First Time in Poland | 48 Hours in Warsaw
Flying The Nest
Welcome to Poland everybody! This is our first experience here in this country and we are going to spend 48 hours in Warsaw to kick off this series.
After a few delays we finally arrived in Warsaw, so we checked into our hotel and headed out to the old town to get some Polish dumplings and traditional polish potatoe pancakes to end our first night.
The next day we headed out into the old town and saw
- Old Town Square
- Warsaw Castle
- University Campus of Warsaw library viewpoint
We then went up the bell tower in castle square which is a great view point to see the city. For lunch we headed out to the Koszyki Covered Market.
In the afternoon we headed out to The largest park in Warsaw Lazienki Krolewskie and went on a little water gondola ride.
To end our time in Warsaw we went out to the Nocny markets.
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  • theo theophanous
    theo theophanous

    went to Warsaw and Krakow last July, loved the place, people are not so friendly don't know if it's to do with the war if it is cannot blame them, love from Cyprus

  • TheBalcerman

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="84">1:24</a> - you say: "alrighty, first time stepping in to Old Town" when you actually leaving Old Town and entering so called New Town (which is old too but build much later) Old Town is behind your back when you say that. :-) Excellent video.

  • Wiktor Sadowski
    Wiktor Sadowski

    Aż miło się ogląda komentarze i filmik bo chwalą polske

  • Zeny Chen
    Zeny Chen

    I love your videos it makes me happy during quarantine days

  • Gal Anonimous
    Gal Anonimous

    Its so strange my country is interesting for foreigners...

  • Maleesha You are right but
    Maleesha You are right but

    I've got the chance to be friend with someone from poland and she's one of the most incredible human beings I've talked to. Watching this video gave me a small idea on how she got the most impeccable tastes in life. Let's go Polanddddddd 🇵🇱 hope everyone is safe during this difficult time. My prayers are with you people Also I know how to say Tak Nie and Kurwa. My friend taught me of course

  • Dominika

    I feel really honoured to live in such beautiful country! Love

  • Rav The Slav
    Rav The Slav

    Im polish and I’m crying I didn’t know so much people loved our country thank you all Have some pierogi 🥟

  • Chainer D
    Chainer D

    to se teraz kurwa nie pochodzisz po warszawie

  • Arroweq

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  • FreezyGrizzly

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="244">04:04</a> its a german instrument it has nothing to do with polish tradition

  • Reese Pawluk
    Reese Pawluk

    I’m from Poland and this makes me happy to see a positive review from your trip🤗

  • Forza Horizon 4
    Forza Horizon 4

    Kto z polski ? 😊

  • Jan Kowalski
    Jan Kowalski

    Poland is clean country and safety, because Poland is free of imigrant.

    • Li

      PiS ściąga hołotę z całego świata. Masa z nich ma umowy tymczasowe co prawda ale masa ma pobyt stały. Taka ciekawostka.

  • Mohmmad Alotaibi
    Mohmmad Alotaibi

    Visit Saudi Arabia

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    Josh l

    Great video , how much to spend aboout a week in warsaw in Aussie dollars? Greetings from Sydney

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    Gaming Wiśnia

    4.13 Is not traditional polish instrument

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    blanke 03

    ja nie znam tego instrumentu xd greetings from poland


    Witam w Polsce

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  • Wiktor Wesolowski
    Wiktor Wesolowski

    Love you Poland 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

  • Jeff Kydd
    Jeff Kydd

    Great music choices 💯 can i get a list of them?? Thank you in advance keep safe..

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    Genesis lepsze

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  • MeeHoww

    Thank you for visiting Poland! Hope you enjoyed it!

  • 13dziadek

    the sighn says that it was distoyed in 1944 and rebuild in 1951-53 just saying

  • Paul Bilski
    Paul Bilski

    This is so exciting! It's Smolna 14, I used to live there when I was a kid.

  • Jim Berg
    Jim Berg


    • Li

      Its a myth. Stop watching media.

  • Julia Jordan
    Julia Jordan

    That’s so nice! I’m from Poland❤️ Love your vlogs😛

  • Barbara Ci
    Barbara Ci

    Well done guys.

  • Pizzeria Verona
    Pizzeria Verona

    I love Poland, you can walk freely at night without getting mugged by a migrant, only safe country in Europe ❤️

  • DakiDollar

    Guys... "Zapiecek" are the worst dumplings you could ever get -_-

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    Dariusz Nowak

    Polish nazi , rasisct , fascist .

