Irish People Try The Paqui One Chip Challenge
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Irish people try The Paqui One Chip Challenge! Did they survive? MERCH MADNESS:
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A couple of years ago, The One Chip Challenge by Paqui spread like hellfire as many people tackled the Carolina Reaper tortilla chip. This year, The One Chip Challenge is back and the people at Paqui sent us some of these chips to try. Each of our TRYers tried to last as long as they could before taking any relief of ice-cream, milk etc. Did they survive? Let's find out...
The Tryers featured in this video:
Colin Regan: TRY.Media/Colin
Justine Stafford: TRY.Media/Justine-Stafford
Justine Halpin: TRY.Media/Justine
Seán Connolly: TRY.Media/Sean
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  • Kelly Struthers
    Kelly Struthers

    You guys did really good!!!!

  • Cameron Spaner
    Cameron Spaner

    That Funhaus shirt tho~~~

  • Genius Time
    Genius Time

    Don't drink milk eat bread it soaks up the oil

  • Arnold Sherrill
    Arnold Sherrill

    This is a new interrogation technique give them a paqui chip and withhold the milk or ice cream until they tell you what you want to know

  • Daimon Hill
    Daimon Hill

    Ciara probably eats these for fun...

  • Rhiannon Vorstag
    Rhiannon Vorstag

    Are you guys CRAZY!???! Don't die,luv you guys.

  • Richard Rios
    Richard Rios

    Endorphins are the best part of this food.

  • dzhellek

    Four drops of Dave's Insanity and that chip will seem like ketchup by comparison

  • Joe Berth-Jones
    Joe Berth-Jones

    The guy in the black t shrt is the most uncharismatic person I've ever seen

    • - Levi -
      - Levi -


  • Braundzign

    I don’t like seeing Irish people self immolate. Chili is not a spice. Burning is not a flavor. Stomping your feet while you poop because rectal fire…not normal.

  • Chuck D
    Chuck D

    You will know exactly we’re your bunghole is

  • Athena Cinca
    Athena Cinca

    Try 2 chip challenge.

  • •Dèsërt Fløwēr•
    •Dèsërt Fløwēr•

    Me a little Mexican girl that eats chile with my caldo when I'm warned not to because it is "really spicy": I WANNA DO THIS!😂 EVEN THO I JACKED UP MY STOMACH WITH MY DIET!!

  • Hugh Fuller
    Hugh Fuller

    “This sounds like a hoot.”

  • Alejandro C
    Alejandro C

    I think Irish people are so cool 🇮🇪 🇲🇽

  • Jessica Gonzalez
    Jessica Gonzalez

    That was the saddest sounding ABC rendition I've ever heard lol. He sounded so sad LOL.

  • Wild Tales Of An American Jungle Boy
    Wild Tales Of An American Jungle Boy

    I’d do it if they didn’t cost $54!!!!

  • Tim Owens
    Tim Owens

    Tomorrow you all will discover that the Chip of Hell’s Fire burns even HOTTER on the way out! Oh, yeah, “red hot poker up the arse!”

  • William Crandell
    William Crandell

    How bout the 2 chip challenge how much to eat the second one without any liquid in between?

  • etjulien

    Justine Stafford wore the perfect shirt/top/jumper for this challenge!

  • TrackMediaOnly

    The one thing I hate about these types of challenges is that people react differently to capsaicin. The one thing I like about these challenges is that it isn't me. :p Though I do like spicy foods. :)

  • Tobi iboT
    Tobi iboT

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="289">4:49</a> CORONA VIIIIRUS

  • whowhatwhen themthatthen
    whowhatwhen themthatthen

    Caroleeena reaper 🤣🤣

  • Harald

    Mango is better, milk second thing

  • Cody Turner
    Cody Turner

    I did this late last year. The burn for me was strongly in the back of my throat. I thought it was actually causing damage to my throat, which of course it didn't. Around 4 minutes is was okay but 3 hours later I had some stomach cramping which was unpleasant. Surprisingly, no real bathroom issues. One of the hotter commercial challenges I've tried.

  • Ed Choi
    Ed Choi

    Come on the Korean in me is laughing it can't be that hard :) LOL :) I love your videos :) the girls are super hot too :) HE HE :)

  • vegasrenie

    Ciara, Dermott, LJC, and Irish Jesus need to do this next! And on a different note, Sean’s eyes turned such a lovely shade of red!

  • summer Ratliff
    summer Ratliff

    i tried it,was fine untill a hour later,did have to call a ambulance.

  • Mandy Hofer
    Mandy Hofer

    Great Video 🤣👏🏻

  • Gracie Ortega
    Gracie Ortega

    Should of done it when u hide it in Doritos lol

  • Windy Hawthorn
    Windy Hawthorn

    I have eaten Carolina reaper chips and they where nice. Especially since I didn't have to buy any of the ones I ate. Because people would ask me to try them then give me the bag since they where done and they didn't bother me.

  • Ken Easley
    Ken Easley

    When Irish eyes are cryin'..tis cuz they ate one chip..😝😁🐱😺

  • J T
    J T

    Colin is so fkin lovable

  • Adam Schmidtke
    Adam Schmidtke

    They are beating Phillip Scofields time with eating the chip



  • G1234 X
    G1234 X

    Did it hurt when u shat?

