Kevin Gates Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex
Kevin Gates goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in NYC and talks about his friend Odell Beckham Jr. inspiring him to get into shape, his love for VaporMaxes from playing soccer and getting his charisma from Muhammad Ali.
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  • Complex

    What is your favorite sneaker to work out in?

    • John

      @Lil Benz my nigga worked out in the cell block i got u

    • 100,000 subscriber challenge
      100,000 subscriber challenge

      Ultra boosts, saucony grid 9000s

    • S G
      S G

      Mike but I only owned one pair

    • Faze Edit
      Faze Edit


    • Ian David
      Ian David

      Gatorade Jordan 1s

  • Call911 MF
    Call911 MF

    I wud go for the interview I wudnt by shit them prices outrageous

  • Juan Martines
    Juan Martines

    Obj’s foamposite cleats are some heat

  • Steven Rodas
    Steven Rodas

    I use to think Kevin gates was the type of dude that takes everything so serious and like a scary dude , he’s actually pretty chill

  • Alex Connor
    Alex Connor

    Gates is the most underrated big artist. He's real and isn't like most of these goofy ass rappers

  • Kai Kampff
    Kai Kampff

    I wanna be friends with him

  • Gabriel Jaime Palafox Cisneros
    Gabriel Jaime Palafox Cisneros


  • farooq thabata
    farooq thabata

    Who’s here when the sextape was leaked

  • A from the Big D
    A from the Big D

    All you niggas feeding into this strange ass nigga....."oh he's in a happy place now"....."oh, his good vibez"....know damn well this nigga dont play no soccer....he just saying stupid shit like this, for you weak niggas can be like.....oh, this strange ass nigga plays soccer? all you niggas fin go try and join a soccer league and shit, hitting bicycle kicks and screaming, "Kevin".

  • JG Hudson
    JG Hudson

    Dis man my idle for real his attitude and personality has grown so much from his start

  • Steven Brown
    Steven Brown

    Gates 💯 Respect 2020

  • Big ELLEEE 42056
    Big ELLEEE 42056

    Kevin Gates interviews are like a box of chocolates, never know what you're gonna get. One interview he's barely answering questions, trying to be a complete dick But then this one when he cracks jokes, laughs, and just seems happy and genuine. Either way I'm banging his music atleast once a day!

  • Mason Smith
    Mason Smith

    Everybody commenting on how he so happy, that's what it's like to have a relationship with God. Christian, Muslim, Jewish, whatever. It gives you purpose and joy🙏

  • Nicquille Brown
    Nicquille Brown

    No way am pay 3 grand for 2 pair of shoes even if am rich

  • YBB Genesis
    YBB Genesis

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="243">4:03</a> why Kevin look so big😭💀

    • Garrick King
      Garrick King

      Cuz he's 6'3 according to his mugshot

    • Playstation Jay
      Playstation Jay

      YBB Genesis lol


    Love frm Ja 🇯🇲

  • Howard Bridge
    Howard Bridge

    this beat at the start sounded like a kevin song lmao

  • Jesse Love
    Jesse Love

    When you fucking with the plugs daughter you better have some damn good shoes to run in

  • Jesse Love
    Jesse Love

    Damn Kevin gates be chill and funny as fuck

  • Mani Jones
    Mani Jones

    Imagine Kevin Gates big ass to a soccer field

  • jeremiah moya
    jeremiah moya

    kevin gates real af " if he hit you too hard ima jump in the ring"

  • Noir Savage
    Noir Savage

    "she take care of my luh feet" lmfaoooo

  • Tanner Griffith
    Tanner Griffith

    My favorite Rapper bros truth I don't lie amen brother

  • Amir Shrff
    Amir Shrff

    Kevin makes Joe look short

  • Ellerh

    His vibe is positive ✨

  • Nicholas Edward
    Nicholas Edward

    wasnt no btchs n here to dck em wet i ws only thug nasty im charm and and fun with the ladies we love each other mhen n music b so jealous n so fake n talk so much shit its boring love u tho big dog hmu some time ha im a big fan of yur work

  • Michael Sellers
    Michael Sellers

    Yo I really like Kevin attitude and his demeanor, and I'm not going to lie I judge him a little bit...he seems like a cool guy to kick it with! Shame on me!

  • lhe mon
    lhe mon

    Lol we are in the same mindset KG

  • wilfrid fred
    wilfrid fred


  • Red Mango
    Red Mango

    All dat flexin just to buy some sneakers?? Nigga worst than nicki minaj

  • Larry flynt
    Larry flynt

    Kevin gates rich.But he said"$3000" was an actual reaction.😁

  • Quayshon King
    Quayshon King

    Cuz high as hell 😂😂😂

  • Lewis Derek
    Lewis Derek

    $1,600 for a pair of tennis shoes I’m not a sneaker head $125.00 for a cap not going sneaker shopping there, they know blacks are making money now conspiracy theory

  • E dubb 414bound
    E dubb 414bound

    3 gs ? 2 pairs of shoes🤦🏽‍♂️

  • weedmuffin !
    weedmuffin !

