Invasion of Poland from the Polish Perspective | Animated History
The Armchair Historian
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Leaps - Jay Varton
Corner Cube - Christian Andersen
Live, Fight, Survive - Anthony Earls
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  • The Armchair Historian
    The Armchair Historian

    Get 70% off NordVPN! Only $3.45/mo, plus you get one additional month FREE at Use codeword: history Watch the video uncensored on the Armchair Historian website! The Armchair Historian Website: MISTAKES: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="448">7:28</a> It should say "Rydz" speaking, not Stachiewicz. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1159">19:19</a> The soviets should be carrying Mosin Nagants rifles, not Lee Enfields rifles.

    • Лудовиц Шригчт
      Лудовиц Шригчт

      So sad the soviets were invaders, if they had been liberators that would have been the biggest plot twist ever.

    • onemadhungrynomad

      don't use nord vpn, they got hacked and didn't even tell the public. they are not a trustworthy company.

    • Baryka

      @The Armchair Historian Good job.You dont mention Ribbentrop- Molotow Pact.Why?How much Polish perspective i different from for example British or French?

    • Victor E
      Victor E

      The Armchair Historian you for making this video about the polish forces in 1939 and the exiled polish forces like operation market garden and Battle of Britain. I’m polish.

    • 7777777fresh

  • Benjámin Kurilla
    Benjámin Kurilla

    Germany: Invades Poland. West: This is war! Sovietunion: Invades Poland. West: 'kay bye.


    La nation polonaise n'existe que parce-que le Reich Prussien-Allemand a perdu la première Guerre Mondiale. *Malheur aux vaincus !* l'Empire Austro-Hongrois et le Reich Prussien-Allemand sont alors dépecés en 1919, d'où indépendance de *la Hongrie,* création de *la Pologne,* de *la Tchécoslovaquie* et de *la Yougoslavie.* Un peu d'uchronie : si la République française et son alliée l'Angleterre avaient perdu la première Guerre Mondiale, alors c'est l'Empire français et l'Empire Britannique qui auraient été dépecés en nations par les vainqueurs : peut-être dès 1919, *indépendance de l'Algérie,* de *l'Indochine* (Viet-Nam, Laos et Cambodge) et de *l'Inde* ? en tout cas, probable création de *la Bretagne* et de *l'Occitanie,* indépendance de *l'Écosse,* du *Pays de Galles* et de *l'Irlande* dès 1919 (au lieu de 1921) selon les clauses du Diktat de Versailles, pour le coup à charge contre les perdants (France, Angleterre)...

  • LtBrown1956

    well done

  • ToxicUser

    Amazing video!

  • Vekhh

    The Animation in the moment of Battle of Bzura (or Battle of Kutno) can lead to wrong conclusion because the attack direction was just the opposite than you've shown. Strike was to the south mainly (also south-east and south-west) it can be said generalizing that the lines were drawn to the Lódź. But to be exact - strikes were made aiming to Stryków, Łowicz and the last phase was trying to safe more and less organised units through punching through Warsaw siege's ring to join the defence. To be honest also I thought that you would say more about that specific battle because through a beginning peroid of war (to the France campaign I think but I might be wrong) it was the greatest battle of war, and surely it was the greatest battle of our whole Defence of 1939 (regarding numbers), the forces and casulties were the greater than in the entire siege of Warsaw (excluding civilians). Also it is somewhat of a light in the darkness of Polish commander's minds only looking for defensive approach and politics because it was a large offensive action. Action of commander that since beginning was more understanding to the new war type but was alone in his efforts to do something and trapped in commanding an Army that saw fight very late and for the large part was ordered to keep retreating. But I understand that abroad its not known so well if Poles themselves rather to keep their all attention on symbolical stuff. Rest of your work is as always nice and didn't saw any other bigger mistakes. Best regards from Poland! Trzymaj się!

  • Imperial Italian Reich
    Imperial Italian Reich


  • Gaydolf Hitler
    Gaydolf Hitler

    Wow before I watched this I thought the Poles surrendered like the french. They really did well with what they had

  • Körnel &Co.
    Körnel &Co.

    Am I the only one that just enjoyed the animation and didn't have to read the lines?

  • eric777100763

    The mattress bomb a totally awesome idea! When you're outnumbered or at equipped you immediately have to go to unconventional means.

  • eric777100763

    The polls did pretty good with what they had available. The only approach they could have taken that I feel would have worked better would have been in one of unconventional warfare scattering their troops in the smaller units and going into more of the mountainous or forested areas.

  • eric777100763

    I think the polls should have tried to evacuate large amounts of their army to one of the Balkan states that was more friendly like Yugoslavia.

  • eric777100763

    For Poland to take advantage of the situation and an expert of Czechoslovakia was immoral at the least.

