Bunchie Young ♨️♨️ Fastest 10 Year Old in the Country ? Football & Track PHENOM : Los Angeles (CA)
Bunchie Young ♨️♨️ Fastest 10 Year Old in the Country ?? Football & Track PHENOM : Los Angeles California
Young Athlete Featured in the Super Bowl Commercial
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  • Satish Srinivasan
    Satish Srinivasan

    I look up to this kid. He is amazing

  • Carlasia Phillips
    Carlasia Phillips

    Challenge me into your challenge on Cheong bungee young

  • Chrispy Bacon
    Chrispy Bacon

    0:29 when your girl says she’s home alone

  • David Aguirre
    David Aguirre

    Todo malito

  • Xionッ

    Y’all saw that glitch 0:09

  • HDMI xL
    HDMI xL

    Song ????

  • gelial gorge
    gelial gorge

    Slow boy

  • Kalem Lewis
    Kalem Lewis


  • c ellison
    c ellison

    I hope he still gets to have fun as a kid too.

  • Rip Cameron Boyce
    Rip Cameron Boyce

    Isn't this the kid from the Superbowl commercial?

  • Yung Hive
    Yung Hive

    Who here after watching his super bowl ad??

  • Greg Nixon
    Greg Nixon

    He's fantastic. Looks like he is his own 529 plan.

  • tramptrick 2.o
    tramptrick 2.o

    He's fast like the flash

  • Benbtheog Yeye
    Benbtheog Yeye

    Bunchie young

  • Oscar Ramos
    Oscar Ramos

    My mom si not gana let me Getafe on football untell bill gray

  • bradlee sagas
    bradlee sagas

    this is a lie my best friend is 11 but when he was 10 he was 2x as fast as him

  • Crystal Sergent
    Crystal Sergent


  • TXURUS 77
    TXURUS 77

    I’m 10 as well I look up to this g man

  • Darlin Sanchez
    Darlin Sanchez

    2019 anyone?

  • Amarjit Kaur
    Amarjit Kaur

    Im faster 10 year old

    • Sarah ZHelper
      Sarah ZHelper

      Well this guy is about 13 or 14 now... so I don't think so

  • slimeball v
    slimeball v


  • Alwaz Carey
    Alwaz Carey

    luvv alwazzz music group

  • jasmine de los santos
    jasmine de los santos

    This kid might me fast but the is not even close to being as fast as my brothers SLOW BO

    • twitch slays
      twitch slays

      Kids knowere near as fast as me

  • Alwaz Carey
    Alwaz Carey

    alwazzz luv

  • Jamir Hall
    Jamir Hall

    He straight burnt the ref

  • OG.RIPPA305

    He not faster than the 8 years blaze

  • Nataliya Ivanenko
    Nataliya Ivanenko

    You are faster dan e porshe

  • ShutUpBum You suck
    ShutUpBum You suck

    I could be more of a football phenom if my dad actually worked with me instead of just telling me I need to work more when I was younger

  • drkmosquito

    Does this 10 year old have tattoos

  • Bryce Lor
    Bryce Lor

    0:05 me running after the ice cream truck

  • SportsMan

    Tyreek Hill as a kid

  • Alwaz Carey
    Alwaz Carey

    luv alwazzz

  • Aiylia a
    Aiylia a

    They just say he is fast, They never told us his time for 100m or something ! 😂

    • Lazar lazar
      Lazar lazar

      iii Katie you hatin ass i bet you can do half the things he does you know what 1 of the thing he does

  • Angelina Diaz
    Angelina Diaz

    No offense but he runs pretty funny 0:06 keep watching after this time and stop at 0:12 Like if you think he doesn't 👇

  • Jesse Oseni
    Jesse Oseni

    I am very fast and want to become faster than usual bolt and I might be able to beat him one race since I can beat like 16 year olds when I am just 10.

  • Alwaz Carey
    Alwaz Carey


  • Infinity youtuber
    Infinity youtuber

    What is the music in this vide??

  • The Toxin Symbiote
    The Toxin Symbiote

    Nah fam, he is using speed hacks

  • Fredashia Faison
    Fredashia Faison

    I wanna race u

  • vlad majorally
    vlad majorally

    When I was 10 I was watching Naruto and failing school.

  • dashawn _yd7
    dashawn _yd7

    He has like 5 hair colors

  • Daniel Vela
    Daniel Vela

    i saw this kid at the mall and he’s growing waves i’m not joking lmfao

  • Fonda Williams
    Fonda Williams

    He got speed but not faster than me

  • Marie Renelus
    Marie Renelus

    How is he the fastest when an 7 year old ram and faster 100 meter dash than him

  • MrUglyHairline

    I got 11.04 seconds in 100 m and I’m 11 is that fast?

  • ayden ake
    ayden ake

    Are you my friend

  • Shady Cleo
    Shady Cleo

    Why does he have writing on his arms

  • Berdy SaintCyr
    Berdy SaintCyr

    Im way faster

  • Alwaz Carey
    Alwaz Carey


  • Alwaz Carey
    Alwaz Carey

    thank you jesus

  • Evinspider derp
    Evinspider derp

    This dude vs blaze

  • zadxy

    That sounds like a challenge?? 1v1 age me 10 contestant 10 m claps his but

  • sports M Z
    sports M Z

    Bhai Tera 400 m ka kitna time aata hai

  • Ruboss 9
    Ruboss 9

    This kid has terrible technic his head is to high his arms are out

  • Alwaz Carey
    Alwaz Carey

    luv alwaz

  • Oscar Fetherlin
    Oscar Fetherlin

    You are rely good at football and like your hair color's

  • Irena Vojinov
    Irena Vojinov

    200m 12.7

  • Ako Morson
    Ako Morson

    My name is jahrique i fast than hem

  • kyonna davis
    kyonna davis

    Dang that boy fast

  • kolo shy
    kolo shy

    Not even faster than me