Jason Mitchell Speaks On Misconduct Allegations, Leaving 'The Chi' & Lessons Learned
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Jason Mitchell drops in to talk the sexual misconduct allegations that widely affected the former The Chi actor to the point where he's been looked at as a bit of a pariah.
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  • Tone Tone
    Tone Tone

    This nigga did it he keeps lying watch this again if you can't catch it

  • luvin tolrn
    luvin tolrn

    You naked nah my man! You betta hope they don't come fa that skin nxt & leave you wit nothing but skeleton bones!

  • luvin tolrn
    luvin tolrn

    Dude DAF! He set hisself up to be dropped by errbody!! He let hisself get stripped NAKED! Dropped by agent, lawyer, production, shows errthing! I tried to tell folk them sex scences in the chi was too much! Too realistic! Another D.A.Negra!!

  • Regina

    Jason trying to convince us that he is being slandered and mischaracterized ... but he is not suing? Bye! Wasted my life watching this ‘interview’.

  • Romeo Carter
    Romeo Carter

    He a whole pervert out here 🤣😂

  • Adrianne Johnson
    Adrianne Johnson

    He admits that he needs Anger Management, but it seems as though it's just towards women...why don't his punk ass act sideways with any men

  • Wild General
    Wild General

    Women always cause 99problems

  • Patrick Carrott
    Patrick Carrott

    Guy did sumtin bad. I can hear in what hes not saying.

  • Kelly Ard
    Kelly Ard

    This interview was whack!!! Asking repeated questions!! Trying to trip him up?

  • Lulu Star
    Lulu Star

    I'm still in the air about him. His explanations are not clear enough. Two sides to each story, but I don't know if he'll bounce back from this. If he does and has things to work on and change about his behavior and he does them, good for him. If he doesn't, we move on to the next who might take heed from his story and strive to think and react differently if in similar situations as an up and coming actor.

  • xiomana xoxoxo
    xiomana xoxoxo

    1) I just became a single father........IRRISPONSIBLE .... 2) The next day it blew up in my face....? what? he acted stupid. 3) The showrunner was railroaded by this guy ....the showrunner checks on him and he throws her under the bus? He is pretending that Lena was on his side, HE RUNIED HER SHOW and HE IS SELF SABOTAGING ugh......

  • xiomana xoxoxo
    xiomana xoxoxo

    He is so talented when I saw Straight out of compton , I was like who played Easy E, he was AMAZING. He is leaving some shit out but maybe this will scare the shit out of him. I hope he is cool.

  • Lola The Showgirl
    Lola The Showgirl

    He even sounds like Eazy

  • General Systems Theory
    General Systems Theory

    25 minutes in and I came to the conclusion that this guy probably has bad luck, is a liar or needs to see a CATHOLIC PRIEST to get all these demon spirit off him. Too much negatively following him🤷‍♀️

  • Nastashia Young
    Nastashia Young

    Wow, how did he get away with doing this with all these people in the comment section there with him and his victims every step of the way? I’ll wait for y’all to catch the sarcasm. Sometimes y’all gotta accept that y’all don’t know everything and y’all can’t speak on shit y’all weren’t there for.

  • Pretty Rickey PR
    Pretty Rickey PR

    He's been black ballad but dont know it yet... another black man X out smh

  • Michele McMillan
    Michele McMillan

    First of all, I thought I was tripping because I googled the story too and didn’t find anything! This is just a strong Black brother why not gonna let anybody chump him down!!! And as a 52 year old woman, I realized that is why I find him sexy as HELL! I can’t take my eyes off him! Keep your head up Jason and don’t let Hollywood emasculate you!

  • Debra Walker Perkins
    Debra Walker Perkins

    Much love for you and there is No Way the company VP's were not discussing this matter and i as women know for a fact We ca be some of the most back stabbing towards our own race, especially when it come life in general, O it hurts, his future is bright and he was a star in this film/ series and in Super fly o my !!!!

  • ItsLani

    What is that noise on 1:01

  • T

    There is always 3three sides to the story (mine yours and the truth)an there is all women slandering his name the hole story seems fucked up 💯

  • Andrea Tucker
    Andrea Tucker

    Hes very talented and going places.