  • HunterRKS41

    the world at war music fits perfectly during the beginning

  • HercMerc

    I love how you use HOI4 border colors

  • Jacutin

    The worst enemies of Polish people's are their own politicians and leaders. What an irony that such valiant people are always led by incompetent fools

  • Ian Mayer
    Ian Mayer

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="557">9:17</a> war thunder flashback

  • McTrevors

    There was alot the Munich agreement had to do with all this...though ofcourse tactifully left out. the USSR might have entered Poland hoping to keep the nazi army away from their border with a reasonable buffer.

  • kurtcsk

    The Armchair Historian, everytime you mention Czechoslovakia in 1938, please, also mention the Munich Agreement (called Munich Dictate in our lands), because people know very little about this shameful act. You did not mention the land claims Poland had prior to the war. They sided with Germany, stole Czech and Slovak lands and thus were betrayed by Slovaks at the start of the war. You also did not mention that the only foreign power that fought physically on the Polish side were Czechoslovaks, which started an amazing wartime cooperation between the Poles and Czechoslovaks. You can find details in my book The Corner of Death.

    • James Henderson
      James Henderson

      Poland had sided with Nazi Germany since 1934.

  • NostalgicMonkey

    That World at War music

  • Grounded for now
    Grounded for now


  • Michal Kus
    Michal Kus

    The following represents the meaning of the colors of the Polish flag: White: Honor and God Red: Sacrifice and Sovereignty Blue: Reliable and Loyal Allies

  • JK Wright
    JK Wright

    There’s three people every Polish hate Hitler Stalin and Neville Chamberlain

    • S Gal
      S Gal

      G00d buddies

    • S Gal
      S Gal

      Hitler and Pilduzky were

    • S Gal
      S Gal

      Hitler commemorated Pilsuzki during his funerals

    • James Henderson
      James Henderson

      They allied with Hitler during the Munich Crisis.

  • -ADRIAN -
    -ADRIAN -

    Germany: *annexes czechoslovakia bc of some hre-german sh*t UK and France: ok, do that, we dont care Poland: *annexes an ethnic polish region, the czech illegally invaded before France and UK: how dare you?

  • Panther Ausf. G
    Panther Ausf. G

    poland *exists* literally fucking every country in europe: "its free real estate"

  • James Henderson
    James Henderson

    Fascist Poland allied with Nazi Germany in 1934, and took part in the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia in 1938-39.

    • Vesp

      @James Henderson read a fucking book before you comment on something

    • James Henderson
      James Henderson

      @lortea Churchill condemned Poland for invading Czechoslovakia on 1 October 1938.

    • lortea

      And one single Czech isn talking about this only kremlin trolls.

  • Mike Royale
    Mike Royale

    This is how many Germans were in the army in 1939 ⬇️

  • LikeUnto Buddha
    LikeUnto Buddha

    Please stop with the hypothetical BS. It is so lame. At least put a time stamp so we know where to skip ahead to miss it having to see and listen to it. This is supposed to be "history".

  • Alex Ander
    Alex Ander

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="265">4:25</a> why did you not elaborate more on why the French cucked the pols?

  • Steven Holmes
    Steven Holmes

    My grandfather was one of the few seaman. He later served with the UK fleet. How he got that far I will never know cuz hes dead.

  • unitor699

    damn the polish had a bigger army

  • Lechu Sarmacki
    Lechu Sarmacki

    Remember Amor Patria Nostra Lex ! This words are deep in every Polish heart

  • Krzysztof Stec
    Krzysztof Stec

    You should add polish lyrics

  • Hermes Llain
    Hermes Llain


  • Patrick Dietzold
    Patrick Dietzold

    Poland mobilized its army on march the 23rd 1939,it seems that a armchair does not make a historian

  • Fikri Akmal
    Fikri Akmal

    Germany:Father land Soviet:Mother land Poland:Abused child

  • Skull

    The fact that The allies forgave the war crime Russia committed on the Polish intelligence, because they join the Allies is outrageous

  • nhan Nguyen
    nhan Nguyen

    USA, Bristish sold Poland for 1 USD. A Bristish museum still keep the wrapper.

  • Mohamed Selim
    Mohamed Selim

    a great Video

  • Lunatic Lunala
    Lunatic Lunala

    the Green in the Polish flag stands for reliable allies

    • Liberum Arbitrium
      Liberum Arbitrium

      Lunatic Lunala Nothing France and UK could've done. They could've maybe caused an event where Germany would move some divisions from the east to the west but that really wouldn't have prevented the occupation of Poland. So what the hell are you whining about? Germany had way worse allies during both ww1 and ww2.

