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Brexit once seemed to pose an existential threat to the European Union. But Britain's withdrawal process has had some surprising results-especially when it comes to how other member states view the EU. Read more:
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When the UK voted to leave the European Union in 2016 some predicted it would be the beginning of the end for the EU. But since then, the EU and the way its members feel about it has changed. Could the Brexit referendum have actually benefited the European Union?
Andrea Venson is on a mission. Today he’s in Milan drumming up support for one of Europe’s newest political parties. Volt Europa is a pan-European movement with political parties in 14 different countries. But Andrea has his work cut out for him. Across Europe a third of people want to leave the EU and Italy has the third highest rate at 44%. But he also has good reason to hope because since 2016 optimism about the future of the European Union has grown by over 20% and people feel more attached to the EU than before the Brexit referendum. So what’s going on? Is the European Union really gaining popularity?
In some ways I think the EU is stronger because of Brexit. Brexit makes the EU feel like safety. It makes the EU feel like the organisation that protects them from the kind of chaos that ensues when you try to leave. And that really changes people’s attitudes towards what Europe is doing. Even the most Eurosceptic political parties are singing a different tune.
I can remember Marine Le Pen appearing at a press conference just after the British referendum result and on the wall behind her was a poster of two hands breaking free of shackles and it said “Brexit, next France”. If you look at what Marine Le Pen argues today I think she has almost done a sort of U-turn because what she is trying to advocate in France is not so much a Frexit than a reforming the EU from within. It’s a different sort of Euroscepticism because it’s not about leaving Europe, it’s about transforming Europe and trying to create a sort of Europe that she and her nationalist friends think suits their agenda better.
I think there were at least 15 populist parties across Europe, as of 2016 who advocated a referendum to leave the EU or just advocated leaving the EU. Maybe one or two of them still do, explicitly. It’s really almost dropped off the agenda.
It looked like the Brexit vote would pose an existential threat to the EU but it’s not the first time the EU has faced serious problems since it was established and some of the most serious ones have appeared in the past decade. In 2008 the world financial crisis led to recession in Europe. Countries like Ireland, Portugal and Greece had to be bailed out by the EU and were forced to implement austerity measures. Unemployment rates hit record highs and recessions deepened. This debt crisis was soon followed by the migrant crisis of 2015 when more than 1m refugees and migrants streamed into Europe. Many of them were fleeing war and chaos in the Middle East. No country was hit harder by both these upheavals than Greece. A few years later, Greece was on the frontline of the other European crisis- mass migration.
A recent poll revealed that Greeks, more so than any other European nationality think that their interests are not taken into account by the EU. Yet Greece hasn’t turned against the European Union. Since the Brexit referendum the share of Greeks wanting to leave the EU decreased by over 20% from almost half to just a third. Both the economic and migrant crisis in Europe have receded and the EU has survived.
That ambition for true unity is always going to be difficult. The EU is made up of 28 different countries each with its own history and interests. But what it has shown, is that it has a survival instinct. Over the past decade, every time that the EU has faced a crisis that looked like it might be an existential crisis it’s become abundantly clear that EU leaders have the political will to hold the union together. That European countries have so much at stake in the survival of this union that, ultimately, they do what needs to be done to hold it together. It’s just that they often do that at the very last minute.
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  • proudBLACKconservative

    EU is over in 10 years

  • Joseph charles Worby
    Joseph charles Worby

    Surprise Asia is everywhere already

  • Ibtesam Shahid
    Ibtesam Shahid

    Immigrants vote for Brexit 😕

  • John Connor
    John Connor

    The EU needs to fall so the people can live again,

  • don son
    don son

    i dont know where you get your information from XD people like europa ? hahaha no no no when we vote no europa let us vote again and again and again till the get what the want but not uk !!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • AIB01

    Brexit has helped waken the citizens of the EU to the reality of what the union stands for. Once others see that Britain can prosper outside of the EU others will want to follow.

  • Richard Arnold
    Richard Arnold

    More Economist propaganda.