  • Ryan Cole
    Ryan Cole

    Can You Imagine Them Trying Hot Ones Wings??? Make It Happen!!!! #TRYHOTONES

  • f33rnofish

    Try Hot Ones over video!

  • War pig hammer Jr
    War pig hammer Jr

    It’s not that bad... Ok I don’t like that fuck the entire planet earth and all of time!

  • T5rux Lee
    T5rux Lee

    When you start hiccoughing, you can be certain you have your money's worth.

  • Charles Chidsey
    Charles Chidsey

    Ciara: “Oh, it’s luvely”.

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="141">2:21</a> It is, literally, the exact same blackness/color of Colin's t-shirt.

  • Victor Ortiz
    Victor Ortiz

    They're all so red, lol.

  • Eujiboo

    "That's me, I'm a masochist!" every sadist ever: yessssss!!

  • Rpm2 878
    Rpm2 878

    Honey is more effective than dairy, just for future reference.

  • James Pedid
    James Pedid

    Meanwhile, people in India eat potato chips twice as hot as this as a mild snack.

  • Porfle Popnecker
    Porfle Popnecker

    Murpy blurg flage.

  • Christina Lamin
    Christina Lamin

    I have never seen anyone with a face as red as Colin’s. Jaysus that looked a gross challenge. You are maniacs. I am Peruvian but am learning to use your words when I watch your channel, Love it.


    Paired with Eggnog, as your chaser, works extremely well for coating the throat and alleviating the burn. Melted* ice cream, another smart choice.

  • peg leg
    peg leg

    That’s what’s called ........”a good burn”

  • Kendo Sans
    Kendo Sans

    Have you had Vodquila? Takes the spice right out

  • M.A.S.K 1980
    M.A.S.K 1980

    Which one is hotter n daredevil Justine or the chip.

  • sid Mandarino
    sid Mandarino

    "coffin means death" yes blonde honey it does lol

  • crosslogg x
    crosslogg x

    How to win this break the ship then swallow in one shot

  • Melodi Carpenter
    Melodi Carpenter

    It's ok as long as it's not me. Lol 😋👏

  • Kira M.
    Kira M.

    "Thats me! Im a masochist"

  • PushandillPushback

    I want someone to just mix this into a bowl of real doritos, and serve them at a party, then you sit back and wait to see who gets it, and whether or not they'll even react.

    • PushandillPushback

      Oh it's black.. i thought it used to be dorito colored

  • justin collins
    justin collins

    Irish people eat spicy food... lmao great concept I'm gonna make a channel Americans eat cabbage. 🤪🤪🤣🤣🤣

  • Michael Romano
    Michael Romano

    Next time try the Toe of Satan lollipop. It’s worse than the chip by FAAAAAARRRRRR

  • Rovid Bouski
    Rovid Bouski

    Wait til you shit, its like eating it again but with your ass

  • munsterr777

    Tried it, tastes like egg, good stuff

  • Art Tafil
    Art Tafil

    Just wait until you have a bowel movement or urinate!

  • jan nicemountain
    jan nicemountain

    The only person who said she was gonna easily last long collapsed first by a Longshot and went on crying

  • TheRoulette77

    forget about spiking the punch at a party, few of these dropped into the chip bowl ..... sit back and watch the show...

  • Adam Ant
    Adam Ant

    Of course the person who says: "It's not that bad" is THE FIRST to drink to milk. That's why you shouldn't run your mouth.


    Tube of terror challenge. 13 million scoville

  • C

    I kept trying not to touch my face while watching this video. 😂

  • LowHat

    That poor fella with the hiccups. I feel for you sir. ✊🏻🍻

  • xplode1818

    Why is there chip black yet the rest I've seen look like a Dorito

  • Benzman500sl

    Kudos to everyone who just went through hell to bring us this video. I know your pain. I did the same thing and the only thing I wish I had done differently would have been to out some sort of antacid in my stomach because it gave me the worst stomach ache I have ever had in my life.

  • Sulema Rodriguez
    Sulema Rodriguez

    Lemonade works better

  • Sam Fusaro
    Sam Fusaro

    Hey Justine I don't see a ring on that finger what's up with that from the USA

  • Paul Lopez
    Paul Lopez

    Gloves people. For safety.

  • Phil Harmonic
    Phil Harmonic

    I feel like the laser shirt girl was handling it better than the others until it hit her stomach. She was keeping it together.

  • Slappy theSquirrel
    Slappy theSquirrel

    Love that shirt Stafford is wearing

  • Jim Taika
    Jim Taika

    why you didnt drink milk after salmiakki?

  • Car Silk
    Car Silk

    Funhaus! Those guys and gals are fantastic.

  • Mark Mendoza
    Mark Mendoza

    I did this on my birthday. Friends took videos, and all I did was salivate really bad n my tongue went little numb BUT I was fine. Had 1 friend even say, that went better than he expected

  • mikeql bbejas
    mikeql bbejas

    The hiccups are the worst .

  • Anjiruu

    Colin and Justine went into states of delirium lmao

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