  • julius villalon
    julius villalon

    On the west the Nazis were destroying everyrhing and on the east the Soviets brings death. No allies came to aid. It is a very scary situation just left there to be slaughtered


    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="600">10:00</a> Poland didn't use P.24 at all. Only fighters in polish service in 1939 were P.11c and a (and one prototype of g variant) and P.7a.

  • Famous Kat
    Famous Kat

    I'm French and I'm ashamed of the efforts my country did in 1940. French weren't busy they didn't took the war seriously until the Germans occupied the entire European continents. Although some French and British claimed that they should fight more specifically and clearly they just send some soldiers and seeing that the Germans didn't care about it just came back . Instead of rush them. Millions of lifes could be saved without more damage. Now the world is still affected

  • The Noova
    The Noova


  • Żeńca

    There are no innocent Germans, there are only unpunished

  • ozobi

    oh boy this comment section is going crazy on arguments

  • Ralf Rath
    Ralf Rath

    Please Germany did not invade Poland! This idea was only made by Hitler and Hitler was a dictator. I am sure if Hitler was killed before 1939 then Poland was never attacked by Germany! Same situation with the USSR. TO attack the USSR was only an idea by Hitler - the Germans had no interest in war after the world war one!

  • Дмитрий Лебедев
    Дмитрий Лебедев

    The Soviet Union, destroyed Poland 🇵🇱. 🇷🇺💪🏻🇷🇺

    • Remigius Polański
      Remigius Polański

      Yeah with Nazis as allies, as bitches do - stab in the back.

  • Lazar Dokic
    Lazar Dokic

    I love this channel so much. The tank animation is anime worthy

  • Jay

    We let them down...

  • themistoklis michaloudis
    themistoklis michaloudis

    Hey could you make a video about Grecce during the 2nd WW ?

  • Лудовиц Шригчт
    Лудовиц Шригчт

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1111">18:31</a> : Vietnam invaded poland

  • Mysterious X Filming
    Mysterious X Filming

    You know this is going to get good when he uses the COD WAW theme in the beginning.

  • Jan Nowak
    Jan Nowak

    No, Poles were never happy with the soviets invading the country. The Polish society was very anticommunist and hated the Bolsheviks after the war of 1920. Please don't spread such information, it's russian propaganda (people in russia still think in September 1939 the russians were helping!). Everything else in the video was great.

    • Jan Nowak
      Jan Nowak

      @S GalThe government had creating a Polish colony in mind. Antisemitism was secondary (however many, including the French supported the project because it could help to get rid of the Jews.) Jews were supportive of the idea, the organisations working towards that were a Polish-Jewish cooperation. Many zionists were in favour.

    • S Gal
      S Gal

      @Jan Nowak "Madagaskar was to be bought from the French to create a Polish colony, only some plans of the right-wingers wanted to move the Jews there. " The right-wingers were in the polish Goverment. "Hitler told me had in mind an idea for settling the Jewish problem by way of emigration to the colonies with an understanding with Poland, Hungary, and possibly also Romania." Lipski was so impressed with Hitler's proposal of helping Poland get rid of its Jewish population by sending them off to colonial reservations that he responded enthusiastically to Hitler, as described in the ambassador's own words in a memo to his superior: " *I told him that if he finds such a solution, we will erect him a beautiful monument in Warsaw* ."

    • Jan Nowak
      Jan Nowak

      @S Gal No one had diplomatic relations with the Bolsheviks at the time, as they were not yet viewed as a legitimate government. I have not heard of forcefull resettlement of the ruthenians in Poland. Certainly eastern Poland was a place in need of settling, as it was (still is) sparcely populated. There were land reforms enacted with the aim of solving overpopulation of rural areas, but they had impact on all village populations. Both the small treaty of Versailles and the Riga treaty regulated the treatment of minorities in Poland and they were (more or less) protected. Madagaskar was to be bought from the French to create a Polish colony, only some plans of the right-wingers wanted to move the Jews there. As much as I am never going to believe in the supposed good will of the Bolsheviks, I am far from being uncritical of the second Polish Republic, but I would much prefer to live there as a Ruthenian rather than in the USSR, and I do not believe the claims of Russia (especially the communist) over west Ruthenia to be more legitimate than the Polish claims.

    • S Gal
      S Gal

      @Jan Nowak "There were some quasi-fascists in the Poland at the time, so of course, there were people who wanted to get rid of minorities, but the ruling block was led by Piłsudski, an advocate of the federacy idea." Since 1935 they swiched their attention to Jews. And even planned to send out all polish-jews to Madagascar. Good work - as a result of such policy, nowdays Poland, ethnically is a very homogeneous country, 96.7% of population being Polish!!!