  • stu crawford
    stu crawford

    PML Brexit is a mess in England, it will cause the break up of the UK, it's fragmenting already. Just waiting for the Border poll in N, Ireland & independence referendum in Scotland lol

    • Tony Benneworth
      Tony Benneworth

      stu crawford You’ve just Gotta be a liberal do-gooder or a Labour loser back Britain my friend will never let you down the EU is finished shape up

  • Labros Katsonis
    Labros Katsonis

    I guess in Europe, we all have realize,that without EU. we are going to return in a time where old rivalries like the ones who lead us to iiww ,will emerge again,dividing us,and poisoning out whatever effort for a coordinating action towards all major problems. Divided Eurocountries are very small in the world scene,with EU we are a world giant. Young people cross the continent no sees the importance of rising the old border fences again,young Europeans across Europe they increasingly consider themselves Europeans,and they see Europe as their ground in which they are going to build their dreams...what is really missing is a EU that acts as a truly federated state,there's no need to waste more time with this!

  • Gé KoopmansKok
    Gé KoopmansKok

    Wake up, you’re pulling a dead horse. We got to get rid of the EUSSR. We don’t want to be ruled by morons like Timmermans, Von der Leyen, Merkel, Macron and Rutte and their creepy elites

  • me and me
    me and me

    Britain can absolutely do much better on it's own. Britain has ALWAYS made its wealth on world trade.

  • Mark Saunders
    Mark Saunders

    "The people are slightly more optimistic now". LOL - no they're not. They've just seen what the EU tried to do to the UK and now they're too afraid to try to leave themselves. Exactly as Brussels hoped. It staggers me that the EU has either directly, or through donations and funding, indirectly, mounted the largest negative propaganda campaign (read: Project Fear) ever attempted in Europe and the mainstream media are all almost entirely silent about it. If ever you wonder why Leavers never changed our minds and buckled under the constant negativity being broadcast at us on a daily basis - this single fact is probably why. It would have been absolutely criminal to let the EU get away with it.

    • Pietro Pasquale Furfaro
      Pietro Pasquale Furfaro

      I am way more optimistic now thanks to the fact that the UK will likely be dissolved soon and the EU will not, only fools do not change their minds and yet leavers are a bunch of poor fools.

  • Mark Pascoe
    Mark Pascoe

    The UK will prosper like never before, free to be themselves and trade with the US and other countries wirhout globalism TELLING THEM HOW TO LIVE

  • Hello Giddy
    Hello Giddy

    Volt is a supported EU advocate

  • nigel mitchell
    nigel mitchell

    RE 3.55. Ireland was bailed out by the UK as well as the EU, why wasn't that mentioned.?

  • skippyshake

    Long live the EU. Longest period of peace in western Europe since Roman times!

  • Mac McC
    Mac McC

    Hope us leaving ruins the EU. Greedy f$$$ wits

  • Oxz Oz
    Oxz Oz

    What elat to expect... Globalist propaganda. Please everyone think critically don't you see what the EU is doing? It's not the nice organisation it pretends to be. wake up now! Vote NO against the EU

  • Prussian Hamster
    Prussian Hamster

    I hope my kids Will not live to see the eu

  • Burningsteel

    Im optimistic that Brussles is going to run Europe into the ground. But anyway nice Satire XD

  • Yussef Yared
    Yussef Yared

    Years and years not letting the UK leave. *UK leaves* "We don't need you anyways 😒😣"

  • Gregorio_S


  • Anton Antonson
    Anton Antonson

    Brexit has happen and more countries will follow. Personally I would put my money on Hungary...but who knows...

    • Anton Antonson
      Anton Antonson

      @Attila Kerekes Some countries pay more money to EU than they get back (Sweden, Germany etc) and some countries get more money from EU than they put in (Hungary). The problem for Hungary is that they get so much money from EU. And the leaders also are in favour of EU because of this - sending signals and attitude to the people. If this changes then it might change the attitude of the hungarian people. Because they might need to pay more to the EU and might get more bad treatment from from the EU further on.... That is my view.

