Geography Now! POLAND (ft. Art Napiontek & Commonwealth Realm)
Geography Now
Get ready because this episode is going to be incredibly Slavic.
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  • Geography Now
    Geography Now

    Whoa I think this is the most slapstick-violent and bleep-profane video we've ever done. CONGRATS POLAND! And Thanks Art and Konrad for guest starring! Also - Whoa misspelled "Holocaust" sorry.

    • Marius Baltazar Rozenberg-Holszanski
      Marius Baltazar Rozenberg-Holszanski

      @Szymon Stanik Piece of cake. Next? As well as Polish being my first language (of 5) I used to teach it and I also interpret and translate . . .

    • Szymon Stanik
      Szymon Stanik

      Guys I have a challenge for you I'm from poland and I have a word you'll never read This word is pięćdziesięciogroszówka it's means 50 cents

    • Casper K
      Casper K


    • Magda Ty
      Magda Ty

      @Tomasz Wawryk który uciekł i było co prawda coś takiego jak la drôle de guerre ale w sumie wierzyć w dzielny naród francuski nigdy nie przestaliśmy...

    • Marius Baltazar Rozenberg-Holszanski
      Marius Baltazar Rozenberg-Holszanski

      Oceans of Love to Barbi & Art.

  • Lastardczyk

    ok I found out that in english "Wisła" is pronounced Vistula and it kinda hurt. Also i dont really get how the fuck you translate "Żurek" to Sour Rye Soup (Not blaming you specifically)

  • Konrad Nicia
    Konrad Nicia

    Sudety is not part of Karpaty

  • Szymon Kania
    Szymon Kania

    This guy in grey shirt looks like definition of Chad

  • Oscar Wind
    Oscar Wind

    The Wolverine of Europe.

  • CzaRR odziej
    CzaRR odziej

    Mazuria-prussia xDDD AHHAHAAHH

  • Jędrzej Małachowski
    Jędrzej Małachowski

    lamo KOPERNIK born in poland in toruń. but exept this good film

  • Mateusz Połubiński
    Mateusz Połubiński

    Some mistakes

  • Alkesander Wróbel
    Alkesander Wróbel

    hej jestem z polski i pozdrawiam :3

  • koziolek

    I'm from poland

  • Obek

    I'm from poland. This is polish: W Szczebrzeszynie chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie. Biedronka - codziennie niskie ceny. Try read that

  • panmagikXD 2.0
    panmagikXD 2.0


  • Deon_

    i like kabanosy and pierogi

  • It's Carmel Love
    It's Carmel Love


  • Ritt

    And ofc plenty of people from Poland being proud of it being here like it won some epic competition or something. I am from Poland and i kind of dont feel nice that people react like this.. or should i say - overreact

  • \ _MiLuX_ /
    \ _MiLuX_ /

    Polska auu

  • Acro

    random fact: in France they have a proverb ,,drunk like a polish man'', but it is not actually said as bad, they say it as a fact, that polish people are so brave that they look like they are drunk in a battle XD

  • Acro

    Poland was the only country that managed to make Moscow surrender (only for a couple of days, which makes Russians realy angry at us XD), that is one of the most important things in our history (yes, i am polish), my country has a lot of history and i hope that it will expand.

    • Dziki z lasu
      Dziki z lasu

      For two years ;)

  • NubDiePieYT

    How to angry a polish: Its Danzig not Gdansk

  • realJacob

    I'm from Poland

  • Boba Fet
    Boba Fet

    Rly good kurwa

  • mrpthc1

    panie nie chialem tego pisac ale debili kim jest Polawski Kosciuszko ?

  • LewJak

    Nie ma to jak dowiedzieć sie czegoś ciekawego o swoim państwie od zagranicznego youtubera

  • disco olek
    disco olek

    I from Poland

  • Szymon Sarzynski
    Szymon Sarzynski

    Im from poland.

  • mirymor

    If enyone speaks about Poland and said about catolick tv it means hes speek all. Quaite a reaserch. Thenks for this video!

  • mavi3k

    as a Pole I gotta say I live this video

  • Cap am
    Cap am

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="227">3:47</a> its Errant Rocks im from poland to btw

  • Joanna Pieczyńska
    Joanna Pieczyńska

    Pomerania XDDDDDDD Pomorze is't dog XD

  • Headder Gott
    Headder Gott

    "and a bear who fought in ww2!" *shows a picture of a bear sittin next to a dude with a Fallshirmjäger helmet"

  • towarzysz borsuk 06
    towarzysz borsuk 06

    Kuyavian not Masuria

  • Martyna Nowak
    Martyna Nowak

    Pozdrawiam Polaków

  • _ blunetka _
    _ blunetka _

    why am I watching facts about Poland knowing all of that like dude I am polish

  • Linh Đặng
    Linh Đặng

    Finally the first video about Poland I have ever watched which doesn't mention the word kurwa lol Big respect to Poland from your non-European friend Vietnam :D

  • Agnieszka Kopacz
    Agnieszka Kopacz

    j from polend

  • Cherrysaudi

    Sometimes I watch this at 2am and I forget I’m polish.

