EU vs Russia: Europe united
Binkov's Battlegrounds
It is 2017 or the very near future. If the complete European Union went head to head against Russia, who would come out on top? This is the second and final part of the two-part series which analyzes the two sides' militaries and available strategies. Belarus is also a key player.
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  • yonathan rakau
    yonathan rakau

    And then the brexit happened

  • Alex Schmidt
    Alex Schmidt

    Binkov: ''Russia might go into finnland, a little bit.'' Me, a half Russian: *Confused Screaming*

  • Baseball Dude
    Baseball Dude

    Europe divided is more likely. Some countries are pussies. Afraid of defending their morals.

  • Anestis K
    Anestis K

    The tanks his not stategic weapon, the aircraft and missiles it is.if EU make euroarmy they be the biggest in world in 20 years,EU Mebmers together have 20%biggest economy of usa only china have biggest

  • Pras Johnnathan
    Pras Johnnathan

    Russia just take 6000 nuclear to defeat eu

  • Notscripted HD
    Notscripted HD

    In 1941 germany alone almost killed ussr.. now imagine what all eu countries could do united

    • Alexandar Pesic
      Alexandar Pesic

      @Notscripted HD yeah they prepared for 5 years for a war against the major powers, but now, nobody in the EU (at least i hope so) is preparing for a major war. So no EU country today can reach the strength of 1941 germany.

    • Notscripted HD
      Notscripted HD

      @Alexandar Pesic after ww1 they were forced to scrap alot of their equipement but when hitler took over they began building ALOT of stuff again

    • Alexandar Pesic
      Alexandar Pesic

      yeah just compare germany from 1941 and germany from today. They had thousands of tanks, how many have they now? 250? And how many are actually working?

  • Mer Agic
    Mer Agic

    Russia:nuke time Binkov:nuh uh.

  • Limz Kun
    Limz Kun

    You thought only Russia against EU?? don't forget about Asian contingent and Southeast Asian 😂

  • bgcvetan

    Russia in this video seems rather overpowered, just look at the Russian army at Donbas to see the reality, it took just Ukraine to hold them back.

  • Ruud Kraan
    Ruud Kraan

    The EU IS NOTHING. We must have it from the Americans. Rusland takes EUROPA in one week.

    • BG21

      Especially now uk has left

  • G V
    G V

    Well, EU has many refugee manpower now to take the first hit at the front line. Good thinking of EU leaders to let them in!

  • Deniz The Бедный
    Deniz The Бедный

    Why Crimea shown as part of Ukraine?

  • eschdaddy

    Unfortunately, Russia's biggest Trump Card is Donald Trump... the traitor!

  • 张逸飞

    UK is out

  • Anton Slavik
    Anton Slavik

    6:04 lol

  • Anton Slavik
    Anton Slavik

    Lol, straight from the LGBT parade to the front line.

  • Slinger

    Why the EU vs russia and not nato without the US? Makes more sense, because nato is a military alliance and the EU is not.

  • NEDA_gameplay

    C pas égale 24 pay vs 1

  • Dogan Miner
    Dogan Miner

    European Union ? No. This is German empire and other countrys only colony.

  • Treeya Phadee
    Treeya Phadee

    UK is not Europe anymore

    • Treeya Phadee
      Treeya Phadee

      @Ahajqjkw Njwkwkwk anw OK

    • Ahajqjkw Njwkwkwk anw
      Ahajqjkw Njwkwkwk anw

      Treeya Phadee am from Russia uk will join us

  • thomas cooper
    thomas cooper

    Yea They would have to ask Germany for the advice.

  • Bleflar

    Now do a EU vs US battle.

  • Chistian

    Baratin. president

  • SilverBullet

    French will wave white flag Poland will be kicked Germany will be bulldozed Remaining central EU state will bow down after the first punch. That's my view.🤣

  • sentinel202

    EU is not a state! Germans, UK, French, Greci, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Belgium, Norwegian, Dutch, Finnish would not war-fight Russia ... These states have no reason to fight with Russia!

  • sentinel202

    Russian army VICTOR-VICTORY! Russian army 36 000 one thousand tanks ... Russian mobile SAM ANTI-STEALTH complex S-300/S400/S350, Pantsir S1, Tor, Tunguska, Sosna and more, more, more! Europe union nie je superstate-empire ... Some europe states would not go to war with Russia! Certainly even NATO states not all would go to Russia to fight! And Russian electronic warfare excellent jammer GPS-satellite communication military, infra-laser optic military, AWACS-AESA-PESA radars and more, more, more ... Aircraft are a military accessory only in wars! People they fight on continents no air!

  • cyka kamrade putin
    cyka kamrade putin

    Now without UK

  • Isaac Brown
    Isaac Brown

    The EU has even less firepower now that the UK have left the game

    • thomas cooper
      thomas cooper

      This is true,Eu would get there asses handed to them.

  • Jacob CPPS
    Jacob CPPS

    War with Russia Germany : so here’s how it’s gonna go down. 🗺

  • Mario Braga
    Mario Braga

    A Binkov ma che cazzo, dici sempre che vincerebbe l'Europa gli Usa, ma che cazzo stai a di.......

  • Sean Johnson
    Sean Johnson

    Why do i always end up subliminaly rooting for the underdog even if they are the aggressor.

