HIGHLIGHTS | Canelo vs. Sergey Kovalev
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  • Erick Gomez-Mendez
    Erick Gomez-Mendez

    I’m still waiting for 5th gear . Canelo:ight I’m about to knock him out!!!! 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

    • hij

      @whole27 Okay brother. I apologize for calling you black.

    • whole27

      @hij why would you think i am black? I am an objective Asian.

    • hij

      @whole27 You're black aren't youm

    • Goodies Godson
      Goodies Godson

      roberto5red5rocky: But Mayweather beat him and Mayweather is old fighter.

    • Goodies Godson
      Goodies Godson

      whole27: It was Canelo game plan to allow Kovalev do the works and get tired while he will knock him out. Kovalev usually get tired after 7th rounds and if you count how many thrown you will see he throw far much that those that hit Canelo. It is not fixed to me.

  • LosAngeles822

    Man this fight makes me want to see canelo vs andre ward.

  • Yahir Mendo
    Yahir Mendo

    Kovalev almost won more rounds than canelo

  • Pedro Magallanes
    Pedro Magallanes


  • 8525sulie

    The king pfp#1

  • Gama Sanchez
    Gama Sanchez



    So this ref waved off the fight instantly and the other ref didn't wave off fury like that....bs

  • Boardzy Lover
    Boardzy Lover

    Canelo do be lookin cool in that 6th grade neon doe.

  • Vang Teng
    Vang Teng

    Canelo fight like floyd...

  • Smiley Santana
    Smiley Santana

    Brilliant combination, absolutely brilliant performance!

  • The Prince
    The Prince

    Who else noticed that Canelo fought sergey the same way that maywether fought connor, with the same forwards steps and the hands up.

  • Nidia Fandino
    Nidia Fandino

    Se ofendió tanto el canelita alvarita q dijo que le había ganado porque floy compró la pelea pobre canelita alvarita le dio rabia q le dieron en la jeta

  • Nidia Fandino
    Nidia Fandino

    Solo gana porque enfrenta pastelitos con floy se cago y le pegaro je

  • The GameGirl
    The GameGirl

    Fake champ this Canela 👊😂😂😂

  • EXC Cheif
    EXC Cheif

    Viva Mexico am epifanio Alvarez I know canelo

  • NightsPhenom712

    Kovalev gassed out since he didn’t have enough time to recover from his last fight. He got lazy with his jabs at the end and then gets demolished.

    • Alex Gonzales
      Alex Gonzales

      @NightsPhenom712 don’t recall Holyfield having speech problems,neither does Lenox Lewis but yea I agree some do but how does that excuse the fact that people say 4 months is not enough time to recover when Holyfield was 100% 3 months after fighting Tyson,you will get Brian damage regardless of how long you take all it takes is one ko and it can affect you forever.

    • NightsPhenom712

      Alex Gonzales most of these fighters have speech issues since they did back to back wars buddy. There’s a reason why most elite fighters only fight once or twice a year

    • Alex Gonzales
      Alex Gonzales

      @NightsPhenom712 yea use your brain fighters like sugar ray Leonard,Evander Holyfield ans Lenox Lewis have been through wars and still fought 3months later yea use your head was the right term use your head to see the bs excuse people use to discredit Canelo 😂🤦‍♂️.

    • NightsPhenom712

      Alex Gonzales how much energy did wilder waste his fight and how much did Kovalev waste? Use your brain

    • Alex Gonzales
      Alex Gonzales

      He didn’t have enough time?wilder is fighting after three months rested less time than kovalev did and is not making excuses

  • NightsPhenom712

    This makes you wonder how strong Triple G’s chin really is

  • Bigi57

    Because of this fight ain’t nobody trying to fight Canelo 😂😂😅🤯

  • Tomás Enrique Navarro Aguirre
    Tomás Enrique Navarro Aguirre

    Gracias DAZN USA por presentar tan buenos resúmenes poco después de terminados los combates.

  • trading en vivo
    trading en vivo

    El mejor canelo Álvarez. Ojalá sea con Goliat que pelee.

  • Scott Tyson
    Scott Tyson

    Sergey had to take the fight too soon..

  • Anik Mishra
    Anik Mishra

    That was Beautiful 🤯💣❤♥️😌

  • MAG

    As a canelo fan he’s lucky he got the KO , he was losing this fight in my eyes.

  • Thomas Limbu
    Thomas Limbu

    I like how this highlight made it look like canelo was controlling the fight but if you watched it live, it was very close, matter of fact I thought kovalev was winning the fight.

  • OB NYC
    OB NYC

    Boy is ducking boo boo Andrade though

    • Luis Murillo
      Luis Murillo

      Andrade would get killed let's be honest, nowhere near Canelo's level.