  • GDSprodify

    For Anyone That Is Not In The Film Industry “Misconduct” Literally Means Any Conduct, or Action, On Set That Is Not Reasonable (Basically Aggression, Not Wanting To Take Director Notes, Arguing With Anyone, That Type of Shit) That is Misconduct, Look Up Terrence Howard On “The Best Man” Set It’s Misconduct Suits Too, Non-Sexual, Just Being A Difficult Person. So Dun All That Sex Talk.

    • Josiah McGrath
      Josiah McGrath

      GDSprodify ok see now u make sense

  • Esiah

    I believe him, maybe the boyfriend made the girl make untrue claims! I believe he’s good why wouldn’t they say what the misconduct was?

  • Ayesha Boykin
    Ayesha Boykin

    Everybody keep saying he lost 2 jobs over allegations they were the same allegation because he was accused at one show of something the other show decided naw we good he ain't do nothing twice it was a band wagon thing where they had to protect they image rather it was true or not a person alleged it

  • My Book2019
    My Book2019

    I use to like this dude as an actor but damn wtf he ruined his career wow! Some of these allegations has to be true period! Or he should have known better. Sometimes as a black actor you have to stay the heck away from these female actresses because some do lie.

    • Josiah McGrath
      Josiah McGrath

      My Book2019 but that’s not his fault he human we all are

  • Mark Savoy
    Mark Savoy

    This dude has a talent for making himself look guilty, or at least an unreliable narrator

  • Donnie Wilson
    Donnie Wilson

    Why didn't they call him on his inconsistencies? He is clearly lying?

  • Serenity Hamilton
    Serenity Hamilton

    Goodness just tell us the truth and quit leaving shit out... Maybe he got to hot for his britches !

  • Al Snow
    Al Snow

    He and da baby cousins

  • Charley's Words
    Charley's Words

    Two different sets and two different women saying the same thing.

  • Gary Liddell
    Gary Liddell

    Dam nigga answer one question directly,shit

  • Tay Hollins
    Tay Hollins

    Dis nigga lying😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    I Do Not Care is He Did It Or Not. The Next Session Of The Chi Is FUCKED! He Was The Entire Show!

  • Stephen Young
    Stephen Young

    They voted him off the Island because of he say she say, unless he was so drunk he doesn't remember touching her 🧠

  • Blk Johnny Bravo
    Blk Johnny Bravo

    All I have to say is NDA

  • dajuan Andrews
    dajuan Andrews

    I'm still confused...wtf..did something happen or not..🤷🏾‍♂️

  • heartfulenergy

    Ok...he's got a BAD temper 😈. Seems like he's quick to pop off anytime, anywhere. He's gonna need anger management therapy for that.

  • heartfulenergy

    He's like most people: unable to accept responsibility for their actions. I wonder what really happened. He doesn't seem like a shitty person so maybe he gets the lesson in this and uses it to move on and do better next time.

  • Courtney Wright
    Courtney Wright

    *Deep sigh*smh..

  • Tay Bagway
    Tay Bagway

    He’s hiding something...

  • Zarickka Brown
    Zarickka Brown

    Everybody has a NDA that's y we will never know wat he actually did

  • MayaD TV
    MayaD TV

    I wanna see Tiffany Boone come out and state she had an issue with him until then I don't believe this harassment claim!

  • Christa Oo
    Christa Oo

    All I hear him talking is BS BS B S ‼️

  • Krystal Brown
    Krystal Brown

    After seeing both his and Lena's interview, in addition to reading some of the claims against him from people on set, I don't believe he is guilty of sexual harassment, but knowing where he's from and his temper, I do believe that his mouth has gotten the best of him on many occasions, which is probably the real reason he was fired. As seen from countless other people from this same area: Webbie primarily, Boosie, August Alsina, NBA Youngboy, etc., they all have tempers and are all impulsive and have gotten into serious situations solely because of the things they say and how they say it. I just hope he learns to control it because he truly is talented and I would like to see him in future projects.

