Jade west being ICONIC for 3 minutes
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  • sure

    Part 2 coming soon!!

  • ルカ巡音

    I like when her hand was blistering.

  • Vladimir Zivkovic
    Vladimir Zivkovic

    Does she now he has a girlfriend

  • a normal random person
    a normal random person

    one of the greatest line to come out of the show was "what's the prob...dog?"

  • Hope O'Connor
    Hope O'Connor

    I honestly thought I was gonna have Cat's personality, but years later I started relating more to Jade.

  • Anna Marie
    Anna Marie

    2:09 I’m just watching how Robbie is enjoying the fight

  • Daddywise Clussy
    Daddywise Clussy

    I wonder if it was at all hard being mean to Victoria Justice

  • Shilo Schweppes
    Shilo Schweppes

    3:05 "mmmm.. hm hm hm... hm. My gOodNEeS tHAT TrAY was HOT 🙂" IM FUCKING DEAD BROOOOJDBDODBDISVAI

  • Ava Booker
    Ava Booker

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Jade: NOOO!

  • John Sonia
    John Sonia

    Honestly, jade looks like Jill valentine from resident evil the umbrella chronicles with no eyebrows

  • strawberry • princess
    strawberry • princess

    girls, let’s be honest. we can be straight all we want but we still want her 😳

  • ᒍᑌᔕT ᑕᒪᗩᖇᗩ
    ᒍᑌᔕT ᑕᒪᗩᖇᗩ

    Ok, but like, *thats hot*

  • Foxy Avocado
    Foxy Avocado


  • Night 19
    Night 19

    Jade West: * breathes * *KGsofts channels with super simple names* : Jade west being Iconic for 6 minutes straight

  • Anabell Batista
    Anabell Batista

    “THE SECRET TO ACTING IS SINCERITY, IF YOU CAN FAKE THAT, YOU'VE GOT IT MADE.” -G BURNS This was written back in the board when Jade tossed out the chair after Tori asked what was an understudy, maybe some didn't notice but I thought it was a pretty cool quote💛.

  • 平和

    Why nick cancelled this show? It was so good

  • Kally Delaroca
    Kally Delaroca

    Jade is the best character aren't Victorious cuz I really like her personality and I love how she's like rude to everybody she's my favorite character and Beck is kind of my favorite character because he knows how to control Jade for them are the best couple they have a good relationship together and a great Bond

  • Leo Grande
    Leo Grande

    What is the wpiaode of that Jade haven't eyebrows

    • Leo Grande
      Leo Grande


  • Maria Giulia Rodriguez
    Maria Giulia Rodriguez

    She has very bad anger issues

  • Guy Named Adriel
    Guy Named Adriel

    _"I think you look nice with no eyebrows"_ Where everything started...

  • Lena Playz
    Lena Playz

    I want to be Jade because everyone is scared of her

  • Sabbebelinahh

    0:52 i see robbie dick

  • Andie H.
    Andie H.

    Nobody: V:**I think we ALL are being ICONIC for 3 minutes**

  • Rico Manos de piedra
    Rico Manos de piedra

    Can’t we just get a video of beck either being a top or bottom around everyone else

  • Nova Lam
    Nova Lam

    Why do I wish people would be scared of me like that

  • Nadia Xx
    Nadia Xx

    She’s honestly such a great actress!! So much passion in her anger

  • MarioManRoy

    And your neighbor's car window

  • stella le
    stella le

    sometimes i feel like jade is too mean to tori, but then i see something like tori getting a lead while not even knowing what an understudy is and i'm like, yeah i get it now

  • Allie Marie
    Allie Marie

    I hate Victoria justice.

    • Allie Marie
      Allie Marie

      @Shilo Schweppes she's annyoing. With her small ass head

    • Shilo Schweppes
      Shilo Schweppes

      Lmao why


    0:50 is the only time I kinda felt bad for Trina because she didn’t really do anything wrong


    You mean the whole series

  • unicorn arianator
    unicorn arianator

    *"MOVE THE CAR"* I can't 😂😂😂

  • Al-zein Kusmantoro
    Al-zein Kusmantoro

    0:22 I don’t see her Turn around Now you see her 😂 😂 0:57 Run Cat run, Jade is coming

  • Just Adrian
    Just Adrian

    eugh 🥕🐡

  • Ammar Aqib
    Ammar Aqib

    I C O N I C.

  • z

    kinda ship tori and jade

  • ChillingLikeANarnian InNarnia
    ChillingLikeANarnian InNarnia

    It’s so annoying Tori got everything she wanted at Jade’s expense

    • Kye Scott
      Kye Scott

      Let’s not forget the times Tori has helped Jade on MANY occasions while she still continued to be mean to her. All you guys do is point out Tori’s faults like she’s never done one good thing on the show. Just stop it.

    • Vicente Gomez Apolinar
      Vicente Gomez Apolinar

      @abdal abousar You dont see Tori at any more movies

    • Shannon Marie
      Shannon Marie

      abdal abousar lmaooooo , Jade was the best actress out of all the girls no cap

    • Saltie

      @abdal abousar cause Tori is the main character

    • abdal abousar
      abdal abousar

      Sean then why didn’t she get the part over tori?

  • Musical Lover
    Musical Lover

    Y’all hear Liz Gillies had back surgery? Apparently carrying this show for four seasons did a number on it

  • Kato Mixx
    Kato Mixx

    Bro the food in Victorious always looks bomb 😋👀 (especially the 🍣)

  • Max Wasserman
    Max Wasserman

    Why didn’t she get the spin-off?

  • Chicken Wing
    Chicken Wing

    When cat said “NO THEY’RE NOT I TOLD YOU THEY’RE RIGHT HERE!” At 1:47 I thought it was hilarious and she even brought out the wax strips 😭😭😂😂

  • Re Amp
    Re Amp


  • emala süß
    emala süß

    I grew up wanting to be Tori and ended up being Jade

    • Hope O'Connor
      Hope O'Connor

      I grew up wanting to be Cat and ended up being Jade

  • merman Aaralyn
    merman Aaralyn

    Jade is my spirit animal

  • Joey Guacamole
    Joey Guacamole

    I wish Jade West was my high school friend irl

  • Blair

    Sinjin is a true star

  • Bearly Alive
    Bearly Alive

    2:04 My mating call

  • Sam 15378
    Sam 15378

    Tori: *slurps soup* Jade: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!😡


    0:29 that bowl is literally empty

  • Mister WiZeguy
    Mister WiZeguy

    I miss the old Ari. She was really funny.

  • Treasure Liberty Smith
    Treasure Liberty Smith

    I love that Jade scares people.

  • Eves 01
    Eves 01

    Shes my favorite

  • lil ram
    lil ram

    I wanted to be her, aaaand now I act like Cat

  • just me
    just me


  • Aieyan Chaudhry
    Aieyan Chaudhry

    who else loves Jade? 👇👇

  • Maya Madigan
    Maya Madigan

    1:52 the skater in the back is holding her skateboard in the most disgusting way possible

  • ItzKayla

    U had a thing for jade even if ur straight

  • auq na guise
    auq na guise

    the last part showed how professional she is tho. she burned her hand and hurt herself but still didnt break character in front of an audience. jade west deserved better

  • Alyssa Kaiser
    Alyssa Kaiser

    Honestly if I was an actor I'd want to act like jade kick shit around and just scream at people 😂😂😂

  • The Akumu King
    The Akumu King

    Jade is a mood