Fitzpatrick's Fabulous Presser 'Stay Humble & Not Let Wins Change Who We Are' 😂
Looking slick on and off the field, Ryan Fitzpatrick speaks to the media after his Week 2 victory. The Philadelphia Eagles take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during Week 2 of the 2018 NFL season.
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    Here after sending the pats to third seed

  • Edgar Rex
    Edgar Rex

    Hahaha is Conor FitzGregor 😂😂😂

  • Michael Tanguy
    Michael Tanguy

    Thanks for the memories, Fitzmagic.

  • BigTrow1997

    FITTZMAGIC!! Gonna buy his jersey!!!! Go Bucs!

    • Giants Crazy
      Giants Crazy

      BigTrow1997 y’all seem to love last place!

  • Jamorius Ducksworth
    Jamorius Ducksworth

    Ryan McGregor

  • Artifacts407

    The same people screaming to keep this guy playing and to get rid of Winston will be screaming the opposite when this guy starts choking.

    • Giants Crazy
      Giants Crazy

      Artifacts407 YES SIR

  • Jason Rodriguez
    Jason Rodriguez

    I don't know how he kept such a straight face and say " Just stay humble. And we cant change who we are!!!" lmao

  • Oscar Diaz
    Oscar Diaz


  • Curtis 23
    Curtis 23

    Lol He's ready

  • Conor D
    Conor D

    Shoulda beat the steelers when he was with the bills. Dropped pass right in the end zone.

  • Eric Newton
    Eric Newton

    What a poker face

  • Jerry Mander
    Jerry Mander

    Kirk Cousins likes that.

  • Boss


  • William F. Buckley Jr
    William F. Buckley Jr

    Great job, Fitzie-Witzie. Now. 100,000 things have to happen in order for you and your beard to win a Super Bowl, and you're on #6. Good Luck, thrower.

  • Hero 3
    Hero 3

    Jackson loves this guy.

  • shabodog

    I wish someone asked him about Mayweather fight.

  • Fluffy Bunny
    Fluffy Bunny

    We might have lost Sunday, but do you know who the real loser was? Jameis Winston. Fitzmagic coming for that job. Believe it.

  • skorpyo33

    Is that Connor Mcgregor the 2nd.

  • sloe moe
    sloe moe

    John wicks next enemy 😬

  • Puddin127

    Glad this dude is finally getting the coverage he deserves. Been a fan of his for a while and I think the only team he hasn't played on is mine haha

  • josh cnut
    josh cnut

    Time to put Winston on the trading block

  • josh cnut
    josh cnut

    91 dislikes must be Eagle fans

  • Scott Hupke
    Scott Hupke

    This guys a riot!

  • ant dolla
    ant dolla

    5:31 fitzmagic will live forever come on over to the jags anytime brotha

    • ant dolla
      ant dolla

      you gonna have to sit behind bortles but you more than welcome fam

  • Sted

    Lol I love it!

  • mr xam916
    mr xam916

    5k likes and 91 dislikes. People hating for no reason. He deserves the success. Im happy for him.

    • mr xam916
      mr xam916

      William F. Buckley Jr 😂😂😂

    • William F. Buckley Jr
      William F. Buckley Jr

      He "deserves" the success. Were you one of those male cheerleaders??

  • micah mackenzie
    micah mackenzie

    This is what confidence looks like.

  • 1cent

    His ensemble looks awesome!!!

  • Mr. Man
    Mr. Man

    Go Rays!

  • Darren MM
    Darren MM


  • Brian Ring
    Brian Ring

    Love this guy. He really has a blast playing. He is fun to watch. A blue-collar Harvard Grad?

  • Adrenaline Crew
    Adrenaline Crew

    so awesome. stay with it dude

  • Mike Loman
    Mike Loman

    glad he is having fun. this will come crashing down on his head in a few weeks. Bucs 6-10

  • Nick Fury
    Nick Fury

    Wakanda Forever!!!

  • David Stephens
    David Stephens

    The nets squandered him

  • Ryan gst
    Ryan gst

    wannabe Connor McGregor

  • Jason Trosclair
    Jason Trosclair

    Respect ⚜️

  • K & K Melvin
    K & K Melvin

    You can call him magic, in houston they called him fitztragic, and thats who is about to show up

  • Dave M
    Dave M

    This is the type of NFL career you want mostly backup gigs make millions and get to be a starter occasionally

  • Fernando Quiroz
    Fernando Quiroz

    For a minute there I thought he was going to say “FOOK YOU”

  • RJ RJ
    RJ RJ

    Looks like he's the man now

  • Joe Wisniewski
    Joe Wisniewski

    When he retires, he needs to get into coaching.

  • MyEnemy

    CNN will cry cultural appropriation.

  • Eddy Alvarez
    Eddy Alvarez

    Winston back to stealing crab legs.

  • ben og
    ben og

    I truly hope he keeps the job and continues killing it both during and after games. He seems fun, humble, and realistic.

  • TigersTeeth

    when did Conor McGregor get in the NFL?

  • Chris Harmon
    Chris Harmon

    Is this an SNL skit that didn't make the cut for the live show?

  • Im a pug
    Im a pug

    The one man wolf pack

  • Erin Weatherly
    Erin Weatherly

    Looks like Ryan Dunn

  • sailus gamsey
    sailus gamsey

    People so basic in comments. They see a white guy with a beard and aviators on and its Conner... lamos he’s himself doing his thang

  • Simple2Cripple

    Mgks dad?

  • Jeff Takes Disney
    Jeff Takes Disney


  • Robert Sterling
    Robert Sterling

    This looks like McGregors older drunken brother


    Tampa Bay Buccaneers are rocking it this year

  • Chilling10680

    Brady is done. Fitzpatrick? No, more like FitzpatGOAT.

  • Moto GP
    Moto GP

    It’s FITZMAGIC In the air...

  • TopShonuff

    Why is the media laughing at him? It's not like he's all cocky like Conor McGregor. I think Jameis Winston will be back up for a while cause of the Uber Incident. I'm sure a lot of Fans are writing and Twittering about Jameis making the Bucs look bad Off the Field.

  • Arcade Bugeye
    Arcade Bugeye

    Fitzpatrick > Brady

  • I sell rocks
    I sell rocks

    He must be a big fan of Connor Mcgregor

  • Dan F
    Dan F

    Im having good visions of Brad Johnson 03-04.