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    Don Trunten

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    Lost at Sea

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  • paweł siema
    paweł siema

    Great video, but those "dumplings" aren't exactly dumplings but "pierogies" because it is the polish version. :)

  • Hanna Fox
    Hanna Fox

    Wow! Please can you tell me where I can get the jumper from <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="8">00:08</a>? It is amazing!

    • Flying The Nest
      Flying The Nest

      H&M ☺️

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    Fałszywy Dembski

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    Christine Raymond

    Thank You both so much for sharing this wonderful and amazing journey - I have really appreciated watching this video and it has inspired me greatly - I have some friends living in Warsaw, and this video has just made up my mind to take a journey there - really very appreciative of your explanations, your wonderful photography and the way you have choreographed the video together. I have subscribed and would really like to see the other parts of Poland that you visit. Have an awesome journey - may I ask what time of the year you travelled there? And also the name of the Bed and Breakfast that stayed at in Warsaw? Congratulations on a superb travel dialogue!!! Hello from NZ!

  • Zalmi Khan
    Zalmi Khan

    I love to study in poland.I have applied for poland government scholarship.hoping for the best

  • Tomasz Falkowski
    Tomasz Falkowski

    Go to Gdansk there are so many places to visit in Poland

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    Trele Morele

    lololo jakbys wyszła troche dalej poza centrum TAM sie własnie zaczyna PRAWDZIWA Warszawa

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    Jan Berlinsk

    I am from poland

  • Владимир Иваненко
    Владимир Иваненко

    Poland is responsible for mass murdering in WW2 and even after. Ectualy they are part of polish death camps not germans only. Two grate writers from Polan revealed the truth Jan Gross and Barbara Engelking

  • David C
    David C

    The actual reason you like Poland so much is because it does not have "cultural enrichment" and "future engineers". You actually love to be around other white people.

  • Lydia survior Bcd
    Lydia survior Bcd

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  • Lydia survior Bcd
    Lydia survior Bcd

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  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith

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  • Taylor L
    Taylor L

    i’m so excited, i’m half polish living in canada, and at the university of Warsaw they take international students to do classes in english. Straight out of high school i’m gonna be going to warsaw to study there. I’ll be living there for 5 years. i’m so exited to see the place my mom grew up.

  • kingoshka

    First time on your channel, but as a polish person i'm really glad that you enjoyed your stay! Little known fact: the street (Mostowa) you were passing by at the beginning of the video (<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="102">1:42</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="548">9:08</a>) is very often used in polish films (e.g. Miasto 44 about Warsaw Uprising). I could also recommend going to Warsaw Rising Museum if you're interested in history :)

  • Agata Płocka
    Agata Płocka

    Thank you for this beautiful video of my city. Poland is the best

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    Shveta Ji

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    But why

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    Triple 675

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    Dariusz Carlovb

    Now You finally now what means safe country. I' sorry for Yours !!

  • Kenneth H
    Kenneth H

    Liked this very much, but we call them perogies (pieroszki) in Ontario and we love Sho-pan (Chopin) too.

  • Elie Saad
    Elie Saad

    How could you go to warsaw and not mention how racist and mean the people are?

  • adiboss1

    war ends in 1945* small mistake ;)

  • Nikopol Helios
    Nikopol Helios

    Only 48 h only in old town?! Are you serious? Go wild, take car, go for a 2 weeks in travel around Poland for yourself. Old Town in Warsaw? Just go to other cities, and any places in Poland. No turistic travel, go anywhere. This what you seen is just maybe 0.00000001% of what you can see.

  • Andrzej Ochnio
    Andrzej Ochnio

    Just like Rocks in Sydney maybe lil bit on a larger scale:) Thanks guys for painting my city sooooo nicely:):):)

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    Anna Sornat

    i can talk polish yes=tak no=nie

    • Mr Potato's memes
      Mr Potato's memes


  • King

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    greetings from Warsaw :) living here is so fun! Warsaw and Tricity are my all time favorites! ❤️

  • cc131195

    I want to visit poland. I want to see the history there from the holocaust and just seeing how they were able to restore and flourish. Something about the history of the holocaust really interest me

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    Sylwia Zmysłowska

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