• Maria Annette
    Maria Annette

    I once threw a dart through the little tail fins of another dart that was actually in the dartboard correctly. Don't ask me how I managed this, I still don't know.

    • phillip hamilton
      phillip hamilton

      alan smithee yes. autocorrect assumed I was talking about string & not splitting robin’s arrow. I apologize

    • alan smithee
      alan smithee

      @phillip hamilton *twain. Twine is string.

    • alan smithee
      alan smithee

      @Sam Woodley I thought all communication was done via dart? Presumably there are computers that can translate dartboard into English, and that's how you made this comment?

    • Calvin M.E.
      Calvin M.E.

      wow thats impressive

    • trillion

      It's called a Robinhood in darts🎯💯

  • Miles Banks
    Miles Banks

    Fuck where’s my time travel Machine I need to fix this future

  • Sweeney Letourneau
    Sweeney Letourneau

    how did this turn from a slightly unsettling 80's style music video themed around darts to dart politics and the future of darts

  • Don Cheadle
    Don Cheadle

    This is what happens to fatherless children

  • YourBudTevin

    My dad plays darts professionally. His name is Brian. I'm not even making that up lmao, he said he'd teach you if you want Brian.

  • not ethan
    not ethan

    This is a corona induced fever dream if ive ever seen one

  • Demax

    This started as a fun, goofy video and turned into as religious experience

  • MasonisSoupface

    Brian are you okay?

  • Lazarus Rat
    Lazarus Rat

    The Dartening sounds pretty sweet, not gonna lie.

  • Augustus Grochau
    Augustus Grochau

    big Yours Truly 2095 (ELO) vibes towards the end there. A+

  • Travis


    • Help I’ve Been Trapped in A Basement for 3 Months
      Help I’ve Been Trapped in A Basement for 3 Months

      It is too late. The dartening already been put into motion. You are foolish to think that bullets can stop us. You may be apprehensive at first, but you, in time, will get good at darts. It’s time to get good at darts.

  • Lightning Ninja
    Lightning Ninja

    What the hell did my teacher link

  • yourmomsscrotum

    damn brian you got the whole squad laughing with this one!

  • Clob

    I just made a dart board on my wall and I cant stop playing!

  • Autumn Brown
    Autumn Brown

    Darts themed rock opera

  • Water Under The Bridge
    Water Under The Bridge

    I’m so conflicted because even though I’m really bored cuz of the quarantine, I’m still supposed to be making up for coursework so I shouldn’t technically have the free time to be bored Must be because of the lack of a darts set in my room

  • DaGingi

    I fucking love this channel

  • Navi

    why dont you have that dartboard on a corkboard so you dont holepunch your fucking wall

  • Watersrain

    When I was a kid, I was running in front of the dart board. My mom playing at the time thought it would be a great idea to scare me by throwing the dart by my foot to scare me so I wouldn't run near the dart board. Well either by divine fate or she has amazing aim and actually threw the dart at her child's foot on perpose! I hate darts, scarred for life.

  • SamTheLionheart

    This is the quality Zuko content I subscribe for

  • Tohawk

    Where are all the nice paintings you did with your friends?

  • Fatal Potato
    Fatal Potato

    Making this video was really a shot in the dart

    • Help I’ve Been Trapped in A Basement for 3 Months
      Help I’ve Been Trapped in A Basement for 3 Months

      Haha nice

  • Gab Garcia
    Gab Garcia

    I like your head

  • S Kugel
    S Kugel

    Can we get this on Spotify so I can blare this on my Alexa every time I yell “ALEXA ITS TIME”

  • Madi Marie
    Madi Marie

    that was a fucking master piece

  • Madi Marie
    Madi Marie

    that was a fucking master piece

  • Lillither

    I hope some highschool students in the future are forced to watch this when studying this crisis

  • Dean Strydom
    Dean Strydom

    SKYRIM BOOK REPORT you now have time to do the readings of those dramatic books you said you wish you had time for

  • Shmlorp Dorp
    Shmlorp Dorp

    I swear to god these music videos are some of the most confusing fever dreams I’ve ever tried to navigate.

  • Amir

    Why is your full name three first names stitched together

  • Aiden Gohlke
    Aiden Gohlke

    The chord at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a> reminds me of something so strongly that I can sing the progressions to the end, yet I can't remember what it is. It's driving me insane!

  • Richard Heiney
    Richard Heiney

    Shit I need to get good at darts

  • Yukiko Draws
    Yukiko Draws

    Once we were camping with the local red cross and we got bored on the second day so we decided to play Monopoly *but with darts* Many people were injured and countless tents destroyed but it was worth it because playing Monopoly Darts Edition tm was the superior way of entertainment

  • Abby j
    Abby j

    He reminds me of that one guy from stranger things, The one that never got a girlfriend.

  • Steely14900

    Me, buying the dart set and reading the dart mastery book in Persona 5 Royal

  • Jacky Ha
    Jacky Ha

    Dang I really want some cup ramen now 12am nothing is open :/

  • MJS


  • zang

    can we like... be friends

  • The Face of 50
    The Face of 50

    You can capture youtube subs by posting 3 times a week

  • Corey

    I can't believe I waited a week to watch this. I'm SOOO behind on my darts practice!!