    • S Gal
      S Gal

      @Jan Nowak "Schools weren't closed, but rather changed into bilingual ones" Before 1921, there were 514 Belarusian language schools in West Belarus. In 1928, there were only 69 schools which was just 3% of all existing schools in West Belarus at that moment.

  • Krzysztof Jurga
    Krzysztof Jurga

    Much appreciation for teaching some of the countries of the history that happened

  • Michał Jarzmik
    Michał Jarzmik

    Cześć i chwała bohaterom Wieczna pamięć obrońcom ojczyzny i śmierć jej wrogom...

  • CMDRFandragon

    UK, France and POlish allies: When you get into a game and 2/3 of your team is AFK.

  • Andreas Ch
    Andreas Ch

    ez poland

    • Andreas Ch
      Andreas Ch

      ez rape

  • LoyalHawk

    You act like the polish really stood a chance if France took us 4 Weeks man 4 FUCKING Weeks Please make correct history

    • Jek_si

      TL;DR Just take the reinalnd lmao

    • S Gal
      S Gal

      Since 1933 France and the UK were pushing Germany to the east to the USSR: In 1936 Germany was allowed to take Rhineland. General Heinz Guderian, interviewed by French officers after the WW2, claimed: " *If you French had intervened in the Rhineland in 1936 we should have been sunk and Hitler would have fallen* ". In 1938 Austria and SudetenLand. In 1939 the Czech republic. When Hitler attacked Poland, France and UK declared a war but it was a phoney war - soldiers were sitting in trenchies and sucking thumbs. No shelling or airbombardment of Germany and german troops. Meanwhile they were preparing an *Operation Pike* 1940 - a strategic bombing plan against the Soviet Union by the Anglo-French alliance. British military plans to attack oil production centres in the Caucasian towns of Baku, Batum and Grozny . The plan was designed to destroy the Soviet oil industry, to cause the collapse of the Soviet economy and persuade Nazi Germany to attack USSR.

    • S Gal
      S Gal

      according to the German General Jodl at the Nuremberg War Trials he said: “ *if we did not collapse already in the year 1939 that was due only to the fact that during the Polish campaign, the approximately 110 French and British divisions in the West were held completely inactive against the 23 German divisions* ”


    That WAW Soundtrack gave me chill

  • Samuel Rivera
    Samuel Rivera

    Love your videos. However, its hard to read your pop-ups. Fonts too too small and interferes with your main narration.


    Funny how when we needed them they were nowhere, but when they needed us they were perfectly happy to use our men who escaped.

  • Alhambrasheff

    Dummed down history, the realities of alliances are far more complex than portrayed here.

  • TheZombieSurvivalist

    World at war OST is amazing

  • Stephen McKee
    Stephen McKee

    As a Bachelor in History I am curious about how many tanks of the conquered nations did the Germans get to use.

    • Jek_si

      Likely not too many. Each new model is abother set of spare parts to make.

    • S Gal
      S Gal

      Good question. About 500 only from Czechoslovakia.

  • Toaster Master
    Toaster Master

    Typical Day in a School Groupwork

  • Arturs Sinelnikovs
    Arturs Sinelnikovs

    The quality of your videos is better than that of any history documentaries I have watched, possibly ever!!

  • 江泽民 President Jiang
    江泽民 President Jiang

    Nord VPN again?

  • Butex Minecraft
    Butex Minecraft

    Poland has not perished yet, When we live What foreign violence took us We will pick up the saber. March, Dąbrowski march, From Italy to Poland. Behind your lead

  • Siejec

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="185">3:05</a> Good to highlight for some ppl - National SOCIALIST party

  • Karl Artner
    Karl Artner

    Call of duty zombies soundtrack is amazing

  • 桜花Sakura Hana
    桜花Sakura Hana

    Poland deserved what they got coming to them.

  • Damian Nowak
    Damian Nowak

    It is the genial document but you don't mention about ur gun and about last beattle in september campaing - Battle of the Bzura was the best countrattack to 1941 years.

  • Witold Domeyko
    Witold Domeyko

    The french retreat was ordered by general Gamelin.

  • Satch Persaud
    Satch Persaud

    This by far was the hardest video on this channel to watch, the Polish fought hard, so much of the world's biggest issues like the situation in the middle East, Israel, etc can be laid right at England's door step...

  • Jagdpanther

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="353">5:53</a> Lmao nice propaganda your sprouting there.

  • Curtis Dimes
    Curtis Dimes

    "That's your shield a piece of paper?" (Rips non aggression pact)

  • Oaky

    When i went to school and we were learning about ww2 when the teacher said Germany invaded Poland everybody started looking at me

  • FatheredPuma81

    NordVPN trashdvert=instant dislike.

  • neojso

    If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle. That's so true for Poland's military leader.

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