Joseline Hernandez is Back on Reality TV
The Wendy Williams Show
Joseline Hernandez, the Puerto Rican Princess dishes about her custody battle with Stevie J, her love life, "Love & Hip Hop" and her new reality show, “Joseline’s Cabaret” on the Zeus Network.
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  • GodsWoman757

    I will forever love Joseline and want her to win!

  • Majik Blak
    Majik Blak

    I hate Wendy at this point

  • Jackie Rayne
    Jackie Rayne

    Joseline has grown up so much! I like this Joseline, where was this chick during LHHATL days? When evolved. She has evolved!!!

  • maxine porter
    maxine porter

    Crackheads unite

  • letty magana
    letty magana

    Why don’t they cancel her show ??? Sorry Wendy your fkn messy asf girl bye 👋

  • Stephanie Washington
    Stephanie Washington

    Idk Zeus..I wish it was on vh1 or bravo

  • OhhVeraa

    Wendy I like you but you was really nasty here

  • sivuyisiwe gilili
    sivuyisiwe gilili

    😭😭 "what is that?!"

  • Just Me
    Just Me

    Omg now stevie is trashing Joseline

  • MeMe

    Wendy’s wig looks horrible 😂

  • MimiMella3

    Wendy shades even when no one is shading her. Just a rude unlikable person.

  • Baee Loves
    Baee Loves

    Wendy Williams somebody's going to f*** her up one day for her rude actions this b**** has no f****** filter she ain't got no f****** respect she just talking to people like any f****** way and I wish somebody would have dressed her on her cocaine issue f****** crackhead b****

  • Endia Davis
    Endia Davis

    Wendy completely skipped over the great thing joseline has going for her and her daughter...... to start some mess! I think that her daughter speaking 3 languages deserve more light... and she wonders why she’s always in the middle of something

  • Sharae

    I love Joseline🥰

  • La Vie En Rose
    La Vie En Rose

    So happy for joseline, she so different ... seems like she got a good man

  • s eliSe
    s eliSe

    Wendy will always look like a transgender to female to me. Before I even knew anything about this giant beast I thought, for the longest time that “she” was a he, still going through transition 😂😂 Idk why she so rude to people

  • Ayanna Burgess
    Ayanna Burgess

    I always loved joseline

  • alstate king
    alstate king

    This Joseline needs to humble herself. U came back on love and hip hop cause u needed a job and u talk bad about Mona Scott and owning VH1? Smh lol

  • Alisha Alcime
    Alisha Alcime

    Roasted pigs for everybody

  • Ibikari1

    She's so gorgeous

  • katrina beana
    katrina beana

    She said some of them are street walkers like it was nothing!!!🤣🤣🤣

  • Miss A
    Miss A

    Really she 33?

  • Darcy Love
    Darcy Love

    Her maturity level is phenomenal, I admire her.....

  • naturalbeauty5028: Falinda jeudi
    naturalbeauty5028: Falinda jeudi

    Joseline and Cardi b path is different . Cardi B had a sister and family that believe in her. She had a support system and a bunch of celebrity to push her music out there in hope to destroy Nicki Minaj career. Joseline had Stevie J who take advantage of her being from the street and an addict with no family support or true friends to help her. But she made it and work on herself . But joseline didn’t know how to get rid of Stevie J shadow . She turns everyone against her. But she’s getting there

  • Kushie54321

    Wendy gets harder and harder to watch. I hadn't watched Wendy in a while and took a chance cause I thought this would be entertaining, but her attitude and questions are cringe.

  • Marchelle Roberson
    Marchelle Roberson

    I love this new Joseline!!

  • Alex Petkov
    Alex Petkov


  • Tommie Terrell
    Tommie Terrell

    So Steve j is like your brother 🤔🤔😳 hmm but you have a baby by him??!!

  • BKMN 101
    BKMN 101

    I really love her CONFIDENCE!

  • Rica Bassinger
    Rica Bassinger

    I really like Joseline .... I feel like she is very misunderstood. Theres a reason why she is the way she is. All that aggressiveness and sexuality doesnt come out of nowhere. She has a rough exterior but seems gentle inside.