    Kevin gates us so likable

  • the truth 313
    the truth 313

    Funny built gay nigga

  • cinmy bunz
    cinmy bunz

    Oh my god Kevin looks so happy 🥺

    • cinmy bunz
      cinmy bunz

      A from the Big D 😔

    • A from the Big D
      A from the Big D

      Soft ass comment

  • Hint Of Salt
    Hint Of Salt

    This nigga gates be lying "Um ion know , it was a load doe"


    right now today

  • Young Turtle
    Young Turtle

    He legit happy they asked him to do this

  • Zhizhong Zhang
    Zhizhong Zhang


  • shyanne kilie
    shyanne kilie

    There’s no one like Kevin

  • shyanne kilie
    shyanne kilie

    I love Kevin Gates so much he’s my favorite

    • shyanne kilie
      shyanne kilie

      A from the Big D shut up

    • A from the Big D
      A from the Big D

      Yeah, until he forget to take his meds and kick you in yo shit....dont be stupid.

  • Burnis Waller
    Burnis Waller

    Waxing 3brands!!!!

  • Staying Out The Way
    Staying Out The Way

    If they didn't have complex interviewing rappers on there buying shit, they would be outta business cuz those prices are crazy

  • KD Racks
    KD Racks

    music at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="147">2:27</a> ?

  • Jade Brown
    Jade Brown

    Gates be funny asl with a good personality.Got this respect for him

  • teebz R
    teebz R

    Hes stupid and I hate his voice.. wack af

  • #EyesDontLie Chosen 1
    #EyesDontLie Chosen 1

    Cashier: your total is 3406$ Kev:what in my days that was 50cents. me:what? How old is he 🤦‍♂️

  • Jahaziel Ventura
    Jahaziel Ventura

    They should do Kanye goes sneaker shopping with complex

  • Hishando Cash
    Hishando Cash

    Well muddos them tennis wayyyyyyyy over price

  • Wyte 9
    Wyte 9

    Gates need to take DA baby under his wing

  • Demetrius Mitchell II
    Demetrius Mitchell II

    This nigga gay

  • Tonisha Ragland
    Tonisha Ragland

    Kevin: swipes card💪🏾💯 that's major Why carry cash when he know he got it anyway🤔 He been ahead of the game.

  • Hakeem Escalante
    Hakeem Escalante

    He said hopefully like YB 😂


    DOPE RAPPERS!! If ya need beats we have some dope type beats online for you now!

  • James Resendiz
    James Resendiz

    wtf is joe wearing?

  • S G
    S G

    Vans is good too

  • Akizumideliano _
    Akizumideliano _

    Kevin is a reincarnation of muhammed ali they both muslim and they look alike

  • Official Mohamed
    Official Mohamed

    Great man 🙏

  • J R C
    J R C

    Half man half amazing 😉

  • Rick D
    Rick D

    Push up form is all wrong

  • Earl Roberts
    Earl Roberts

    This man is pure. Energy is everything

  • Capo Montana
    Capo Montana🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ivory itsme
    Ivory itsme

    He looks good without a beard kiss kisss

  • Eli Walsh
    Eli Walsh

    Damn that’s why they didn’t have my size in those Beckham’s that day !! Damn it Kevin !!

  • TheGolden Child
    TheGolden Child

    “right now , today” 😂😂💀😭😂😂

  • Mr Lynch
    Mr Lynch

    Fuck that 4 2 pair

  • Acqua Di
    Acqua Di

    A stain and then throw them away? lol he fresh check this out....

  • John T Leyva
    John T Leyva

    Wtf am i missing??? 3k hell naw !!!!

  • Johnny Tay
    Johnny Tay

    They don’t ever get they kids shoes smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ 😂😂

  • Ace Council
    Ace Council

    I’m surprised he even did a interview dude a fukn clown never liked him or his country ass music

  • Rajesh nagarajan
    Rajesh nagarajan


  • Hazael Cabrera
    Hazael Cabrera

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="262">4:22</a> man if they hit you to hard ima jump on the ring lol

    • A from the Big D
      A from the Big D

      They knock his hoe ass out too.

  • Big dan
    Big dan

    I have done sales in retail before in a shoe and clothing store and I tell you it was my worst job experience ever, however this seems like the kind of store I would actually enjoy working in were a customer walks in with confidence knowing that this is not a place if you don’t have money in the bank and most importantly knows what the hell they want already

  • Reginald Taylor
    Reginald Taylor

    Explain to me why these shoes expensive they look like regular To me

  • Reginald Taylor
    Reginald Taylor

    Are these shoes custom made why are they so expensive are they made in USA

  • Shakila Griffin
    Shakila Griffin

    Vapour Max

  • Sir 117
    Sir 117

    Gates would be fun as hell to chill with

  • Rick Brownlee
    Rick Brownlee

    Self esteem low I can’t be seen with dirty tennis