Kevin Hart HATES Dwayne Johnson’s Smoulder | The Graham Norton Show
The Graham Norton Show
Kevin Hart & Dwayne Johnson will be back this week! Alongside Jodie Whittaker, Sir Michael Palin, and Harry Styles!
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  • Pro Jey96
    Pro Jey96

    I know they cant call it the Peoples Eyebrow and make money because wwe But come on No body except little kids will call it smolder... Altho i appreciate the joke xD

  • Artem Golubkov
    Artem Golubkov

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  • Promise bad era moonwalker
    Promise bad era moonwalker

    1:19. 1:25. 2:09. 2:22

  • Violet Rose
    Violet Rose

    DJ: 🤨🤨🤨 KH: 😧😔😒

  • seongdong cho
    seongdong cho

    2:56 whats that meaning of 'grevilles pebble'? (im watching with subtitles)

  • Chrissie An
    Chrissie An

    Rebels Pebble 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Silvamoon 3000
    Silvamoon 3000

    I love how the comedian is the only one who doesn’t get the joke.

    • Pro Jey96
      Pro Jey96

      XD i think he is adding

  • D J
    D J

    Kevins face.....

  • ManLikeKez 9
    ManLikeKez 9

    These 2 are relationship goals 🤩

  • Aliciacado _
    Aliciacado _

    I love them together they feed off each other the most hilarious I have ever seen. Hope they do more together 💕

  • Jesseca Alba
    Jesseca Alba

    Kevins face coming back into frame at 2:33 slayed me

  • #zerowaste

    I associate with Kevin. That smoulder was awful.

  • Kris Jackson
    Kris Jackson

    I’m assuming none of them have ever smelled what the Rock is cooking. 🤨

  • UrsadKid

    Smouldering is easy

  • Franca Perotti
    Franca Perotti

    Kevin hart kills me.

  • Gabri'el Alexander
    Gabri'el Alexander

    I don't know him personally but Jack Black seems humble... Or at least self aware. He knows that Kevin and the Rock are the two bigger stars (even though he became a big star first) so he sits back and doesn't try to make himself look relevant like most fading actors would in his position... And he is right! It's sad when you see a once huge celebrity being so needy seeking attention.

  • Terrell Corrodus
    Terrell Corrodus

    So beautiful 😍

  • walter thairu
    walter thairu

    The great one from wwe. .my idol. ..I even got the brahma bull tattoo ...Dwayne my best role model...cheers. ..from Kenya

  • linzi kinz
    linzi kinz

    Dwayne Johnson is funny he made me cry cry of laughter

  • Asomuaalemalama Leilua
    Asomuaalemalama Leilua


  • Captain Phasma
    Captain Phasma


  • lilmil

    His face is so poetic

  • DaLeadBull

    The people's eyebrow, that's where the smoulder came from!!!

  • Clare McIntyre
    Clare McIntyre

    Rock Josie 13

  • Vinnycunt

    Jack Black is starting to look like "Elmore Rual "Rip" Torn"

  • Writabrata Sarkar
    Writabrata Sarkar

    I can clearly hear ' The rock says, the rock says '.. sweet old memories.

  • Johnny Silverhand
    Johnny Silverhand

    So the rock can grew beard but not hair

  • Haggly Entertains
    Haggly Entertains

    Kevin hart: *Vietnam flashbacks*

  • Belvie

    They're such good friends, it's great

  • Danielle Forcier
    Danielle Forcier

    Her pebble! Hahaha 🤣

  • Duie

    Thats look every Hawaiian/ local makes when you act dumb TAHAHAHA I LOVE IT

  • streglof

    Who's discount Jack Black?

  • Dustin Kern
    Dustin Kern

    I love these two together

  • Mrs. Misunderstood
    Mrs. Misunderstood

    I agree with Kevin.. the smoulder is stupid and I’m pretty sure I had the same facial expression as him watching it as well! Lol 😆

  • Jens caceres stiefel
    Jens caceres stiefel

    When The Rock and Kevin are in an Interview everyone Else kinda becomes irrelevant they take over the whole conversation 😂😂

  • smack daddy
    smack daddy

    Dwayne Johnson + Kevin Hart = iconic duo for life

  • Aish Vereno#
    Aish Vereno#

    The rock is getting biggger *day-by-day*😂

  • kickass

    Shame he can't say Graham

  • dnb fiend
    dnb fiend

    Am I the only one that thinks that when the rock "smoulders" it looks like hes having a stroke.

  • Liberator Hifenua
    Liberator Hifenua

    am lucky that I cn do smouldering

  • Demon Wolf
    Demon Wolf

    2:38 Kevin's face killed me. 😂😂

  • Napalm Man
    Napalm Man


  • Jaroslav Záruba
    Jaroslav Záruba

    fat ppl trying to look sexy... yuck... reminds me of that 9gag clip of a thong-wearing pig

  • Warren Li
    Warren Li

    I got an invisalign ad... If you know, you know.

  • StuffedBox

    Kevin and Dwayne's friendship is so funny. I like that they tease each other a lot


    The People's Eyebrow

  • Me Miss Marie
    Me Miss Marie

    I mean the people’s eyebrow from WWE!!! Come on people

  • Der Boss Am Aperat
    Der Boss Am Aperat

    Kevin wasn't ready

  • Der Boss Am Aperat
    Der Boss Am Aperat

    Min:2:11 Dwayne:🤔 Kevin: HE WASNT READY

  • Jeffrey Flores
    Jeffrey Flores

    Mr. The rock can you smolder for the culture 🤣

  • Christoph Zeit
    Christoph Zeit

    Dwayne and Kevin are such a cute couple

    • Nellie K. Adaba
      Nellie K. Adaba


  • Linda Reiber
    Linda Reiber

    My smolder is a lot better than the Rock's smolder...mines a Gramma smolder. No one can smolder like a grammie.

  • Lucien

    The face you make when your teammate goes battle mercy 2:08, and the face you make if they got play of the game and you didn’t 2:22.

  • jatin singh
    jatin singh

    If you smell what the rock is cooking 👍

  • Rob Campbell
    Rob Campbell

    I think The Rock just smelled what he was cooking.

  • EBlade3529

    the people's eyebrow makes the smoulder work so well. signs that ole rocky still loves wrestling

  • Wilss

    I'm with Kevin.

  • Unregistered007

    oh heeey, it's Mike Oxmaul .....

  • Don’t Worry, We’ll Talk About It
    Don’t Worry, We’ll Talk About It

    “Rebels pebble” Graham is a genius

  • TheMGhandi

    Dad joke: Knock knock Who's there? Dad Dad who? Exactly.