Every NFL Team's DIRTIEST Player Of All-Time
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Some NFL players just don’t know that there are lines you cannot cross.
Football is a physical and often violent sport. Injuries happen all the time. Freak accidents occur too. It’s part of the game.
But it’s worse when a player intends to injure another, especially when it happens on more than one occasion. All 32 NFL teams have had that ONE guy that just couldn’t learn how to keep it clean.
Here is the dirtiest player in the history of all 32 NFL teams.
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Host: Joe Biondo
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  • TPS

    Do you agree with all our selections???

    • Morceil Rollins
      Morceil Rollins

      TPS lewis wasn’t dirty

    • Dakota Houston
      Dakota Houston


    • india green
      india green


    • india green
      india green

      Not all Myles ferret

    • Aspect Clipz
      Aspect Clipz

      TPS no bitch ray lewis did not kill anyone

  • Jonathan Stephen
    Jonathan Stephen

    I totally agree with picking Butkis for the Bears. Might I offer an honorable mention for Ed O'Bradovich, a contemporary of Butkis?

  • rjascott

    I absolutely LOVE "he killed a guy, literally!"

  • Brian Gruenewald
    Brian Gruenewald

    TPS, I do enjoy your videos very much, but the comment about Ray Lewis being a literal killer was not only a low blow and disrespectful, but it is not factually accurate. He wanted no part in the incident, and any involvement in it was done out of self-defense. Also, as far as his “dirty play” on the field, he made sure every hit and tackle was clean, as well as legal. He knew how to play an aggressive style of defense that was purely professional, like a man amongst boys. He wouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame without his brilliant play style and powerful leadership. In short, #52 was not a dirty player. Far from it. So perhaps it would be worth looking into a different Ravens player who fits the “dirty player” bill. Thank you.

  • Ashlee Drake
    Ashlee Drake

    You forgot the ravens

    • gamelvr1

      No he didn't

  • Wes

    Hines ward was not the dirtiest it was def jack lambert

  • StormingCobra55

    James Harrison was dirtier than Ward. And Bill Romanowski should compete with Talib at least. He punched his teammate’s eye out.

  • Austin Wilson
    Austin Wilson

    No ray didn’t kill no one that actually got me mad

    • gamelvr1

      He was involved though

  • Davina Perret
    Davina Perret

    You were wrong about the broncos and Steelers. The broncos was Lyle Alzaldo and the Steelers was Joe Greene.

  • K P
    K P

    Deacon Jones was on the Brady bunch

  • Muffin Gang
    Muffin Gang

    3:50 wait it’s the 21st century?

    • gamelvr1

      Yes. Why are you confused

  • West N
    West N

    it was a lot more dirtier players than Jalen that played for Jacksonville and Brian Cushing was dirtier than AJ

  • L B
    L B

    Ok I’m a broncos fan but Bill Romanowski was way worse

  • Michael Bea
    Michael Bea

    So Ramsey’s a dirty player because he trash talks ???😂😂ok

    • West N
      West N

      Right he should’ve sad Donovin Darius

  • Jayden Hall
    Jayden Hall

    Steelers James Harrison

  • ItzNateDawg !
    ItzNateDawg !

    How in the WORLD is Steve Smith not on here?!?!?!

  • india green
    india green

    Jack lambert I’m her so n hoes talking

  • Tanner Burk
    Tanner Burk

    def think joe greene was dirtier than hines ward

  • Tadashi Yt
    Tadashi Yt

    Ab faked that he wasnt hurt that big ass baby

  • Davidmr2100

    Why are they all black

  • Ben Blasco
    Ben Blasco

    my church pastor used to play next to vontaze burfict at some point in his lifetime

  • Archer The Big Dog
    Archer The Big Dog

    I think the dirtiest player in Steelers history is really Jack Lambert. He is known for attacking quarterbacks and hitting players in dirty ways. And he also attacked a Dallas Cowboys player after he congratulated the Steelers kicker for missing a game-winning field goal.

  • Gavin Jones
    Gavin Jones

    My favorite teams dirtiest player is Gogan cowboys

  • dr. dana anden Anden
    dr. dana anden Anden

    3:09 and that’s why Antonio Brown retired and his brain is messed up

    • Tadashi Yt
      Tadashi Yt

      No he cant find a team bc he a clown

  • Vincent Brooks
    Vincent Brooks

    Y’all out of line for that ray Lewis comment he was never convicted

  • Ethan Laryea
    Ethan Laryea

    3:07 maybe that's why he went crazy

  • Carter McCalister
    Carter McCalister

    cleveland browns: tj ward miles garret: hold my beer

  • LucasBurgos31

    Raiders: The whole 1970-1980 team GO RAIDERS!!!

  • Lolitskaden1

    I think James Harrison for Pittsburgh

  • Jxst_sherry Jxst_sherry
    Jxst_sherry Jxst_sherry

    3 seasons 2010-12 in think that’s 2