  • N Parrish
    N Parrish

    I feel like he lying....every cannot not tell the same negative story concerning him and his conduct. I also totally believe that the negative situations may have tainted his future endeavors due to the nature of the accusations.

  • Chocolate Thunder
    Chocolate Thunder

    This is a black man who got full custody of his child. That just doesn't happen. Homeboy is a good man. Before we cancel him, we must remember there are two sides to every story. Some women are inappropriate with men too, yep they sure Are! Not saying them women were, but Some women are! I stay warming my son about some of these women and younger ladies out here!

  • Nikki Fresco
    Nikki Fresco

    The HR thing is crazy. I believe him on that. They don’t help the employee, they find a way to help the organization. I’ve had a coworker that I was “cool” with come up to me while I’m at my desk, start yelling in my background while I’m on a call. Keep in mind she’s high asf. So on my break, I call her and askher what it was about. She’s like I’m outside, I walk outside, she drives up throws her car in park, jumps out starts screaming to the top of her lungs. I walk away. She goes to HR, and says that I’m bothering her. The whole shit is recorded. They call me up, I defend myself. She goes home, and calls back up to work and tells them that she is afraid that I’m going to follow her home from work. She gets off at 7pm, and I get off at 1 am. How am I gonna follow her??? For the remainder of my shift she’s texting me, and leaving voicemails threatening me. Just wild shit. My supervisor is beside me as the messages are coming thru. Calling my phone nonstop. They put both of us on leave, 2 months later, they let me go saying they had a “no tolerance policy” and I shouldn’t have seen what was wrong with her. There were 30 witnesses that all said I never even raised my voice, and walked away when she started screaming. Security was 20 feet away. How the fuxk did I get let go? They let me go because she threatened to sue them. HR is bs! He is designed to protect the company and their assets. Everyone else can be replaced to them.

  • Truely Blessed
    Truely Blessed

    Facts its a Struggle 2 tame the nigga mentality Especially when u black everyone ats ya Neck

  • WildWill

    He knows how to keep his mouth shut i give him that......

  • Amber Blount
    Amber Blount

    "If it Happens to my daughter's. I'm going to Leave My Foot in their Ass" Shows real Quick of How He Talks ignorant and Sick" Mouthed. He's a piece of Work.

  • 28better

    Envy ask Jason the question why your not taking legal action, Jason said he will take the L. Take a hell that made you sound guilty bro.

  • King FLAME
    King FLAME

    Wtf think they slept together and some shit went wrong??? He said he HAD a girl@ the time which means he doesn’t now.. he also said he fussed with her about that... something ain’t right

  • King FLAME
    King FLAME

    He cussn folks out!!! Lol 😂 they ain’t use to that... u gota be walked on n rolled over👀

  • trishA k
    trishA k

    I feel so terrible for him!.He is a great actor and got thrown into "HOLLYWOOD" Without the nowledge of knowing how to deal with people because you can't be cussing "White Hollywood people" out it sucks because this sounds like a series of bullshit Racism fuckery.I hope the Lord gives back his blessing's because it doesn't sound fair at all!!!. Keep your head up you got this keep pushing thru 🙏😇🙏💪🙏💪

  • juan drama
    juan drama

    He looks like a good guy..I dought he did something to anybody..specially with a career in acting doing tv shows and movies..now people a second guessing about hiring him in any movies or TV shows..sad I liked him on the chi ...the 3rd season wont be the same without j..atleast the chi is still going for July 2020...great show...

  • Just Observing
    Just Observing

    Seems like conflict just follows you brotha.. sheesh.

  • Danielle Cuyler
    Danielle Cuyler

    I definitely believe him🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • Davina Miller
    Davina Miller

    I didn't want to believe it but this is two separate occasions first it's walking like a duck second time it's talking like a duck so now it's a duck!!

  • Curtis Jones
    Curtis Jones

    There is a lot of "I um's" in this interview. There is a reason why this energy is following this person.

  • YMRM McCree
    YMRM McCree

    Envy not fooled 😂😂😂 That’s why he dissecting that shit 😂😂😂