Hydro Dipping Crocs Again With A Small Amount Of Redemption But Not Really
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  • Brenna Tomaino
    Brenna Tomaino

    please make the jean couch (jouch) tas redemption for the jean chair

  • miss NASA
    miss NASA

    Nice eyebrow lol

  • Skye Bayley
    Skye Bayley

    Just gonna point it out aresol paint is acrylic but they look good 😂😂😂

  • ItsFantasy

    They was better just white. Sorry I still love you

  • Moonpup

    Packaging: wait 24 hours to fully dry Jenna: waits about 3 hours Jenna: "oh noooo they're flaking off :( "

  • Ceecee O
    Ceecee O

    Ok, GUYS. I just got an ad for corn on the cob, but the corn bone is a hot dog. I can’t find the link anymore, but I was shook😂

  • leah lorraine
    leah lorraine

    when julian did an up close of the crocs at 3:34 the right one reminded me of tylor the creator

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    10:15 Nein Mann, ich will noch nicht gehen. Ich will noch'n bisschen tanzen!

  • S h i s t i k
    S h i s t i k

    Переводишь эту фразу через переводчик ; )?

  • Impedancenetwork

    What is up with all that makeup? Did you shave your eyebrows off then pencil them back in? You need to go to some kind of school where they show you how to apply makeup.

  • Who Dunn'it
    Who Dunn'it

    part 3 get some adhesive primer and some finishing varnish? mayhaps itll stop the flaking

  • eggplant

    Next time, y’all should add mr super sealant

  • Zombie Food
    Zombie Food

    Ok but where's the "corn on the cob except instead of a corn bone it's a hot dog" redemption video?

  • KK

    You should put spikes in the glow in the dark crocs tho

  • Brighterthan1000suns

    Please do a video where you’re putting on makeup but your hand stays still and you just move your head.


    Each time you hydro dip you have to change the water so the previous colors dont mix. Also when your item is in the water, before yaking it out, wipe the excess water out of the way so that then you dont double-dip.

  • Alex Q
    Alex Q

    Instructions: Let dry for 24 hours Jenna: *waits until sundown* I don’t know what I did wrong!

  • Zoey Greco
    Zoey Greco

    Marko get on this collab!!!!!!

  • Amaya B.
    Amaya B.

    Jenna *has on tye dyed crocs* Jenna *makes more tye dye crocs*

  • Alex Q
    Alex Q

    Someone’s gonna put Jenna’s face on her glow in the dark crocs

  • selena quevedo
    selena quevedo

    TRY a layer of primer it’s meant to make paint stay and stick before you put the actual layer of paint on

  • Emma Rud
    Emma Rud

    wait put a clear top coat over the crocs so it doesn’t peel off as easy

  • Amanda Sutton
    Amanda Sutton

    Maybe the material of the crocs is too porous and the paint has a hard time adhering??

  • Seren Adams
    Seren Adams

    I don't understand why she doesn't just put a finishing spray or varnish on them when it's done and dry so that it doesn't flake 😂

  • Christina Krastel
    Christina Krastel

    Can you and Julien please try couples yoga poses?

  • afilipissima

    This being on trending is just hilarious😂😂😂😂love you! You are really fun to watch👍✨

  • Kellie Montgomery
    Kellie Montgomery


  • Maggie Mae
    Maggie Mae

    Okay so I’m like 90% sure that crocs are meant to be waterproof. So if you sand down the surface, then maybe they will absorb and hold the paint better

  • Adrianne

    You should’ve filed down the surface before you dipped them to have the paint stick to it

  • Couch Potatowedge
    Couch Potatowedge

    Next video: Wearing glow in the dark outfit for a week

  • elsie rose
    elsie rose

    Put modge podge over it to help it stay and not flake off

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando

    Fun Fact: there is currently a petition to change the name of the Italian Greyhound breed to Cermet www.change.org/p/paul-ryan-change-the-name-of-the-dog-breed-italian-greyhounds-to-cermet

  • Simone Brown
    Simone Brown

    If you guys dont want it to chip, spray a varnish on them (one made for spray paint)

  • dannyleon .n_
    dannyleon .n_

    you should get marko to hydro drip crocs for you!

  • theycallmebij

    I love the subliminal Kermit barks.

  • JigglyChocolateman

    Jenna you gotta either prime or set the paint with a finish. The finish prevents flaking and rub

  • Anna Tsai
    Anna Tsai

    people normally put a protective seal after they hydrodip things

  • BekiBi

    Mountain dew Crocs oh heeeelllll yeah

  • patrick hart
    patrick hart

    You have to use a sealant on top of the paint after it dries

  • Sarah Mcdonald
    Sarah Mcdonald

    9:18, this is a mood

  • Lauren Woods
    Lauren Woods

    Spray them with acrylic paint fixative spray/lacquer and the wont crack 🙂💖

  • Sarah Mcdonald
    Sarah Mcdonald

    I like how the paint has like 5 different dry times

  • nooch-n-tofu

    When Jenna is glad to watch paint dry.

  • Sarah Mcdonald
    Sarah Mcdonald

    Jenna: I do not have a patron Julien Julien: I do *zooms in on feet*

  • Drtha

    Are crocs comfortable?

  • faith le shaee
    faith le shaee

    jenna! spray them with sealant!! so they won’t peel

  • Khi Boogie
    Khi Boogie

    “Are you ready” *turns off light* *aren’t glowing* *Screams*

  • Sidney Marie
    Sidney Marie

    Glow in the dark HELL YEAH

  • ZaTron

    Love that there’s a Brandenburg Concerto playing quietly beneath all of this madness!

  • Camila Araya
    Camila Araya

    2:06 *sprays in eh bep bep bep bep*

  • emily sacchi
    emily sacchi

    Jenna u r super skinnyyy u look good!!

  • Matthew Robert
    Matthew Robert

    You need primer if you don't want it to flake off just a little heads up

  • Timothy Pham
    Timothy Pham

    Try sanding the crocs down with a fine grit sand paper and try again!

  • Ashley Walker
    Ashley Walker

    Maybe prime the crocs so the paint sticks better?

  • Alex Pinedo
    Alex Pinedo

    she should of bought that top coat to seal the paint

  • Matrix Potato
    Matrix Potato

    I think the reason they keep pealing is because you need to use some sort of sealant after they're dry! but they for sure look DOPE AS FUCK

  • Lisa Mccullough
    Lisa Mccullough

    I can feel so horrible and watch one of your videos and my whole day is better. Love you guys.

  • Muskrat

    got to get some sort of clear sealrer

  • Leana K
    Leana K

    Hey so I don’t know a lot about this but simplynailogical does a video where she water marbles objects. Nail polish might be flexible enough for this project.

  • Andy Sorrel
    Andy Sorrel

    Try another coat of glow in the dark to use as a seal coating later