      Horacio Cordova bro google is not gonna put that out

    • Horacio Cordova
      Horacio Cordova

      R BR, Google his net worth.

    • Mr.Perfect

      @R BR when his done whit his career he estimated made around 650 million

  • Planet A
    Planet A

    Eddy Reynoso one of the best trainers in the world. Does his boy ready for the real test in his best shape career to face the king of the boxing Beterbiev? or this is toooo much for his champ...

    • kujin26

      Calm your tits dude he just moved to 175.

    • bigcitytaken

      Canelo is gonna knock out who ever the fuck that is.......

    • Mr.Perfect

      Beterbiev is almost out of prime all he has is power and canelo will neutralize that whit his counter punch

    • J Point Castillo
      J Point Castillo

      He keeps winning n it will happen..Nelo not scared....

  • Brandon

    lets get it