I've been Banned from Fortnite (I'm Sorry)
I'm sorry

  • Jarvis

    I’m reading all my comments today and I love you guys so much you all don’t understand how much I appreciate all your support❤️❤️❤️

    • Gronkss


    • meryn williams
      meryn williams

      I'm so sorry.😭😭😭😭😭

    • Moeez Lahori
      Moeez Lahori

      Just make a new account we all will sub you

    • Xxvlog _andyxX
      Xxvlog _andyxX

      Jarvis it's okay we are trying to let fortnite in ban you

    • ツツ JULIUS
      ツツ JULIUS

      Bruh just make a new account

  • Cameron Gibson
    Cameron Gibson

    You're disgusting

  • Familien Karlsen
    Familien Karlsen

    Yay you find my comment out of 250.000 grab A cookie🍪🍪🍪

  • Crazy B
    Crazy B

    Play from your brothers account

  • Reece Livingston
    Reece Livingston


  • flashie zero
    flashie zero

    as if he cried over gettin banned on fortnite is he 6?

  • M0 Z14
    M0 Z14

    Why u crying is a game stop being a baby

  • stick max
    stick max

    Just make a new account

  • 75on_45

    Yo wtf u thought will happen if you're cheating ,stop cry like a lil bitch it's still a fucking game not your whole life

  • Joe mama
    Joe mama

    Epic fail ahaha

  • Mateus Garcez
    Mateus Garcez


  • Mateus Garcez
    Mateus Garcez


  • Mateus Garcez
    Mateus Garcez


  • Mateus Garcez
    Mateus Garcez


  • MrShoy

    Fortnite is life uh? I played that game two times in my life and then I uninstalled it. Feel better Jarvis?

  • Felixxx lol
    Felixxx lol

    Bro i knew you made mistakes but that doesn't mean anything for me I love you as you are and Pls don't give up I hope you will read this because you need motivation PS : Always be yourself ❤️

  • Duane Cree
    Duane Cree

    No one: Subtitles: four night

  • Hyqnos-_-

    Use code cry

  • Dark King
    Dark King

    like for sommery

  • UnusedAcc

    Look at his nose while he cries u notice it's deformed

  • julian grey
    julian grey

    In my opinion if I was epic I don't think I would lift this punishment even after seeing this apology. Aimbot has been around for quite sometime and has always been frowned upon. For someone in this generation to use this cheat knowing that many games do penalize cheaters is just reckless. In the cheating video he even talks about what he's doing so he doesn't draw attention to epic and get caught. So he was fully aware that he was doing wrong at the time. I feel epic would only see that, and not the apology. Also if epic lifted the punishment it'll show they had mercy to everyone including potential cheaters. Trying to make entertaining content is no excuse for cheating.

  • James Gall
    James Gall

    There are consequences in life that there's no "reset button" for. It's a game. You screwed up and lost your right to play (and make massive amounts of money from). It's not the end of the world. You have your health and your youth. Grow the heck up and stop crying because you were made to answer for a decision you made (and profited off of).

  • Avinesh Kishan
    Avinesh Kishan

    I'm so sorry for ur lost of fortnite... Stay strong JARVIS! U are the man.

  • Gyuszika 91
    Gyuszika 91

    Fcking gays like u , destroys all internet games. Hackers the biggest noobs ever.. u "legend".. hahaha

  • Kevin Zwart
    Kevin Zwart

    Karma your fake


    Bro this is only Fortnite chill 😂

  • J. Cooper
    J. Cooper

    Dude! Do you listen to yourself? You said that you dont know what you would do without Fortnite and that it were best 2 years of your life. YOU ARE ADDICTED!! And you cried because of a game. I am sorry but you can follow your dreams and do what you wanna do and Fortnite is not a dream. Do what you want to do like your hobby and something you like to do (NOT FORTNITE BTW) . STOP CRYING AND LIVE THE REAL LIFE. I NEVER PLAYED THIS GAME AND I KNOW I WOULDN'T BE SAD ONLY BCECAUSE OF A GAME! It's just a game!!!!

