Game Theory: Can a Goose DESTROY YOUR LIFE? (Untitled Goose Game)
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Untitled Goose Game is a gem no one anticipated. I've seen a few theories floating around about this game but there was one question none of them answered. Is a real life goose smart enough to accomplish what the feathered protagonist of Untitled Goose Game does? Yes, I really want to know. Get your feathers ready, Theorists. Today, we will calculate the IQ of a goose!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Researchers: Jason Parker and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Sh0elessTyrant _
    Sh0elessTyrant _

    16 figures

  • utilizator500

    You want the answer without all the useless stuff? There you go: 13:52

  • improvized gaming
    improvized gaming

    I'm at 3:01 when he asks the question and my answer is 1700 because all the numbers he liked were greater than the other for example 228 or 227 EDIT:and the last question is either 9 or 10

  • Conrad Acosta
    Conrad Acosta

    there are 14 squares

  • Gachax V
    Gachax V

    When you live in the places mentioned Me: UoU

  • Lamz FAZZA
    Lamz FAZZA


  • Aiden Fischer
    Aiden Fischer

    1:15 King Dedede???

  • Imani Hollie
    Imani Hollie


  • Griffin Engle
    Griffin Engle

    2:53 he would choose 17000

  • ALittleBitOf Gacha
    ALittleBitOf Gacha

    1700 because he apparently likes odd numbers

  • Daily K
    Daily K

    1700 it has an odd number in it

  • Kim Vassas
    Kim Vassas


  • Kim Vassas
    Kim Vassas


  • Fusion Blade
    Fusion Blade

    Hey gooses don’t quack they Hÿonk

  • BulletBill110

    1600 cause it’s a perfect square

  • Senpai Sam
    Senpai Sam

    I think the answer is 1700. I think this because the numbers 169, 900, and 225 all have 1 odd number in them. But, the numbers 166, 800, and 224 all only consist of even numbers

    • Senpai Sam
      Senpai Sam

      I got it right but with wrong reasoning ;-;

  • mlp fnaf W
    mlp fnaf W


  • doty19

    I got 22 four-sided figures. Now I'll only be waiting for actually smart people to tell me I'm wrong and why... also did similar thing on a math competition when i was 8 yo

  • Blue Ninja Gamer
    Blue Ninja Gamer

    Well when the player plays the game (example Dantdm he tried some of the tasks WITH TRIAL AND ERROR. THIS IS POSSIBLE.

  • Romie Craig
    Romie Craig

    He likes 1700 easy, it's odd and it comes after 1600

  • abyssinia3

    Just jocking the answer is 1600

  • abyssinia3

    Answer 1700

  • Kenneth Mount
    Kenneth Mount

    But that's what I think

  • Kenneth Mount
    Kenneth Mount

    None because they are all touching

  • Kenneth Mount
    Kenneth Mount

    I think I have the answer to the final question

  • • Nia- nee •
    • Nia- nee •

    So,,, half life:alyx theory when?

  • Jai evan breen Breen
    Jai evan breen Breen

    1700 they like the bigger numbers

  • Nam 'S
    Nam 'S

    Cutting your bush ✂ and spilling your tea 🍵

  • Ho_ohwithglasses Boom
    Ho_ohwithglasses Boom

    1600 is my guess let’s see if I’m right

  • Dymond Zupanc
    Dymond Zupanc

    I have a pet goose. A Toulouse goose. He's a nightmare and has learned to undo locks