  • FjellFinn

    An full EU alliance or european union? Because norway and switzerland are also in europe but not "the EU"

  • J.D. Goodwin
    J.D. Goodwin

    In reality you should eliminate the U.K. as a member of the E.U.. Additionally, if this conflict actually did arise the Russians could count on the United States to fight against the European Union from the Atlantic least until January 2021. That is Russia's biggest Trump card.

  • Aki Greus
    Aki Greus

    Numbers for a lot of things are off.

  • Alan Oh
    Alan Oh

    Bullshit Russia would be ripped apart by the eu, and would be a smaller nation as a result not a larger one

  • c3ku

    Hitler and Nopoleon laughs in cold.

  • Giovanni Tropiano
    Giovanni Tropiano

    You missed Giuseppe Garibaldi STOVL carrier (Harriers) for Italy

  • Kszaczek

    Like always Switzerland just watching

  • Cta2006

    You should uppdate this presentation without England and add the EFTA countries, like Norway, Iceland and Switzerland

  • Dynamic Professionals
    Dynamic Professionals

    the republic of ireland is a neutral non aligned state so would not be involved

  • black star
    black star

    You might as well make this a board game or something, cuz it's a fantasy.If Russia was the aggressor, the US would get involved & that would be game over for Russia.The only issue remaining would be how committed Russia is to using nukes when faced with losing a conventional war.That would be the deciding factor as to whether humanity is to survive or not, as the US response to ANY Russian nuke launch would be to try & obliterate ALL of Russias remaining nukes.

  • Gerald O'Hare
    Gerald O'Hare

    This is the historic American strategy. Wait until both sides are exhausted then move in.

  • captaingreek

    12:02 When you realize how big Greece's army is...especially compared to its size... ;)

    • captaingreek

      @Anand Erdenebat Numbers are not that important, but they still give an advantage otherwise Russia wouldn't stand a chance. Yes, I am from Greece but which period are you referring to? We have obligatory military service and we have special forces that are among the best in the world. So, I'm not sure what you're talking about.

    • Anand Erdenebat
      Anand Erdenebat

      @captaingreek i did and numbers are not that important in modern warfare. And back when? You ask. Like wtf are you even from Greece or not? You guys had one of the most well trained soldiers the world has ever seen.

    • captaingreek

      @Anand Erdenebat Back when? Dude did you even watch the video?

    • Anand Erdenebat
      Anand Erdenebat

      Sure you guys were strong and cool back then but now? Not really

  • krzyżakovsky

    we never known who really can win war, it is better that there is no war ever again

  • charlie miller
    charlie miller


  • aa bb
    aa bb

    The real problem is that Russia would close gas valves and rail and road. Europe doesn't have massive heavychemical industry integrated ports like Asian countries and cannot build LNG cryoships and icebreaking supertankers. The situation of European economy being landlocked is a real problem that cannot be solved in short time. Europe should build many more atomic powerplants and import ships from Korea.

  • Carlos Baltazar
    Carlos Baltazar

    Now Russia don't need Ukraine at all.. Russia all ready has the nort stream 2 pipe line Russia al ready has Crimea they have access to the black seal.. Russia don't need Ukraine .. But ukrain needs rusia..

  • Marian Drăgan
    Marian Drăgan

    Russia needs 1 week to reach Gibraltar.

  • rui barros
    rui barros

    Can't understand the month's time to move troops, every country can easely get civil road transportation ....a more plausible cenário would europe mobilise on a max of 2 mouths( from Portugal to Germany is less that a week by road.)

  • Drew Peacock
    Drew Peacock

    4:54 You forgot the Challenger 2 tank.

  • T B G
    T B G

    Russian spirit is very high, no changes to win, Plus, this is literly ONE country vs one CONTINENT

    • T B G
      T B G

      They do not provide, because they don’t want war, and waiting for winter and burning, I really big shit. Did you heard about Brest Krepiscze ? The people there runed out the hospitals to fight, the even Germany event came to Moscow, So why you are talking about winter? I was not in Siberia that you saying that Russia won. But why France didn’t win of Germany? Cause they where scared (France had strongest military of Europe), and Russia won, and more people died in Russia then in Germany, Napoleon attacked Russia too, but then he wanted peace, and what unfair asshole would fight whit an hole continent

  • Paolo Pischedda
    Paolo Pischedda

    L’Europa ha molte meno bombe nucleari rispetto alla Russia, tutti sanno quanto siano devastanti, perciò se la Russia cercasse di invadere l’Europa ed essa oppone resistenza, gli basterà dare un esempio usando le bombe nucleari con la arresa dell’Europa, perciò la Russia conquisterebbe molto facilmente l’Europa, ovviamente teoricamente parlando per gli amanti della tattica!

  • StayWokeTv


  • TUTEX11

    Winter won't save Russia now that we have global warming

    • T B G
      T B G

      Russian do not use THE WINTER

  • Илия Аббасова
    Илия Аббасова

    this is what napelon and hitler expected and hoped for but in the field when they faced the angry bear they found out that they were wrong

  • Олег Даршт
    Олег Даршт

    Всё решится не там! РК

  • KILLER 709
    KILLER 709

    What if nukes were allowed

  • Apo 58
    Apo 58

    You are all forgetting that Germany successfully invaded them in ww1 and not really in ww2 but this war still raped the Soviet Union and its aftermath consequences actually caused the fall of the Soviet Union, so ww2 was pretty bad for the soviets, more like the worst thing that’s could happen to them


    Phew.... i like to hear that

  • Kuzey Güney
    Kuzey Güney

    Russia is a European country lol