  • Paweł Rat.
    Paweł Rat.

    Only poland ocupated moscow

  • Maksymilian Świrski
    Maksymilian Świrski

    those aren't polish voivodeships, i mean some of them are, but you got like only a half right... A for effort

  • Albert Kakol
    Albert Kakol

    well we got gas from russia...

  • Małgorzata Goworek-Błońska
    Małgorzata Goworek-Błońska

    Kto z Polski??

  • Blzzej

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="260">4:20</a> funny thing is that in polish "moszna" means "scrotum"

  • Xgamer

    Kto jest z polski Like!

  • Matthew

    Greetings from poland!

  • Honda CRV
    Honda CRV

    Vodka Pierogis Bagels Kielbasa

  • Honda CRV
    Honda CRV

    Bison hamburgers are delicious.

  • Igor Dykczyński
    Igor Dykczyński

    Ja jestem z Polski

  • Rafal Wypukoł
    Rafal Wypukoł

    Kto z Polski?

  • Piotrek Niczyporuk
    Piotrek Niczyporuk


  • Roza Brylewicz
    Roza Brylewicz

    I'm polish

  • Mxn77

    Me : Hi Polish girl : Siema Me : .....

  • Bi Cheeseツ
    Bi Cheeseツ

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="869">14:29</a> not to be rude but... That kurva horse is motherfucking scary °-°

  • Rattlehead

    How can you say about Polish music without mentioning Vader as one of the greatest death metal bands on Earth.

  • Elegancka Kaczka
    Elegancka Kaczka

    polska kurła raz dwa trzy ze śląska jestem

  • Josh Ortuño
    Josh Ortuño

    Polonia is Poland in Spanish

  • Yaacov Davidowitz
    Yaacov Davidowitz

    In the notable sites section, there are much nicer synagogues than the ones you highlighted, and also you should've mentioned more of the concentration/death camps besides Auschwitz.

  • Kamil Kroner
    Kamil Kroner

    Polska kurwa

  • Vito 77
    Vito 77

    Niech ktoś polskie napisy

  • Dominika Borek
    Dominika Borek

    I don't know why but when i heard name Vistula I just laugh😂. Because it's different than polish name of river Wisła

  • Katherine Davey
    Katherine Davey

    So, Poland is basically Europes punching bag

  • T. Kinga
    T. Kinga

    When I was little my dad always told me that the polish men are good friends. So when I had a chance, I gave a lecture in class on Poland. Because I really love them!

  • Cecylia Piskorska
    Cecylia Piskorska

    Hearing all the names of places in English I was very confused, I had no idea what you were talking about a few times 😂 most of them aren’t even close to the originals, but understandably I guess, Polish is difficult.

  • Erik Zatkovic
    Erik Zatkovic

    slovakia ppplllz

  • Karolina Łaguna
    Karolina Łaguna

    I'm from Poland

  • GACY

    Love Hungary ❤️

  • GACY

    Witcher is from poland 🇵🇱

  • GACY

    I love americans jokes about poland xD

  • GACY

    What about Schabowy?!

  • GACY

    and ,,kurwa” is the most popular baw word in the world!

  • Alga

    Jan Matejko is painter not musician

  • The Double Nickel
    The Double Nickel

    Art is what you get if Cameron Monaghan took a bunch of steroids and wielded battle axes.

  • kaqi_

    Plz donieck next video

  • Zuziaczeq

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="344">5:44</a> As polish girl I can say that u are so funny when u are trying to read "noteć", "warta", "szczecin". I know thats hard, thats why I'm appreciate it.

  • Tomsku

    hey f that guy <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="32">0:32</a>

  • Olaf Magdziak
    Olaf Magdziak

    Im Polish to ja jestem z Polski

  • WP ME M B
    WP ME M B

    Spoko film🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

  • Hugh Jass
    Hugh Jass

    hehe moszna means scrotum

  • Filmy dla Ciebie
    Filmy dla Ciebie

    Co ty ok kutwa za bzdury opowiadasz

  • Modol

    Poland be like:

  • gg454lune

    Stanislas Leszczynski was King of Poland before he became the last Duke of Lorraine. His daughter married the French King Louis XV and he built a castle in my town. This is the castle you can see on my profile picture. My region will always be a bit connected to Poland.

  • Michał Misterski
    Michał Misterski

    Copernikus was polish men

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