    • Attila Kerekes
      Attila Kerekes

      Despite the illiberal, anti-Brussels agenda of the hungarian goverment, hungarian people do support the EU. Since the join in 2004, it was never less than 70% of the population who are strongly or rather supporting the union. Last year it was 85%, and there's no sign of strong political movements, who would advertise eurosceptism. Expect of course the "Mi Hazánk Movement" but their 3-4% results are nothing compared to other eurosceptic groups in Europe, and there are also clear signs that they are financed from the leading Fidesz party, to create even more diversity on the opposition side

    • Prussian Hamster
      Prussian Hamster

      Anton Antonson do not forget poland and italy. Salvini from italy Will become the biggest party at the next election. This video is EU propaganda and i can Tell you those Numbers are not correct

  • Midnight Rambler
    Midnight Rambler

    As the EU goes into recession

  • Luke A
    Luke A

    Yh Brexit has forced the EU to reform or die. My guess is it will be gone in 5 years.

  • leethrelfalllt

    The eu is a beautiful shade of grey. Ultimately determined to regulate each country out of existence. A wonderful colourless life in the greater dEUtscheland. Just keep buying German cars comrades. Danke

  • Narrator

    Nice propaganda my dudes, excellent to be honest. What the EU has done to my country will never be forgotten, never

  • sousa bed and breakfast
    sousa bed and breakfast

    eu is more strong now.most investment in uk made from eu citizen are slowly moving to eu countries since the brexit.i am positive about eu.

  • Maarten van der Poel
    Maarten van der Poel

    Don't be fooled.. The EU will go down, whether you like it or not. Nobody can stop it. Why? The system is broken.

  • RogerUSA

    Congratulations to Britain on achieving Brexit. Brussels shrugged, democracy revived!

  • Oli

    Sinceramente separarse hoy en dia en lugar de unirse es retroceder

  • bgcvetan

    Le Pen is Putin's agent.

  • Vertios

    After Brexit, I got to understand how much EU meant and what we've built together for decades. The UK leaving was the best pro-EU thing to happen. The union has helped sign dussins of trade deals with other non-EU countries on behalf of the members. Being in the union is great for trade since we have the world's biggest single market, which gives us a lot of leverage to negotiate with other countries. Leaving means re-negotiating trade deals that take literally years. The EU just finalized a deal with Japan which took 6 years if I remember it right. The biggest free trade deal on Earth. The union has also helped resolved tension. There a tens of treaties that will cease to exist once you withdraw from article 50. Those treaties are treaties one can never negotiate for in the time frame that the UK has been given.

  • Juan Batista
    Juan Batista

    This is just EU damage control BS . The power hungry maniacs of the EU commission will not change their ways . Fascists and communists worked their way into the EU . The whole philosophy is about one World Government and ruling every country with an iron fist . There is secret plans between the UN and EU to eventually amalgamate their states into a single world Government body . The way to defeat them is to leave the EU and cut off all the tax money they pocket .

  • T. Mijnnaam
    T. Mijnnaam

    2020 brought us Brexit. The year is over: there can't be any better gifts for Europe after this. It, simply, wouldn't be fair to spoil us so much !

  • Lukáš Procházka
    Lukáš Procházka

    Update on Czechia: Dawn is gone, was replaced by party called SPD (Svoboda, Přímá Demokracie - Freedom, Direct Democracy), still wants to leave. Svobodní do not advocate for leaving EU, not anymore. There is new party called Trikolóra (Tricolour) that wants to leave EU.

  • Kyn Chan
    Kyn Chan

    Has Switzerland joined the EU yet?

    • Kyn Chan
      Kyn Chan

      @Felix Carpio But they keep refusing to sign.

    • Felix Carpio
      Felix Carpio

      De facto yes.

  • Aria Dame
    Aria Dame

    So the EU weakened UK by stripping away its autonomy, leeching off its resources to pay other countries' debts while bringing criminals in via "Free movement". Then they dissuaded UK against leaving because "UK's too weak to be independent". Seems legit.

    • Alfa&Omega 00000
      Alfa&Omega 00000

      No,uk was weak,joined EUrope knowing fully well what the aim was,tried to stop EUrope unity progression,asked for priviliges and left when they weren't granted blaming EUrope,saying if uk exit and become poor is EUrope's fault

  • Star Wars Chronicler
    Star Wars Chronicler

    This is some trash journalism.

  • Star Wars Chronicler
    Star Wars Chronicler

    That Greek opinion is tainted though, Greece is absolutely reliant on the EU for aid because the EU basically implemented servitude onto Greeks, so obviously they'll be in support.