  • ProGamerYT

    1 like = 1 question for epic games to unban him... Please epic games if your reading this he was just trying aimbot to make more views and try it out. FaZe jarvis by the way i think you can buy a new computer and log in your own account. If it really helps. I love your videos by the way. Epic games if your reading this you dont understand how he really loves fortnite pls just unban him😥

  • skudaaron1986

    All I hear is WAaaaa Waaaaaa I am having a sook harden up princess.

  • LiamTheRandomDude

    dont do fortnite kids


    Ahahahhhaha!!! Epic did the right thing hahahahhah

  • thechilest duck
    thechilest duck

    Just make a new account dumbass

  • Stephane Melo
    Stephane Melo

    And this, kids, is why you read Terms and Conditions.

  • Myo Thet
    Myo Thet

    Don't worry little brother. Epic will make you forget the ban by suing you for all you got.

  • T1 Skyz
    T1 Skyz

    Honestly I don't watch Jarvis but Fortnite shouldn't permenantly ban him because he didn't take it to competitive

  • skudaaron1986

    You wasted every hour playing a game. Wow you care so much about a game. It's just pixels running around. Go out and see the world not sit behind a screen. No one will care about Fortnite in 10 years.

  • Rtm-zone

    Hopefully you feel better and we will be there for you into you feel better and maybe epic games will unbanned you. I love your videos and I love you. Take good care.

  • ElijahPlayz123 YT
    ElijahPlayz123 YT

    hi Jarvis i feel for u man and yeah u need to be band but just for like 3 days to a week but yeah i love ur content and i mean i know its very hard for u cause idk what i would do if i was u im sorry for your account getting band Jarvis ill do great some other time just not right now

  • Capithe1 ist the best Capithe1 ist the best
    Capithe1 ist the best Capithe1 ist the best


  • Tim Houston
    Tim Houston

    How the fuck does this have more likes than dislikes? Who are the dipshits that enabled these pap smears?

  • Amethyst 1013
    Amethyst 1013


  • Joshua Siemuels
    Joshua Siemuels

    Can he just make another account? and just name it Faze Jarvis1?


    Jarvis go play fortnite aa yeah you got banned hehhehehh NOOB NOOB NOOB


    You litle kid hahaha noob noob

  • panagiotis spiratos
    panagiotis spiratos


  • Mergherita Lagonigro
    Mergherita Lagonigro

    Why is he crying of a game

  • cupcake_ _
    cupcake_ _

    There’s loopholes to where you can still play

    • cupcake_ _
      cupcake_ _

      You just can’t keep doing this.. but you can play..

  • Mergherita Lagonigro
    Mergherita Lagonigro

    U can play again

  • EpicKadmos

    You deserve it stupid, your tears on your ugly face are delighting.

  • One Roll
    One Roll

    Haha just make a new account tfue got banned so

  • MaZe_karim26

    Honestly epic should give u a second chance because look at yr progress and stuff also u paid so much to play that game and they just take it away not fair I feel for you

  • CoolMan Globby
    CoolMan Globby

    It’s a video game get over it

  • Bulls Fan 4 Life
    Bulls Fan 4 Life

    Jarvis you’re insane!!! LOL😂🤣😂🤣

  • AussieThot69

    lol your not insane no more buddy

  • 50k subs with 2 videos
    50k subs with 2 videos

    Wait can't he make a new account 🤔🤔

  • Dinamora

    Ahhhh you fucked up good!!!!

  • Benedikt YT
    Benedikt YT


  • sophia powell
    sophia powell

    Why did you use aimbit bro i used to watch lots of your and all the faze members video kay should of told you not to aimbot are banned forever or 6weeks 1yeer

  • Teestinq

    store voksen baby

  • dms