🔥🌴 Islands Best All-Star Game feat. 11u BALLERS Bunchie, 2 Boogies , Havon Jr, Noodles + MANY MORE
Polynesian Youth Bowl Game 🔥🌴 Islands Best All-Star Game 11U Feat. Bunchie Young, Boogiie Williams , Havon Finney Jr, Joshua ' Noodles' Cason + MANY MANY MORE Under Youth Ballers from the Inland Empire, Los Angeles and Orange County
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  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith

    Bunch did good

  • Salma Ali
    Salma Ali


  • Davis Brothers
    Davis Brothers

    When got bunchie

  • Talan MARTINEZ
    Talan MARTINEZ

    If they came to texas these kids would get destroyed bc texas as some big ass kids and these kids are not that good

  • Treshawn Dillworth
    Treshawn Dillworth

    I won the super bowl

  • Jesus Delosreyes
    Jesus Delosreyes

    Beast mode🏉🏉💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Chris Bc
    Chris Bc

    Please don't forget about me and bunchie

  • Steve Freelon II
    Steve Freelon II

    How is bunchie 13 now if this is 11u 11 months ago

  • Jua'n O'Neal
    Jua'n O'Neal

    Hey hey good plaything

  • Jua'n O'Neal
    Jua'n O'Neal


  • Nikko Dalton
    Nikko Dalton

    he folded

  • The Difference
    The Difference

    And Bunchie young supposed to be the best young football star in the world😂


      he got bullied out there

  • Sioeli And Saane vlogs
    Sioeli And Saane vlogs

    i am polynesian and i could do way better

  • kitdacraze Philly the Kraze
    kitdacraze Philly the Kraze

    Dang they look good for thier age

  • supermeme plays
    supermeme plays

    5:54 he folded like an omelette

  • Dallen Austin
    Dallen Austin

    I looked at buncie dash time and looked at mine and I’m way fast then him but I forgot he the fastest 11YO I’m a few older then him

    • Ry

      What was bunchies time

  • Joshua Lu
    Joshua Lu

    This dude bun his used a sharpie to get a fake tatto 😂😂😂

  • Adrian Austin
    Adrian Austin

    The white team let big people run the ball just like hilltop

  • VOUC - Graffitis
    VOUC - Graffitis

    When there 11 year old kids with a Schutt F7

  • Carrot Gamer
    Carrot Gamer

    So is this like youth pro bowl

  • Baked Croissant
    Baked Croissant

    Troy Polomalu at running back

  • lee hitt
    lee hitt

    I will run all of them over

  • Merkded

    these qb’s better than my 8th grade qb’s

  • Corrupt Ram
    Corrupt Ram

    BS all those kids are 11


    Tell the black and yellow team they have to rap up and tackle they are just going for the big hits and it’s not working

  • Kung fu Pandas
    Kung fu Pandas

    Why are these 11u kids bigger than me

  • romeo adjam
    romeo adjam

    was tanner gallogly their qb cuz he on my team

  • Killajaxond _
    Killajaxond _

    Hold on what does bunchie play just running back

  • Stefan Powers
    Stefan Powers

    Does bun hue ever get a good team?

  • Affection tbh
    Affection tbh

    11 year olds🤨

    • Talan MARTINEZ
      Talan MARTINEZ

      Ik right there little

  • Mason Hazelwood
    Mason Hazelwood

    Which one was bunchie

  • That_Nerd_Kodi Lightskin
    That_Nerd_Kodi Lightskin

    Ay we gon talk abt big boy 48 he look like me 😂🏈💪🏽

    • Zay

      Is it u

  • Call Me Ant
    Call Me Ant

    Where Bunche

  • T9 ŚNIPEŻŻ :
    T9 ŚNIPEŻŻ :

    Who was the QB on the white and red team number 5

  • Ja'Myron Baker
    Ja'Myron Baker

    Man this game was just.... a waste of my time and money yea I had nine catches I was number 11 on black but gosh I shoulda stayed home and played Fortnite

    • Jawan T
      Jawan T

      Did Bunchie play in the game?

  • Theodore Brewer
    Theodore Brewer

    Bust em in the mouth and make they momma say not my baby turn up maaaan!

  • ZonaMade

    I like how it’s not really an all star game, all these kids are basically from the same team. All you see is red and silver helmets

    • Jonathan Galette
      Jonathan Galette

      ZonaMade that’s because most of the good players are on that team

  • Ciera Harvey
    Ciera Harvey

    Who else seen the boy that bent back at 5:58 like he was high

  • Jeree Moten
    Jeree Moten

    The duck is 🥂🤬

  • Elijah Jarvis
    Elijah Jarvis

    BEAST MODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jayden and Chase Alexander
    Jayden and Chase Alexander

    Numbers 48 and 3 were eating

  • PLaSMA R E D
    PLaSMA R E D

    How can uu score that much in a all star game 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Shoot Everything In Sight
    Shoot Everything In Sight

    Dejuan Lane #1 running back in the Nation kgsofts.info/hd/video/q6iwpsdyfYnXjqs

  • DNZ 1014
    DNZ 1014

    48 is a big boy at RB

    • KorZon_Zombie

      DNZ 1014 yeah i was thinking the same at their level they should have a weight limit just because they can’t really start putting muscle on yet so it would make kids like him virtually unstoppable

  • Flaggot

    I was supposed to play islands best 12u they begged me to play but I declined cuz my team just got back from florida

    • Hindsleyflexor 99
      Hindsleyflexor 99

      Flaggot sure they did

  • JAY GamingYt
    JAY GamingYt

    #5 the qb was good

  • Jaxon Graham
    Jaxon Graham

    More bunchie young

  • John Collins
    John Collins

    the guy talking at 4:48


      @Ja'Myron Baker we have same last name

    • Ja'Myron Baker
      Ja'Myron Baker

      John Collins that was when I made that catch

  • Ekko Lel
    Ekko Lel

    Bunchie is bad

  • Phenicia Bowie
    Phenicia Bowie

    Number 44 and number 43 is the only good kids that they got on the white team

  • shaydn Adams
    shaydn Adams

    the white team QB is Michael Vick Jr.

  • shaydn Adams
    shaydn Adams

    the White team got a next gen NFL HOF

  • Zack Stultz
    Zack Stultz

    Its honestly the most annoying thing ever when a youth team gets carried by a huge running back, in highschool if u fat u dont touch the ball

  • Terry Elisaia II
    Terry Elisaia II

    SAMOAN LIFE 🇼🇸🇼🇸🇼🇸🇼🇸🇼🇸🇼🇸

  • Dj Woods jr
    Dj Woods jr

    5:54 he did him bad

    • Darion James
      Darion James

      7R8 3 8r yt?46= v

  • Quinton Gonzales
    Quinton Gonzales


  • Agent Donnie
    Agent Donnie

    Slow feet don’t eat

  • Kingdookie btw
    Kingdookie btw

    Let's go

  • elijah j
    elijah j

    This is old

  • 954Made

    #3 for black team, got the nastiest jukes ive seen from youth football is a while.