    • Alfa&Omega 00000
      Alfa&Omega 00000

      No,it's reliant because Greeks realise how important EUrope is.

  • Star Wars Chronicler
    Star Wars Chronicler

    But most just wanted to jump to a 1st world nation without going through Immigration to get on that sweet, sweet welfare. GG Journos, failing to tell the truth once again.

  • Star Wars Chronicler
    Star Wars Chronicler

    So media propaganda mixed with a hostile EU that makes leaving their club that much harder and then they say they will PUNISH nations for leaving. And these are things you all like? Ignoring the democratic will of the people? Punishing nations for wanting to leave?

  • Star Wars Chronicler
    Star Wars Chronicler

    'European values' So by that you mean the anti-democratic practices of the EU? And you love that? Or the political union it has become today? You love that? Countries leaving doesn't mean they are leaving Europe. By that flawless logic Switzerland and Norway were never in Europe. Enjoy watching as your 'European values' go up in flames and give rise to true democratic nation states.

  • Dugan

    By January 2020 this is now completely reversed, the UK moves to a promising future with worldwide free trade and the member states watch with interest. Spain is far from committed to the EU and may well be following. The EU is in trouble.

  • Kenneth Reynolds
    Kenneth Reynolds

    They’re bound to say that the EU is stronger than ever ..the Economist is funded by the banks,so they’re not going to say anything detrimental about the EU dictatorship because they control the puppets inside the corrupt organisation...Brexit is the best thing for Europe and it shows other countries that their people can choose which direction they go in...the EU federalism is another form of communism.. state ownership......

  • christopher clarke
    christopher clarke

    It is too early to say that it will survive.

  • julietspaghetti

    Brexit ultimately is for the best.

  • Blue Friday
    Blue Friday

    Sorry to tell you, but you Brits are as relevant for the EU as Harry and Meghan for the Royal family :)

  • Chris Burger
    Chris Burger

    EU should destroy Britain.

    • Aria Dame
      Aria Dame

      Non-European superpowers say hi.

  • liviu bardel
    liviu bardel

    the stupids are the one that leave . time will prove .

  • nick99

    I sense the end of the EU and NATO soon

  • Templar Spirit
    Templar Spirit

    PropEUganda, my am I shocked. Soros paid politics and biased reports

  • 1chish

    So no EU bias there then .... Well we Brits beg to differ. And after being treated like a bunch of Lepers by the EU we are finally getting out. We still are the 2nd largest contributor to the EU, we are the biggest market in the EU and the EU countries run a £100 Bn SURPLUS with the UK. And for all that we are abused and our Prime Ministers treated shabbily. We will not forget and in a week's time we will be a sovereign nation again. We are already outgrowing France and Germany and our PMI indices are above 50 while Germany's is 6 points below.... Its a whole new ball game and most of these young people know of no existence other than controlled by the EU. They are in for a shock because when an economy of 65 Mn people that is bigger than the 18 smallest EU countries combined leaves never believe it will be the same again. People will find out that when barely 6 nations pay in and 22 take out and the 2nd largest one is gone there are consequences for the 22 takers.

  • Ian Hay
    Ian Hay

    Poll figures sponsored by the EU no doubt

  • Michael Gardner
    Michael Gardner

    Bankruptcy that how.

  • Jerry Orange
    Jerry Orange

    Most of countries in the EU knows well, alone means no much, but together they have a strong voice. How strong UK voice is, we are going to see soon. For sure nor the US, nor EU are going to dance the UK's tune or treat UK equally. On top of that none of them would let the UK to be an intermediary between these huge economies what is Farrage's dream in fact. The deal with UK does not need to be achieved quickly, and delay can only benefit them. For the US it might help with the trade deficit with the UK, for the EU brings a lot of business to the continent (services) that will offset loss in UK's contribution and decrease in trade, many times over.

  • N K
    N K


  • efe igho
    efe igho

    France is next

  • Rose White
    Rose White

    Plus ca change!

  • gerard burton
    gerard burton

    This video is a last throw in the dice to stop Brexit a very biased video. Well it failed. Brexit done 31-01-20. EU will be done by 31-12-29.