  • E MIguel
    E MIguel

    Wendy is a hater and shady smh she hate to see anyone in a happy relationship and marriage, I’m so happy for Joselin she handle that interview very well, and she spoke very well about Stevie J....can’t not one stir nor make it hot cause joselin was real and mature

  • Fly by Night
    Fly by Night

    Why does Wendy look like her neck shrunk, and her face was beat up with a rolling pin?

  • Ms. Pretti Petite
    Ms. Pretti Petite

    Wendy is being shady with the questions

  • Ms. Pretti Petite
    Ms. Pretti Petite

    she seems so mature now!

  • balis Flem
    balis Flem

    Nice to see her in a positive light & making boss moves... Leveled up!!💯💯💯😍😍

  • slyfoxy11

    I am so proud of Joseline’s glow up!! If you know her back story you will truly appreciate the woman she is now.

  • Paula Khulan
    Paula Khulan

    Joseline I flippn love you, Sis... You have made me so proud, girl🤗😅🤧

  • Nona Perry
    Nona Perry

    Wendy's being so corny

  • Lakeya Dodoo
    Lakeya Dodoo

    Another regular chick with no talent that needs to get a regular job, an education & stop chasing fame.

  • Maritza Cruz
    Maritza Cruz

    Bossed up !!! Love her 💯

  • Ivy Smith
    Ivy Smith

    Wendy was kinda messy.. but jos still showed out

  • Jinelle C
    Jinelle C

    I have a new found respect for this her.

  • Ms Fine Wine
    Ms Fine Wine

    Joseline ❤️

  • Vinnie Umeasiegbu
    Vinnie Umeasiegbu

    Joseline has definitely so much more matured now and so beautiful. It’s great seeing how elegant she’s become.

  • missashleyowens

    Damn Wendy threw all kinds of shade. She wanted her to talk about everything negative. She didn’t seem so interested in her baby girl.

  • Codi Price
    Codi Price

    Joseline, you owning your Web show does not even begin to come close to Mona executive producing Love and Hip Hop. And you being on LHHMIA means she owns YOU. You still work for her no matter which franchise you go to🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Codi Price
    Codi Price

    Joseline’s response about Cardi B was very polished. It’s obvious that she either finally proper media training or having a baby really changed her. Either way, I’m proud of her. Even tho her diss song about Cardi B was straight TRASH😭

  • Luis Ortiz
    Luis Ortiz

    Joseline typical Latina from the hood

  • KnwName

    She’s a Phoenix 🐉🔥💫

  • champayne marte
    champayne marte

    YESSSS!!! Sis said “And she knew that when I was done with her and everybody else I was gonna OWN VH1” LISTENNNN 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣 Heard you loud and clear Scorpio ♏️ ✨👏🏾👏🏾

  • 100%African Khoi
    100%African Khoi

    Terrible wig

  • Goddess Diamond
    Goddess Diamond

    Joseline gets prettier the older she gets

  • Heather J.
    Heather J.

    I don’t think Cardi stole Joseline’s spot. At the time Cardi B popped off Joseline was in no way ready for that kind of pop off, she was hard on drugs, acting out and wasn’t reliable in regards to following through with business commitments. It’s nice to see her put together and fully functional!

  • Mack McPhaul
    Mack McPhaul

    Wendy is so ghetto and Ratchet in this interview I am so proud of Joseline how she has matured Bravo Jocelyn Bravo

  • Kiki Fen
    Kiki Fen

    Wendy could've taken this interview sooo many places , and instead what does she do? Resort to reminding Joseline of her chequered past, instead of opening up on all the positive and the change in her life .... JOseline is glowing and doing amazing.... why couldn't Wendy focus on that?? Beginning to turn me off

  • Cooking with Betsy
    Cooking with Betsy

    You cannot put Cardi B or Jocelyn Hernández in the same category you cannot

  • Cooking with Betsy
    Cooking with Betsy


  • Jamie Pearson
    Jamie Pearson

    Joseline Hernandez is ugly to me.and she don't look Spanish at all.

    • Odell Dixon
      Odell Dixon

      Jamie Pearson your so fucking ignorant

  • Nellynel TV
    Nellynel TV

    Damn she that btch Issa talent scout lmao I swear this world is nothing but a big wizard of Oz

  • LuvindaHair

    Joseline #Da Puerto Rican process looks happy! God bless you In all you do, Wendy a trip!!!