  • Brodie Frias
    Brodie Frias

    A straight bop

  • Viftie

    Is it just me or is beardless Brian really kinda menacing...

  • Andrew Maynor
    Andrew Maynor

    I love this and you BDG.

  • Marcus Guy
    Marcus Guy

    that last chord gave me chills and its the reason i keep coming back to this stupid video

  • TicklishCrown

    Stop being so talented and attractive. God.

  • Rodrigo Astorga
    Rodrigo Astorga

    This has 2013 youtube energy

  • Dillyn Baker
    Dillyn Baker

    BDG and Chris Fleming need to collab on something.

  • Quentin Jackson
    Quentin Jackson

    I never expected this to be the most important part of persona 5 royal, but here we are

  • Lumen 8
    Lumen 8

    one time I got plastered with old high school acquaintances at the run down bar at the hotel at the edge of town. this one guy, zack, drunkenly threw a dart over his shoulder and nailed the bullseye. all the rest of us saw it. he was excited but we made a secret vow never to tell him if he didn't remember (he did not) and now we all have a terrible secret that is worse than the fact that i spent the rest of the night throwing up in the bushes outside

  • Austin

    I love the renaissance of BDG due to corona

  • Lucas Ponce
    Lucas Ponce

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="62">1:02</a>, this has some strong "Redesign your logo" (by Lemon Demon) vibes.

  • キラキラ蛇

    lyrics: it's time! it's time to get good at darts, I've always wanted to but never wanted to work hard at getting good, just like bowling and chess I have the skill but have to willpower to do all the rest but now I'm home and social distancing and everything's fine I have the time to focus on darts during this quarentine and I'm finding all the moves and all the tricks of the trade I didn't know that you could throw a dart so many dang ways, there's standard the quarterback the 180 chuck the vin diesel twease and weasel and the twelve point buck the Christmas tree the control z and the you me and dupree oh wow! the hinge and the ninja the ninja is an advanced technique that should not be attempted by amateur dartsmiths it's time to get good at the darts! it's time for everyone to get good, not just me but you too the chancellor of darts has now made their decree that everyone of this Earth have dart proficiency the future is coming and soon it's a time of the dart it's time to get good at darts (repeated) oh come on!

  • Bryant Burkhart
    Bryant Burkhart

    damn, could you imagine a crossover between BDG and Chris Fleming

  • Neil Dickman
    Neil Dickman

    polygon with the fat trimmed of

  • magickat jinx
    magickat jinx

    Oh yes this definitely helped me feel less existential dread

  • Dee

    This video made me laught so much, You a genius, I like your sister a lot.

  • pip bread
    pip bread

    this whole video is just brian not getting his deposit back

  • Rochelle Collins
    Rochelle Collins

    I’ve watched this video every day since it was posted. I can’t get the song out of my head.

  • Alice Pancari
    Alice Pancari

    brian i didn't ask to have an existential crisis at 3am during quarantine

  • Your Savior
    Your Savior

    projared really changed

  • Taya Sigerson
    Taya Sigerson

    I love Zuko

  • RiceCakes

    this man pronounced quarantine “quarantyne” and no one noticed

    • Hamsnub

      it was for the sake of a rhyme

  • Emory Daniel
    Emory Daniel

    Theme of Persona 5 Royal

  • Emma L.
    Emma L.

    I just came across this channel and im vibin on these skits

  • Pedro Bernardo
    Pedro Bernardo

    I had to pause at "the Vin Diesel"

  • Godnando Corpes
    Godnando Corpes

    Will social distancing be the reason bdg does skyrim's musical ??

  • noahhayes95

    all is fair in love and darts

  • Carl Freeman
    Carl Freeman

    That's a lot of holes in that wall......

  • K-N-A

    Imagine coming here for actual advice on how to get good at darts

  • Colleen Janson
    Colleen Janson

    My first game of darts that I ever played I won and screamed so loud in the bar, that the security guard came running toward me. Then he saw that I was screaming with joy and harrumphed at my overt display of triumph.

  • Kaveevin

    Therapist: "Blad bdg doesn't exist. Bald bdg can't hurt you." Bald bdg: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="28">0:28</a>

  • Calvin M.E.
    Calvin M.E.

    I just realized I genuinely think this is beautiful

  • Curtis Molina
    Curtis Molina

    The irony of his fictional utopian future after "the dartening" is that it's the perfect criticism of Marxism/Socialism! (Albeit unintentionally)

  • Torgeir Hansen
    Torgeir Hansen

    I'm afraid

  • Michael F
    Michael F

    No matter which drugs you take, I WANT THAT AS WELL

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan

    The “Vin Diesel” was honestly a little scaring and now I don’t know what to do with this knowledge

  • Rayan Cretan
    Rayan Cretan

    I remember when bgd started at polygon lol... I love what he's doing there and feel like it'd be cruel to ask him to make content regularly for this channel too, but I do miss these videos

    • Shauka Hodan
      Shauka Hodan

      I'm so glad he kept up the dart board from the sims video

  • Charlotte Windmill
    Charlotte Windmill

    has anyone noticed that bdg is like.......kinda buff..........has he been promoted to twunk status?

  • The Color Red
    The Color Red

    Welcome back

  • Castafiore

    Okay but did he actually get good at darts?

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