  • Michael Collins
    Michael Collins

    Roid boy kos an aging giant Kovalev is the best light heavy of this generation!

  • Charles Baker
    Charles Baker

    Kovalev took a dive

  • A Ww
    A Ww


  • John Oliver
    John Oliver

    For all you conspiracy theory fake boxing fans and lame fight reporters, the reason Kovalev was timid and cautious in this bout unusually because he was following Buddy’s instructions cause Mc Girt and Sergey knew if they had come out Firing blaze a glory he would’ve been KOd 5 or 6 rounds earlier! Canelo eats up aggression with counter punishment opportunities! 👅 remember all you fakers?

  • shaheed brown
    shaheed brown


  • 5trezip23

    What a ko. Canelo is the man. Super respectful always too.

  • Loski

    After an L to a prime Mayweather canelo fights 35+ year olds who ain’t the same 😂 might as well fight Andre ward

    • Cranium Kryptonite
      Cranium Kryptonite

      Look at Marquez,he fought & beat Diaz twice!. And Marquez was more advanced in years than Diaz!

  • Songho Park
    Songho Park


  • Slam

    Love Canelo.

  • Barry Robinson
    Barry Robinson

    I wish Canelo could have been at 168 when they had the Super Six Tournament. True story would be revealed.

  • Raul Ayala
    Raul Ayala

    If I don't see Kovalev fight again after the Canelo lost, I feel Kovalev was paid off to lose. So Kovalev took a large losing prize to retired if he doesn't come back. I would love to see Canelo fight DeAndre or Belov instead of Kovalev. If Canelo believes he won fair and square don't believe it. It was a big rip off for the real fighting fans around the world. I'm not a Canelo hater and I don't also like Canelo saying he already beat GGG twice, and he knows it's one for him and one for GGG. I want to see a Third fight between GGG & Canelo period.

  • leni santana martinez.
    leni santana martinez.

    Con anthony garde esa fue una guerra no un relajo

    • Luis anibal2
      Luis anibal2

      Asi mismo hizo cuando enfrento a ggg en sparring

    • Luis anibal2
      Luis anibal2

      leni santana martinez. Anthony yarde no es canelo . Kovalev le tenia miedo a canelo por pegarle al cuerpo

  • Agusttin Heredia
    Agusttin Heredia

    Canelo is a lie.


    What about canelo vs Manny pac man Pacquiao??

  • Ho Lee Fock
    Ho Lee Fock

    DAZN give us Canelo vs Mayweather 2. The fans want this more than anything!

  • Ho Lee Fock
    Ho Lee Fock

    I respect Canelo tremendously for moving up weight classes like he did. Unbelievable

  • ZacMex 707
    ZacMex 707

    Look at that beautiful gorgeous badass mexican flag waving!!!!!!!!!!!


    Well deserved

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia

    He needs to fight Yarde

  • Luke Aiono
    Luke Aiono

    The fact that this guy could move up 2 weight classes and have a KO over one of the best light heavyweights puts him #1 P4P to me. You see people like Mikey Garcia trying to do the same vs Spence but they just don't have the same "it" factor. To me, at least XD.

  • Jorge Garcia
    Jorge Garcia

    CANELO #1

  • Erika Orozco
    Erika Orozco

    Team canelo viva Mexico 🇲🇽

  • alex sim
    alex sim

    Серегу на пенсию

  • Robert Aguilar IV
    Robert Aguilar IV

    He said, "Tecate".

  • Chips with The dip
    Chips with The dip

    Canelo va jake Paul

  • Hugo Garcia
    Hugo Garcia

    I am a fan. True boxing skills and IQ. He redeemed his loss to Mayweather!

  • ACR

    This is why he is the superstar of the sport.

  • Southside Lakers 13
    Southside Lakers 13

    Es todo mi Canelo! 💚🤍❤️ 🇲🇽🇲🇽🥊🥊

  • Laleamfakzual chhangte
    Laleamfakzual chhangte

    canelo light heavy weight, floyd?

  • Diego Hernandez
    Diego Hernandez

    Man that ko was brutal

  • Cristian Ochoa
    Cristian Ochoa

    Esto si es boxeo.

  • Christopher Gonzalez
    Christopher Gonzalez

    Class fighter Best pound4pound indeed.

  • Richard Diaz
    Richard Diaz

    For those who think kov took a dive, they normally occur in the first couple rounds. You dont wait til 11th. Plus you would not take them body shots and wicked right hands! Cheers!

  • Goodies Godson
    Goodies Godson

    No longer crusher but crushed.

  • Nathan Cano
    Nathan Cano

    Canelo was on peds in his fight against Kovalev. This fight should not be taken serious as Kovalev was fighting a roided up Canelo to begin with.